Liverpool v Arsenal Preview, Line up and Score Prediction

Liverpool vs Arsenal Preview, Predicted line up and score by KJ

Last season, Arsenal were in a strong position when going into this fixture but got completely blown away in the first 20 minutes. I don’t expect a similar start as Liverpool lack Suarez and Sturridge who were at the heart of all the problems caused last season. Even then, I still expect this to be a very tough game for us.

Both teams haven’t really performed this season and you can attribute that down to injuries, transfers and poor tactics. This has allowed United a firm position in the top 4 and this makes the game at Anfield fairly important for who goes on and claims the remaining top 4 place.

Arsenal will need to start strongly if we are to win this. We need to be cautious but we can also look to exploit Liverpool’s fragile defence with Alexis and Co. I want to see intelligent pressing of the likes of Henderson and Gerrard on the ball as they have crumbled in that aspect against decent teams.

Predicted line up:
Debuchy – Chambers – Mertesacker – Gibbs
Flamini – Oxlade-Chamberlain
Alexis – Cazorla – Welbeck

We might actually field a defence that has the players in the correct position for once. It’s not the best with Koscielny still to come back but it’s a lot better than playing fullbacks in the centre back position.

Our central midfield scares me the most. We have our second choice DM in there and our third choice box-to-box player. They lack discipline and intelligence I feel and could lose us the match if they aren’t careful.

Alexis could really punish Liverpool’s defence with his relentless pressing. Would be great if he managed to score considering how he turned them down for us in the summer.

This is obviously going to be a difficult game, far more difficult than the one we saw at Old Trafford last week. But I believe we might inch it. 2 – 1 to the Gunners.


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  1. Twig says:

    Had an odd dream today that Theo Walcott scored 2 goals today. Or was it a hattrick? Weird.

    1. ArnSam says:

      And since when did welbeck become a winger???????? give podolski his place

      1. Twig says:


        Where did you see Welbeck in my comment? :-/

      2. SaveArsenal says:

        Welbeck never stops working and pushing, he does make a difference when he plays, Podolski has a lethal foot but he gives up easy and doesn’t like to track back, that is too dangerous with Flamini and Ox as DMF.
        If we were rock solid from defensive mid back then by all means Podolski but we aren’t.

      3. jonestown1 says:

        I am afraid that in terms of what each brings to a team, and what we need at the moment, then DB brings much more than LP – with emphasis on “much”. If we had a better team in better form with higher energy levels then LP and his left peg may be worth a punt. At the moment we are better served with a player that brings application, energy, stamina and pace than one who may, or may not, hit a rocket with his left foot.

  2. Twig says:

    Anyway, my prediction is

    Liverpool 2 Arsenal 3


  3. jt says:

    its not even january and we’re already talking about claiming the last champions league place…. *sigh*

  4. CraigZWE says:

    I think pool are really going to give us a fight.

    Gonna be a tough game.

    But hopefully we win. Hope stevey g slips to let Alexis in for first goal

  5. th14 says:

    20mill for kramer….

  6. Greg says:

    Arsenal 2-0 liverpool! Coyg!

  7. CraigZWE says:

    Liverpool 2 – 2 Arsenal
    chambers own goal 35 minutes
    Alexis 45 minute
    Gerrard penalty 63 minutes chambers red for Sterling dive
    Podolski 87 minutes

    1. ryanh27 says:

      You don’t like chambers hey! lol

      1. CraigZWE says:

        It’s not that I don’t like him, I agreed with admin in time I think he is leader material.

        I just think he has shown I’ll discipline that gets him carded.

        Hope he handles the pressure today.

  8. Sango says:

    One of the team’s problem is it doesn’t know how to control and dominate a game. They keep the same tempo throughout the game which always invite a counter game plan.

  9. B.R.94 says:

    I perfer

    1. Twig says:

      You can be rest assured that Wenger won’t do this. Giroud must play.

  10. th14 says:

    1-7 arsenal
    Sanchez to score a 1st half hattrick then have the final say scoring the 7th goal in the 86th minute.

  11. Mick The Gooner says:

    That back four looks a lot more solid than what we’ve had to cobble together recently.

  12. TioMoses says:

    What really let us down last time we lost there was pace. They came flying out after us and hit us with pace and we couldn’t cope with it.

    To avoid that, we need pace and energy of our own this time. If the starting lineup was my choice, I’d sit Giroud for this one and use him as an impact sub if need be.

    A front line of Alexis – Welbeck – Ox would be most effective IMO, has the pace to get at them and the option to use Giroud or Theo from the bench if need be. Also give us the option to use Flamini as holding midfielders, and Cazorla and Rosicky through the middle who would give us energy and stability through the middle.

    If he didn’t wanna start Rosicky, he could then use Ox in the middle and one of Theo, Campbell or Poldi out wide.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Need variation – pace+pace+pace+pace is not the way to go. We now have more than enough pace to work around OG – a luxury we have not had previously.

  13. Ks-Gunner says:

    Mertesacker needs to stay back and we will be fine.

  14. GoonAR says:

    BIG GAME! We need to take advantage of Liverpools poor form by stomping their necks and showing them that they really are a shite team and they deserve their current league position. I think our defense looks good. I’m worried about our CM’s (as usual). It want a Podolski start but know it’s a pipe dream. Welbeck to start and if ineffective I’d have Giroud come on around 60/65.

    Final Score: Arsenal 3 Liverpool 2.
    LIV: 12′ Sterling
    ARS: 27′ Alexis
    ARS 55′ Welbeck
    ARS: 72′ Giroud
    LIV: 88′ Gerrard (PEN)

    Predicted 11:
    Debuchy – Chambers – Mertesacker – Gibbs
    Flamini – Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Alexis – Cazorla – Podolski

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