Liverpool v Arsenal review – Garbage Gunners somehow grab a draw

I can understand why Arsene Wenger wanted to make sure that Arsenal did not have a similar sort of disastrous start that killed the game for us at Anfield last season, and was evident again in the first half at Stoke recently. But it also meant that we handed the initiative to the home side to some extent and did not put much early pressure on Liverpool’s wobbly defence.

The Gunners were inviting too much pressure and with Liverpool having over 70 percent possession in the first quarter of an hour, something had to give. We needed to get our passing game going and get our in form attacking players into the game. Amd I fail to see why Wenger put Debuchy in the centre of our defence and Chambers at right back.

Arsenal were managing to do something that very few teams have this season, make Liverpool look good, while we were going nowhere fast. Unable to pass the ball or win a tackle, this was just like Stoke a couple of weeks ago and the only good thing is that Liverpool had failed to punish us.

For all their dominance, Szczesny had little to do until making a smart save from Markovic after 35 minutes. But there was absolutely nothing for Jones and the Liverpool defenders to worry about at the other end.

It looked even harder after Coutinho finally put the home side ahead just before halftime after we gifted them possession needlessly on the edge of the box. But amazingly we were level before the whistle, with Alexis winning a free kick and Debuchy rising to beat Skrtel at the far post and head the ball past Jones. Anfield was stunned, as was I, but we had to make the most of our lucky break.

The pundits seemed to think it was Liverpool tactics and brilliance that caused the one sided first half, but I think the Gunners were just awful and it did get better after the restart, although that was not difficult. Cazorla had an early burst and shot and we seemed to have switched on a bit.

Then there was a long break five minutes in after Giroud had stood on Skrtel’s head, accidentally I am (fairly) sure. Liverpool came close soon after but it would have been very unfair as Sterling blatantly handled in the build up, and then Giroud went close with a thumping strike from the edge of the box.

The Frenchman did not have to wait long for his goal though, as He finished off a great run and cut back from Cazorla soon afterwards. We had to survive a bit of an onslaught after taking the lead but were just managing to hold on. And it was Rodgers that was forced to change his tactics, going 4-4-2 with Lambert and Borini up front.

Coquelin replaced Giroud with 15 minutes left. Ox had to go off as well and we were starting to be camped in our box when Borini got a second yellow three minutes into the nine of added time. We still sat back though and eventually paid the price, with Skrtel heading Liverpool level from one of their many corners.

Obviously our failure to hold on will hurt but we did not really deserve to draw so it could have been much worse.

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  1. Wenger knows he is untouchable, so he will do what he wants…
    The fans cannot touch him (but only abuse him) and all is good as long as we get a top four finish.
    And again, even if we end up in the Europa cup, Wenger will find a way to make some Arsenal deluded fans believe that it is a great competition and we can win it and qualify for the CL… Only the one still “s*cking his balls” will “believe” and follow his incompetent and mediocre behind to the promise land of failure.

    Can someone tell me what is Mertesacker use for this club?
    Can someone tell me where is Rosicky?
    Can someone tell me where is Gnabry?
    Can someone tell me why Wenger is so clueless and poor?
    Can someone tell me why so many fans are watching games with their eyes close?

    What the f*ck is going on here????

  2. Guys,what happened to the ‘Arsenal way of football’
    You know, that crisp quick accurate passing game. I remember there was a point where even if you blind folded the players they’d still be able to find each other.
    What happened to that quick transition football, all teams knew that attacking arsenal is dangerous because we were lethal with the counter attacks.
    What happened to arsenal having high standards for themselves. There was a point where we weren’t just satisfied with winning but we wanted to do it in style.
    I personally miss that arsenal, as much as we weren’t winning any trophies we were still the best side to watch.
    Nowadays all of that has disappeared, our passing and movement off the ball is piss poor. We lose the ball too many times in midfield.
    I miss the days when we as fans had pride in our team,when we demanded only the best. When we played the best football in the world. Now we are just a shameful side. We have the worst defence, terrible midfield and play the most disjointed game in the epl.

    Come on my fellow Gunners,lets bring back the old Arsenal. Lets demand more from our coach,board, medical team and most importantly players.

    We have become an embarrassment to the society. I find it really difficult to defend arsenal against other teams nowadays.

    Someone at the club is not doing their job well enough. We use to be a GREAT side.We use to be feared. We use to be respected for our way of football. We use to own the possession and boss any team around. We need the old Arsenal back.

    AOB or AKB we all know this is not the arsenal we love…something has to change.

