Liverpool v Arsenal match preview and score prediction

Top faces off against second and what a huge game this is going to be, especially for Arsenal. Both Liverpool and Arsenal have 100% records coming into this game so obviously one of them is going to lose that, possibly both.

Liverpool are clearly the favourites, they have home advantage and are one of the best teams in Europe, they are European champions after all.

But they are a little more vulnerable this season, they did beat Norwich by a comfortable score, but anyone watching that game will have seen the promoted Canaries open up the Reds defence regularly, and the scoreline would have been a lot closer if they could have finished better.

Klopp’s men were lucky to get the win against Southampton in their second Premier League game scraping a 2-1 win and they can thank their former player Danny Ings for missing an absolute sitter for the Saints in the final minutes which would have made the game a draw.

And of course, they only beat Chelsea on penalties in the European Super Cup.

The point is that even though they won all three games they were far from comfortable, however, they matched Man City in the community shield and were arguably the better side despite losing that one on penalties and weirdly, if they repeat the performance in their one losing game this season then Arsenal will be in trouble.

Arsenal has new signings and a new self-belief, they are stronger this season than last and have strengthened most of the areas of the team where they were vulnerable.

I doubt there will be anywhere near a repeat of last seasons result at Anfield.

A lot will depend on which team gets the better down the flanks, which keeper does the better and which forward line is the more clinical.

If Arsenal cannot cope with Robertson and Alexander-Arnold then they will not leave Anfield with any points. If Liverpool cannot contain Ceballos and Pepe then they will drop points and of course, the defences of both teams had better deal with the strikers or goals will flow.

I do see this being a high scoring affair and I am fairly confident that we will see a much-improved performance on last season from Arsenal, they have the confidence and belief that they can match Liverpool Saturday evening and so do I.

While Arsenal will have their hands full dealing with the Liverpool attack, so will the Reds in having to handle the Arsenal attack, this is not going to be a one way street by any means.

I do see Arsenal getting something from this game, maybe not the win but a draw is a very real possibility.

Predicted Score

Liverpool 2 – 2 Arsenal


  1. I see this being one of the most exciting games of the season. I think Liverpool and Arsenal have the strongest front 3’s in the league and both have looked fragile at the back in the first 2 games. Anticipating an 8 or 9 goal thriller will be great if we are on the right side of the result!

  2. Some teams get all the luck & Liverpool are 1 of them!
    I quite fancy a draw.. but only if we come back, otherwise it’ll feel like a loss, if we let the lead slip!
    It’s my Son’s Birthday tomorrow.. so it’d be perfect if we were to get a result, with him being a gooner!! Plus I don’t really fancy having a meltdown on his day!! COYG

  3. I think we become better with the new players but we are still miles behind liverpool, so i expect a loss. 3-2 the game will be good with high rythm, with auba pepe and laca vs salah mane and firminho ? what a beautiful game i hope we can win but its unlikely

  4. Summary of the article.. The writer doesn’t see us winning this one but being a patriotic fan, he also doesn’t want to predict a heavy thrashing for the gunners…. Haha

    The most logical thing to do is try & outscore them(Arshavin best game in our shirt comes to mind)

    A lot of people here are saying we’ve improved just because we brought in few good players. Real improvement will begin when they all jell together and there is no obvious weak link.

    To conclude, i’m more interested in the teams’ performance rather than result, except we are not facing either Liv or City in which case Result comes before performance

  5. Personally I don’t see Liverpool’s players 1v1 any better than ours but they have the edge in the manager department,which I think will make the difference,I’ve got a feeling he will play 5 at the back and brings Xhaka into the team .(could be wrong an I hope I am )
    Hopefully Emery can pull out a result

    1. Emery shouldn’t play five defenders at the back, because our midfielders would be outnumbered by Liverpool’s

      Losing will not be a problem for me, as long as the Gunners tried their best to score

      1. yes. 3 CBs could only work as 3-5-1-1, but Emery is not likely to play as defensively as this.

        3-4-2-1 and 3-4-1-2 – in both cases we lose the midfield battle and we’ll be thrashed.

        4-3-2-1 is probably what emery will go for. Here again – 4-3-1-2 would be too weak defensively.

  6. arsenal look like they have strengthened most of the areas that created chances for the big names in the european football last season. i think it will be a hard game though liverpool look to be favourite

  7. – My heart says – This is football, anything can happen.

    – My brain says – If there 4 games Arsenal can write off during the season, these would most likely be Lpool at Anfield / City at Ethihad / City at Emirates / the odd slip up from one of the mid-table teams.

    Going in without any expectations but to try and enjoy the game this time around.

  8. Liverpool have more quality overall than us. They are better than us but in football anything can happen

    I expect us to Lose but it is possible to win.

    All we need is “possible” and for us to try our best

  9. my prediction would be Liverpool to win 2-1 but i obviously hope im wrong. if we can weather the early storm we are in with a chance. COYG

  10. Form is important and Liverpool are not playing well. It’s a close game. Maybe Liverpool will win….maybe they won’t. It won’t be a walk in the park for Liverpool. May well be a draw.

  11. Let the boys play without fear and not respect Liverpool too much. They are European Champions, yes, but they are not unbeatable. All the suggestion that we are going to be mauled is nonsense.

    They can beat us, yes, but we can also beat them. This is football. Whoever plays into the other’s hand will be toast. So our boys should avoid unnecessary mistakes that occur out of fear.

    The atmosphere in Anfield is intimidating, especially to our young guns. The crowd will be their twelfth man. But then, our boys should be used to that by now. Especially the more experienced players. Let the coach use less of the younger players.

    I have a good feeling that we will have a good outing tomorrow. If we don’t, it’s not the end of the world. After all , it is only one game.

  12. Was just watching our previous clips and just noticed that we have become too organized going forward making our attacks predictable. We play free form football where the forwards and midfielders were interchanging positions. such a shame

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