Liverpool v Arsenal Match Preview & Predicted Score

Arsenal will make the trip to Anfield today to take on Liverpool in the Premier League, with both sides arriving in top form.

Arsenal come into the tie on the back of four wins already this term, as well as the boost of having already picked up silverware in the Community Shield.

With wins over Fulham and West Ham in the league, and having beaten Leicester and Liverpool in other competitions, our side could arguably have the better form, but that will account for nothing tonight.

The Reds also come into the tie in red-hot fashion, having scored a whopping 13 goals in their last three matches, that number goes up to 20 if you include their friendly against Blackpool during the international break. Lower league sides Lincoln City were on the receiving end of seven of the 13 goals in League Cup in midweek, despite Liverpool rotating a number of squad players into the line-up.

Our defence will need to be at their best in order to stand a chance of a result tonight, and with only one goal conceded in our three matches, more of the same could well be enough.

With Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the side, we will always have the chance to score goals, and he could well be the difference tonight.

As much as I would love to go all-in and predict a win, I feel the Community Shield result could well be repeated.

I’ll be going for a 1-1 scoreline, although am hoping that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can add to the above and clinch all three points.

What are your predictions for tonight’s big game?


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  1. I dont think were anywhere near liverpool yet.
    But that’s why we love football look at Leicester yesterday who would have thought that.
    Still I’m hoping we get something 1-1 will do me and I wont rule out a win either.
    Just hope we show what were made of and whatever its ends as we have Thursday to prove ourselves again.

  2. Our defence must be compact and stable to be resilient against the marauding Liverpool attack. We can hit them on the counter and I am sure MA will go with 343 formation. Realistically it should be a scoring draw and hers for an Arsenal win. Up the Gunners!

  3. There can be little doubt that the absence of fans due to the Pandemic is a substantial lift for away teams.Annfield is probably the most severe challenge for visitors under normal circumstances with the Liverpool supporters deserving their excellent reputation which is worth a goal of a start.Without them, Liverpool are just “very good” but not invincible.Arteta has instilled real determination and resilience to the Arsenal side, and I have a gut feeling that we will manage to get at least one point from the match.

  4. I hope we’re careful with our hands/arms, even sleeves tonight!! Who expected the barcodes to get something from that game yesterday? I certainly didn’t… I’d hate for the game to be decided on a something that!
    I know on paper we shouldn’t get anything from this game, but I’m not writing us off! I’m loving this resurgent Arsenal…. I fancy a draw, anything else will be a bonus! COYG

    1. Hi Sue, we will get 3 points tonight.

      Pep is really missing Arteta. Money city conceeded 5 goals against Leicester, Chelsea conceeded 3 goals against West Brom. Liverpool conceeded 3 goals against Leeds. We have improved our overall defensive game. Kudos to Arteta.

      1. Been an insane season so far, Skills! Raining goals, penalties and handballs!! No reason why we shouldn’t see a load more goals tonight!
        As for the win, I shall be keeping everything crossed!!

      2. Skills
        Referring to your response to Sue, I definitely think like you, that the loss of Arteta has had a big impact on ManC and Pep

  5. OT: Sangare just signed for PSV for £8m. If we end up without Partey this window, this could be a huge kissed opportunity.

    1. Hear, hear. Statistically the best DM’s we’ve been linked with are:

      1) Sangare
      2) Partey
      3) Diawara
      4) Soumare

      So Sangare is GONE. TICK TOCK.

    2. 8m?!! 😳 Makes me wonder if we were really in for him then. Not a chance in hell we’d have missed that opportunity of spending so little… Looks like we’re going all out for TP then….

      1. No, Sue, I think we were more realistically linked to Soumare who’s much better reportedly, but costs 25 M + (30 or 35 more likely).

        1. I am also on the Soumare band wagon. He is a very tidy player indeed. Younger than Partey, good tackler, dribbler, good long range passing… I am thrilled at the prospect of having Partey in our weekly line up. However, if we expect the kind of performance he had against Liverpool in the ECL at Anfield, this is going to be a tough ask. The intensity of the EPL will surely impact his weekly output. His engine will be tested week in week out here. Given his age, there will be little to no resale value at the end of a three/four year contract. I say agree on a payment plan for Soumare with Lille, and let’s get on with it. Had we been decisive, the player would have had time to adjust with the new environment. But as usual we like these drawn out situations. Like the thriller that is keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

  6. We will beat Liverpool tonight. We have a strong team. Arteta has improved us defensively.
    With the way Money city has been playing in recent times, it seems Pep was Arteta’s Assistant at Money city.

