Liverpool v Arsenal Player Ratings – Iwobi and AMN the only bright lights in awful showing

It was a dire defeat by Arsenal, but we all have to admit that that we were decimated by injuries and the Gunners were playing the best team in the country at the moment, Liverpool, who have won every single home game this season except for the draw against Man City, and are still unbeaten in the League after 20 games.

But despite that, we really didn’t put up much of a fight and wwere totally destroyed by Jurgen Klopp’s side. So here are my ratings…

Leno 5
You can’t really knock him as he made some good saves…

Lichtsteiner 3
He was a battler when he first played, but yesterday he was out of his depth.

Mustafi 3
I just hope he was injured which affected his game, but he was rubbish as far as I am concerned.

Sokratis 3
He has been very reliable usually but his best simply couldn’t cope with Liverpool’s strikers and had a very poor game.

Maitland-Niles 6
Great goal and tried hard. He is obviously a better winger than a defender and he is on the way to being a real future star for us.

Torreira 4
I said the other day that he looks like he needs a rest and yesterday proved it. But we have to remember we were playing the best team in the country. He seems to be not liking getting knocks at the moment and complains instead of getting on with it.

Xhaka 4
Couldn’t handle the pressure and could easily have been sent off. Did not impress me at all.

Kolasinac 4
Gone downhill recently. Has he really recovered from his injury?

Ramsey 5
I don’t understand why anyone would want to buy him in this form.

Iwobi 6
Even Emery said that has not been good recently, but he was our best forward yesterday. I agree…

Aubameyang 4
Not as effective as usual but didn’t get much service to be fair.


Koscielny 4
Not much better than Mustafi

Lacazette 5
I would have preferred if Auba had stayed on the pitch as a partner, but he tried hard and should have had a stone certain penalty. Oh I am sure Emery knows what he is doing!

Guendouzi N/A 0


  1. Durand says:

    Emery gets a 3 in my opinion

    Going to Anfield and trying to trade punches with Liverpool playing their style was a huge mistake, and was reflected in the scoreline. We don’t have the wingers or player quality to be that bold, and Emery should have known better.

    Secondly, 5 months in and Emery has yet to have any defensive impact whatsoever. I can’t help but wonder how a manager so focused on analytics (allegedly) and was aware of our defensive shortcomings has not made a difference defensively.
    Maybe it’s true he’s all about 4-3 results from attacking and doesn’t give a hoot about defending. Also to commit to attacking football and not starting Laca or constantly subbing him is self defeating. It’s our best partnership by far, yet Emery doesn’t use it to his advantage enough.

    We need wingers more than 30 yr old Banega. Rather see Jenkinson at RB; he can’t be worse than Lichtsteiner, it’s impossible based on Lichtsteiner’s performances.

    That match really showed how far behind we really are. Emery better take the defense more seriously, or it will be his undoing. As for the quality we need to improve, over to you Stan. Young kids from Sven and bargin bin patches won’t work anymore. Either take ownership responsibility seriously, or get out.

    Can’t feign self-sustaining model while pouring money into Rams, buying ranches, and buying up shares of Arsenal.

    Funny how self-sustaining only applies to Arsenal transfers, aye? Not self-sustaining when he burrowed money to buy out the Russian was it? Not self-sustaining when he moved Rams and building $6 BILLION new stadium for them, aye?

    It was always a lie, $500 million ranch not self-sustaining either. Only us at Arsenal, you know, the mugs who keep handing that snake-oil salesman the money.

    1. Sal says:

      when you haven’t being taught how to defend in years it might be abit rusty to ride that bike again, they haven’t gotten better but the difference is that they due it in unison a plus in my eyes, also the mid seem much more solid, it’s the flanks and the runs behind that seem to cause us the most trouble and the crosses and the set piece did i forget something ;) we solved the middle huge plus based on our track record, alot of gaps to plugged!!

