Liverpool show their dominance in 3-1 win over Arsenal

Liverpool were the deserved winners against Arsenal today, and our manager will have to consider ringing the changes before returning on Thursday to take them on in the Carabao Cup.

Mikel Arteta’s line-up already had me worried, with the team setup too defensively for my liking, but after the FA Cup and Community Shield successes, who could argue over the selection.

The game started as you would expect, Arsenal allowing Liverpool to dominate possession while we worked hard to keep our organisation and wait for mistakes.

The team was set out to do just this, and we soaked up the pressure for the opening 25 minutes, and the mistake came.

Alexandre Lacazette opened the scoring thanks to a couple of deflections off the Liverpool back-line, and the Frenchman tapped home past Allison.

That lead was extremely short-lived however as Mohamed Salah raced down the right and in behind the defence to force a save from Leno, but Sadio Mane was there to clean up the rebound.

The next goal wasn’t long after the equaliser, and all of a sudden, not only are we completely on the backfoot, but we are now behind less than 10 minutes after taking the lead.

Andy Robertson gets into the box to fire home past Leno, and we now look like we need to cling on just to make it to the break with only a one-goal deficit.

From what I could see, absolutely nothing was changed at the break, and the game continued as it was.

We waited for more mistakes from our rivals, but we were clinging on for our lives.

That mistake did come however, and had our goalscorer from the first-half had kept his scoring boots on, we could have been level, deserved or not.

That was our last real chance to get back into the tie, and you have to give the Reds credit for their dominant display, and ability to freeze Aubameyang out of the game.

The hosts were not done however, and Diogo Jota made up for missing from around 8 yards out by scoring in the dying minutes of the match to kill the game off.

Does the result give Arsenal a reality check or was this sort of result a given at Anfield?


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    1. well immediately i saw lacazette through on goal with Alison i wanted him to score but knowing him so well i felt he was always going to flop it and he didn’t disappoint
      I said to my friends when he went through on goal for the second time that he is most likely to miss it again before i was done with my statement he already delivered.
      This guy have not been able to hit 20+ goals in a season for a reason. It’s not his form it is who he is.
      I can’t see Auba missing both chances missing one is forgivable but twice is a reality check
      And is leno not seeing his team mate and knowing where they are on the pitch he always have to touch the ball so many times inviting pressure on himself. And i don’t understand why people will want to go at Anfield and play with them with the midfield of who? Enelny and xhaka……cebelos did more than both with less time on pitch… please is xhaka a cm,dm or Am

      1. My heart doesnt skip any beats when Laca is presented with a chance. And when Pepe is trying to take someone on I just roll my eyes at this point. It’s comical. This is the last season Pepe has to prove himself or I think we should sell next summer. Bad transfer.

        1. Like seriously…did willian even had any opportunity? Focus on d game not ur biased judgment….no midfield against liverpool and i expecting a miracle….the lord is ur strenght.

          1. haha my biased judgement? They were all awful, sorry i’ll mention willian next time too to make you happy! And sorry i dont like losing at anfield for 6 straight years and would finally like to overcome it. I’ll lower expectations and have your attutide next time.

        2. I’m sure Martinez would have been a better option in goal for last nights game, think Leno will be weak point in our team. Auba should of started central can’t trust Laca I’m afraid

        1. Some will call xhaka a dlp (deep lying playmaker) and when i watch his game it’s funny how people make things up to suit there ideas

        2. Its a no brainer….we used two dms against a liverpool team that are rugged and ruthless….the other team lacked dat

          1. Wow. So actually we played with 5 defenders and two dm’s 7 defendsive players that alone is enough to cost us the match…

    1. Was Elneny the problem? Was he the reason Laca missed two sitters? Or was he the reason Willian didn’t track back to mark Robertson for the second goal?

      1. I’m surprised too though, is that people watch ball and just choose to tear down players they dislike or what?
        Luiz was our best defender tonight

      2. I wanted Williams on the left wing and Auba moving to the center Arteta should try to be more smarter instead of doing the obvious which will most likely not work at places like Anfield.
        Did i expect Nketiah to come to Anfield and save us hell no but in football we all believe anything is possible

    2. Those to where never the reason we lost please. Liverpool were miles better than entire Arsenal squad. Play Ceballos from the start we all will complain. Do u we expect to go to Anfiled and dominate thier midfield with which players in our kitty? We lost to a better team simple. We should be looking to get Partey and Aoaur to make us competitive going forward.

      1. Completely agree! We will have a similar season to last with this midfield. Fix it or end this season mid table again..

    3. Really you weren’t expecting him to throw Gabriel to Liverpool’s attack this early are you?
      There’s no issue with selecting Luiz..Hell even Luiz was our best defender.
      Tierney got turned by Salah and wasn’t his usual stubborn self.
      Holding? Just another overrated English lad like some of us know.
      Bellerin? Caught sleeping for the first two goals very poor alongside Willian. So if you’re being fair, only Luiz still looked solid among all selected defenders today.
      Don’t even get me started on AMN😒😒
      I’ve kept quiet while fans were talking about not selling him.
      We shouldy snapped that 20M and ran off.
      He’s just another one that’s inconsistent

      1. All true! Some week performances all over the pitch and was shocked at the stats at half time. Took me back to Emery days. The fact we couldn’t win many 50/50s was evident of the determination of Liverpool. We were too passive. Again!

      2. Fans should put things in perspective. no need for the knee jerk approach. when the same Holding played against Liverpool in the community shield, he was not overrated right? teams loose games. they bounce back. All strikers miss seaters. even Messi misses a times. at the end of the day, it is just 3 points. support the team. this is game 3 for goodness sake. They still have 35 league games to play before the end of the season.

        1. Skills please can you explain to me why Lacazette has never scored 20goals a season then, or can you explain to me why England has never for once invited Holding for international duty, Holding is the most overated defender we have.

