Liverpool to offer £25million for Theo Walcott?

Now maybe I’ve still asleep and dreaming, but today’s big Arsenal transfer rumour is that Jurgen Klopp has decided that he can bring out the best in our wayward winger Theo Walcott, and is prepared to match (or increase) his current wages at Arsenal. The rumour comes from FootballerInsider, who purport to have inside knowledge from Sports journalists.

Here is an excerpt from their report: Theo Walcott has been sounded out about his interest in joining Liverpool this summer in a £50million deal, Football Insider sources understand.

The Merseysiders are assessing the possibility of making a £25million bid for the Arsenal star as well as put together a £120,000-a-week deal to tempt him to Anfield in the summer.

A source close to the situation has told Football Insider that intermediaries have approached Walcott to ascertain his interest in moving to Merseyside.

Liverpool are ready to offer Walcott a lucrative four-year package worth £25million that will put him on a par with the club’s top earners.

They go on to say that Wenger has decided he will not entertain any offers under 25million, so he has created his own Wenger Buyout Clause, and will keep Theo as a (reserve?) winger next season if no one offers that amount. I for one think that Wenger should be a bit more flexible, but if Liverpool are really willing to pay that amount then we should snap their hands off! What do you think?



    1. WTF!……. We now do business with the scousers?

      Theo would cost £25 + 1 … What are they smoking up ere at the merseyside?

      [And that’s not mentioning Theo doesn’t wanna move]

      1. Theo has admitted that he grew up supporting Liverpool, he was a ballboy for Chelsea one game and got to meet his ‘idol’ Micheal Owen…

        Theo may not wanna move to any other club but liverpool may not be seen as ‘any other’ club?

  1. seriously guys walcott and henry have loads of similarities:
    They both supported liverpool when they were young.
    The both bear number14 shirt
    They both use pace as their main weapon.
    They both are left wingers come strikers.
    They were both youngsters when they were first used by wenger but above all
    Theo rhymes with thierry

    1. Yeah… But Henry had the swagger and confidence in himself to face up, and look anyone in the world in the eye and say ‘I’m having you!!’ Sanchez has it… Mahrez has it… Martial and Rashford have it (as painful as it is to say). (and in fairness I’ve seen shades of Malen and JRA having it!)
      We need another direct, confident, wrecking ball… Mahrez, get in plzzzzzzzz!!!

    2. I am still waiting for THIS one similarity……..

      “They both became Arsenal superstars.”

      I think this train has left the station.

  2. If Theo isn’t all about money he would move to Liverpool who are better suited for his attributes than we are. We all know what he can do when in top form and he’s struggled too much with us to find it.

  3. The thing with Theo is….
    Sanchez and Giroud – Will score between 10-20 league goals each next season. I don’t think anyone would be shocked unless they scored less or more than that bracket.
    Ozil and Ramsey – Should chip in lets say.. 12-18 goals between them. Same thing about the shock factor.
    Now Theo… If one of you had a crystal ball and told me he’d score 3 league goals or 18 league goals next season I’d be genuinely shocked at neither of the outcomes.. There is just that much disparity in his game! He’s just waaaay to inconsistent to place any faith in to being a regular contributor to our attack..

    For me that’s very alarming from a squad perspective.. But not alarming in the fact that we have a lot of time left in the window to sort it out.. Campbell and Iwobi showed promise this year. But Iwobi’s too young and inexperienced to place a first-team responsibility on his shoulders at the moment and there’s something about Campbell that Wenger obviously doesn’t have faith in.
    For me a first-team winger (or wide attacking midfielder who’s a reliable source of goals) should be just as much of a priority as an additional striker…
    Love him or hate him? But placing Sanchez, Ozil and Mahrez/Mkhi/Goetze/ (you name them as long as they’re a proven scorer) behind Giroud isn’t an attack there’s a team in the world would like to face. Giroud needs first class support to be effective.. I don’t think any fan (or H8r) would disagree with that..

    I’m not for one moment suggesting Giroud should be our first-choice striker. I’m just saying we need 2 proven performers in our attack to spread the goals evenly and relieve pressure from certain players.

  4. Sell Theo, I still have hopes for Ox even though he’s disappointed me so far. Buy a new right winger, keep Alexis on the left. Iwobi and Ox as backups/impact subs.

    Personally I’d go for Mahrez as his replacement. Proven in the premier league – player of the season, no less. He scores goals, creates a lot too, some trickery and flare play to entertain the fans. Perfect.