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      I agree that the defence has barely improved, but the injuries have really made it difficult for Emery though. Losing Holding for the season is a huge blow as he’s been our most improved player, and arguably, our best CB. We’re really missing Bellerin as well, and we’ve not had any consistency at LB/LWB what with injuries to Kolasinac, AMN, and Monreal.

      I also agree that trying to trade punches with Liverpool at Anfield was a poor mistake, but Emery loves to attack regardless of the situation, so I do not see his approach changing anytime soon. Hopefully some business can be done in January.

      1. Emery better changes then because we are all painfully familiar with what kind of results loving to “attack regardless of the situation” brings. My biggest excitement for getting a different coach was that we would never have to endure the 5 goal, 6 goal or 8 goal humiliations ever again. Seems though that is not about to change. It gives me great relief and comfort to know that we won’t be playing Bayern Munich anytime soon as I am fully aware what the result would have been; 5-1 loss as per the usual effect of loving to attack regardless of the situation.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          so should we bring in 4 more world class Cbs and 2 more Dm to provide rotation and cover for injuries?

          request to increase the squad to 50 from 25….

          remove homegrown rule

      2. Goonster says:

        I did not watch the game but weren’t people complaining just a few days before about how defensive he was against Brighton?
        Was it the same defensive side that he usef against Liverpool too?
        Defensive or not I still think it would have been the same. Our player quality is so sheeet. And if he would have gone defensive then the same people would be critical about “He is so defensive, we should have at least given it a try to go toe to toe with Liverpool”.
        Just my intuition.

    3. summerbreez says:

      You summed it up Durand …..but I am going to the match when Maitland-Niles scored I wanted us to man mark Liverpool and I think sane should have got at the very least a yellow if not red all together I dont even know how they were given 2 penalties they were lucky and very lucky I like emery but i think he is not experienced enough with the team and the premier league I would have gone to Liverpool to frustrate them and kick their ankles off just as every one dose to our players I used have great respect for them but that just died they can go and rut in hell they are going to start loosing some games now…..we need new blood defenders midfielders and wingers and I hope stan will come up with the goods he needs to put hand in his pocket and get the show on the road again

      1. Sue says:

        If you mean Liverpool are going to start losing games now – I really can’t see it, not with all the ‘bent’ referees backing them!

        1. ozziegunner says:

          You can argue the two penalties awarded to Liverpool, but what does Lacazette have to do to earn a penalty; get hit over the head with the crossbar. It appears he is fair game for any defender; he has been pushed, shoved, grappled and hacked with no penalty resulting in a number of matches this season.

  2. Lugdush says:

    I hope laca start to get more games, i love His game style, i read from someone un this site he is not playing because of welbecks injury…good theory, makes sense to me and i hope that’s the reason
    Can we recall nelson in jenuary ??? That could helps us a lot plus another winger

    1. HA559 says:

      Lacazette is involved more in games than Aubameyang yet Aubameyang starts most games.

  3. Dan says:

    Simple zero for the whole lot spineless weak and a disgrace to Arsenal Football Club!!

  4. Eddie Hoyte says:

    No rating for Ozil? Ozil gets a 1 for not playing admin… And no I don’t really think Lacazette is not playing because Welbeck is injured… Before Welbeck got injured we were all shouting for Auba and Lacazette to be played together.. Emery’s mistake is getting too much, and how the defense seems to be worse than it was under Wenger is really alarming.. The man needs to stop playing players out of position and stop selecting the players he’s comfortable with. Even Elneny at the back won’t do any worse than Leitchstenier keeps doing.. Oh and for the folks thinking we’ll spend money like Liverpool did and get players in, hold on to your horses

  5. GunneRay says:

    In my opinion, if you were to rate most of the team over the season so far I would probably not mark many over 4. If I was to rate Man C or Liverpool players over the season so far I would rate most of them 8 on average.

