Liverpool v Arsenal review – Gunners going backwards after another pasting

So Arsenal fans, what are we supposed to make of this? The Gunners reacted to our somewhat slow and shaky start to the season by getting worse and losing today’s away match at Liverpool by a hefty 4-0 scoreline that in no way flattered the home team.

We failed to score once again and barring the odd half chance never really looked like doing so. We defended badly once again and could have conceded more than the four goals that we did. And just for good measure our often admired midfield had no control or direction and completed an all round team effort that I can only describe as awful.

For a few minutes the game looked balanced but it did not take long for Liverpool to start exerting the dominance that we would see throughout the 90 minutes. They were ahead after 17 minutes when another ball given away by Xhaka led to a chance that Firmino headed home without too much trouble from our defenders and a few minutes before the break the lead was doubled with a good goal from Mane.

Any hopes of a second half revival soon disappeared and when Salah pounced on yet another defensive error to go clear ob goal and beat Cech to add a third it was just a matter of how many they would beat us by. Four was the answer after Sturridge added an easy fourth and we now head into the international break in an absolutely shocking state.

What now for Arsenal?



  1. Zimbo says:

    If l, as a supporter am disappointed with the way Wenger is ruining our team l can imagine the frustration amongst players especially those that do want to renew contracts are going through. I can safely say l will not hold a grudge against anyone who wants to leave the club for greener pastures. Unfortunately l am married to my beloved Arsenal and cannot seek greener pastures but only hope for a better post Wenger era.

    1. JJPawn says:

      “l can imagine the frustration amongst players especially those that do want to renew contracts are going through.”

      If they are frustrated, why did they not play better?

      1. Zimbo says:

        How do they play better when players are being played out of position?

        1. i was a gooner says:

          today don’t blame wenger mates, this arsenal side need some battering.

          1. i was a gooner says:

            do anybody want to blame me if i say ozil was awesome bad today ?,
            infact the whole team was.
            OX need to be thrown out of the club honestly.

          2. i was a gooner says:

            he is no leader, but not less a leader. he is a player who influences the whole team mindset,for team is built around him. he can’t just tiki-taka around & lose silly balls until he find his true inner self.

          3. ZA_Gunner says:

            Oh Please, you might as well get rid of the whole team and keep the manager, because the whole team did not perform. Would that be wise for you?

          4. maxi pimpi says:

            Why shouldn’t we blame him?. When we win you expect Wenger to get the praise but you won’t blame him when we lose.
            Serious clubs sack managers when the team is not performing. Did you see the height of player misplacement? Belarin in wing back position while kolasinac sat on the bench. Mustaphi on the bench while holding and monreal on the pitch. Welbeck ahead of lacazette and giroud. Ramsey and xchaka combo which has never worked. Ozil…… I am lost of words. Do you see how players performance have depreciated over the years under Wenger. how players like mustaphi, Ramsey, etc perform well for country in comparison to club. Let’s all admit it. Its time for le prof to take a bow. Today’s match was not bad. It was an insult on football at this level. It could have been double the figures. Players were not just motivated..

          5. MANTAK says:

            You all talk about LePeof going but do nothing apart from whinge on your cozy forums…what are you doing to force a change? Yep, thought so …f*ck all..

          6. i was a gooner says:

            welcome you too can contribute..

          7. Ranjan Das says:

            Because (1) Your blame will not have any effect- he has a contract for 2 years and he ain’t going anywhere unless he decides to step which by now all of us know – will never happen (2) These are international players – if they do not know OR are aware how to manage opponents then GOD help us

          8. ZA_Gunner says:

            Leaders provide leadership, that’s what they are there for, not the players. Leadership means the owner, the board and the manager.

          9. chris says:

            Worse than not motivated. The players have long since lost belief in the Manager and his whole approach to the game.

          10. ZA_Gunner says:

            Absolutely, they don’t want to play for him no more. This is evident in the grievance in the players wanting out.

