Liverpool legend warns Mesut Ozil of future regrets because of his Premier League performances

Liverpool legend, Graeme Souness has slammed Mesut Ozil yet again for his application during games and he even went as far as predicting that Ozil won’t look back at his time at the Emirates fondly.

Ozil has become a divisive figure at Arsenal since he moved there from Real Madrid in 2013.

There have been some seasons that he has shone brightly but for the most part, he has struggled to make a lasting impression on fans.

After signing a bumper deal in 2018, he has come under even more scrutiny, yet he has failed to deliver the goods and he looks set to leave Arsenal within the next 18 months.

Souness who has been critical of the German for much of this season has criticized him yet again.

The Scotsman admitted that Ozil is talented but he claimed that the German would not feel that he did his best when he eventually leaves the Premier League.

“What about Mesut Ozil at Arsenal? Will he fulfil his potential?” Souness asked Jamie Redknapp as quoted by the Daily Star

“There are players like Jamie [Redknapp] who suffered a knee injury so may not fulfil their potential, but for someone like Ozil, do you think in three or four years’ time he’ll look back on his career and say ‘I did everything to give myself the best chance of being successful?’

“The way I see him, we should not even be having a conversation about him.

“He’s so talented, and we should be talking about him as one of the greatest players to come to the Premier League, but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling there’s so much more from him.

“I think he’ll look back and think he could’ve done more – I know Ozil is a No 10, but when he loses the ball, there’s a general disinterest to do the hard yards.

“He’s not alone in that, and maybe he’s given carte blanche to be like that but if you’re out there and you give the ball away yourself, the first reaction has to be to sprint back, get goal-side and be part of the team that wins the ball back.”

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  1. He is more concerned about his salary than his Arsenal career. His body language says it all

    1. In the future after a career is over, no one remembers how much money you earnt, but everyone concerned with Arsenal and the EPL will remember your performances in the league and the Cups and your contribution to the team winning things.
      Unfortunately based on Ozil’s performances for Arsenal in the EPL and Cups, he is not good enough to lace Dennis Bergkamp’s boots. The big differences are attitude and professionalism and lack thereof.

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