  3. I think what really killed us in the first half was the fact that both Welbeck and Giroud wanted to play as striker, which meant half the time there was no one on the wing. That meant Ox was dragged out wider to try and cover, leaving a hole in the centre of midfield.

    At least we weren’t punished like last season, I have a feeling we would have been if Sturridge was fit. Even so that’s another two points dropped in my opinion. We should’ve beaten Liverpool today with ease, but instead we were dominated.

    I thought Cazorla was very good today though. Chambers put a good shift in, Liverpool tried to hit him hard and he was often caught 2 on 1, but he got through it ok. Szczesny also was good today in my opinion, though his customary mistake by running out at Sterling could’ve cost us.

  4. The reason why Arsenal did not play well is because of three reasons. Firstly, Liverpool played from the back, Secondly Arsenal was very poor at closing them down and thirdly Szczesny kick almost every ball he received long handing possession immediately back to Liverpool. This game remind me of the 2013 1-1 draw against Everton at the Emirates in which Everton had 65% possession for almost the entire match, where Arsenal allowed Everton to play freely from the back by not closing them down and Szczesny boot everything he received long up field straight back to the Everton players and goalkeeper. This was route one football at it worse from Arsenal.
    The players Arsenal had on the pitch were good enough, but our style of plays suits them.

  5. Koeman , laudrup, Martinez, simeone or whoever it may be might not have the alleged money available.. Kroenke may not allow them to spend it.. Kroenke isn’t bothered who’s in charge as long as we achieve our goal of top4
    Mediocrity has now become the norm under Kroenke and wenger..
    Gone are the days of actually going to the bernabeú and winning or beating manure at the top of their game..
    At best we beat a poor galatasaray or a weak newcastle..
    Mediocrity is the norm until Kroenke and Wenger are no more..
    Today’s debacle was more proof of Wengers tactical frailties.. Why was wellbeck left on while giroud taken off..? Flamini a walking timebomb – stayed on instead of being replaced by coquelain ?
    Tactical inadequacies that will eventually come back to haunt us in our quest to be competitive..
    One last thought, we spent nearly all last season at or near the top and instead of strengthening in January when EVERYONE could see we needed a player or 2.. Wenger still refused to spend ( because our objective was almost within our grasp) it goes to show that the board and manager lack any ambition to take our club any further and should walk away now before we drop any further into mid table oblivion!!

  6. Liverpool game was going to be a different game from that of Newcastle. But the boss still went ahead with experimentation Debuchy at CB. Flamini/Coquelin were preferred to start at CB. But the boss tought otherwise. Preferred attacking, creative and holding mid-fielders to start the game are: Sanchez, Cazola and Podolski. Striker Giroud is correct at CF. If the starts had been like the above. The Gunners would have won the game with Liverpool hands down.

  7. Depleted squad, manager trying to do his best, fans divided, way off the pace with the title, off the pace with the top four, poor performance today, lucky to get 3pts, January sales with only horizon in sight.

    Keep the faith, we can achieve the minimum we internally require, whilst the maximum is a step too far we could still win something if we all pull together. Club and fans

    1. We can all support our team but who can hand on heart follow Wenger’s madness, he is now inept at every aspect of managing.

  8. If memory serves me well, last season Widebeck was as THE sensation with MANURE till he was no more, he scored few goals and was hailed as the next big thing, the story continues when VG took over and saw what a good Manager would see and sent him packing, no good even as a SUB….well now is ours bought at the very last minute by the Board to appease the Fans, by the way he did not come cheap.
    May be he is the CB we need, he loves to be defending between the posts instead of being forward as a strker should be, maybe we should leave him there seems to be his comfort zone anyway his scoring ratio is close to those of defenders.

    1. I would only make logical sense to buy Welbeck if he was clearly better than Olivier Giroud, but his not, therefore Welbeck signing is a waste of £16 million. When Walcott is fully fit our front will be
      Sanchez Giroud Walcott
      Ox Sanchez Walcott
      I dont see any place for Welbeck, unless Mr Wenger manufacture a position for him like a defensive striker high up the pitch, similar to flamini role but further up the pitch.

      1. Why are people slating Welbeck?
        He was tracking back trying to cover the gaping hole left in our midfield as players unfamiliar in positions were too far forward or too far back.
        Everyone on the team struggled and even one player out of his best position puts serious strain on the others.
        Wenger played the wrong players in the wrong positions again!
        How much ground was Flamini left to cover in the 1st half allowing Courtihno free movement?
        Where was the OX?
        Where was our speed?
        Where was Belerin (our fastest player)?
        Where were the counter attacks for Welbeck to use?
        Wrong tactics, wrong players in positions, no one using speed, we were lucky to come away with a draw.

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