          1. You may be right Lenohappy about Lacazette and Holding. we just have to support the team. what matters most is making progress as a team. We have another opportunity to bounce back. let us trust the process

        2. Skills even after the community shield, I didn’t praise Holding or anything.
          Though i understand why you won’t notice, it’s not your duty to.
          Holding will alw be overrated.
          Dig out a comment of mine where I’ve said he’s what we need in defense.
          So tonight really doesn’t even surprise me, also No SIR elite strikers don’t miss the clear cut chances Lacazette missed. He does this every season, let’s not pretend it happens once in a while for Lacazette

          1. You are correct Eddie. Lacazette rushes his decisions most times. I have seen a lot of that. Holding also has been culpable on many occasions. They cant do beyond their abilities. I have always said it on this platform that Pepe is the most composed and clinical striker we have in this team. He should be playing week in week out in the box. as a number 10. if Pepe gets 4 chances in the box, he will score 3. There is little we can do but to support the team. This perhaps should be a wake up call for Stan Kroenke to sanction Partey and Aouar moves. the decision makers also should quickly offload the players we dont need.(Sell Mustafi, Torrera, Socratis, Guenzouzi, Chambers, Kolasinac, and Ozil).

      3. Eddie I knew you weren’t going to talk about Leno and ooh boy you didn’t disappoint me, Leno should be in Newcastle or Burnley, the boy can’t pass the ball, salah almost caught one of his pass, he waits and wait until the opposition closes us down. That first goal was totally Leno bellerin and Willian faults.

        1. Leno should’ve parried Salah’s first attempt better.
          He wasn’t poor with his playing.
          I’ve never denied he needs to improve, but I’ve always said, he’s the proven GK we have.
          Simple Logic says Leno was the right choice, you really can’t sell a GK who’s been doing it for years and was in contention for your POTS just because your second Choice GK wanted to be guaranteed the number one spot.
          That being said, Leno is a shot stopper but even at that, he needs to improve in his handling of the ball.
          I don’t like the fact that he punches it away too much

      4. Eddie what about Auba. The laziest we have on the pitch today. Laca missed those chances that could have give us a point or all 3 yet he did better than him. I’m not worried about the result but the performance and our way of play. We played like this against Westham last weekend. I can accept that way of playing against Liverpool but Westham no no.

        1. Auba and all the attackers were lazy… There’s nothing like Lacazette did better.
          Do you know after his first goal, a friend of mine at the bar we chose to see the game said to me and I quote “If Lacazette had controlled that ball he scored, he’d have missed it and wouldn’t have scores it”.
          It speaks how poor Lacazette is in front of goal for an elite striker.
          He then went ahead to miss two clear cut chances Martinelli would’ve buried.
          You can’t deny the constant thing we’ve always praised him for his is work rate, other than that, he’s not elite striker

      5. Very poor tactics. Arteta should have changed formation after half time. We were overrun in midfield, and Berellin was poor. In such kind of games we need William in midfield 433.
        I don’t understand why he isn’t using Abu14 as a striker. This Niktihen30 guy is just opportunist and not our calibre. He should have put saka instead.

        Anyway we can’t afford to be overrun in midfield against Liverpool. Hope he changes formation for Thursday.

        1. Amir, what midfielders does Arteta have to play, unless he pulls on a shirt himself? As many of us on here have said, until Arsenal strengthens midfield we can expect more results like this against the top sides.

      6. The team was awful bellerin since his injury has been miles off pace, tacking in those shorts! That’s what he has improved on😁 willian must do better I expect saka to start on Thursday

  1. I hope that’s the last of Lacazette in the center. Put Aubameyang there as he’s too old for the wings.

    Elneny and Xhaka have no idea how to play the ball forward. Ceballos opened their defense and played through their midfield with so much ease.

    Leno needs to parry shots much better.

    1. My point exactly, no idea, no idea to break out from liverpool high press, no idea to throw forward passes, when ceballos came in, we were far better goin forward

  2. The gap between both teams is very huge like Arteta used to say.
    The whole team were poor, as long as we keep losing the midfield battle, our attackers will be useless on the pitch.
    Lacazette basically cost us a point in this game, but it’s not time to start playing blame game. Liverpool are yet to lose at Anfield for the past 3 years in the league.
    So there’s no shame there..
    Now on to adding players.

    P.S: If we sell Lacazette and AMN, I won’t lose any sleep.
    Lacazette constantly do this every season.
    AMN is just a utility player, Elneny too.
    These are guys that could fetch a small fees piled to a chunk, because at the end they’re players that won’t be getting game time when we get our midfield targets and they’re still at the club

    1. Could be said the Liverpool goal keeper saved a point. With a performance like that by Arsenal against an excellent Liverpool team it is very harsh to blame one player.

      1. Not really
        Yeah we had lacca chance
        But they equally hit post , mane missed sitter, salah took the ball off jota when he had a tap in.
        Can’t just ignore their chances

  3. Liverpool show their superiority. They deserve the win. Arsenal shouldn’t drop the ball after todays game. A better improved second half. We need to sort that midfield out. I m thinking Hossem Aouar is even more vital to the team right now. Klopp finally gets one over Arteta.

    The Arteta project continues and its a gradual process..

    Oh, Lacazette misses were costly after all….

  4. Vardy is better than Aubameyang and Lacazette combined, not starting Ceballos was a stupid decision from Arteta and if you think otherwise then you are not wise! Lest I forget, Pepe is a massive flop! I call it already…

      1. When you look at playing football holistically Vady is what better. Aubu can’t dribble can’t pass and mark. Just look at him today. Football is not all about scoring alone however important scoring is ability to to pass to other player to score is as well important. Compare the young Sake playing in the left wing last week and Auba playing today. What bail him out mostly in our team are the goals he scored.

        1. You’re so right, despite seeing it only last night! Aubameyang is deadly ONLY when he’s on goal, else is very useless IMHO. You surely only have a feeling that he would bury at least one of the chance Lacazette squandered, because only those are his thing.
          The really annoying thing is when people compare him to Henry who’s an all round player and miles better in any sense.

    1. Oh boy here we go with the reactionary fan, Vardy is better than Aubameyang.
      On the other hand, it would’ve sense to start Ceballos but then again playing Elneny makes sense from a tactical point.
      Elneny was meant to mark and provide cover for the defense so you can’t fault Arteta for selecting. Truth just remains the truth we’ve all known, Liverpool are miles ahead of us and there was no way we could’ve gone toe to toe with them given our midfield options

      1. Bros vardy is way more ahead above abumeyang in everything a complete striker shud possess.dribbling ,passing ,everything

    2. U are spot on. vardy is much more 100x better than aubumeyang and lacazette combined .they are two overhyped strikers.