          11. Apollo kampala wabigalo says:

            hopeless Wenger with his Ramsey,a bicycle defending or attacking a small car

          12. #Bosman says:

            players come, players go, manager remains, same old problems continues, who should we blame, ur father or wenger????

        2. JJPawn says:

          You mean, Ramsay was playing out of position? (Look where he played as a #10, not there to defend mid-field.

          Another goal, Ox lets the man get a header….

          1. i was a gooner says:

            throw OX out of club, for we need no foxes in the club.

          2. chris says:

            True but Ox is not a defender.

      2. i was a gooner says:

        if they are frustrated why stay ? they can’t stay for money & play mediocre.
        arsenal players infact earn a lot of money, if any body is frustrated sort it out or take a way out. nobody need to drag their butt all along.

      3. gotanidea says:

        Brother, even Gary Neville was angry at Ozil and Ramsey. He called them pathetic.

        Neville is not even an Arsenal’s fan, he doesn’t even have to be angry, but he was mad. That’s how pathetic Arsenal really is.

        Based on this match, I see that Arsenal’s players are trying to push Wenger out, like what Chelsea’s players did to Mourinho. I believe they will succeed because they can create as many losses as they want, until the manager and his staffs are out.

        If they don’t proceed with this protest in the next match, they have no balls.

        1. ZA_Gunner says:

          If a manager does not get sacked based on these performances then the board and owner clearly need to be accounted for, and I promise you Wenger staying could actually happen, this is Arsenal not Chelsea we talking about.

    2. Kostafi says:

      Buy striker, bench him. Buy left back, bench him. Have established CB, bench him and play U21. Clueless manager. It can’t exceed 2 years, but you can do us a favour and resign

      1. kev says:

        There was no problem with Holding starting.The problem was with Monreal starting.If people are saying Monreal starts over Holding this means a LB is better than a CB at LCB which is more of a disgrace to the CB.Monreal is good but he does not have the qualities of a CB to play there for long.He’s not your stand out tackler,interceptor or ball winner.He doesn’t have the height or even the strength.He’s just a solid 1v1 player but being a great CB is not all about 1v1.He should get Monreal out of our backline asap and shouldn’t even think of playing Kolasinac there as that side of Monreal and Kolasinac will become a weakness.

      2. Mobella says:

        With all these visible Wenger inefficiency why Stan Kroenke keeps faith with him is beyond reasoning. Like i said we can’t continue attacking Wenger and expect change. It is time to find a way to force Stan’s hand to achieve the desire change. I’m not sad, I’m not bitter, I’m just praying vehemently for someone to rescue my team from Wenger.

        1. neil says:

          I dont understand why Wenger is playing Ox when he wants to leave.. same with Sanchez to be honest. no idea why Laca didnt start and also Kolasinac…

          if we are going to get beat 4-0 then lets play those players who want to play and especially the ones we have bought recently to make the team better.. ! or else sorry to say as soon as a manager starts to play players threatening to leave rather than who he wants then he does not have control

          1. Dalinho says:

            I told you! We are the new West Ham (mid table team) we will be forever blowing bubbles until wenger and kroenke get out!

        2. chris says:

          Wenger is a clever politician. He cultivated Kroenke and out manouevred Gazidis plus anyone else on the Board. Kroenke is all that counts when it came to re appointing Wenger. .

      3. Anko says:

        I am exhausted with everything. I don’t know where to start from all I can say that Arsenal Football Club is a business empire!

    3. Zimbo says:

      How do we expect Lacazettee to compete with Morata and Lukaku if he is being benched?

    4. Eddy Hoyte says:

      Lol!! What a joke ???…Bench your best LWB and play an out of form RWB at LWB while you play the other LWB at CB just to satisfy Chamberlain and Bellerin, both who doesn’t deserve to be in the starting line up, 1 with poor form, the other with his head somewhere else. Bench your most clinical striker and play your poorest striker in terms of finishing.. Even the commentator said “i’ve said my piece last season. Wenger should’ve left, he needs to go”.
      Me: Hurt ?? No
      Fine?? Yes..
      I warned ya’ll not to have any expectations this season and experience less pain. Ox?? Please fvck off!! Played today like he doesn’t care.
      Wenger’s decision making is the poorest.. I’m happy we won’t be facing Man Utd soon

      1. maxi pimpi says:

        I would prefer “out of form right full back”. Belarin is not a wing back and can never be

    5. Napersie says:

      Loolz but wait… Lolz. At this rate I’ll put everyone up for sale. Even the manager

    6. i was a gooner says:

      i won’t let OX renew his contract at any cost.

