Liverpool running away with the title is good for English football and Arsenal

Liverpool will be crowned Premier League champions and probably by a record margin.

The title race is over, it has been over for some time now and we all know that and there is a wide variety of opinion whether it is good for English football or is it ruining the game etc.

Well, I personally think it is great for the English game and also great for Arsenal and here is why.

When Man City won the league two seasons ago they raised the bar to an extraordinary level, they took the title amassing an incredible 100 points, the first team to ever achieve that. The gap to second was 19 points and the gap to Liverpool was a staggering 25 points.

I recall watching a program on Sky Sports, I cannot remember which specific one but the pundits all agreed that City was so far ahead of all their rivals and will dominate the game for a generation.

Well, they certainly did last year, winning an unprecedented domestic treble but one thing else happened and that was Liverpool raised their game in response to City’s achievements, they reduced that 25 point deficit to just two and have kicked on yet again this season. So much for City dominating the game for a generation.

I am not sure Liverpool would have achieved what they have done so far this season if it was not for Man City.

Clubs will respond to what Liverpool have done this season, maybe it will be City next season that challenge or maybe it will be Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham or even Arsenal. But take it to the bank, there will be a challenge.

That is why I feel it is good for the English game, including Arsenal. Clubs know they simply must raise their game to be competitive.

It may sound ridiculous to suggest Arsenal will be title challengers anytime soon but who would have thought that when Liverpool was finishing 25 points behind City?

So, yes, it may be boring and Arsenal’s records may be in danger of falling to the Reds but there is no point in wallowing in self-pity, instead the club has to respond to the challenge Liverpool have laid down.


  1. Mike says:

    Totally agree with this article, Liverpool currently have one of the best coaches if not the best in the world, he took average to good players , combined with big spending on players in key areas and formed a devastating unit, let’s be honest most of his squad prior to his arrival were deemed not good enough but he made them extremely competitive both physically and mentally. I also think his side this season got the rub of the green but that is a different story altogether

    1. Diogenes says:

      You’re right in principle, but most of Liverpool’s starting 11 were not at the club yet when Klopp came. He improved most players, very true, but it’s their transfer activity after Klopp joined that has been even more phenomenal – Allisson, VVD, Salah, Mane, Wijnaldum, Fabinho, Matip, Robertson – 8 out of starting 11 were bought after he arrived.

  2. Durand says:

    It will show how ambitious owners are, and whether they are in it to win or merely for money. Record money from tv rights, sponsors, tickets, etc… No excuses for owners.

  3. lcebox says:

    I still dont like them but agree it will make other teams step up.

  4. jon fox says:

    Fair comments by Martin, which will continue to be true , whilst the Prem is won by several different clubs over the period. BUT, if we get to the situation where just one team, in the manner of Juventus, Bayern Munich or Celtic, constantly wins our Prem, things will be totally different then. We have been lucky so far to have a variety of teams seriously challenging for the title most seasons(though not this season).

    Had City,instead of Liverpool, been twenty two points clear now, having already won the Prem twice in a row, there would be a different scenario right now. Liverpool have never won the PREM, so other clubs fans will wear this for a season. But if it constantly repeats, then it does harm to our game. While there is real competition it is healthy. BUT if that changes, then beware the general fan interest rapidly declining! Monopolies are boring and harmful. Just saying!

  5. Break-on-through says:

    The big money men at the top of the game have obviously made it clear that City needed a challenger, that is the rub of the green in which people speak about. These guys own what is called the most competitive league in the world, they’ll not sit by and watch this happen, watch the league becoming less of a contest than that of Spain (Ajax comes to mind) They (Liv) were helped through their rough patches starting last season, it gave them the confidence to win the CL after gaining another bit of luck with the draw. This season it has continued, but it’s stopped sometime before christmas would be my thinking, they have the confidence and the lead to now continue without the training wheels. Next season with Liv’s confidence and us all with a new title winner, and with City amped up ..itching to reclaim their mantle. I believe one of Manu, Tott, Che or ourselves will get slightly more luck than usual, there may be a third challenger if one of those teams buys well enough and tries to show ambition to close the gap ..I believe they may get a wee helping hand at times. Cynical yes, but it is the way of the world for folk at the top of the production line.

    Like I said before, Liv are a good honest side, sprinkled with a few of genuine quality. City, they were ballers, the stuff they were playing was unreal, they earned their record breaking numbers, nobody could touch them. I see two different scenarios when I look these two up.

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