  5. I liked the 4 at the back in the second half.
    With Auba in the center with 2 fast wingers we can finally play the Arsenal style we all want to see.

    1. There were 11 players on the field, so it is harsh to blame Lacazette. Credit to Allison for the save.
      What about Willian just standing and watching Robertson run past him?
      Liverpool just too good.

  6. Well we or miles behind loserpool can’t defend can’t attack and we or finished in this transfer window no more players or coming here and don’t believe Eddie wot he says arsenal or not bring more players here

    1. I’ve told you, if you’re ready, pit your money where your mouth is, if not you might as well stop attacking my own opinions.
      We are bringing in players, particle Aouar, if you believe Arsenal ain’t gone do that, put your money where your mouth is

      1. Eddie it’s not I don’t believe you.that we might get Aour
        It’s just not your source
        Or if it his , he’s telling you what’s in the paper mate
        Every arsenal fan can tell you who we want and who we want to sell
        Be like me saying ……
        ‘ Arsenal would like to.sell.Kolasniac but his wages are an issue ‘
        That’s hardly a story at this point lol

        1. At this point Dan I just read your comments and laugh because I don’t know what agenda you’re pushing.
          I’ve never said I have a source or I follow an ITK.
          I’ve constantly said it’s all from a journalist, I’ve dropped his Twitter handles, dropped his YouTube channel where you can actually go watch for yourself that he discusses football with other reporters from other clubs sometimes, someone who’s had one of the The Athletics writer on discussing and analyzing football and transfers.
          You can ignore all of those if you want.
          His name is not Fabrizio or Ornstein, so to you, he’s no journalist, he’s an ITK who makes things up and says what’s in papers.
          I’ve asked you countless times without getting replies from you.
          “Tell me the paper or the website where you read two months ago that Arteta’s midfield targets are actually three players, and that Arsenal wants to sign Aouar AND Partey.
          Your favorites were all reporting Aouar or Partey isn’t it? Up till a week ago they were reporting Aouar OR Partey… Now today, suddenly according to Ornstein they’re both targets and Arsenal will at least get one of them, it’s no longer either Aouar or Partey.
          You still need to tell me or bring the link where two months ago it was in the news or papers that Arteta wanted 3 midfielders (Which he has gotten one. Ceballos)
          I’m waiting for you. If you can’t, then you might as well drop hour agenda.
          Also like I said you can go find out whatever you want to on YouTube and stop making it sound like other people don’t put in work into getting their jobs right

          1. So 2 months ago you wrote we are getting Auor or Partey?
            So what are you claiming you been told
            We are getting one or both ?
            Anyway just typed partey arsenal in Google
            Here are earliest dates I found …
            The sun – 11th May
            Got one for July – guardian
            June- interview with parteys rather about arsenal
            So to me your friend is repeating something from May

            Ceballos – March – talk sport claimed he come back.for second loan
            So hardly breaking news

            If you show me 3 months ago where your friend says nope arsenal are getting partey and aour ( then cool ) but to me you only mentioned those names after they were in media
            I’ll apologise if im.wrong

            1. I tried getting some of the posts dated back but I couldn’t do that and I can’t start scrolling down and down since he’s been posting different stuff since then.
              So I decided to go check YouTube instead, you should go through his video.
              Particularly a 2 minutes video on Thomas Partey.
              You won’t get specified date, as YouTube will only show months ago.
              Also why do you expect me to say my friend? When he’s not someone I know or and I’ve never spoken to

          2. Also Eddie a month ago you said we would take Coutinhio if we got Ozil off wage bill
            At zero point did you write ‘ my friend has told me we are getting partey or Aour ‘

  7. Aouar and Partey make it happen! And VAR takes a night off at Anfield as it usually does unless Liverpool need it. Improvement needed!

      1. I don’t care what anyone says Sue when you throw an elbow into an opponent’s face it’s violent conduct, it’s wreckless and with the rules so strict now then that’s a red all day long! I remember Sol Campbell tried to shield the ball against Solskjaer and caught him in the chest.. straight red, not overturned and missed the fa cup final! And Jota is handball if those pens are giving in the last week’s then clearly it’s handball! I have no problem losing but I have a massive problem with officiating, and especially when it’s Liverpool they get every decision in their favour! Ah well game over now and we should be in transfer mode stuff the Mickey mouse cup

        1. I was laughing at var taking a night off! No surprise really…
          I agree, he’s always been a dirty sod.. decisions are hardly ever going to go your way at Anfield. I was surprised at the number of our ‘fouls’ that were waved away.. but as soon as Mane went down, the whistle was blown!
          Oh well, can’t do owt about it now.. the wait for a win goes on….Thursday, who would you play? And if Curtis Jones scores, I’m going to scream!!!

          1. Yeah typical isn’t it Sue ? They remind me now of how united were under Ferguson they got every decision in they’re favour and now Liverpool are the new united 😂 they will be the first to moan when and if a decision goes against them! Mane I can’t stand him he should be staring down the barrel of a 3 game ban 😠 the full team to batter Liverpool’s second string and to take that smug smile off klopps face! 😂 not a fan of his Sue ? 😂

            1. I’ve always said Anfield is the new OT!.
              No I can’t stand him, Kev…
              Urgh so soon after tonight… I just hope it doesn’t go to penalties.. not sure I’m up for that 😆 But am defo up for that smile being wiped off Klopp’s face!!

              1. You and me are on the same page then Sue literally 😆😆 that’s exactly what it is! Yeah and doesn’t end 5-5 like last year 😩 I hope we can smash them a little bit of revenge and a signing or 2 this week maybe I’ll feel better 😶 haha yeah and those ridiculous veneers 😂😂

                  1. We can do it Sue, surely after what we witnessed tonight especially midfield that we need reinforcement? Arteta must demand it, put pressure on the board! We can easily beat a second string Liverpool team Sue have faith 😉

                  2. Someone said the same thing to me last year, Kev!! I said the cup would be our only chance to win at Anfield and was told our kids were better than theirs… and what happened??!! 😖
                    We shall see…..
                    Well if we don’t, we’re in for a very bumpy ride!!

