Liverpool may be Champions but they’re not Invincibles

We are still the Invincibles thanks to Watford! by Shenel Osman

Despite the 2019/2020 season not being the best one for our club, the one positive that we can take out of it is that OUR club still remains unbeaten, and still has the Invincibles title and trophy from 2003/2004 under our belt.

It was a close call as to whether this would be the case come the end of this season for Arsenal, what with Liverpool pushing for that record right up until near the end of the season but they finally lost their 44 game unbeaten run when it came tumbling down after a shock 3-0 defeat to Watford in February 2020, falling just 5 games shy of Arsenals record, and so came the huge sigh of relief from the many Arsenal fans who were praying for that long awaited first loss for Liverpool.

The once amazing line-up of our Invincibles are now long in to either their punditry, coaching or managerial career, hopefully aiming to once again reunite for Arsenal but this time on the management side of things.

To go a whole season unbeaten, no matter who you are or what club you are playing for, especially in these modern times with all of the VAR and calls that can now be overturned is definitely not as achievable as some people may think, it can be argued by some people that we achieved that result by wining only 26 games and drawing 12 meaning we did not “win every game” to go unbeaten, however, if you are coming out unbeaten at the end of the season then it shouldn’t matter how you get there as long as you do and no matter the demise of our club nobody can deny that the knowledge and experience of Arsene Wenger played a key part in maintaining that run for as long as we did.

The day Messi and Ronaldo go a whole season unbeaten is the day we can say that Arsenal is no longer the only club to have that record. Yes records may be smashed for getting the most points in a PL season or for winning the league with a certain number of games left, but if you are not unbeaten then it doesn’t have the same meaning.

For now at least, no matter how bad a season our club has, the one thing we can go on is that maintaining a whole season unbeaten is no easy feat for any club no matter who it is and come sooner or later the club trying to chase that record will always falter, barring a miracle. Yes Liverpool are the Premier League Champions 2019/2020 but one thing is for sure, they are not invincible.

Will anybody take away Arsenal’s long held record of 49 games unbeaten Gooners? I sure hope not!



  1. And Liverpool win this trophy after 30 years.. so Arsenal is a much better club statistically..

    1. Yes. “The Murder at the Vicarage” was a miracle. That remarkable day (29/2-2020) when the Pool Machine suddenly didn’t work. Watford were the better team during the first 45, and in the second half they scored three (3!) times. I love that game (have it downloaded for pleasure watch).
      But Liverpool haven’t won yet. First after 38 rounds they be Champions, and I’m not sure this The Plague League Season will com to an end that way. If The Islands are opening up on 4th of July we maybe see an explosion of new covid-cases… And what that lead to nobody knows. Not even on number 10 Downing Street.

      1. Downloaded for pleasure watch – brilliant 😁👍
        One match I will never tire of watching!

  2. As much as Liverpool have been a joy to watch over the last few years ,they have never reached the heights of wengers best team and the best team this country as seen (the gold trophy does not lie )
    Congrats to them though ,a proper club done it the right way .

  3. Although I am very grateful Watford beat Liverpool, it’s depressing that our major highlight this season was that game. How far we have fallen!

  4. Jesus there’s some serious delusions here!
    How many draws?
    How many points?
    I know which any team would prefer, the momentum of so many wins, not the nervous draws.
    Good luck with your painting over the caverns.

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