Liverpool fans were wrong to boo the national anthem…

So why am I using an Arsenal platform to address this issue? Because I believe in educating the next generation of Gooner.

Whether it’s newspapers, radio, TV, etc, … various outlets failed to teach young professional fans this weekend that it’s not okay to boo a country’s national anthem. It’s not classy to make hand gestures towards the future king of the UK.

It doesn’t look classy, grown adults swearing in front of their children because of a dislike of a flag and a song.

Yes, it got reported about how Liverpool supporters behaved but never condemned.

It supports Pep Guardiola’s view that the media favour the reds.

Imagine if that were Chelsea fans doing the same and I would imagine they would get different coverage.

As a City, Liverpool for decades have felt left behind by the government while they continue to seek justice for the 96 Hillsborough victims and their families. I know people who live in that part of the world who refer to themselves as Scouse not English and will not support the Three Lions in International Tournaments.

Those same individuals of course don’t mind when they are making money off one of the country’s most successful brands, and rightly are proud off being one of the nation’s most successful teams. I don’t remember many petitions from Liverpudlians to boycott the Premiership because of how horrible this part of the world is?

This isn’t a debate about politics though.

It’s about class.

We are having a World Cup this year where 32 nations have their own policy and procedures. All have own periods of history which divide others moral compass. Should we just have a sport where before every kick off we jeer songs which are meant to be sign of sporting respect?

Remember the outcry when Bulgarians disrespected ‘God Save the Queen’?

I don’t remember anyone (including scousers) suggesting we sit down with Bulgarians and get their version of history before we judge them.

Because in reality, they could have for one minute sat in silence, even turned their backs …. just act with some class.

You know like Liverpool FC rightly expect others to do when paying respect to Hillsborough or Man United ask to be done when remembering the Munich Air Disaster.

Do we first need to divulge the morality of each place before we decide if common decency is required?

Liverpool’s owners have yet to condemn Saturday’s behaviour.

America is part of the world that divides points of view but also one of the most patriotic.

Let’s see if John Henry and Tom Werner want the Star-Spangled Banner booed and jeered in a sporting event.

Look at the outcry when NFL players started taking the knee before games.

The difference there is it was an action which encouraged conversation without disrespecting the rights of others.

Grown men using their freedom to make a stance without imposing on others.

Surely that’s more mature then putting up a middle finger and chanting abuse.

One led to change, the other just looked embarrassing.

These fans who want to represent the Champions of England. I’ll take Man City instead.

Dan Smith

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  1. I don’t see those boos as anti-UK. Or anti-nationalist. I see them as anti-elitist. Who really connects with god save the Queen anyway ? Half of the country don’t even believe in god. And 11 million or so of them have a different national anthem anyway. Liverpool fc has a famous history of anti-establishment politics going to the early 20th century and beyond. That tradition lives on with the fans, and I say good on them. It’s what makes them them.

  2. I’m not sure what Prince William has done to deserve that. He had a job to do and as the country hasn’t pressed the government (certainly no sign of insurrection yet) to become a republic then he was fulfilling his role within the FA
    The final was supposed to be about a celebration of English football

  3. It is up to individuals to express themselves as they see fit as some love the royal family and some obviously dont. I dont think it was about William but more about the lavish life style they have with out really doing a hard days work in their entire life. But that is just my opinion

    1. It depends on your view of a hard day’s work
      Having just been to our local recycling tip to offload a mountain of cardboard I wondered how the 3 hi-viz men sitting down doing absolutely nothing (as usual as I’ve been there a lot lately) could be classed as hard working. Health and Safety doesn’t permit them to lift anything so they just direct you to the correct bay. You have described a typical class thing when hard graft is often attributed to the ‘working classes.’ As for the royals it depends on whether you believe the trade off for having a butler or a grace and favour apartment in Kensington Palace is worth the years and years of patronage to charities etc. and seemingly endless church services. 70 years service for the Queen. I wouldn’t want it at any price.

      1. Totally respect what you say and I believe the queen would never have got booed but a lot of the nation dont respect the younger royals

  4. I say free speech all the way around. Meaning others are free to boo and jeer Liverpool and what they consider near and dear and worthwhile.

    Otherwise they are hypocrites if they complain or object. Just another reason to the long list of why I dislike Liverpool

  5. Liverpool fans. Offended by everything. Ashamed of nothing

    🎵 Always the victim, it’s never your fault 🎵

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