Liverpool earmark future deal to sign Arsenal star

Liverpool are claimed to eyeing a future deal to sign Bukayo Saka from Arsenal.

The England international will likely be on a number of clubs radars after an immensely impressive breakthrough season, before earning the Arsenal Player of the Year award in only his second full season of senior football, earning his way into the England team in the process.

He’s now an integral part of the international squad, helping them to reach the final of Euro 2020, valued at a reported €65Million according to Transfermarkt.

The Anfield club are reported in the DailyMail to be planning an offer to steal him from Arsenal, with encouragement from the player’s entourage who are said to be interested in making such a switch happen.

The Transfer Window Podcast claims that Saka himself is also open to making such a switch.

As much as I’d love to believe that Saka will see out his entire career in north London, I understand that the club will need to match his ambitions in the coming years, but I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to do that at present.

I believe we have the best young talent in the Premier League, and with the team all flourishing in the same team over the coming years, there is an extremely high ceiling for what we can achieve, starting with a run into the top four this season.

I don’t see either of our young and exciting attacking quartet leaving, with all four in top form at present and integral to our current and near future.

Also, I’m not sure that Liverpool will be flying high in the long-term, with Jurgen Klopp having returned them to the fore, and wouldn’t be shocked to see them fall apart once he finally gets moved on.

Do you believe that Saka could quit to join Liverpool in the coming years?


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  1. Saka isn’t going anywhere, he loves arsenal as his boyhood club just like smith rowe.

    We have been set up the team around saka, he got the minutes on the pitch he needed, he loves his teammates and we are challenging top 4 at the moment. Can’t see how he look for a switch on this january windows.

    The only way he might think about moving if arsenal continue to absent from european competition for next consecutive years.

  2. Anytime an arsenal player is inform the media love to start rumours about them wanting to leave because we can’t offer them what they want, it didn’t take long for Tierney rumours that he was going to City in the next window.

    Typical arsenal bashing/media trife.

    Im sure over the next year or so we’ll see more (fake) news regarding other players, we already had it with ESR, he since came out and squashed it all as nonsense, even though the media claimed his close friends said he was looking for a transfer.

  3. This is rather a call for the club to offer him a new contract and upgrade his wages asap. It’s a tactic employed by the entourage

  4. Never say never but i personally don’t see him leaning Arsenal, especially for another English side. But as for this “falling apart after Klopp leaves”, you duo understand that Liverpool are historically the second most successful side in English competition, and the most successful English side in European competition, right?

  5. only 65m??

    players like Foden, Mason, Maddison, Kane, Grealish and etc….would have given at least 100m value…

  6. The next two years will be a test for KSE to show how serious they are about their so called process. Unlike two years ago Arsenal now have a number of saleable assets in the likes of Saka, ESR, Martinellii, Tierney, Saliba, Ramsdale, Leno, Holding etc. Will they be tempted to sell ( in order to strengthen the squad,B.S.) or will they show serious intent and strengthen???

  7. Such a nonsense article from an attention seeker aiming to get clicks.
    SAKA ain’t going nowhere and what metrics was used to value him on 65. He should be valued around 200m if he must step his foot outside.

  8. If any young player thinks Liverpool are an option then their seriously mistaken. By the start of next season LFC will have 11 players over 30 around their first team. 8 of them starters, if they kept Gini Wijnaldum that would have been 9 (exc keepers as they can play past well 30). We’re talking Milner, Henderson, Matip, Van Dijk, Alisson, Salah, Firminho, Mane, Thiago.

    Liverpool are staring over the edge of a cliff and don’t have money. There are no Coutinho’s to sell for 150m in that squad now nore 20m Solankies and Brewers. They have to shop in the 20-40m market, for that fact they can’t afford to sign players like Saka. Plus they have to keep their wage bill down too, so signing big names is not an option.

    Why do you think their chief deal broker jumped ship. They have a team full of players who have declining value and will be hard to sell because of their age. They were very lucky to sell Coutinho for what the did otherwise they wouldn’t have signed Van Dijk or Allisson. They havnt made many moves in the last few seasons for a reason. They can’t afford too, Liverpool unless they get some serious investment in the squad are on the road to nowhere.

    If they could afford it and were serious about a title challenge, would have bought some players to cover AFCON. Instead they’ll have a few weeks of Jota, Firminho and Origi with a midfield anchored by Milner and Henderson.

    Does that situation look familiar fellow Gooners, cause it should.

      1. I did affect us, in the BFG’s interview he spelled out what happened exactly. We were buying players in the peak years for alot of money when the resale was completely non existent

    1. I’m not sure I follow you on this, Liverpool have been formidable for a few years, with this ageing squad, so why sell players like Salah, Van Diljk because they are 30 ? They won’t get better players in the £40 million bracket regardless if they are 30.. the value they have brought to the team has been paid for imo. What they should do is
      Invest in younger players, bring in the Academy players into an experienced team. I suppose they should have decent cover for the AFCON players in their squad already, maybe not regular first teamers but enough to cover for a few weeks. Also Liverpool are a top 6 giants of world football now and Historically, I can see Haaland going there for instance…

      1. 100% agree. Their youth players are no slouches either. If anyone wants to call them “sleeping giants” or otherwise they should check their history books

  9. Liverpool were intersted in signing him before his new contract so if hé was willing to leave why put Pen on paper then?On the others hand when Big teams shows interst in your players it’s a proof that they are quality

    1. Because he is still a very young guy Pires who has not really done anything yet, getting into the England squad, team and then playing in the Final of the Euros is remarkable for him, as is being our most consistent player over the last couple of seasons but as far as market value is concerned he is still a player with great potential

      Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a fantastic player, better than £100m Grealish right now in my opinion and I am just enjoying watching him in a red & white shirt while I can because he will leave at some point

      If that is to be in the near future I think it would more likely be City than Liverpool

  10. Won’t be surprised if The Arsenal sold Saka to Liverpool for about £35 million plus add ons if Liverpool won the World Cup and La liga.

    That’s how much sense Arsenal’s outgoing transfers make most of the time.

  11. The Transfer Window Podcast claims that Saka is open to a switch to Liverpool…really. How do they know, have they actually spoken to Saka about it, I doubt it. I’m not saying that Saka won’t move at some stage of his career, it’s just something we’ll have to get used to over the next few seasons with little known podcasts trying to get in the news.

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