                  3. Well there’s no pressure on the players or fans for this one Sue, I would like to see this Balogun kid, if he’s so talented then surely it’s time we see him play in the first team ? Sue after calming down and watching it again I’m still sure Mane should have damn well been sent off! 😂 That’s 2 red cards every day of the week! I read pool fans laughing and calling us salty.. one fan said it’s a contact sport.. so throwing elbows in football should be allowed? Let’s see what happens when someone injures a Liverpool player, let’s see if they still say it’s a contact sport 😆

        2. God bless you Kev, most fans here only focus on blaming players and coach but didn’t observe the officiating because all what they care is to proof to everyone that they are right concerning so players that they are not good enough.Mane intentionally threw an elbow on Tierney but the stupid var didn’t look at it but if it was Arsenal ( am very sure that will be straight red card) but our fans won’t blame the officials but our players. Look at what lead to their first goal, the linesman raised the flag but ref ignored it, Jota 3rd goal was hand ball but there was no var to check that but we had an attack against Liverpool at 93 mins but the ref blew the whistle but I remembered Saturday concerning man utd after whistle penalty, the added time was 5 mins but utd played corner at 96 min 19 secs to finally award them penalty for hand ball…. Fine Liverpool won no doubt about that but we had the better chance ( one on one) that would have been converted to goals, eg AMN ball control and Lacazette two clear chances the he misses….All what you were complaining was how they scored against our defenders. Had it been that we have buried that 3 chances, an very sure that most of you guys would say lac is better than Aub and Arteta rating is 10 and Arsenal are ready for title challenge…. Sincerely Liverpool are not mile better than us, its just that they are more hardworking than us and were very lucky in this match we played. All there 3 goals were based on our mistakes and error……. Gunners for life, weldone guys I believe you can do better in our next games…

          1. Excellent post Wale 👊 and I’m absolutely in agreement.. if it’s for example an Aubameyang elbow on Robertson then he’s off there’s no question about that. And most certainly the 3rd goal is handball but VAR don’t check these things at Anfield they don’t want to upset the loveable Klopp! Of course we can improve but sometimes a little help by officials can go a long way! We’re down now but a couple signings this week and the mood will rise again. COYG 🔴⚪

              1. You are 100% correct Ozziegunner 👍 the standard of referring is shocking! If we win that game tonight in the same fashion as that lot the headlines would be the red card that should have been giving! But it’s Liverpool and it’s best not to even talk about it.

    1. Nifty, Emery wanted Partey over 12 months ago and wasn’t supported. The Club bought Torreira as a lower cost option and he is on his way out.
      Arteta is doing his best, but doesn’t have “the cattle”. The midfield is the weakness, which most good teams will exploit. Arteta needs support in the transfer market, because like Emery you can only shuffle the player deck so many ways.

  8. liv has learned their lesson. instead of quick passes into the box, they pushed in long balls to the far post. just this small tweak managed to leave our defence confused and panic. we should anticipate future opponents to take the same approach.

    on the plus side, we were more lively in the second half. there’s a lesson for Arteta here and that is to not use the same tactic against big teams. our overly cautious approach has penalized our cohesion and confidence when going forward.

    you can see things getting a little better when Dani came on. If aouar deal goes dark, I would love to see more Dani Elneny partnership.

  9. I’ll remind Eddie, Jon and their friends…

    Continue playing those small team tactics against big teams in EPL and you’ll continue losing 100% of the time.

    Nothing to do with skills.

    Just loser tactics.

    1. Now that you’ve made your statement properly and it is *you’ll* and not *we’ll*, can you now go back to supporting Spurs?
      Take off the mask Emery, we know it’s you.
      You were expecting us to go toe to toe with our midfield options?
      Or you’re being mad because Kolasinac your fav didn’t make it?

      1. Just admit that you DON’T know analysis just like Arteta with his small team tactics.

        And mind you am a STAUNCH Arsenal fan.

        Just that I don’t compromise with these loser tactics. That’s why I predict the truth

        1. 😂😂😂
          Just to be sure, where were you when with his poor tactics he won against Liverpool twice and won against Manchester City and Chelsea in the final?
          Like where were you and I hope you made rants about how his tactics were poor?😂😂
          I really hope you did!!
          Since the West Ham game, he’s suddenly a poor tactical coach, and yes I accept I don’t know football analysis, but I bet my two balls your knowledge of football when compared to mine ain’t larger than my the balls in my scrotum😁👊

          1. And lost to Chelsea ?
            Oh and City ?
            Oh and Spurs ?
            And Brighton ?
            Olympiakos ?
            And Villa ?
            Can’t just focus on the FA Cup
            Winning a one off game doesn’t mean players you have will do that everyweek
            Not including two Liverpool wins
            One they had nothing to play for , the other was a community shield
            If koronke doesn’t invest this week he’s let Arteta.down

  10. Part 1
    Shall we expect that arsenal right now can compete for 90mins against liverpool? Dont get carried away with the good work, dont let it blind you. We are still on the road to where we need to get to. MA first season is going to be as much about learning who remains and who doesnt.

    Our squad is not at the level of Liverpool so to see us in the game for 88mins is a great encouragement. We now need to add that extra level.

    Only when cellabos came on did we see more meaningful runs from our forward line. It’s why we are chasing the likes of Auour mode players, I for one hope we get one this window.

    Once we have that type of threat, liverpool wont dominate the procession because our mid line can break better on them, and so they will be less forward press.

    Still a long way to go. Whilst we are trying to sell sokratis ozil chambers +, liverpool have a squad without baggage – meaning we are restriction in evoling our squad. This is where we are on our path.

  11. Bad starting lineup from Arteta it has to be said. I know those who dont like him will jump on him for this and try to say he’s no good now, but I hope he learns from this if anything. As we already knew, we DESPERATELY need midfielders. And not just Aouar looking at that performance. We simply dont have the quality players to play out of any type of pressure, which is exactly why Mikel wants some new players. Auba couldve worked much harder today much of 1st half was Tierney vs everyone. Leno is inferior to Emi lets just get that out of the way and not beat around the bush and even tho we made money off of Emi we downgraded and its noticeable. It’s not all doom and gloom, this is the best team in England, but we have to step up at some point!! Way too many years we just dont compete in away matches against the big sides so i dont accept that Liverpool are just that good….

