Liverpool v Arsenal Preview, Form, Line-up and Score Prediction – Ozil out of squad

As the defensive injuries continue mounting, the Arsenal train seems to be coming off the rails ahead of the Gunners trip to Anfield this evening. Just like when we faced them at the Emirates, most punters (including Arsenal fans!) are predicting a landslide win for Jurgen Klopp’s men. They were wrong then and hopefully they will be wrong again this time.

Just to highlight the massive task ahead of the Gunners, let’s start by looking at Liverpool’s home form since the start of the season…..

That is an extremely impressive record with only the draw against Man City blotting the copybook. It is also incredible that the ‘Pool have only conceded two goals as well, while scoring 22 times.

But Arsenal have not been slouches away from home with just the embarrassing loss to Southampton since August. Here are Arsenal’s away results…..

Although we have been getting reasonable returns on our travels the big worry for us is that we have not kept one clean sheet, and have conceded a massive 16 goals! So we certainly cannot go with a lot of confidence today except with the hope that we can get the luck of the the day and score more than them.

As for the team news, Nacho Monreal, Mustafi and Bellerin are all doubtful, and Koscielny can’t be playing every three days yet as he eases himself back to fitness after his long-term injury. We also have Henrik Mhkitaryan out for six weeks and now we have found out that Mesut Ozil is also not in squad to face Liverpool.

The BBC’s David Ornstein tweeted last night….

This new blow has now given Emery limited attacking options as well as the defensive problems, so it is not a very good time to be facing an undefeated Liverpool on their home ground.

So on to the betting news, it is little surprise with their amazing home record that Liverpool are priced at 5/12 with Bet UK. That is very short odds but better than I expected!

But one thing Arsenal can do on the road is score goals and with 21 goals in their 9 games it is better than 2 goals per game on average. So the 12/5 on offer from Bet UK on Arsenal to score 2 goals or more is surely worth a bet!

Another value bet is on Aubameyang, who is leading the race for the Golden Boot over Liverpool’s Mo Salah. If you fancy Auba to score again he is 6/1 with Bet UK to score the first goal and 6/4 to score anytime. Get on it!

So Emery has very limited options but I am sure he will pick the best team available to him, and should stick with his defensive set-up today. I believe Xhaka will start in case he needs to move back into defence, and Lacazette will be Emery’s (not-so)secret weapon on the bench, so this is the team I am predicting….


Of course we have to worry about our defence, but more in the hope that Aubameyang takes his chances I am going to go for a 2-2 draw at 14/1 …. (wish me luck, please!)

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Updated: December 29, 2018 — 6:00 pm


  1. I hope those banega rumours are not true…he ia not the answer…he doesnt have the quality and he is 30 years old

    1. I hope the rumors for Pulisic are true. Sven, Auba, Papa have that Dortmund connection, and maybe can sway Pulisic.

      He’s incredibly talented; speed, dribbling, creative, and can finish. He can solve the winger issue for years if Kronke is willing to pry open his wallet.

      We’ve missed quality in the past, hoping we don’t miss this one.

      1. I reckon we’ll be going for Rabiot, if we brought in Rabiot then I wouldn’t mind Banega replacing Elneny.

    2. If that your opinion about Banega, your football intelligence or awareness is very limited my friend you are the very next thing to mr wenger who are one point though give walcott captain ambard because he was going to next Messi. and to make my story short, you are on wrong game!!

  2. Banega !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL EMERY IS RUINUNG ARSENAL.

    1. “Ruining”

      1. Ruining?
        First Banega is just a rumour
        And Torreira was a great signing
        How is it possible for Emery to ruin when Wenger had already done it?

  3. That’s likely to be it
    It’s hard to find positivity for today
    I don’t see enough creativity sadly
    Wish we had Ozil or Mkhi
    Ramsey has been average all season
    And defense looks even weaker

    God Help us

  4. Think we need a 3 man defense in other to cope with Liverpool forward 3.


    Bellerin is expected to have a late fitness test, one I think hell pass. Xhakas distribution from CB will be vital for this game.
    Arsenal has enough quality to upset them today so I predict a win for us.

    Liv 1 – 2 Ars
    Laca ⚽️

  5. Auba-toreira of Lagos

    People who Condem Banega makes me laugh.Pls mention one central creative midfielder we have that’s stronger, combative and rugged than banega?watched him against Madrid earlier in the season and he tore them apart. I use to worry about his age before but right now I don’t as ice he can stabilize our team. He’ll easily be replaced in 2- 3 seasons and we can bring in whatever talent that’s available to us in the market then. Many of us seem to have forgotten that we came into this season with Emery, hoping he’ll help stabilize us this season and compete for top four next season.he’s allowed to make a few errors this season (even prevailing seasons) in as much as he’s. Making visible progress and no one can say we haven’t improved.i’m willing to give him the chance over a period of 4 transfer Windows.personaly I’m happy he’s freezing out Ramsey and ozil from this team & I’m quite sure they’ll be replaced with better,harder working and more technical players that better suits Emery’s pattern.players like mhiki, ozil and iwobi should only be on the bench & come In to give us their “short term” brilliance. Going into next season I’d love to have 2 high performance wingers,1 young & ambitious right back with a better defensive ability than bells,one more technicalily gifted defender(my dream is MaGuire of Leicester) and another ACM maybe Almiron. When we faulter with all these then it’s Emery out.until then it’s #Emeryarmy

  6. No Ozil away to a team like Liverpool is actually bonus for us, unless you disregard the majority of his performances over the last 5 years in big games. Especially this season, where he has gone missing in the 3 big games he’s played.

