Liverpool or Spurs to beat Arsenal to £35m Sissoko transfer?

Maybe I am wrong and have simply been conditioned to disappointment on the transfer front after following Arsenal for so many years, but I was very worried to read today that Newcastle United have slapped a transfer fee of around £35 million on their Euro 2016 France international star Moussa Sissoko, according to an Evening Standard report.

The pacy and powerful attacking midfield star was never going to be cheap after a great summer tournament for the host nation but after Sissoko had made it clear that he was not up for a season in the second tier of English football and actually felt that Champions League football was a must for him I was not expecting such a high price tag.

Of course there is always the chance that the story is wrong or that this asking price is just a bit of opportunism on the part of the Magpies and the French star will complete a transfer for much less but at the minute we have to at least consider the possibility that the north east club will not sell for less.

The problem for Arsenal is that we are not the only big Premier League club being linked with the 26-year old, as apparently he could have the option of joining the exciting German coach Jurgen Klopp at Anfield with Liverpool and our north london rivals Tottenham are keen and they can also offer UCL football and the bright lights of London.

So maybe Arsene Wenger will have to pay the £35 million price if he wants this Frenchman in the Arsenal team. What do you think Gooners?


Updated: July 11, 2016 — 6:54 pm


  1. We better not

  2. Arsenal are link with inter CB Jeison Murillo

    1. jason derulo?!

      hows his man marking?

    2. boy i’ve seen the likes of stoke and sunderland beat us to transfers many a times…..and this one may not be any different………..its nt something new

      1. Name 1 player that’s happened with?

  3. 35 on Xhaka and another 35m on Sissoko, that’s 70m already for two midfielders???? Dream on!……

    Some Arsenal fans are just ridiculous to put it mildly, any player that does anything decent at the Euros becomes a quick target for us…smh..

    I won’t even talk about Sissoko for now, I will just ask those wishing we signed him a question; What Do You Really Need In The Team???

    *Note: ‘need’ not ‘want’…

    1. THANK YOU ! We need a FORWARD not another midfielder !!!!

    2. well said goonerboy………. Even ray parlour stated we needed griezmann

      something wenger’s too blind to see

      1. Yeah sure thing mate… Wenger probably doesn’t rate greizzy at all!

    3. Do we really need him?
      The way he played last night for France? Yes.
      The way he played the last three years for Newcastle? No.
      I know which sample size I believe. £35m? Someone’s having a laugh and given their track record, Liverpool will be all over this one.

  4. We need a goal scorer more than another central midfielder.
    I don’t know if Sissoko is worth over £35 million. He had a bad season with Newcastle
    Ive heard we are bidding on Arda Turan. We don’t really need him as he is not a big goal scorer. We don’t need another CAM but a goal scoring winger and a top striker

    I hope we get Draxler and Lacazette

  5. @Arsenal Girl…

    I reckon if Wenger signs Turan,we won’t sign a striker as he may deploy Sanchez as a striker and replace him with Turan…

    Cos I don’t see Wenger signing Turan and then go on to sign a top CB and another striker, that will be against his philosophy

  6. Arsenal in’s
    N’Golo Kanté ።።(20m)
    Granit Xhaka ።።(30m)

    Arsenal. out’s

    this will be any ones dream

    1. Walcott 25
      Gibbs 10
      Campbell 6
      Gnabry 0
      Coquelin won’t be sold.
      Sanogo 0

    2. sick to think we should sell Le coq

  7. Arsenal are in talks over a potential £15 million signing of Inter Milan defender Jeison Murillo, according to a report in the Mirror and it has also been claimed that Inter Milan captain Mauro Icardi has been put up for sale by the club, as they need to raise £40 million to balance their books.

    1. were in talks with everyone and there second cousin.

      i talked to this homeless guy playing snoop dogg on his harmonica.

      talkings great

      1. My source (another homeless guy) said his best friend (his dog) thinks that we don’t need anyone else as JRA is going to make martial look like Andre santos this season!

  8. Arsenal in’s
    N’Golo Kanté ።።(20m)
    Granit Xhaka ።።(30m)

    Arsenal. out’s

    this will be any ones dream

  9. I think Wenger may be waiting for Morata’s price to go down
    He really likes Morata

    We may be looking at another last day transfer

    1. I agree he wants Morata
      for around 40 mill and will
      wait till late.

    2. Na, I think Wengers just waiting for all the best players out there to get signed up by other clubs first. Then we will all be told how hard it is to sign players these days ?

  10. Moussa Sissoko, a bit of physicality, passion and power in the squad… I won’t mind that at all… But the problem is that Sissoko is also a “big personality” and Wenger cannot cope with players who “might” question his “incoherent, strange and clueless” tactics…

    And I cannot see Wenger spend £35 millions for someone so obvious… I think he will go to Man U or Juventus (especially if Pogba leaves).

    We still need Sanchez and Ozil to extend their respective contract…
    Wenger said that Sanchez is not for sale, like he was the one deciding the faith of the player… If Sanchez wants to go he will go, no problem… And so is Ozil…!

  11. Wenger wont buy another big signing this year, lets face it. 2 more main team players, few more kids here and there to throw in. He himself said he will not buy more than 3-4 players as it will destabilize the team. I still think he will buy 1 player good enough for the first team(30m bracket), and 1 below expectation. Hope that good enough player is a striker, and better than Giroud. Remember, we lost 3 players in Arteta, Flamini and Rosisky, but they were bench players, and Xhaka is a first-team addition.

    Copa and Euros are over, and he still does not have an idea what he wants.

  12. In the euros final sissoko looked like he cold be worth £35m. But playing in PL for newcastle he looked nothing like as good. Seeing as we play in the PL we should judge him based on his PL performance, he is worth nothing like £35m. Let some other team waste their money and we should spend our money on a striker.

  13. Newcastle just trying to get as much as they can, more than likely he will be sold for 20, i am still waiting for a forward

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