    1. I can’t say bad team selection,do you think Arteta would select this team if he has the likes of partey and Aour? The manager selected a team that could give us the best chance to win the game stop whining about team selection of we’d won all we could be hearing is Arteta tactical genius.

  12. Very frustrating to watch.

    Most of the comments are just picking on certain players. These are players they usually have a negative bias for. I can imagine if it was Kola that Salah turned like that to setup liverpool first goal. What about the second goal that Willian refused to track Robertson. But no, everything is Bellerin and Elneny’s fault…lol.

  13. And I tell these guys that Luiz is our best defender. Continue arguing.

    And when Mari comes back, expect him to partner Luiz in defence.

  14. My team for Thursday night.
    Just wanna see how our defenders will be performing.


    Saliba – Gabriel – Holding

    Niles – Torreira – Ceballos – Tierney

    Saka – Aubameyang – Willian

    1. That’s a good team. Though I would drop holdning and put Pepe in a 433 formation. We can’t let them control midfield.

      I don’t understand why we are selling Torreria. He is the only fighter in our midfield.

  15. Part2
    On the game, alisson was brilliant against Laca when on one on one.. for once let’s give goalkeepers credit then maon about the striker. It’s about that moment. Laca shot at goal, if the keeper was even 2 yards further back that’s a goal. Top keepers make a difference.

    Tierney, as much as I love him. EPL is a different animal to Scottish football, we dont always need to punt the ball when playing it out is the preferred option. But hes young and adapting and I have no issues with that.

    William broke the tactics and didnt track back Robertson. This was the key moment for me, no other moment until then did we loss discipline.

    For me I learnt alot. I feel like we are still 5 players short.

    Considering Nelson, willock, ESR are all meant to be out for loan and we need to sell 4 (my list – chambers, sokratis, kos, ozil) Il still say over this window, jan window and the next summer we should be able to bring in partey, auour, striker, left forward.

    This free’s up Auba to play in the middle with a natural left forward whilst offering other options with Laca as CF, auour partey and cellabos as a midfield option alongside other options that include Xhaka
    The other striker option to purchase would be a like for like for Eddie.

    I rate Eddie but I cant see him getting goals this season playing in his current role in this squad.
    We need a young talent who can do it and show he will push and eventually replace Auba.

    This is my make up of what’s needed, so saying that, today’s performance was a good sign of what MA can do with the current crop, I just hope he and us get the squad we deserve.

    1. Best comment so far for me tom…….I thought that miss was more of Allison doing better than laca doing badly…. But in any one on one situation the striker can always do better so I will give him a little stick….I think it’s time we started giving cuddles to keepers when they do well not when they spill balls like Leno…. Thanks

    2. I am sorry to burst the MA bubble but todays match showcased some of the weaknesses in his tactical/player management arena
      As anyone saw the “quality” of Liverpool vs the hustle of Arsenal was in full display.
      Why can’t we buy quality players that will contribute to the team?
      Contrast Jogo vs Pepe . Why do we need to wait for Pepe to get used to the Premier league?
      Liverpool bought only 2 players and frankly i think the quality they brought in may just win another title.
      Our managers can’t seem to part with the young crop maybe because they actually believe they have quality ,although how can MA believe that of AMN or Bellerin is beyond me.
      Clean house and start over by buying actual quality players vs inflated ideas of what the fans may want.
      Xhaka is never going to play for a title winning team. NEVER.
      Neither is AMN / Bellerin /Holding /Elneny and NKetia
      we need and entire defense and 2-3 mids that can play at this level
      Untill then sit and enjoy the style and quality of others.

    3. 👍 Without investment in midfield, one cannot expect different results than what we saw at Anfield. Apart from Willian, this is basically the same team which finished eighth.
      Those people criticising Lacazette, need to look at his work rate and how deep he has to drop back to get the ball, because of the lack of drive and service from midfield. He’s worn out by the time he gets in front of goal.

  16. Lacazette need to go, Leno is just too average or what do you call a keeper that cant hold onto the ball, bellerin should be sold he has never been a good defender, Ceballos changed the match with his dribbling and his passing. Am never going to forgive Lacazette.

    1. Truth be told, Arteta got it all wrong with the tactical set up, you can’t pack the bus with an error prone backline, with midfielders that can’t find forwards, with a goal keeper that isn’t comfortable playing from the back, the dude almost gave an assist to Firmino, Bellerin was afraid to hold the ball, very nervous to execute even simple routine throw ins. We showed too much respect to the scousers and it worked against us. You get the feeling it was a game Guendouzi , Torreira could have offered something, ceballos should have been a starter. To be honest how can you beat liverpool with two average defensive midfielders in Elneny and Xhaka.

      My team for Thursday

      Saka. Auba. Willian
      Xhaka/niles. Ceballos. Torreira
      Tierney. Gabriel. Luis. Soares/ niles
      There is no reason for Torreira to leave until a new signing is made.

      1. and they were embarrassing against one of the top few clubs in Europe – season is a right-off, hit panic button, world ending.

  17. Not an unexpected result but we gave it a go. A long way behind Liverpool in ability by some players. Bellerin, Xhaka, Elnenny, Holding and AMN were shown up by their deficienies. AMN at least has an excuse, he isnt a left back or left of midfield. Our midfield at the highest level especially when it is filled with totally average xhaka and Elnenny is not capable of this level of football. Holding is not cabable of playing out from the back against the high press. It will at least put it into perspective where we are for those who thought, foolishly we are totle contenders. We are not anywhere near title contenders, at least for now.

      1. I didn’t give holding and enehhy a rating, i stated the obvious, they aren’t upto this standard because of their lack of ability. Theycare so limited in their make up and get found out. Holding gave the ball away under pressure so many times and Elnenny just floats around doing nothing much. They both aren’t bad players just not good enough.

  18. I hope also we all see xhaka will not get us the top 4, a midfield trio of Aouar, Partey and ceballos might. Arteta got his subs spot on. But question marks over pepe. Last season I said Zaha was better, I was almost crucified. Laca cost us the match today. Leno’s footwork and setpieces saving is very shaky. Our back passes were comical. I was more confident with martinez. He was very vocal, coordinated defense properly.