    7. i was a gooner says:

      I think the secret life of Walter Mitty was a much better watch.

    8. LagosGunner says:

      It’s been 2 years and 9 months since #Arsenal have beaten a top six side away from home in the Premier League – LET THAT SINK IN

    9. LagosGunner says:

      It’s been 2 years and 9 months since #Arsenal have beaten a top six side away from home in the Premier League – LET THAT SINK IN….

    10. Remember Resource? says:

      Look everyone says who will take over at this very moment and I always say, Rafa benitez the guy is tactical genius he will take us far as a manager. He can take over right now and repair the situation, get us a good finish win the europa league and build on from there with the squad. You know winning two league titles with valencia against real and barca says it all. His tactical genius in coming back from 3-0 in a champions league final against perhaps one of the best squads of all time.. that says everything. Imagine that half time talk.. He’s a pragmatic straightforward winner. Get him in and the board must tell him to win major titles because he can and because why not?? it improves the image and value of the club. If you’re spending 150m a window why not just compete you have nothing to lose..

  2. JJPawn says:

    There is not much you can do to players who abandon the game plan. Arsenal is reaping the continuation of Ramsay, Chambers, etc., who are a terrible influence in the dressing room. Dump the English players with entitlement.

    This is the time to sell both and Theo. Remove the English cancer, and Arsenal’s foreign players will perform. The example the British players set is terrible. Of them, the only Welbeck is useful, as he tries.

    Wenger feels duty bound to play moaning English players in the team, as this an English team. But, we all know that English players cannot really care to put in the effort, not this generation, that would rather pretend their are superstars.

    This is why England cannot win major tournaments abroad.

    Mustafi-—–Koz—–Van Dijk

    Yes, this won’t happen. But, keeping this set of English players won’t do.

    1. Vijay says:

      I think we just witnessed the end of the back 3.

      1. Jan says:

        Ooh I hope so too.

      2. Welsh_Ramsey says:

        We all know Wenger was reluctant to switch to a back 3 last year and only did it because it was the only thing that could save him from the fans. Makes you wonder if hes purposely playing players out of position so he can use it as an excuse to say its not working and we go back to what we know. Maybe if we didnt play a LB as a CB, a RB as LB, and stop accommodating bellerin a starting spot we could see a move in the right direction. We had all the personnel on that bench to correctly play those positions. Poor Holding was left with Mane because no help from Ox. Same goes for Monreal with Bellerin, but he was poor in his own right. He’s not a CB for sure

      3. Mobella says:

        Back 3 is not at fault. The problem is the executioner. Liverpool used back 3 and won convincingly. People have said time and time here again, give Wenger massi , Ronald hazard, Ramos , pique, Kante, etc his team will still be this woeful.

      4. chris says:

        I am told the senior players told Wenger we should switch to a back 3 …. to end that terrible run in New Year 2017. Wenger eliminates all managerial and coaching opposition but will not take on the dressing room. It has happened before. But I do not believe Wenger really agreed with 3 at the back and seems to have made little attempt to make a success of it. We are in one hell of a mess – with senior players wanting to leave and not many wanting to join. The current players look like they have given up on Wenger (again).

    2. Raj says:

      Why are you blaming English players? Aren’t the English players playing better in other teams? Person who should totally take the blame is Wenger. What is the need to play English players when they are not performing? Stop justifying Wengers action.

      1. JJPawn says:


        “Dump the English players with entitlement.”

        Ramsay (British/Wales), Ox, and Theo are over-hyped. They are not good enough for the EPL.

        The foreign players like Elneny give effort. We need more players with heart.

