Liverpool v Arsenal Review – 10 men who fought for the badge (and Xhaka)

So proud of 10 men at Anfield. Not the manager and Xhaka though by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, there is Granit Xhaka for you tonight. Another red card and I find it really hard to step up for him. But I can’t blame anymore a player who’s done it so many times for being reckless again. It’s the manager that keeps playing him. I am really trying to find something positive about Arteta but some of the decisions need to be questioned.

Sending AMN to Roma when we don’t have Partey and Elneny? If we don’t get a midfielder like tomorrow, what are we playing at Spurs, Patino and Lokonga? I hear that Melo guy from Juventus and rumors around Tilemans, honestly I’d have both, but again let’s not avoid the real problem. Arteta is sticking with Xhaka. Who gave away a penalty vs City? That’s 2 decisions that cost us in games against the 2 best clubs in the league. Games we could’ve won.

Roma wanted Xhaka last season, why on earth is he still here. Why did Pepe have to apologize for a red card vs Leeds and Granit gets free passes all the time? This is why Arteta will not get us the top 4 in my opinion. And our performance in the FA cup is also on Arteta. It honestly reminded me of Villareal. People think I have an agenda against Arteta, but his decisions are leaving our chances to win a cup and make the top 4 on a knife’s edge.

I’m sorry, rant over, I know we are stuck with Mikel and Xhaka sadly, but how good were the rest of the team? I saw a bunch of players playing for the pride of the badge, not willing to roll over and die. Lacazette was sensational for me. Ben White and Gabriel again. Now, they did miss Salah and Mane, but you know what? I couldn’t care less, because Cheat FC with all their false positives delayed the first game to avoid a beating. Pathetic from a club that pretends to be so much.

I’m really proud of the young players, because they are the ones playing like seniors. Hopefully we’ll now sign a midfielder soon and I don’t buy this Wilshere thing. If we don’t want to throw the season away like we usually do, we need to invest in the middle of the park. This whole Vlahovic thing for so much money isn’t my cup of tea. Big money transfers aren’t our thing, and 300k a week? It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, again really proud of the 10 men who stood on the pitch and fought for the badge. Hopefully we’ll have a midfield for Spurs or maybe we can postpone the game? Regardless, 0-0 is a good result, hopefully we go with confidence to the toilet seat if we have to.


Watch Mikel Arteta’s reaction after 10-man Arsenal keep Liverpool at bay

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  1. I didn’t watch the game. When I heard that an arsenal player got red card, I knew it would be xhaka of course.

  2. Funny time to slate Arteta after that result. Pure luck then that the players stuck to their task and worked so hard?

    1. I agree SueP,even the hardest MA critics cannot blame him after such a performance.i have myself criticised him in the past but wouldn’t do it without good reasons.

  3. Ding ding ding
    Mr pessimist one has delivered his article.
    Please wait in line for Mr Pessimist 2 to deliver his article later on today.

    So, let’s get this straight, when we lose you’re constantly blaming and attacking the manager, but when we put up performances like that with a man down, the manager deserves no credit even though his switch if formation after the red played a big part too?

    Xhaka has let everyone down quite a number of times and let the manager who trusted him the most down too. Matter of fact, he’s lost me now, and yes I do know his contributions but I can’t find ways to keep defending letting the team down always.
    So you blame the manager for keeping Xhaka.

    Who’s responsible for getting rid of all the weak ass players and mercenaries we had at the club?
    You know who did it? It’s the manager.

    Who is responsible for bringing together this bunch of players ready to do anything for the badge and club?
    It’s the manager.

    Who single handedly started the cultural change at the club? The manager.

    Who is it the players are constantly running and playing for and had the support of his players and club when he was completely down and y’all were talking hogwash that he’s lost the dressing room? It’s the same manager.