    I just pray, and hope Bellerin is back. He has been a big miss on the right hand side.

    1. I think Ozil would have been a valuable creative asset thet we will desperately need today. We all saw how we ran out of ideas once he was removed a few days ago. Anyways, I don’t blame him for pulling a sickie, I too wouldn’t have wanted to endure the impending torture at Anfield today.

      1. I disagree, because we have looked just as creative, if not, more so, without Ozil this season. And I wouldn’t point to single half of football in midweek as a perfect example to dispute that. One must look at ALL games this season with, and without him.

        There’s also no denying the improvement in the team as a whole, and in the final third without Ozil, in the 3 big games we’ve played since he was dropped from such fixtures. We’re much better as a unit from a defensive perspective, and in regards to work rate, and that’s what we need for these type of games…as Klopp has proved.

        Klopp doesn’t always have a lot of creative quality in midfield, but what he does have instead, is high levels of work rate, on, and off the ball, aggression, commitment, pressing, etc. None of which Ozil provides.

      2. Quantic dream you will always be a failed dream waiting to happen for using the remark “i too wouldn’t have wanted to endure the impending torture at Anfield today”. You think we will not give it a fight? Wait and see. And shame on you for supporting a weak Ozil against Unai…

      3. Quantic Dream,
        what asset does Ozil is! when we play epl lower standard teams yes, but in big games, some people are just obsessed with him name but footballwise is finished.

  7. cant think of a game against top teams recently when ive felt there is so little chance of getting anything .. the lack of quality and drive across the team is actually quite shocking … the way west ham went about getting 3 points against Hampton really shows we are still a lot closer to those type of teams than to top 3 … and the big issue for me is fathoming out emery’s football philosophy … for the life of me after 6 months it just isn’t clear … my gut feeling is that he is to us what van gaal was to man utd

    1. “and the big issue for me is fathoming out emery’s football philosophy … for the life of me after 6 months it just isn’t clear”

      Scary but how many others can say the same?
      I got no idea what Emery will be doing, I wonder if the players have a clue? Iwobi will prob be asking Xhaka what the formation is again.

      6 months isn’t like we are in the honeymoon period anymore either, we need to see some consistency from the manager otherwise how else can we demand it from the players?

  8. Wish u luck ! Noooooo we r going for the win 3_2 to the gunners πŸ˜›πŸ˜›now wish me luck 😁

  9. Unlike most fans – I’d go with back 4 because we only have 2 CBs available.

    Bellerine/AMN – Sok – Kos – Kolasinac
    Torreira – Xaka
    AMN/Iwobi – Ramsey – Aubameyang

  10. ..,I’d even consider playing Guendouzi further forward in midfield – he has great close control, can find a pass, and not scared of a big game

    1. As much as I like him… I don’t think he played very well against Brighton…would he be up for it tonight??

  11. I would prefer 34 1 2. with. Leno. mustaphi sekoraticks Montreal. Niles. xhaka toreira. kolasinac. iwobi lacazatte. Aubermiyang

  12. I can handle losing (just about) what I can’t handle is a complete gutless mauling. I just hope we give it a good go, everyone tries their hardest, we take our chances (if we get any) what I am a little worried about is who will create chances for Auba & Laca!
    I am gutted Ozil is out & looks like he’s coming to the end of his Arsenal career (be nice to know for sure though)

    1. Don’t worry Sue, Wenger’s gone. No more gutless displays on a regular basis anymore. Haha!

      1. Like that Carabao final versus City. Now that, was GUTLESS!

        1. Oh that was awful QD… I was gutted for ages after that…. if we play like that tonight… I will rage!

          1. Admin just informed me that they’ll be wearing that horrible green kit tonight…. we’re always sh*t in that kit….. oh ffs I’m really pi**ed off already!! 😫😫😫😫😫

          2. Oh no, I am not a fan of that kit either. Only the keepers should be wearing green!

  13. So what about our team spirit that doesn’t count amean Ozil and Lacazette are two of the team’s most influential players and their having problems with the manager and you’ll think the team will be firing on all cylinders. Auba tweet said it all this week the arsenal is in big trouble!!!!!!

  14. Where is the fight for the past couple of months gone ha! Emery took our joy away look at our players body language Emery is a clown

  15. Liverpool’s next game (after today) is Thursday, ours is Tuesday….. smh

    1. You’re absolutely right Sue, the people in charge are doing their utmost to help them, been happening all season and there’s still people on these pages who think it’s purely coincidental.