    1. Mahrez cannot replace walcott, he is not homegrown, he could though replace wellington, campbell or sanogo.

      Once we have let szczesney and one of martinez or macey go we are down to just 9 homegrown if we let all those 3 keepers go we are down to our minimum of 8 homegrown. Whatever wenger decides he has to respect the rules and at least try to go in with a full 25 man squad.

      There are not many quality “homegrown” players available that would do us a turn. But in Vardy and stones they are definitely 2 I would consider.

      I hear people saying replace
      Gibbs with Rodriguez
      Coquelin with kante
      Walcott with mahrez
      Chamberlain with mkhitaryan
      Chambers with Koubilaly

      Well guess what, you cannot replace u21s and homegrown players with non-homegrown players. If you want a full compliment of 17 non-homegrown players then you must have 8 homegrown players, 4 of which must be club trained.

      The champions league eligibility rules are also there and need to be respected.

      1. 1. Third choice GK will be HG I bet.
        2. Bellerin
        3. Jenkinson
        Holding might be bought and he fills HG rules
        4. Wilshere
        5. Ramsey
        6. Gnabry
        7. Welbroke
        8. Iwobi

        Chambers (appears he might go out on loan, I generally read how fans want him to gain experience on loan… not really rid of him)

        Oh look, 8 players who fill the HG quota and that’s not including any youth promotions ^.^
        We could loan Gnabry out again and promote Willock for the numbers.
        We could sign a player like Holding to replace Chambers (HG for HG) and Koubilaly could be a replacement for Per?

        Mick never said to get rid of the Ox, he defended the Ox so we can bump the 8 up to 9… or keep Willock where he is and still loan out Gnabry and keeping 8 HG.

        Mahrez could replace Theo.
        No big deal, we would still have more than 8 HG, you do not need to replace 1 HG with another if you do not need to…

        Yes the rules need to be respected and who disrespected them?
        Care to say something else which is obvious?

  5. I almost always lean toward keeping talented players but……….

    For 25 mil Arsenal could get a top quality CB who would help the team much more than Walcott who has never really emerged as a top player and will likely sit much of the season on the bench

    At this point Ox offers much more upside for the club. If either Walcott or Ox is allowed to stay ….. make it Ox.

  6. Initially, it was almost certain that Walcott will go to W/ham for the same 25m….

    But now,it is Liverpool again……
    All these are rumours out of thin air…
    That is not to say I don’t want him gone but the chance of Walcott leaving ahead of Sanogo and Campbell is very slim…

  7. I’d be slightly worried about him going to Liverpool, considering what Klopp did for Aubameyang- and the players’ similar attributes.

  8. Aubameyang was already shining in Ligue 1 with St. Ettiene. I don’t see why you would say Klopp made him a star. He was already a star. I used to watch Ligue 1

    1. He did ok for a small club in the French league…. but when he first got to Dortmund- he wasn’t even viewed as good enough to play as the central striker & lead the line- shifted out on the wing- much like Walcott for us. He had also failed at Milan. The signing was viewed as a letdown in Dortmund at the time when he signed as Lewandowski’s replacement, & then for the duration of his first season- after which 2 more strikers were brought in- including Ciro Immobile. He’s obviously different class from that now though, after being transformed and making unbelievable improvements- initially under Klopp.

  9. Walcott is injury prone, I think when he now plays he is concerned about getting injured again. This season he has played 28 games, 1382 minutes, average of 49 minutes per game so he has been used as a sub a lot. 5goals, 2 assists, that is 276 minutes per non penalty goal. Giroud eqivalent stat is 162 minutes.

    In the 2012/13 season he scored 21 goals, since then it has been 6, 7 and 9 goals.

    Basically Walcott has turned in to a one season wonder. Showed lots of early promise at a young age, appeared to have arrived as a top player in 2012/13, since then has faded away probably due to injuries and the fear of injuries.

    Over the last three seasons he has not delivered a lot for the huge wages he is paid. If we can sell him for a decent price and get the wage bill down we should do so.

  10. We don’t need to sell him let alone to Liverpool that only have EPL games to play next season. They will be very dangerous team and we don’t need to sell anyone to them

  11. i just hope it is true i think it is time for both parties to go their separate ways,walcott has been with the club for too long now,he hasn,t been performing but i,m afraid that he,s become too comfortable at the club& in london while cashing serious money and he might not want to move but if he puts football before money there is only thing for him to do and that is leaving,do you agree??

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