Liverpool succeed in postponing Arsenal clash

Liverpool requested that the EFL Cup semi-final clash with Arsenal be postponed, and it has now been accepted.

The Reds request came after an increased number of positive cases emerged, including all four senior goalkeepers and manager Jurgen Klopp.

It has now been confirmed by the EFL that tomorrow’s fixture will now be moved, and we will now play our home leg after next week’s clash at Anfield, changing the dynamic of the tie.

As you can imagine, the news hasn’t gone down well in some circles in north London.

In a campaign where we were forced to start against Brentford despite a number of Covid cases, Leyton Orient and Tottenham had Cup games forced off due to the virus only to be expelled without rearranging fixtures, Liverpool are deemed to be getting better treatment.

I’m not wholly convinced this decision us in line with how others have been treated, but feel we’re bound to lose out somehow.

We’ve been more favourable thus far when it comes to Coronavirus absences, and hope we do not sure have any key absences for the crucial tie after the delay.


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  1. it is actually a blessing in disguise because we now have the advantage in the second leg (playing at home)….

  2. This is pure nonsense!! These fixtures are already jampacked, why piling up matches, Covid is an unfortunate incident, but that should not be an excuse to hold a competition down. What if Arsenal now have alot of cases by the postponed date and now also file for postponement too?
    The same Liverpool will manage to play their FA CUP match this weekend but had to postpone Arsenal fixture, I guess they’re scared of being massacred by our Red-hot youngsters.

  3. The big advantage we have with every postponement is the teams around us have European games as well to come, we haven’t. The pile up will be worse for them later on.

    1. A shrewdly noticed point that some have missed, Reggie. That is why I am sorry that Spuds were kicked out of the Euro Conference by the bent UEFA. That would and should have given them a heavier game load.

      1. So much football is aimed at making money.
        Pre season world tours are simply promotional money makers.
        The Carabao cup is a complete nonsense.
        The Conference league is a joke.
        Rounds of 32 in the EL are ridiculous.
        The Nations cup is a farce.
        International friendlies are idiotic.
        70% of Euro and world cup qualifiers are one sided romps.
        Paying players who can barely read and write 3000% more than a brain surgeon is crazy.
        Allowing oil/gas oligarchs and other billionaires to dominate football is madness.
        But it is what it is

  4. The postponement shows the weak mentality of a so called big and strong team. They probably had already lost the game before they even played us, so they got it postponed. Wonder how EFL agreed to their request, they shouldnt have. Loserpool.

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