        1. Simon says says:

          Give it a rest mate you’re boring now.

        2. Raj says:

          Who bought these English players and who is still keeping them in the team?.
          Lets not judge player based on nationality or sentiments .Lets judge them based on performance.
          What do you think about Ozil , Xhaka ? Are they English players?

          1. JJPawn says:

            “Lets not judge player based on nationality or sentiments .”

            Ha! Ha! You tell me why there are hardly any English player in big clubs outside of England, why is that?

            Like I noted, elsewhere, the younger generation of English players are better. The competition has improved them.

            You are too young to know Raj. When Wenger won the Title and the Cup, and then his French players were the core for the French victory at the World Cup, the English fans and press muttered that Wenger was not loyal to England. (Early Brexit stuff, if you ask me.)

            So Wenger began to develop English talent. Theo, Ox, etc. That is how they came, and that is why they are still there.

            Now, Wenger has got better young player coming through. That is why he is willing to (happy to!) sell the Ox. If someone came for Theo, the same thing would happen.

            This not about nationality, rather about a particular historical process… Arsenal have to shed its core of senior Enlgish players, who are worse than most in the EPL.

          2. Mobella says:

            I’m not too comfortable with your attach on English players at arsenal but you are right they are too entitled. There are no many English players around and the best of them are at spurs. How many of them is a starter at Chelsea (1), Manchester united(1), Manchester city (1) and he was just bought. How many of them ply there trade outside UK. I believe if they get down from there high horses and work on their skills, they can be better.

          3. rkw says:

            ridiculous …wenger failed to bring in the best young French players to the club too … he’s the problem because he is an arrogant French tw@@… nothing to do with nationality!!! LOL

        3. Simon says says:

          Where the player comes from has relevance at all.

        4. Skywalker says:

          I dare to say it but you truly missed Elneny today!! I was shocked he’s not even on the bench in a game written all over him. You had no one making an effort in midfield today and if Elneny was present he would’ve fought his socks off and made you look much better than you did all day

    3. kev says:

      Why is Xhaka still in your lineup?He’s massively overrated and I’m not even basing it on this one game.I also predicted he’ll be overrun in midfield if played today.People should stop criticizing him.It’s Wenger’s fault he was played when clearly knowing his weaknesses.I warned against this yesterday.I knew he was going to be overrun.It is highly debatable if he was the kind of player we needed in the first place.It’s funny how people think Wilshere is done yet apart from passing I can’t see which area of football he beats Wilshere.Even Wilshere has a higher IQ.

      1. HA559 says:

        The only reason he is overurn in midfiled is because of gorgeous Ramsey who vacates CMF for attack.

        Even Henry just said on SS that he spoke to Wenger about why Ramsey keeps leaving his position to go upfield and Wenger said it’s because thats how he wants Ramsey to play to keep making those runs into the box.

        Elneny is the safe option.

        1. kev says:

          I get your point mate.But in truth Ramsey is the CM and Xhaka is the DM according to our formation anf tactic.It’s even debatable if Xhaka is capable of playing DM.I think Ramsey’s tactical awareness is poor but he has every right to take risks and move into the opposition box.He’s a box to box player.The only problem is Ramsey overdoes it.If we had a proper CDM the team would be more balanced.Now it’s like we have two CM’s playing in midfield and due to their poor tactical awareness we’re always left exposed.I conclude by reminding people that Wilshere is better footballer and is more intelligent than Xhaka.It’ll be better playing Wilshere and pairing him with a CDM than having Xhaka play there.He just gets to play over him becausr we signed him for £35.

        2. chris says:

          Exactly so. We have a dangerous away match without a settled defence and Wenger details Ramsy to make runs into the box, leaving big gaps in the midfield. Wenger still believes in his beautiful attacking football. Does anyone else ??

      2. JJPawn says:

        Xhaka is a player that can deliver with the right leaders. The void left by the English players, means there is no leadership, as these one are really useless.

        Younger English players would do better with Xhaka.

        My guess is that we will see these younger players comeback. Let us hope that someone will but Ox!

