Liverpool v Arsenal Player Ratings – Sub Sanchez MOTM

The Gunners were dealt a blow in their slim hopes for the title race and not only that but also to their chance and standard of finishing in the top four for a place in the UEFA Champions League next season.

How low can that be as Arsenal lost to Liverpool home and away following the 3-1 defeat masterminded by Chief Architect Sadio Mane who ran the show against the entire Arsenal side in transition.

Here are the player ratings of the Arsenal Players from the 3-1 defeat from arch-rivals Liverpool.

The Veteran did his best in the game on a moderate note. Was well placed to close down Philippe Coutinho as the Czech shot stopper denied the Brazilian a chance for the third goal. Could do nothing to prevent any of those goals as he was widely exposed by the Arsenal defence line.

Made some good forward runs in the game but ran out of steam as the spirited home side under inspiration showed more steel and guile in the Arsenal vital areas.

The German had a decent game as he was in the right place to mount obvious pressure on the Liverpool shirt. He made a series of block particularly against (Philippe) Coutinho to reduce the deficit for Arsenal.

The Arsenal skipper had a torrid time in defence alongside partner Mustafi as Liverpool threatened from all sides during the game especially from Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino.

The Spaniard look good on the ball but had a torrid time throughout the game as danger man Sadio Mane ran the rule against the defender on the night causing him so much problems with pace and trickery on the left wing.

Was just there in midfield to add width to the middle of the park.He was hauled off as Arsenal went in search of goals after the intermission with the introduction of Alexis Sanchez.

Not the best of performance from the Englishman as he rarely influenced proceedings from the midfield. Was agile and energetic in the game though.

The Arsenal man did not have the best game in office (midfield) as the spirited Liverpool side bossed proceedings in midfield with the likes of Adam Lallana and Emre Can.

The Young Nigerian forward had the quality and talent but lacked the level of confidence and guile required to boss the midfield in such a massive game at Anfield.

Did not really get enough chance on the ball as Arsenal were duly gunned down by Liverpool. Did well to chip the goalkeeper for a cheeky goal in the game to give Arsenal some hope or lifeline in the game.

The forward did not have the speed and body movement on the ball to trouble the home side but at least drew a smart save from Simon Mignolet through a header just into the second half.

The Arsenal star was just what was missing in the game as he brought firepower and steel going forward on his entrance into the game. He committed some Liverpool players with his trickery and body movement. Great assist to set up Danny Welbeck’s goals to reduce the deficit for Arsenal.

Came onto influence the game but could do little in transition as Arsenal succumbed to another defeat in wake of Bayern Munich visit to the Emirates.

The Spaniard made some good movement following his entrance onto the game but the Spaniard needed more than that to trouble the Liverpool side who held firm for a 3-1 home win at Anfield.

Obiweluozo Martins


  1. gotanidea says:

    Sanchez did what he could in that match, but I think Mustafi and Welbeck tried their best too. The other players have to increase their motivation and concentration in the next game.

    I think the main problem is Arsenal has been trying to follow Barcelona’s strategy, but they cannot recreate the Catalan team’s football in Arsenal. Both teams seem to play with the same philosophy, but if we see both teams’ previous games, we will see the difference. Barcelona attacked and defended as one team, whereas Arsenal seemed to split the tasks between their players. The Arsenal manager and his staffs should be able to change this in twelve years, but Arsenal always plays with the similar predictable strategy.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hmmm……Arsenal always be dwelling on the past!
    Still talking bout “Man of the Match” for a game with disastrous outcome/result in our disfavour
    How shall we progress from this stalement/stagnancy we’ve found ourselves in???
    How long must this Joke continue?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Lol ? what do you expect from a club that celebrates finishing 4th?
      So of course, we will have our third rate performances capped with Our very own MOTM ??
      Maybe admin should change it to OVO-MOTM ??

  3. legend Henry says:

    How long must this joke continue?
    Answer: As long as the fans keep paying their money watch Arsenal matches.
    As long as the fans remain quiet on match
    days for the humiliation to continue
    As long as the fans watch the board give Wenger contract extension.
    As long as the fans do not protest everywhere
    as much as possible.
    I have no problem with and the board but the fans that see nothing wrong with this club and attend matches every day.

  4. legend Henry says:

    To you wenger ass lickers that blaming Sanchez that he is not bigger than the club, you are are pathetic!!!
    It’s so clear that. Sanchez wants to win every game but the rest of the players and the manager bar Mustafi dont care.
    Sanchez should stay and our enemy of progress should leave.

    1. Vlad says:

      Is that why he was sitting and laughing on the bench with Gabriel when we were already a goal down, because he wants to win every game? Look, I love Alexis, and I admire his fighting spirit, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that he’s playing football just because he loves the sport. He’s in it for the money, just like the rest of the players, and he’s gonna do what’s best for him. My guess is that he either requested a transfer, or said something to Wenger which prompted for him to get benched. Granted, it backfired, but it Arsene probably wanted to show him who the boss is, while at the same time trying to see how we can play without Sanchez, who I have no doubt will be gone in the summer. And that’s the gratitude that Wenger will get for picking him up from Barca where no one wanted and cared for him, and giving him a real chance of playing a striker. He’s adored by fans, yet trust me, he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about that, and like I said earlier will do what’s best for him, which obviously means for financial reasons.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I thought Bellerin was very poor on the first goal, it’s not the first time he’s played someone onside like that. He only had to look up and see clearly how to deal with that. One foot/step back and it comes to nothing, he didn’t need to be inline with him. He and a couple others are very poor at positioning with the offside trap, either we play one or we don’t, there should be no six’s and sevens, ie half measures. His passing was poor too, like way off. A couple times he had a good opportunity to play a simple enough through ball, also when out wide he held up play allot, with little penetration for getting in behind and getting decent space for crossing. Bellerin, 4.

    I think you’re very generous with the CBs ratings too.
    Alex Iwobi, 4.5 for me. Some might argue that he was thrown into the thick of it and is very young, but he was out of his depth and must be judged fairly.
    Giroud, 3 for me. Did he pull something?, well then he should have signaled. The entire first half the only thing I seen him do was rub his groin/hip area before lumbering about slowly.

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