      1. Makes me sick Kenny, it really does!

  16. Typical arsenal fans now they are blaming and abusing emery

  17. At least a Mustafi is back to partner Sokratis at centre back and AMN is in midfield but I worry about the two fullbacks. Laca on bench!

  18. Iwobi + one player the coach decided doesn’t deserve another contract will start in this amost important game

  19. Glad Ramsey is playing and also, up the wolves!

  20. Wolves 3-1 up at spurs

    1. Get in there Declan!!!

  21. final result tot. 1 wolves 3 oh yes…

      1. Sue…may God help us just a point…

  22. Niles and Lichstiener, I’ve never heard of a manager setting up to lose. I’ve never seen a young player come in to a first team and show as match enthusiasm as a brick wall like Niles. Lichsteiner is also a disaster waiting to happen. I’ never though I’d want Jenkinson back into the team more than right now.

  23. Now that Spurs have lost we have that extra incentive to get something out of todays game, fingers crossed.

  24. No Lacazette in starting lineup… Id actually prefer starting with Laca than Aubameyang tbh as his hold up play is much better and the bonus of bringing others into play but I don’t think Emery is a big fan of his much like Wenger wasn’t… Hopefully we put in a performance today because watching Jurgen Klopp celebrations and that deranged look on his face is enough to ruin anyone’s weekend! I’m going for a Maitland-Niles brace in 2-1 victory πŸ˜‚

    1. Unai seems to prefer Iwobi who’s in my five worst players ever to play for Arsenal in a life time supporting the club. Iwobi instead of Laca, unbelievable.

      1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

        1. I second that… well said Kenny

  25. If ozil isn’t good enough for the squad in a game like this then FFS sell him and sign Ramsey

    1. Let’s c if Ramsey can deliver

  26. Come on Arsenal! Get in! 1-0!

  27. Just can’t keep a lead. WTF

  28. How does Firmino just dribble thru defense? Defenders still sleeping

    1. All three fell over!!!

    2. Well my friend the answer to your question is
      sadly quite simple.

      Mustafi, Holding, Mavro and Socratis
      collectively cost less than VVD, who in my
      opinion is one of the top 5 CB’s in the world.

      I haven’t agreed with Emerys tactical decisions
      at times but Kroenke and co F#$@$d the
      Spaniard by not opening the war chest this
      past summer

  29. Another comical defensive master class
    Men against boys I’m afraid ,they are miles ahead of us and I mean miles

  30. What nonsense defence is this

  31. Its started with torreira losing the ball then our defence just disappeared anyway instead of giving it seems torreira’s engine just woke he looks sharper

    1. But that won’t matter because the rest of the defence is utterly useless

  32. mickmematethemasterfarter

    shambles at the back spend spend spend

  33. mickmematethemasterfarter

    could b a cricket score i fear

  34. Best park the bus and play like it was Maurinho. Let Liverpool attack, and counter with fast front three.


    With no Ozil, our only hope is to get Auba the ball somehow on a counter. Let Liverpool play with possession, and shut them down at home. Czech in goal, a proper goalie.

    We have injured players though. So who will man the back line? Koz-Sokratis. Then who? Monreal, is he fit?

  35. I can’t stop laughing at the moment because we are are being made to look so poor. I don’t mind if we lose a game but when players are putting the effort in then that is bad. This could be embarrassing for us but I’m not surprised , he do we blame I blame the board please get rid of the shit and buy some decent players

  36. I think AMN is our best player so far

  37. Defense needs a complete overhaul 2 centre-backs 1 right-back and 1 left-back. Without this we cannot further progress and compete with top sides we are miles behind liverpool and Man city and also behind tottenham and chelsea. Need a back four just like invincible’s back four or George Graham’s back four with aggression,organisation,leadership and more importantly very tough defenders. Need to do spending attack is fine just spend all on defense.

  38. mickmematethemasterfarter

    liverpools goals r easily defendable with” DECENT” defenders,iwobi”s cross to alisson 4th goal piss poor

    1. Iwobi has been a better player than rest of the arsenal squad in this game .He is poor as well
      Ramsey running arounf like a rat that drank coffee
      AMN is not improving
      Every arsenal defender is a disgrace bar Holding and Bellerin get rid of the rest .
      Auba cant play of the ball and on it . Lets not make excuses for him .
      Torreira is tired for the whole world to see .
      Leno is an average goalkeeper
      We really need to handle our business properly
      I dont hate emery but i prefer the wolves coach .

  39. Very easy to see why
    Arsenal shopping at Aldi for its players for the last few years
    Liverpool at Harrods
    I wonder who has better food

  40. Yeah mustafi replaced by boss

  41. Thank God Liverpool has slowed down in 2nd half so we are not gonna hurt again

  42. THe truth is we’ve been found out
    Laca is better than Auba
    You all moan about Iwobi yet he’s been the best player today
    Out of todays squad

    Im not sure who deserves to stay and my rationale is who would get in the invincibles squad never mind team

  43. xhaka always backpass

  44. Tearful performance…

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