    4. Simon says says:

      Honest question…… How can you and others still defend Wenger? He picks the team,he coaches the team and yet for some he is above the blame.
      You want a team without English players? Go,watch,support a team not in an English league, actually just go and jog on mate.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        It’s just soooo forking predictable lol
        I was busy playing Lord Mobile and totally forgot about the game haha… Here we go again and again, Wenger Out! For crying out loud! ?

        1. JJPawn says:

          You can tell players what to do, but they still have to execute.

          The plan was to hold Liverpool in the first half, and go after them in the second with Lacazette.

          However, the holding part did not work, as the English players were switched off, and not taking any leadership role. Even Koz cannot do much about the English, who are terrible.

          Ramsay was bad. He has speed only when attacking, but not defending. Ox same. Neither are interested in defending.

          1. Simon says says:

            Hahahahahahahahaha no you’re really a spud aren’t you or just having a laugh. No one can be that decisional well if you exclude le fraud

          2. COYG_CA says:

            So do you want Wenger out or not??

          3. COYG_CA says:

            Yeah, I am talking to you, JJPawn . . . .get it on record . . .

          4. JJPawn says:

            No, Wenger should stay and I hope he will.

            The issue is the weak senior British players in the team. They have no spirit, and they collapse under pressure. (Same reason that most British players cannot play abroad and why the EPL has mostly foreign players at the top club.)

            That said, it is not all doom and gloom. There are several younger English players coming through. They are better than the English core at Arsenal. We will be seeing more of them now. I hope Ox can be sold, and they can dump Theo and Ramsay too–the trouble is, who will take them?

          5. COYG_CA says:

            ha ha ha ha . . . . well, at least you have the nerve to state your position, I’ll give yo that, then I’ll give you a psychological exam and prescribe an ant-psychotic med for you.

            You do realize the only way players can be on the pitch is when Wenger names them to the squad, right? Which one of Wenger’s grapes tastes better, the left or the right?

          6. Raj says:

            Why should Wenger stay? You should justify that before you start blaming the English players? What has he done in the last 5 years? Don’t talk about FA cup victories because thats what you AKBs start talking when there is talk of Wenger Out . What has he done in the league or Champions league? 10 -2 to bayern Munich , Lost to Watford at home , and this . Still you are saying he should stay? . Give me the reasons why he should stay and then blame the players?

          7. JJPawn says:

            If you have read stuff I wrote here you will know that Arsenal is in a long re-build in response to strategic changes else where that has impacted the market so dramatically.

            That means Wenger has a plan to get a top tier foreign set along with the emerging young English players.

            This is part of the process, the pain. The gain will come when he can sell the entitle senior English players the English fans love. Theo, Ramsay (Welsh, actually), Ox, etc.

            Imagine an Arsenal side without Theo, Ramsay, Ox… those players. We are still one more year away from getting rid of them. But, it has to be done wisely so as to sell them high… shhh!

            Simply changing managers without a huge budget that Man U, Man City and Chelsea have will not change it. Liverpool also made changes with the same of players, and purchase of others. That style would be mean changing the entire team and they were able to do that with core they had and with sale of Sturridge, etc.

          8. Raj says:

            You talk about Liverpool? Liverpool changed have changed their managers 5 times in last 7 years – Benitez , Hodgson , Daglish , Rodgers and Klopp. They started with the same English core under Daglish and realised it won’t work and sacked him got rid of the bad players and changed the manager .Have we done that? They did this in 5 years . I am not saying Liverpool is the best team in league but they are moving in right direction but look at us , what have we done? we know these players are bad and still we play them. Who is responsible for selecting them? Wenger or the players just select themselves? You are talking about rebuilding . How long have ppl like Theo , Ox and Ramsay been with the team . If this is rebuilding then you have to define what rebuilding is?

          9. Ivan says:

            Wenger has been in the job more than 20 years so he should have organised himself by now. Sadly the truth is that the job is beyond him now.

          10. bran99 says:

            Who told you the plan was to hold Liverpool? Where did you even get that?

