Liverpool or Chelsea loss better for Arsenal season hopes?

Chelsea travel to Anfield tomorrow to take on Liverpool in the Premier League, and most Arsenal fans will be hoping to see plenty of injuries, but which result is most favourable for us?

Our boys sit tied on points with the Merseyside club, will trailing the Blues by only three points, and a win for the home team could potentially leave us all level, but looking at the bigger picture, I’m not sure what we should be rooting for.

Personally I don’t rate Liverpool’s chances of challenging for the top two spots, while last season’s Premier League champions keep pùtting in some serious displays, and Antonio Conte got his side into top gear at this stage of the competition last term, and should be feared in the race for the title.

With the above beliefs, you have to analyze our own goals for the campaign before deciding on what we believe would be best for the club.

First and foremost a return to the Champions League has to be prioritised, which can only be done with a top four finish or by winning the Europa League competition (as Manchester United did last year), but our current form, ignoring he midweek loss for our B side, I wouldn’t rule us out pushing on to challenging for second place in the table, possibly even first once Manchester City finally start to show chinks in their armour.

Which result do you want to see see from the big match? Should we be aiming for the top of the table or concentrating on a top four finish? Do Liverpool have to be taken seriously?

Pat J

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  1. Jaydawg says:

    ‘hoping to see plenty of injuries’ really who gives two shits who gets injured or not. That’s just sad and the result doesn’t matter, we have got to win our game that’s it end of full stop.

  2. Zad says:

    a draw is best for us and no injuries

  3. Are you guys serious. Who gives a S#@T what happens between Chelsea and Liverpool. How about worrying about what happens in our back yard. Other results don’t matter how we perform is what matters. Hoping for plenty off injuries seriously. To be the best you have to beat the best and that is the only way forward for AFC , not asking who you rather win out off Chelsea and Liverpool. Wake up guys seriously. I hate both them clubs but I don’t hope their players get injured that’s just immature shit

  4. I’ll take a Liverpool win for me…so that when we win our Burnley game we will have caught up to Chelsea and Liverpool at 25 points. The Spuds and Man useless, however, will still be ahead of us.

  5. Lagos Gunner says:

    A draw is the best result for us plain and simple.
    We also have to show more mental toughness and win at Turf Moor

  6. Nothing changed says:

    Losers have to hope for opponents to get plenty of injuries. People who truly love sports don’t wish injury on an athlete.

    And fans detached from reality and unwilling to see our shortcomings still talk about us “aiming for the top of the table”.

    Wake up!!! We are not going to win the PL

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