    Funnily enough, Liverpool were twice the team Arsenal were as far as effort and comitment goes. I guess my ratings may hold water after all.

    Arsenal have been blessed with luck so far but the injuries have shown how weak our squad is. As for mental stamina? Yep, as weak as ever too!

  6. HA559 says:

    Switching to 3 CB hasn’t helped our defence It just gives freedom to WB, but overall there is less balance. You still have players who can’t sense danger and for that it has nothing to do with formation change just reading the game. Then there are games where we are level and only in the last 5 minutes we try to win it ie. recent Brighton game.

  7. HA559 says:

    The moment we were linked with Leno I knew it was a mistake. If you watched Bundesliga you would know this guy isn’t good enough, atleast not yet. There were much better option for Arsenal, but Mislintat has too much of a say in transfer.

    1. Mobella says:

      Can you please mention how any of those goals conceded are his fault. I have never since any fans on here criticized Ramsey and PEA performance against Liverpool. It was like we were playing with 9 players against liverpool 11. Ramsey was all over places running around like headless chicken. It is only in epl that people think all you need to be a decent footballer is pace, power and stamina. I don’t believe in ratings and have never done it but if I have to rate him against Liverpool him and Emery will only 3. Emery for playing a player whose mind is long gone away from the club

  8. Innit says:

    Our goal now should be 5th place above United
    At least it will be an improvement over last season

    I don’t blame Emery and it’s unfair to blame him

    1. He had a very limited squad
    No Monreal, Mavrapanos, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck, , Bellerin, Smith-Rowe, Holding to turn to
    Even Ramsey wasn’t there even though he was playing. The old Ramsey is long gone

    2. With limited choices you have limited strategies

    3. We played the probable league champions AWAY and Salah is smokin at the moment. They won by 4 goals against us and won by 4 goals three days earlier against Newcastle

    4. Our defence SUCKS monkey balls, even with Bellerin, Monreal. Bellerin is more of a winger. He doesn’t defend well. Monreal is still good but aging. But yesterday we didn’t even have them

    5. We didn’t have a full strength team (no mkhitaryan, monreal, bellerin, Holding). Liverpool did.

    I won’t use 3 Days rest as an excuse because Liverpool had the same amount of rest and played the same players

    I don’t see much Emery could do under the circumstances. He isn’t a miracle worker

  9. Jah son says:

    So our players are not good enough for Unai Emery hence we are supposed to buy him a new squad the one of his choice.
    What on earth you’ll smoking if Emery think he will be treated any different from Wenger he’d better get packing because our owner remains the same. Emery had better learn how to work magic fast like Wenger did in his earlier years.

    1. Innit says:

      You are an IDIOT and a HORSES A$$ or rather the stuff that comes out of the a$$
      When did I say we need to buy a whole new squad for him before we can criticize him
      When did I say we shouldn’t treat him like Wenger

      If he does something wrong I will be the first to criticize him. But there’s a difference between criticising and criticising unfairly

      If you think Wenger could have won this match with the players we have them that’s up to you. But I respect Liverpool’s quality and I don’t see much that Emery could have done to turn 5-1 to a win

  10. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I know it wasn’t the best performance at the weekend but I’ve not read one report criticising referee Oliver. Go on social media, reports criticising this cheat are everywhere. He has now given the opposition 7 penalties in the last 10 games he’s refereed and none for us. Why didn’t Laca get a penalty after a blatant foul by Lovren? How long can this go on? There is blatant cheating going on here and nobody is doing anything about it. Is Mane going to be sited for strangling Liechsteiner, I very much doubt it. Believe me, this is all instigated by Mike Riley as the head of the PGMOL. We all know he hates our club after the run-ins he had with Arsene Wenger back in the 90’s. These referees know that if you’re blatantly bias against Arsenal ,not only is it accepted but their given full support from former ref Riley in any aftermath. Why doesn’t the club do something about it instead of just accepting these decisions week after week. Are they too scared to protest. Something has got to be done

    1. Sue says:

      Mane never gets punished Kenny… he’s such a dirty sod… oh no that’ll be swept under the carpet just like everything else is!!
      The amount of penalties Laca SHOULD have had is frightening! It stinks!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Thank you Sue, you seem the only other person on this site who can see what’s blatantly going on. Maybe there’s others but we don’t seem to hear from them.