            Your master had a terrible lineup that added a lot to the failing in this game, no more excuses, your lord is past his best, still living in his past glories.. he buys only available top top players, where were they today? And rest of days where we played like kids? Fook him and his pathetic followers

          11. JJPawn says:

            If you follow the pattern at other games you will see that Wenger keep a gear in reserve. It failed spectacularly, as his mid-field did not execute. These are professional players, go watch Ramsay out of position, rather than box-to-box; on one goal has was not even looking. Watch Ox being beaten and then after catching up he does not take the head away. These are things that professional have to execute.

            You can say that Ox does not want to play for Wenger. Or, that Ramsay was lazy. That is why I say it is Wenger’s attempt to help English football that has bit him in the ar&e.

          12. Simon says says:

            Genuine tears of laughter, you’re one funny guy mate, totally delusional but hilarious. Wenger out

          13. JJPawn says:

            “Mate” your senior English players did not come to play.

            That is what is sad. This manager has tried for the past 10 years or more to build an English core to help the national team. It has not worked with this lot. Hopefully, he will succeed with the next generation.

          14. Simon says says:

            To help the national team hahahahaha, do you also believe he can walk on water ‘mate’

          15. JJPawn says:

            No… his French players were the core of the team that won the world up.

            At the time the English media and fans were angry with Wenger for his role in developing that team. So, he has tried to help the English… you are just not aware of team history.

            No one walks on water, “mate”. But, you can try to read some history.

          16. John0711 says:

            you really are confused. playing players out of position is one persons fault.

          17. JJPawn says:

            Ramsay not playing according his remit.
            No Ox.

            Exposing the back three is baaad!

          18. chris says:

            No it is Wenger who under rates defending and ‘e vill not abandon ‘is beautiful attacking principles.

          19. JJPawn says:

            Then why bother having any backs at all?

    5. Andy says:

      Sounded like someone who has an axe to grind with the English!

      1. JJPawn says:

        “Dump the English players with entitlement.”

        Really? What English language skills made you think that? Read my simple line above. You actually display the mentality I am writing about.

        Luckily, there are other un-entitled English players coming through. They have no respect for Ox, Theo and Ramsay.

    6. Sick to the backteath says:

      Ozil is not English and he seems to care and fight the least. Xhaka is not English and he is just as bad as the others, your analysis – singlining out English players is all wrong. The problem is the club set- up and ethos, not the nationality of the players.

      1. JJPawn says:

        Ozil is AM player signed to supply passes for scoring.

        The job of the the others behind is to get the ball to him. That did not happen. That is why they were no shots on goal.

        Not only that, those supposed to be protecting the back three were not there. Ox and Ramsay in particular were MIA.

  3. gotanidea says:

    That match was Arsenal’s last attempts to convince the contract rebels to extend. That was why the new players were benched, Arsenal do not want to lose money (the contract rebels).

    I don’t think they managed to persuade those people and I think we will see Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain sold before this transfer window is closed. I saw that the other players are also unwilling to play for Arsenal anymore.

    I believe if the players want, they can push Wenger out, like what Chelsea’s players did to Mourinho. Unfortunately, there is no one can push the board out, not even the millions of fans.

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      not true.
      who was the contract rebel that made wenger play welbak for laca? or holding for mustafi?

      1. JJPawn says:

        Part of the plan was to tire Liverpool, then use Lacazette in the second half. Going, 0-1 down, would have allowed them a chance.

        But, allowing easy goals from bad playing cannot lead to any plan being executed.

        1. Simon says says:

          Was the plan the same as the 8-2 at united, the 6 at Chelsea the 4-4 away at Newcastle etc etc then? Say what you want about the English players, its the French fraud (who’s been made a very wealthy man managing these players) that’s the problem.

          1. JJPawn says:

            When was the last time Arsenal won the title? More than once?
            Was he a fraud then?

          2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

            Should never have sacked George Graham. Can you imagine a George Graham managed team playing like this?

