Liverpool man insists Arsenal is one of the top clubs to play against

Liverpool attacker Mohamed Salah insists Arsenal is one of the top clubs in England and when they play against them, it is a derby.

The Egyptian is one of the world’s best players and he is a reason why Liverpool has been competing for the league title repeatedly in the last decade.

The Egyptian won the Golden Boot last season and has a fine record against Arsenal.

The Gunners haven’t finished inside the top four in the last few campaigns, and some clubs could think they are no longer a threat.

However, Liverpool’s Salah shows he has a lot of respect for opponents by naming Mikel Arteta’s side as one of the clubs to beat in England.

He told Sky Sports:

“United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal – these top teams, you always want to play against them. It’s always going to be a derby.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Salah is a smart and respectful player who understands that every opponent matters.

One of the pitfalls of great teams and players is that they underestimate their opponents.

However, the Liverpool man is showing that he knows what is required to be a top club, which is to show utmost respect to your opponents.

Hopefully, our players have this same mindset because it helps you compete against anyone. 

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      1. @pires
        Yes. This season I want to see much more improved performances against the likes of City and Liverpool. We have got to start taking points off these teams. No more moral victories.

  1. Good to hear from SALAH , even though he clearly needs to understand his word “Derby” is used incorrectly.

    Some may feel this does not matter, but it does, as English when used wrongly can lead to disputes that can be easily avoided ,IF ONLY the correct words are used.

    1. “Some may feel this does not matter, but it does, as English when used wrongly can lead to disputes that can be easily avoided ,IF ONLY the correct words are used.”
      I actually really agree with this Jon – so many arguments are caused by misunderstandings over the meaning of a word. (Just to be clear, this is a straight comment, not a dig relating to our previous discussions)

  2. Most of us dear Jon are not english so our grasp of the language is a bit approximative….Derby though is not accuratley used by MS as it’s ,as far as i am concerned,a game between two neighbours close geographically in the same town……

    1. Pires, the vocabulary put downs are now being spread to professional footballers but Salah again not for the first time on this site, is being corrected, when he is not wrong. He didn’t say local Derby, he said derby, which correctly by Salah is a competition between rival for a prize at the end. Now if this is exactly what Salah said, then he is of course right. It does get a bit tedious, the attempt to put people down for their grammar. This is a football site, not an educational facility.

  3. Our defence looks solid especially with the versatility of William Saliba. I would however like to see us controlling the ball knocking it out as a form defense when leading & not panicking.
    At times we are not that solid enough in the middle.
    I need that arrogance sorry confidence

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