Liverpool game can be the springboard for Arsenal to push back up the table

A good result against Liverpool might set up Arsenal for the rest of the season perfectly


We are more than halfway across the international break and the Arsenal players will certainly have one look over their shoulder for their blockbuster weekend clash against Liverpool.

Given Liverpool are five points off the top four with nine games to play, Jurgen Klopp will be scratching his hair out to find solutions. It is a game where Arsenal have almost nothing to lose, while Liverpool have everything on the line.

It is a big if, but if Mikel Arteta continues his fine form against the Liverpool manager, then it might turn the wind into the direction of Arsenal’s sail.

After the game against the Merseyside club, Arsenal only play against a higher-placed team in the league on two occasions. While a game against Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea on 13th May will make the Arsenal faithful less optimistic, they can get their hopes raised up for the end of the April clash against Everton.

The Gunners, in the current climate, boast of an almost fully fit squad, which gives Mikel Arteta a huge opportunity to chop and change according to his liking. The North London outfit play Sheffield United and Fulham after their two Europa League quarterfinal matches against Czech side Slavia Prague.

If the London side advance to the next round, they will come up against Newcastle United, who have been awful this season, after the first leg. And then against West Bromwich Albion, who look destined for relegation, after the second leg.

It appears like the heaven is calling out for the Gunners to at least get into the final of the Europa League, with how the fixtures have been placed on the platter.

To put Arsenal’s favourable run-in into more context, Manchester United play Tottenham in between their quarterfinal tie against Spanish side Granada. If they advance, they will face Liverpool in between of their semi-final draws, and Aston Villa after the second leg.

But we all know there is no stress-free day in the lives of an Arsenal fan. This club is capable of doing anything. Remember when Arsenal were eight minutes from going out against Wigan Athletic in the semifinal of the FA Cup in 2014 and also went two-down against Hull City in the final, after being handed a “favourable fixture list?”

On the other hand, I don’t think even the most optimistic Gooners would have predicted that Arsenal will lift the FA Cup in Arteta’s first season in-charge. This club almost finished below Burnley and Sheffield United (Both teams lost on the final day last season while Arsenal won) in 10th last season and then went onto beating the likes of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and then Chelsea? Surreal!

Even though this article got a bit ahead of itself, everything which has been mentioned is not beyond the realms of possibility and Arsenal fans should be aware of it.

How Manchester United rescued their season last year has been well documented.

It might be Arsenal’s turn this year, whether they qualify for Europe’s elite competition by finishing in the top four or by winning the Europa League.

How do you think the next two months will pan out for Arsenal?


Yash Bisht


  1. I predict the players would try to avoid injuries when playing against Liverpool, because of the upcoming EL game. So a draw will be enough for me, as long as they can score several goals against Slavia Praha

      1. Yeah, because I believe we can only get EL next season if we finish 6th? Unless 7th is enough to make us qualified

  2. All I’ve heard of late is how awful Pool have been this season. So, we should beat them no problem, right?

  3. We can beat any team in EPL with squad we have.

    PB is Arteta’s picking 11 players for a game.

    As long as he will keep his Luiz mania on; we will not be consistent as we should with such a squad.

    Same goes for Ceballos and Willian. 2 of these 3 are on pitch every game, we often seen all 3.

    It destroys our all team in every lines.

    Luiz is first, then 1 of Holding, Chambers, Gabriel or Mari combined to him.

    Looks as if Luiz was the only reliable CB and the others are not, always switched as if not good enough.

    It is simply nuts as board who should be fired for keeping him, promoting him even manager after finish in lower position in 25 years!

    Lampard qualified Chelsea in CL, got players briught in but dared falling to 5th place, was fired.

    We were 10th to 13th in average then, still are. Tuchel had his eyes and hope on Arsenal; i guess Chelsea woke him up; Arsenal board and Arreta are bpunded. I hope they have dignity to resign when forced to fire him.

    Arteta cant manage, he has no training for that nor even experience as a head coach.

    Cznt blame him for trying, offered such a job, he couldnt believe it himself…

    But you dont drive such a car without experience as a pilot, or you bang it all over all race long.

    Chelsea now has a top pilot on board, they are racing, not annaccident, climbing back uo, in position.

    They wont win this EPL one but i can see them surprise everyone in CL!

    1. Mogunna
      Where is the evidence to say we can beat any team with this squad
      We have lost 11 games !

  4. No easy games and those that are billed as such often bring huge disappointment as a team fighting for premiership survival often puts in their game of the season.
    None of that wretched 35 minutes of appalling non football, thanks. Giving it your all is should be an Arteta non-negotiable, but going down with a lacklustre whimper would be disgrace. If they do the former then it will be a huge confidence boost for the remaining games

    1. I think it has been written in the stars for Arsenal to lose against a team that will get relegated this season. Hope that what I have a feeling for never happens.

  5. Any way is a way! Man U did it, we were doing so with Papa wenga. Am optimistic even before this article and I reason the same. Europa is open and top four is still possible.

  6. I believe Liverpool are due a spanking from us, look they are there for the taking a little push in the eye they will crumble because I feel the pressure to qualify for champions league is more on them than us qualifying for eroupe place and most of there players are not really up and running. Will accept a draw aslong we deal with Slavia.

    1. I don’t think we will thrash Liverpool. People forget how good they were for the past 2.5 years until December. They can be back anytime and I just hope it’s not against Arsenal.
      Have a good day, Seroti!

  7. Easter is always the beginning of the frenetic end game. After 7 months slog just 7 weeks stands between glory, mediocrity or failure. Quarters semis and cup finals are played out while league titles are confirmed and teams are relegated. Its squeaky bum time. The ecstasy and the agony. Managers and players are hailed or vilified. Fans celebrate or cry rivers of tears. Then 3 short months later the next season starts and it’s deja vu all over again. After all there is no rest for the wicked.

  8. We been 9th -10th most of the season and finished 8th last year
    That means we are an inconsistent side
    Why suddenly with a few games to go do we think we can go on a winning run ?.

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