        1. Sue says:

          So, as we thought Mane escapes punishment so he can face City on Thursday… well I am shocked… not!! And both of Liverpool’s penalties were correct calls & our penalty that should have been given wasn’t even mentioned on Ref Watch!!! Unbloodybelievable!!!
          It might be a long way off.. and it is quite sad of me, but I honestly can’t wait until Liverpool lose a game!!

          1. Sue says:

            Also Kenny I put in Michael Oliver Cheat into Google & was amazed at how many articles popped up but not at all surprised by any of them!!!

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Sue….The fact that Laca’s penalty was not mentioned tells us all beyond doubt that Sky Sports are involved in the whole conspiracy, It really is disgraceful.

          3. ozziegunnerjo says:

            ???Lacazette has been denied so many goals and penalties by “poor” officiating it is scandalous.

  11. The player ratings should all be 3 and below. An utterly shameful, spineless and predictable performance.

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    kloop took 5 years and heavy spending to build a squad and win the title….

    fans expect Emery to build a title winning squad in 5 months?

    even Pep took 2 season to win the title with heavy spending and 17 players replaced..

    the fans need to start supporting or go protest to the club to become city

    1. McLovin says:

      Actually Klopp was appointed October 2015, so little over 3 years ago..

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Klopp hasn’t won diddly squat yet!

  13. Spending a fortune of money on players does not guarantee success. The manager is the key to making the investment work and some managers are up to it and others aren’t

  14. jim wall says:

    Totally shameful those players and manager should give their wages to charity this week,
    This nonsense about injuries look at the wolves manager what he can get out of his players.
    And why he doesnt play jenko instead of leichs.
    Why not play auba and lacca from the start and keep them on for 90 mins….. Strange

    1. Sue says:

      I don’t want to see Lichtsteiner play ever again & I don’t want to see that horrible green kit ever again!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sue, I have said that turquoise/green should be consigned to the garbage bin. What was ever wrong with the traditional yellow with navy blue trim?

  15. Grandad says:

    The back four which started against Liverpool is one of the poorest i have ever seen for Arsenal both individually and collectively.They are all absolutely useless and should be shipped out asap.Until they are the efforts of our midfielders and forwards will never be recognised as we s!id e down the table.Emery has done a good job since he took over but he is not immune to criticism and rightly so.

  16. jim wall says:

    Why not try this team for next game 4-4-2 with amn and kolas playing as rm and lm

    Jenko. Kos. Sok. Moneral

    Amn. Torre. Xakai. Kolas
    Lacca. Auba.

  17. Highbury44 says:

    Yes why doesn’t Jenkinson play?

  18. Alelbrto says:

    We are all praising klop for purchasing good players. Last year year I had proposed that our team could have purchased shaqiri from stoke but I was dismissed that he was not good enough, but just see how he’s improved with Liverpool, he is contributing emencily for this team, hope we now sign Zaha from crystal, pareyira from Wardford they are superb.

    1. Highbury44 says:

      I would buy Townsend as well

  19. Akan says:

    Please Please Please sell Xhaka and Iwoeful, they are waaaay below the standard required in this league I have been saying for 2 years that Arsenal need to buy Wilfred Zaha, Play Miatland Niles in central midfield

  20. Gunner23 says:

    Playing against liverpool you should play three defenders.
    line up should have seen like this.

    Laca would have help Iwobi with the creation of chances and finish some himself but Unai really disappointed me with his 11 vs liverpool.

    Do you guys think this is wrong?

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