Liverpool icon supports the Premier League completing the season on neutral grounds

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish has thrown his weight behind the Premier League being finished behind closed doors.

The competition is about to be restarted, but there is opposition to one of the recent proposals.

For the sake of safety, the Premier League has suggested that the campaign be completed by teams playing their remaining matches on neutral grounds.

However, some clubs are against that idea and most of the teams fighting against playing their home games on neutral grounds are the clubs struggling with relegation.

These teams have claimed that it would be unfair for them to play their games away from home throughout the rest of the campaign unless relegation is scrapped this season.

However, Dalglish opined that these teams haven’t won that many home games and playing the rest of the season at their own stadium won’t guarantee them a better performance than what they have been producing all year round.

“I thought the neutral grounds would have been a good idea because you could have been away for three weeks or something and finished the games off, playing in just three or four grounds,” said the Liverpool legend as quoted by the Mirror.

“I can’t see a problem with using neutral grounds. I can’t see who that benefits or destroys

“If you look at the table and the ones who have been quite vociferous in their complaints, they have only won four or five games during the season anyway out of what? Fourteen or 15 at home?

“They’ve not won many, so wherever they play it’s going to be difficult for them to win games.

“If they could play at neutral grounds, it would be best for everybody.”

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