    1. There are more than just question marks over Pepe. This guy is truly a one trick pony. And the trick never even worked in teh first place in England… He’s a serious concern and we will take a massive loss when selling him. Huge, huge mistake we made last summer signing him. Let’s just cut to the chase there.

    2. Still I disagree, zaha isn’t better than Pepe.
      Currently willian isn’t doing better than him likewise.
      I think MA needs to do some tweak whenever Pepe is on the pitch. A lot of time he gets isolated, he is a fast tricky player, anytime he gets the ball you always see 3-4 opposition players hovering around him but no arsenal player to receive pass from him, this make him try excess dribbling, losing the ball mostly, if we could take advantage of his trick, 3opposition players will always be taken off whenever he gets on the ball, leaving a lot of space for our other attacks

      1. Pepe’s aclimatisation time is getting to be pretty long. He looks pretty lost and very easy to defend most of the time. I hope something clicks or maybe we get someone to move the ball around better (no criticism of Ceballos, he did a great job when he came on but I am not sure he can do that every night – needs help in middle). Right now though it really is looking like an awful purchase.

  19. Is Leno a mute? Why doesn’t he communicates his defenders. I blame him for the 3rd goal.
    We had lot of sloppy performance today and congrats to klop for bringing a tactic that almost completely nullify arsenal threats, the wb and wingers were closed up no opportunity to create from there and the 2 chances created from midfield our strikers wasted them, we loss to our attackers inefeciencies, kudos to defence

    1. We sold the wrong keeper but we are stuck with him now, his shot stopping is fine but he is a flapper compaired to the cool Martinez. He needs to brush up quick and command better.

    2. I wish Leno would try to take more balls to hand and catch, instead of pushing out. That would stop attack in its tracks.

  20. Liverpool wanted to win more than Arsenal. That was the clear thing I saw. Rest were just details. If everone in the lineup showed as much tenacity and will as Mane, Arsenal would have done better. Regardless of skill levels.

  21. I know a loss is always hard to digest. But seriously it was far from disastrous. The second half was much better and the lads were pressing for the ball really hard. It was just that Liverpool were a better team and there is nothing much we could do at this point in time. But i can see the fight. I can see the progress. And remember, our goal for this season is to come back to top 4. It is a step by step progress and we will be there is few seasons fighting for the title.
    As fans we should contribute to the cause and support our manager, specially after a hard fought loss. Lets not get disheartened by a loss at a ground no team has won in the past two years. They are champions for a reason and Klopp didn’t turn it around in a season.
    Lets stand behind our manager and give a shout out to the lads for trying hard in the second half. Cheer up fellow gooners! Even after a defeat, there are clear signs of improvements and that is what our aim should be right now.

    1. Well said
      All the comments I have read since the final whistle blew have had a pop at every player on the pitch. Only Ceballos came out well. Arteta is now a useless tactician and not a manager up against a superb team and a top manager. So many are moaning minnies knowing full well that new additions are required before a serious title challenge can happen. Patience is a virtue not shared by many

  22. I’m so done with Lacazzette, if he scores that second chance, we’re 2-2 game on. How did he miss that second chance? Yes we got outplayed but a clinical striker wouldve given as a point easily.

  23. Klopp is a clever manager who always updates his tactics like Guardiola, so I’m not surprised he cracked Arteta’s 3-4-3 this time. Pepe shouldn’t take the corners anymore, because his deliveries were awful in some games

    This is why we need a towering target man on the bench, to change the plan when things get tough. But I guess Arteta wants to revert to a four-CB formation, hence the chase on Aouar and Partey

    Lacazette is a good false nine, but I think we paid Lyon too much for him. So I hope Arsenal coaches and the staffs watch Aouar’s last ten matches first

  24. Defended far too deep in the first half and once again failed to move the ball forward quickly enough.
    Tierney is wasted in a back three and Bellerin has become so timid that he’s even forgotten how to take a throw-in.
    If Arsenal don’t manage to get a decent transfer fee for Lacazette in this “Window” then they never will.
    Obviously there is still plenty of room for improvement but at least Arsenal are now playing as a “team” but things must improve at a time when there is more
    competition than there has been for many years previously.

    1. im not too worried about Laca fee. He tends to get double digits every season at least which should keep his price decent. That goal tally may be satisfactory for some, but not to be NO9 at Arsenal. And certainly not good enough if he cannot score from the majority of the easy chances he routinely gets presented.

  25. Ceballos should’ve started alongside Xhaka as usual.
    When we want to play deep, at least make use of Ceballo, he has the capability to carry the ball and deliver some final passes.
    We gave Liverpool too much respect in the first half, hopefully we don’t do the same against City and United soon.
    Hoping Arteta learned from his mistakes tonight

    1. Our over reliance on wing back to produce long pass to wingers cost us, am sure klop nullify those threats, frustrated Xhaka, and even Luiz couldn’t get his passes correct. We need capable mf

  26. I ain’t kidding,this is the poorest I hv seen Arsenal all my life, my fair assessment is, We need a massive hauling, Willian wasn’t a necessary buy, Niles doesn’t deserve to be wearing the Arsenal Jersey, Tierney can’t contend with good teams we better play Saka in games like this, and that rubbish of starting from the keeper must seize with immediate effect, bench Holding, partner Gabriel & Luiz, start Ceballos alongside Elneny,bench Lacazette,start Auba upfront & I think Ozil deserves to be brought back into the fold. And I still maintain my stance on Arteta, we would hv been better with Ancelloti

  27. Don’t blame Lacazette. Wrong tactics and showed Liverpool too much respect. Both Arteta’s fault.

    Luis and Elneny played well. Tierney, Bellerin, Willian, and Maitland-Niles didn’t.

    Tactics. Arteta should have learned from Leeds to always play Liverpool full-backs and wide attackers man-to-man while zone in the middle of the field. Finally, Aubamayang should NOT play wide against Liverpool. Both him and Lacazette needed to play at the front. 4-4-2 to outnumber Liverpool’s forwards and midfield.