    You and your ambassador brother in negativity can continue what you do.
    The rest of us who believe in both the team and manager will continue what we do too.
    Credit goes to everyone yesterday, except Xhaka who constantly let’s his teammates down

      1. Exactly…. The same manager who is slated for the decision making of one player he should be able to rely on doesn’t get credit for the other ten heroes???
        As a rookie manager there are bound to be mistakes made and more to come…. So what? Even far more experienced managers make mistakes but he is taking Arsenal on a bright future- the first post Wenger manager that we can see where it’s going and what the future looks like…. Manchester United are still looking.

      2. Thanks Sue, sometimes you’re left to wonder “Why do these guys bother at all? Why bother supporting Arsenal when all they ever seem to get is never close to satisfaction?”
        The football club and manager constantly let you down and you have to complain everyday about it?
        Give yourself a break, take a break from the club till the manager leaves, no one will question your loyalty.
        You can also choose to stay and live the life everyday, but stop bringing up that negative energy to this space every fooking day when you’re aware this site is a space for Arsenal fans and we just want to see our club grow and do better.

        1. nice commentary Eddie, especially coming from someone who’s usually such a ray of sunshine…WTF is going on today, first I have to read a bunch of nonsensical gibberish by those who’re actually trying to defend of our “bag of toys” former captain and now Eddie is pretending to be some sort of Zen Master…welcome to Bizarro World…what’s next, a lecture by Jon Fox on the evils of capitalization???

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you Eddie. By continuously criticising MA “without” any good reasons,they will lose any support they have.

  4. Can one analytical fan explain to me where were the defenders when Granit commited the foul?

    Can anyone who has watched the replay time and time again tell me with an honest face that Granit was reckless on that challenge? A blind man can feel he was going for the ball but those blessed with eyes will see what they want to see of course.

    When even a commentator who is not an Arsenal fan refuse that was a red card and yet Arsenal fans cheer for it it makes me wonder.

    Would fans have readily accepted that red card if it was any other player than Granit?

      1. Between you and me the mentioned player was also on my mind. The foul was committed in the Gabriel and Tierney zone. Where were they?

        The replay shows Xhaka running back with the speed of light but our lords and saviours Tierney and Gabriel are light jogging back.

        1. Ι am wondering if you have watched the game or just the replay 10 times. They were both in the other side of the pitch, as we were attacking. Xhaka ‘s role is to cover for them in such occasions and in any counter attacking scenario which requires the presence of the left side of our defence in the other team’ s territory. Some people do have an agenda against xhaka, and rightfully so. The problem is not that he failed to mark properly, but that his actions indicate that he was completely unaware of the player behind him, which happens almost every game. Some other people have an agenda against other players though, which begs the question if they actually understand what they are watching.

            1. From the time Liverpool had the ball there was ample time for Tierney and Gabriel to recover their positions but they took their time.

    1. I understand that it was a foul that denied a clear goal scoring opportunity rather than a dangerous/ reckless challenge but I could have got it wrong.
      It’s for that reason it’s only a one match ban (rather than 3)…. The ban is extended to 2 matches because it’s his 2nd red this season.
      No doubt he is a liability though…..

    2. HH,I don’t think you can blame KT,as soon as we lost the ball,their roles was to press the pool defenders,KT did it,Gabriel too ,if one player can be blamed it would be Ramsdale,with our players higher up the pitch he was still in his box when he should have taken the keeper/sweeper position,had he done it he would have been able to head the ball or kick it,also if you look at it again, Xhaka was aware of Jota position when we were still in pool’s half,you can see him check it s couple of times ,the thing is Xhaka didn’t have the speed to keep up with him.8n theory it was not a mistake,players did what MA ask of them when losing possession,start pressing the opposition straight away but not close enough on this occasion.

  5. I said we would not lose that game.
    But now I fear Liverpool in the return because we are now the favourite and they are the underdog.
    Should we push for a postponement in the NLD?We already have the Wolves game to play. However as we have no FA Cup or European games we are in a better position than Spurs Man U and Westham our major competition for 4th place so I would say yes . Then we should have Tomi Odegaard ESR + Partey available by the time we play Spurs.

