Liverpool game done – now it’s time to focus on Tottenham

No one likes to lose and we can debate the whys and hows forever but now is the time to put the Liverpool game to bed and move on to the next game.

That next game is against our bitter rivals Tottenham next Sunday at the Emirates and if you think you feel bad losing away at the European champions, imagine how you will feel if we lose at home to them.

Tottenham will be wounded following their surprising home loss to Newcastle United and we already know they are a very good team so have no doubt that they will pose a huge danger for sure.

But they do not do well against us on our own ground and the form beforehand for the respective teams is kind of thrown out of the window.

The pressure is on Unai Emery to get his team selection, tactics and in-play management correct because the jury is definitely out on whether he got any of that right last Saturday evening.

The same applies to David Luiz, he can ill afford another bad game, especially against Spurs.

In fact, there are quite a few players that need to up their game and if there was ever a game to do that in, it is against Tottenham.


  1. MadHatter says:

    My starting 11:
    AMN Chambers Luiz Monreal(if hes here)
    ….Torreira Ceballos
    ……… Ozil
    Pepe….. Laca…… Auba

    Not an Ozil fan but can’t shake the feeling that he could potentially be magic again for us this season, especially once our full backs are fit and we are firing on all cylinders. May be too soon as he hasn’t played yet this season but figure he’s gotta start sometime ?‍♂️

    1. CorporateMan says:

      I agree with you about Ozil. Even the game at Liverpool I wanted him to feature. I thought his experience was preferable to Ceballos’ “rawness’ in an away game of that magnitude. But that’s now history, as they say.
      For the Sunday game I would like to see him start alongside Xhaka and Torreira in midfield. Ceballos could replace Ozil later in the game when his lack of game time begins to show

    2. Viju Jacob says:

      You spoke more or less the same thoughts that I have, except that I’m an Ozil fan despite him having a bad time last season, which I’ll put it down to bad man management skills Emery possesses.
      Also, Monreal will surely go, so Kolasinac is our only option at the moment.
      Last time we beat them 4-2 at home and lost 0-2 in the League Cup, so it isn’t going to be easy if Emery continues his screwups.

  2. OZGooner says:

    I am sure UE will set up differently being at home. I am expecting nothing less than a win and PAL being unleashed.

    1. Ken says:

      That’s what we think. Emery might think otherwise and unleashed mustafi instead.

  3. Sue says:

    Just looking at all Arsenal news online.. i come across – On this day in 2017 we lost 4-0 to Liverpool. Gary Neville has said Salah ripped us to shreads, we couldn’t live with him.. then to top it all, Klopp says he rates our chances of winning the league, as we’ve been one of the best teans this season!! Omg how patronising!!!
    Will make beating them even sweeter!! I honestly can’t wait for the day! … long overdue!!

  4. benex says:

    Select the wrong players and get battered again. selecting different line up per game. This man has to stop is tinkering and choose the best line up to play on the long run. if he fail to do that I guess he won’t last past this season.

  5. Glorious says:

    Arsenal will be the one handling the pressure on Sunday, Tottenham is the underdog at Emirate. 3-1 scoreline

  6. Ronche says:

    Tottenham are under more pressure. They have been dubbed title challengers with best chance of finishing 3rd and they were whipped by Newcastle in the last game. Trust me when I say the pressure is on them. They will be whipped again
    I predict 3-0. If David Luiz doesn’t have a brain fart

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