  7. Leno
    Rob luiz Gab
    Bell Elne Xhaka Teirn
    Will Laca Auba
    Why should we even be thinking of losing this game. 2-1 to the arsenal

  8. I don’t think Arsenal are interested in playing to a draw game against Liverpool in the PL tonight at Anfield.

    But are very much interested to get an outright win in the match which From all indications, it is looking very likely the Gunners will collect all the 3 points that will be put down by the Premier League as the stake in the match.

    This is despite that Jurgen Klopp the Reds manager has already instructed his coached Reds to come into the match against the Gunners to gengenpress them right from the commencement of the match.

    But Arsenal who are no fools but very very street wise are already aware of what Liverpool’s game plan for the match is. And have device a counterplan of super-counterattacking football strategy of their own that nullifie any gengenpressing football in a football match to ground zero.

    Therefore, Arsenal are poised and very very highly set to dump Liverpool out of this big game at Anfield tonight, by inflicting a cruel defeat on Liverpool. Which will put an early end to Jurgen Klopp and his Reds dreams to match Arsenal unbeaten to the season run record in the Premier League that was set in 2003-2004 season’s campaign.

  9. I would never root for an Arsenal
    defeat but if Liverpool runs riot
    over MA’s men tonight @ Anfield
    would that disappointing
    result increase the odds of
    AFC signing both TP and HA
    before the close of the window?
    Would the Spaniard have even
    more leverage with the board
    and possibly Silent Stan to
    successfully recruit these two
    missing pieces to the Arsenal

    I still say Pool 3-1

    1. If our manager and/or management needs a defeat to realise (or bring urgency to actions) that we need to strength our midfield then we are not in good hands and won’t progress in long term.
      Good teams are build on good planning and not reactive signings. ManU’s recent signings have been a good example.

      Consistency, steel, leadership, collective defensive organisation, creativity from midfield and lack of confidence has been hallmark of last season and MA has addressed some of them partly ……. eg lack of creativity and return of panic defending was again visible in last match. Arsenal is work in progress and look to be in right direction.

      But sincerely, if Arteta & Edu needs a defeat to realise deficiency of this arsenal team than I should not have any hope from them for future.

    2. Ace I honestly do not buy the idea that if we beat Liverpool today, suddenly arsenal would be reconsidering buying Aouar and Partey. Arteta is no wenger, he’s a realist, he knows even if we win, they’re still better than us and 343 is not still his preferred formation, he wants us to be dominant in midfield, ergo Aouar and Partey. Regardless of our result tonight, I believe we will get one or both of them before the window closes

  10. @Jah son.. That is exactly the formation I am looking out for.

    Then Saka, Nketiah, Niles, Pepe can come in second half

    Honestly I am scared of this game but for the first time in a while I can feel a score draw, which will not be a bad idea for us

    1. We r going to win this game whether they like it or not We r the Gunners……Let us show them the Real Arsenal no need of Scaring Am 💯% sure that we are going to make it for tonight. Liverpool 1 vs 2 Arsenal

  11. Sincerely it’s gonna be a tough night for both teams but I wanna remain positive with the outcome.

    My preferred/expected line up for the dog out tonight.

    Holding Gabriel Tierney
    Bellerin Ceballos Xhaka M-Niles
    William Lacazette Auba

    Hopefully we the Arsenal fans will smile at the end with a victory, breaking that jinx at Anfield, rubbing it in their faces!

  12. We’re not far off Liverpool but the coaches’s tactics are what separates the two sides the most.

    Ever wondered why Mikel Arteta is successful (and Arsenal play better) in cup games and not in the league???

    This is because of the reduced pressure causing him to select a more balanced lineup,,, that’s all!!!

    But in the league he tends to want to be over careful and overthink things,,, thus picking more defensive and unbalanced lineups.

  13. Leno

    I don’t know why the coach is not brave enough to put in such a lineup instead of these 3-4-3 lineups for small teams.

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