    1. Which wrong tactic are you referring to?, the same that has been working in big games so far.
      I think we should congratulate klop for cracking the tactics early. I myself think probably cebalos should have started. We lost to a better team, admit it, let’s move on

    2. Right on the money @RD, every single word is correct. But ppl won’t get it. Arsenal fans always need a scale goat to blame and cover the flavour of the day so this time it’s lacca the Scape goat…oh wait I think we lost bec of ozil and MG they are creating toxic environment in club, making other players not concentrate on training and also might be secretly texting Klopp our weaknesses…Boom

  28. Klopp learnt from our last 2 meetings & made Aubameyang absolutely useless. Arteta should have realised this & change our shape, hope he learns from this match that you can’t rely on a single strategy. I know it was Anfield but we’re not going far if we’re going to rely on players like Xhaka, Bellerin and AMN to win the biggest trophies.
    If we bought Pepe to do what Mane/Salah do for Liverpool, I may have to admit that he’s gonna be the biggest 72 mil we’ve ever wasted, I hope he proves me wrong.
    I just hope that the board & Kroenke will support Arteta & help him fix that midfield.

  29. Not a good team choice. Some players looked scared. We have a way to go. Our midfield was the real reason we were overrun. We need Partey , Aouar and Jorginho in midfield. Xhaka and Elneny are not as good as Torreira and Guendouzi and we are selling the latter. Although we are getting better our midfield is as bad as I have ever seen it. Creatively redundant.

  30. Please who convince arsenal to get Pepe instead of Saha, please he or she should come out, let have a talk.

    Please we need a Saha to help Aubameyang out. We need to start Auba as a striker, we can rotate him and laca

    And we also need to get Partey and Aouar. But if we can’t secure both, I guess I will go with Partey, we need a solid DM like him. Watching Keita do those damages, I was like can he try such with Partey, the physical tackle is clear. Mane trying to ride everyone on the pitch, can he try such with Partey. We need him.
    I can still see some creativities in Cebalos. We can get Aouar next window, maybe

    1. Mindas the name of the Crystal Palace player is “Wilfred ZAHA “.
      Saha plays for Arsenal and was on the bench.

  31. Liverpool were better, let’s learn from it. There were positives signs for Arsenal and if Lacazette had scored we might have stolen an undeserved draw.
    I really hope it doesn’t lead to one of those panic buy deadline transfers of yesteryear.
    We’ve known where we need to strengthen the squad and we knew when the season started.

    1. Its a good job lacca didn’t score and we stole a 2-2 draw, it would have only papered over the cracks. At least our weaknesses were laid bare for all to see our liabilities for Arteta to work on and we aint at Liverpools level yet anyway. We are a top 8 team at the moment but we can improve a bit, new midfield of Partey and Aoer would make us top 4 contenders. Without we aren’t.

  32. I wasn’t really expecting too much from the game, so am not that disappointed,the thing I felt lacking in this match was that we lacked any physical dominating presence in the midfield and it’s safe to say we need Thomas partey over aouer, I occasionally watch the Spanish la liga and let me tell you Thomas is the monster we were crying out for in this game, he aggressive,can dibble,shoot,tackle and make driving runs with the ball don’t get me wrong aouer would be a good signing but a midfield of aouer, ceballos and xhaka would still struggle against Liverpool and any top teams cos there’s no physical presence there.. so in other for us to compete better against the top teams we don’t need another player similar to ceballos but someone similar to viera that’s just my opinion and I would say we are improving under arteta, just a couple of signings to compete fully…

  33. If Bielsa or Rodgers was in charge of this team,,,, 100% sure we would be finishing not lower than 2nd.

    How the likes of Leeds can give Liverpool a good attacking game and us supposedly a BIG TEAM we employ defensive tactics each time,,, one can never tell.

  34. I thought without the Anfield crowd we had an outside chance tonight but I was wrong, Liverpool totally dominated the game. Our lack of quality in almost every position was there for all to see and the only consolation was, we were playing a great side who will probably go on to win back-to-back titles. So top 4 is still a possibility.

  35. Blame the players all you want but this is what you get when you have a coach who is on the job training. When the team wins the coach gets a pat on the back. when the team loses, the coach gets a kick in the ass.

  36. We need partey asap,I watch more than a dozen of Atletico matches last season and let me tell you he’s miles ahead of aouer.. let b sincere a midfield of aouer, ceballos and xhaka would struggle against Liverpool intensity.. we need Thomas partey cos our midfielders are not aggressive enough and have no physical presence what so ever.

  37. Typical Arsenal fans. One loss and it’s all doom and gloom. Jeez, it was only the 3rd game. Surely, going into the match we all knew we could lose!

    1. Problem is not the loss but the way we lost, so depressing to watch. Leeds just came from championship and they gave Liverpool a run for their money but we just surrendered. We have them too much respect and never had a go. I am a big MA supporter but I think this time he got it worng and there will be times in future when he will get it wrong. He learning as well and growing as a manger, the difference between quality manager like zizu, pep and klopp to others is they learn from their mistakes. Move on and become sttringer, I hope MA does the same. He has the potential and skill set to be counted in theist of best managers in world.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I thought we played a decent game a created enough chances to get a draw , which rightfully is what arsenal deserves at most with the quality we have against pool

  38. There’s no room for comparism between Liverpool and arsenal. It will take arsenal 5 to 10yrs to get to Liverpool standard of futbol.

  39. What is abumeyang doing on the left wing ?the guy has not skillfull enough to be a winger .deploy abumeyang as a stricker and sell out lacazette .use to money to get creative mildfiders like auora and partey

  40. After scoring,Arsenal went to sleep.Under Wenger it was a regular affair.
    As for Mane he was lucky to get a yc.Thats why all these refs have different interpretation of the law.
    Any contact with a striker in the box is deemed a penalty,according to some analysts.
    Its about time the ref chief drum consistency into these refs.

  41. I will suggest Arteta read
    “How to eliminate a Risk before it becomes an Issue ” A case study on Mo Salah” .A guide for Defenders

    written by Professor Sergio Ramos.