    1. You do love to give yourself a lot of credit .
      “We are now the favourites”!
      I’m going back to bed 🤦🏻

    2. actually this was your prediction, “Nketiah to open the scoring. Liv 2 Arsenal 5”

      just stop being a FF and bring an end to this campaign of nonsense already

  6. Great stuff Eddie, couldnt have made the point better. Fantastic effort from the lads, great substitutions and planning by Arteta, hats off, if we play like this, Loserpool should be out of the Cup by next Thursday. We march on to Wembley.

  7. Unfortunately, our key players have wasted their energy to play at Anfield and some of them might’ve got injuries

    As for Xhaka, he’s made three fatal mistakes in the first half of the season, which is unacceptable as a senior player. I think we’ll see a drastic change in our midfield soon

    1. Gai, I can’t wait. I am one of a few who appreciates Xhaka skills and commitment in Arsenal but for how long is he going to keep making common mistakes? He’s gradually becoming a no good example on the field to younger players. I agree with you our players must have exhaust their energy at Anfield. I hope Arteta does the right thing by ensuring the game is postponed due to less than 13 outfield players. We can’t get anything from Tottenham game if ESR, B.Saka, Odegard, Pathey, Pepe, Auba, Elneny, Xhaka, AMN are not available. We know how big north London derby can be. We beat Tottenham at the Emirate with these players. Really, It won’t feel same without them

  8. But if Dhaka had let Jota go and the score, would we have been able to turn it around? We probably would have capitulated. The downside for me is that he misses NLD but the upside is we will be force to bring someone in soonest. In all, I’m not angry with Xhaka for the particular red card. He took a risk for the team in that occasion.

  9. Xhaka sacrificed himself for the rest of the boys out there last night. That single act was what woke them up and gave us the best rest result at Anfield in awhile. As it didn’t appear we were not going to concede 11 v 11. So I have nothing degrading to say about his red card for the first time.

  10. THAT performance had all the trademarks of a George Graham drilled defence. Credit to ALL the 10 players plus subs and credit to Arteta for instilling the resilience and belief in the team.
    I won’t mention the Forest game and that limp wristed display. But you can only believe he will not let that happen again

  11. Firstly i just want to say that Maureen would have been proud of that low block last night, near 70mins at Anfield with 10 men and it finishes 0-0?
    Great performance imo.

    Now, this is the first ”dodgy” performance from Ramsdale imo.
    Heres why –
    Once we broke away with Saka, Ramdale was too deep in his box, if he had been in and around the semi circle he would have had a much better starting position – as the ball was hit to Jota, you see Ramdale come, stop, come stop – if we had just come out, Xhaka wouldnt have had to make that decision – yes there is also a rsik in him doing so but i feel that even with his starting position, he would have got there first.

    But it wouldnt have ever happened if we didnt balls up the press when we had no shape due to the preceeding counter.

    Young team, so they will make mistakes etc, but thats how you learn.

    I do feel abit for Xhaka but all in all it did us a favour i think in that game with how its changed the game

  12. Xhaka should move on for his and our sake. Everybody including him and Arteta should understand this by now.

  13. Not a day to be negative about anyone or anything, we were facing three tough games in quick succession with a depleted squad for a number of reasons, first job done, we would have taken nil nil at the kick off

    Let’s now go again

    Come on you Gunners

  14. Its true Xhaka got the red card. But to slate he didn’t play for the badge is just wrong. It was ramsdale’s misjudgment that basically left Xhaka with no choice at all but to make that challenge. If he hadn’t Ramsdale was in no position to make any sort of save from Jota. To add to that he had a horrible game, putting the team in all sorts of trouble many times. Just the number of times he came for the ball and couldn’t get there or half cleared the ball to a liverpool player was unbelievable.