          3. Simon says says:

            Sorry ‘mate’ what is the question? When Wenger signed for arsenal it had been five years since we’d won the league, 3 years since the league cup and fa cup, 2 years after we won the cup winners cup, is that what you meant?

    2. Trudeau says:

      Not only was that the last match to persuade the contract rebels to sign, it was the last match to convince new players to sign. Where will VVD choose after today – Liverpool or Arsenal? Strap in boys and girls, it’s gonna be a loooong season.

  4. justforlaugh says:

    We arsenal fans are the only football fans that wish the EPL season ends today. The feeling is no longer anger. Its just sadness and heart broken

    1. Simon says says:

      Oh mate, I’m angry, angry at that display,at the nonsense that le fraud chats and angry that our beloved arsenal fan base were sold a dream that simply wasn’t true. It won’t happen obviously but Wenger should resign tonight.

      1. JJPawn says:

        You all should stop watching Arsenal, and get another team to support. Seriously. The Spurs have a nice young team, and they have a great coach you will like. And, the team has many good, talented, hard-working players that are English. They are in London too.

        Abandon ship!

        1. Simon says says:

          Don’t even go there mate, I’ve watched arsenal from the clock end long before Wenger and I’ll be still watching long after le fraud has gone. EIE

          1. JJPawn says:

            I suppose he was a fraud when they won the double?
            Should we throw that out too?

            You are the fraud really. You do not know how fast the game changed, and how this affects plans for any team.

            I would be with you if said that the team needs new ownership and massive transfer funds for makeover like Chelsea, ManCity and United.

            Calling a decent man a fraud, makes you a poor supporter.

          2. Simon says says:

            I’ll also throw in the fact that I have seen some really poor teams at arsenal but none of the previous managers had the arrogance and salary to match le frauds. Le fraud inherited a basis of a very good side and had a very good man in David Dein as a boss. No you’re right I don’t get how fast football has changed but neither seemingly does le fraud. Wenger out, sorry my mistake le fraud out

          3. JJPawn says:

            When you have less money, you invest in younger players. Sadly for us as Arsenal fans those younger English players have not come through. They are the frauds you should be booing about… but, guess what, the English players are fan favorites!

            Wenger actually knows how the game has changed, but that does not mean you can suddenly change the team. Sure, if you have resources of billionaires, you can change things around suddenly, but not at Arsenal with less money.

            What is really interesting are the changes going on right now. I just hope that he can sell the Ox. Then Theo and also Ramsay, who is really a number 10 in his head.

            Replace them with competent players and the rest will come through. But, sorry, Arsenal cannot win a title, not under the present system of transfer.

            Maybe there will be some luck, but I cannot see how anyone can beat Man U/Mac C/Chelsea.

  5. Arsenalman says:

    Good! I hope we lose the next ten games so that Wenger is forced to resign or fired. Enough is enough. Wenger out !!!

    1. JJPawn says:

      That is exactly the loser’s mentality.

      Any self-respecting professional would learn from the game and play better next time. For those looking for a scapegoat, like you, and the dozens who recced you, that is the problem with Arsenal fanz.

      1. Raj says:

        We lost the last game and did we learn from that and play better. Don’t blame the fans , its people like you who support Wenger and not the team who are the reason we are in this position

        1. JJPawn says:

          “We lost the last game…”

          Yes. But, were not outplayed. (Two penalties and goal not given.)

          The Liverpool style is a full-press (win the ball) counter-attacking style. Wenger tried to absorb that, and then use his fresh subs in the second half. It did not work, as his mid-field did not play well at all, in particular Ramsay and Ox.

          Man U are also built like this. Both teams were rebuilt with big money, after some disastrous results. In response Wenger is trying to build another team, but his English core is really bad, and he knows it. Can he tell English fans this sad truth?

          I hope he just sells the bad players and lets the younger ones to play, which is risky, as a 17 year old is not mature in body. Tough one for the boss, but you cannot turn around a team overnight with only 100-150 million to spend.