  42. You know what is the hard part we will be put to sword again on Thursday if they play their first 11 that is….I say we tried being defensive and did not work well, all of the fans giving laca miss as an excuse need to understand we were poor whole match and Liverpool were head and shoulder above us, if they would have taken their chances, not hit the bar with that first effort we would have been 5-6 goals down so 6-2 is same as 3-1. Laca missed one 1v1 the other was off side, stop saying he missed two 1v1s. So we have tried to play defensive n hit them on break we failed…let’s try the other tactic go offensive I think we can out score them. We can not stop them scoring but we have good firepower our self so let’s go head to head in that front. MA went too defensive today and klopp has learnt his lesson from last two defeats from us (that’s what quality managers do). So it’s now time to see if MA is a quick learner as well.

  43. It’s a BIG reality check. Arteta needs to stop trying to be Emery and NOT play hyper-defensive, one-dimensional football. His tactics are basically a message to his team that he has no confidence in them.

    Should have played Ceballos and Pepe from the start. Pepe hasn’t played enough so has little rhythm, but is one of the most dangerous players in the league on his day. Arteta is mismanaging Pepe.

    What a mistake it was selling Martinez. Leno serving rebounds to opponents on a plate! He can’t catch a cross to save his life, lobs it over our defender’s heads and out of play. WTF. Great reflexes on the lad, but lacks confidence so badly it infects everyone around him. The whole team played with zero confidence today, looked like amateurs. Could easily have been 5-1.

    Arteta got this one very wrong. Liverpool didn’t even play well. Had we taken the Leeds approach and acted like a team that could play circles around them we could have won handily. There were gaps ALL OVER THE PITCH to exploit, but everyone’s passing was so awful hardly any crosses, long balls or incisive passes came off. Liverpool aren’t unbeatable, but you have to put them under pressure, not invite them to spend the entire game in your own half.

    Refresh your tactics Arteta. Pick your strongest 11. Tierney is not a centerback. Ceballos, Pepe and Gabriel should start. Stop making the mistake of relying completely on defense–it’s still our weakness, not our strength.

    A game to forget for Arsenal. But it’s early days and the boys will bounce back. Top 4 is in the cards. COYG!!

  44. Why oh why does Leno wait until he has no choice but to put the ball a few feet away from him and hope that another player can clear the ball for he unable to kick a ball

    1. Instructions from the coach. The funniest thing is we lost the possession every time the ball is play out of the back that way.

  45. One loss and everyone jumps on the players and coach. With our obvious deficiencies, I actually liked our second half performance. Laca at fault for missing, in 2018 he buried chances like the ones he got today. That last attack with Auba failed due to miscommunication, just like the Salah Jota one. Jota handled the ball, Mane should have been sent off. Bellerin suddenly had a bout of sleep for their first 2 goals, but he was decent going forward. By the time Nketiah and Pepe came on, they couldn’t have done much with our MFs not having control. Cebs was good today. Yeah Leno had a poor game, but it was not only his fault. The whole team played poorly in the first half. In the second we were more or less even. Liverpool were the better team and also had luck on their side.
    Let’s focus on the next game. Onwards and upwards.

    1. Nice one, Sid. A lot of things we tried, we just didn’t pull them off, on another night we would have! The opposite for them – everything went their way!!
      Yes I’m disappointed we didn’t score more – just wasn’t meant to be!
      I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to Thursday now though 🙈

  46. It’s funny though. It’s not like we haven’t beaten them twice this year already. Oh wait.

    That’s why our fans are the worst ever, it gets worse from here when you realise that every single one of them are supporting from their living room sofa.

  47. We set out defensively, but the problem is our midfielders are not very good at it.

    Xhaka, Elneny, neither can tackle or intercept an attack. And think what you want but those 2 attributes are the ones to break up opposition offence!! Xhaka is also error prone in possession, so he easily cracks during pressure.

    Leno did fine, can’t blame him. Our defenders should be able to block shots much more often.

    We were in in to at least draw it.. but Lacazette, oh my.. Right now he’s on 3 goals in 3 games but he really cost us. Failing TWICE 1-on-1 is unacceptable.. not to mention he almost fluffed his goal..

    How come MAne didn’t get sent off for punching Tierney? I’ve seen countless times players being sent off if they elbow a player in similar situation, so why not punching?

  48. Time to calm down and analyise where we were lacking and how we are going to regroup and improve.An awful lot of rubbish spouted by subscribers who should know better but let me just say that this is an excellent Liverpool side which is likely to go on and retain their Championship.The main lesson to be learned in my opinion is that there is only so far you can go with a defensive back three system.Time to switch to 4-3-3 starting in the Cup match later this week.Play our young guys and match up the Liverpool system just as Leeds did so well .As for the slating of individual players, focus on the facts please not on perception.Our Manager was right to sub Xhaka who ‘s lack of energy and pace was evident throughout.He has no divine right to start every game.Personally I thought Elneny was our best performer on the night along with Ceballos who will start on Thursday for sure.I shall refrain from commenting on Pepe for fear of raising my blood pressure.Finally, very few, if any sides will win at Annfield this season.

    1. I applaud Elneny because he gives his all but in truth to be Champions League winners you may need to have more to give.

      “To dream the impossible dream”

  49. Liverpool was by far the better side.
    But this game revealed three crucial points:
    . Arteta is probably one of the best leaders, pulling motivation out of his team, pushing them, BUT his team selections and coaching are really questionnable. Why on earth would he select this back 3, while he has now Gabriel and Saliba (even Mustafi would do better than Holding)? I don’t understand why AMN was played on the left flank, while Tierney could have done a better job. Why does he keep replacing Lacazette by Nketia, who was walking 10 min after substitution. Why does he keep Pepe on the right side, while he seems to struggle and needs to cut inside to play with his left foot? He lacks confidence and could get it back playing on the left side. When Lacazette is toasted on the 70th minute, why doesn’t he move Auba in the center to give Pepe the opportunity to play on the left ?
    . With no technical player, Arsenal will go nowhere. The only player who succeeded keeping the ball was Ceballos. As soon as he was on the picth, we played forward and created opportunities. And playing from the back was working with Martinez: it doesn’t with Leno. He was just repeating the same routine all over again (each time with my heart about to stop).
    . Referees have always favoured defending champions and yesterday’s game was no exception: Mane should have been red carded, Lacazette and Auba were regularly fouled, with no reaction from the referee, while minor fouls were immediately given to Liverpool.

    The road back to glory will be very very long…

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