  15. At last I’m seeing posts that just aren’t jumping on the “Xhaka Out” bandwagon.
    HH above, asked the question why was Xhaka put in that position.
    Where were Ramsdale, Tierney and Gabriel?

    Ask yourselves this question.. if Henderson had made that challenge, would the same decision be made?

    I have nothing but pride and admiration for the way we played for the whole game and kudos to the manager for his decisions.

    I just cannot understand how we play so differently from game to game!!

    As for Xhaka himself, there is no doubt he is a marked man and I think for his sake and the clubs, he carries on his career somewhere other than England.
    He has become the new scapegoat, despite the fact that three respected managers have always recognised his strength.

    1. Dhaka should have stayed in his feet!Jota might not even scored.i am asking you what’s the best option.being down to 10 men for 70 minutes or 1-0 down still with 11 players?? I’d go with the latter with 11 players.

    2. Ken, if you truly believe that speculative nonsense about Henderson, if the tables were turned, I fear that you’re beyond repair…btw being a “marked man” usually implies that someone did something that actually put them in the proverbial crosshairs…keep in mind, that your managerial overlord actually told Xhaka to stop tackling because he was such a cock-up King

  16. @Val. Could not agree more with your observations in regards to young Ramsdale. A little guilty of standing too deep inside his 18 yard box and ball watching. You are quite correct in saying that Ramsdale had come stopped and come stopped again. As a goalkeeper, that is a cardinal sin. The moment you do that, you are allowing the striker time to dictate as to where they are going to place their shot. Usually resulting in the goalkeeper being chipped/lobbed. We usually call that( the goalkeeper) being in no man’s land. Unfortunately that resulted in Xhaka’s missed timed tackle. But why Xhaka??? Was he somehow dropped on his head at birth??? Shouldn’t say that, but honestly, he’s always the instigator in silly 50/50 balls. If not that, it’s his over baring aggressive nature. As for Ramsdale, a small error in judgement. Would prefer Xhaka being sent off than Ramsdale. Ramsdale’s communication and organisational with his back 9 were simply top class. That’s why last night when discussing the team line-up I preferred Ramsdale in goals. And nothing ill towards Leno. Ramsdale’s organisational skills with his players are top notch which have been missing in recent years. Gareth Southgate has a good headache to deal with. I foresee a healthy debate that English football fans will have. PICKFORD or RAMSDALE. I can remember the bebate back in the very late 1970’s. SHILTON or CLEMENCE. I doubt the young football supporters of today would have heard of those two goalkeepers. Anyway a brave performance. Must give the away supporters much credit. They were the 11th man. So who needs Xhaka. Xhaka,,, who the f_ck is Xhaka🤣🤣🤣🤡🤯🤯🙈

  17. They played so well after Granit was sent off – sure they got a bit sloppy at the end and it was pretty scary but for a lot of the second half Arsenal was the more adventurous team – our defence really contained Liverpool til the end and a little luck went our way.

    I would think that this will be the last last straw for Granit but I have thought that before. He can have good runs but he ALWAYS does this at some point. I am actually surprised that it is only red number five – would have thought more.

  18. Oddly, Patrick Viera holds the record for most red cards – 8. Yet we all see him as an Arsenal legend. Why? Because he led us to famous victories and was captain of our best ever team, whereas Xhaka, who admittedly has some good qualities, let’s us down not by being combative, but by being slow and so late to the ball. I say get in some quality midfielders .

    1. Viera got 8 red cards during a 9 years period,not only that but only 2 were straight red,the other 6 were 2 yellows.i haven’t checked for Xhaka but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were nearly all straight reds.

  19. OT:I am surprised than nobody has brought up the several false positives when this fixture was postponed.according to Klopp(his own words)”there were a good few false positives”,not only that but there were reports that they included players taking part to the Afcon as injured.WT.?

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