          1. Raj says:

            Wenger tried to absorb that? by playing Holding ahead of Mustafi ? By playing a RB as LWB? by playing a LB as CB, with a regular CB on bench? playing Xhaka who was bad in last two games ahead of Coq and Elneny?
            What are you talking mate?Wenger is trying to build a team ? this reason has been going around for last 5 seasons .Why doesn’t he sell the English players if they are bad.
            You are not an Arsenal fan , you are just another deluded AKB.

          2. JJPawn says:

            Not Holding’s fault–that was a superb fish by Mane. (Sorry Raj, you know the game was lost in mid-field right?)

            You can call me all the names you want, but that does not change what I observe/report.

            Grow up, a bit. Arsenal will be lucky to finish top four, as Everton are also buying a very good team and are trying to weaken us at the same time.

      2. COYG_CA says:

        Get it on record – JJPawn. Do you want Wenger out or not??

        1. JJPawn says:

          Already, wrote this somewhere here. Wenger in under the current situation, he is the best man for the re-build without the senior English core.

          1. Wolf says:

            Your having a laugh. Must be a spuds fan here taking the p***

          2. Simon says says:

            I agree totally, he must be a spud or Chelsea

          3. JJPawn says:


            I provide you with an analysis, and you do not like it, so you say, I am a fan another club!

            Your expectation to win today, is falsely placed. Do look at this team in transition, and what Wenger is trying to do. Try to understand…

            We might end up 6th or 7th this time if Everton improves and have total fan support at home and the Spurs do not have issues at Wembley.

            We just lost to a team built to attack Pep’s Man City. But, Liverpool can lose to another physical team.

            The key now is to stay calm, and hope the core of senior English player will move one along with the others. It would nice if Ramsay and Theo get sold too, but that won’t happen, as few will want to buy them.

          4. ZA_Gunner says:

            Must be TY on Arsenal Fan TV

  6. Noel says:

    Where is the excuse of us being unlucky. Been saying for years, we are not good enough.
    And xhaka jeez, he is awful and to imagine somebof our fools compared him to pogba. Joke all around.

  7. Gurrosco says:

    I need a hug

    1. JJPawn says:

      You got one!

      Hang in there. This is one game, and now that it happened, Wenger has to make some decisions about his English boys.

      1. Jimbeam says:

        You’re really not very smart are you. Stop with the English boys – How good was Xhaka? Or Bellerin or Ozil. Btw every single player in this team was bought by Wenger – Xhaka last year cost more than Kante – who was the player of the year two years running.

        1. JJPawn says:

          It was Wenger’s fault for trying to build an English core. Guilty.

          Xhaka was bad for the third week. Ozil’s job is not to defend.

          If two players stop playing well in the middle, it is curtains. That is what happened today, more or less.

          It was also the fact that Liverpool were playing well, with their style of high tempo game to break the Arsenal game down. For that style of play, teams need a different set of players, something Arsenal did not have.

          Kante might have helped, I agree. But, if he did not execute, then it won’t matter.

          You are all sensitive the my criticism of the senior English players… sorry, I am calling what I saw. Wenger did no play in the middle of the pitch, Ramsay did, and he thought he was a #10 today. Ox thought he did not have to defend.

  8. Uzi Ozil says:

    The FA cup won last season will be forgotten in a hurry. Liverpool were good but we were so terrible and to think they played in the mid week. We just didn’t turn up after a poor show against stoke last week. Other teams know how to setup against us, but the Wenger wouldn’t do other wise for his team. I m not sorry for Him. He put himself in this mess…

    Arsenal looked disoriented, shaky, scattered, uninterested, confused, lost, disarrayed, wobbly……

    Title Contender? Nah..

    Top 4? Nah..

    Top 10? Maybe…

  9. sniper says:

    Baptism by fire! a wake up call we are jokers players, board and coach all stealing a living at arsenal.we have a strong team we please you’re insane…radacadiscal performance shame shame shame.. season dead and burries already!

    1. Ignasi M says:

      Dear Admin,

      Could you write an article titled: ‘what does Wenger do in training?’, please?

      Also, i’m quite happy to pay Sanchez to leave Arsenal. He’s wasted almost four years of his career (at his peak) at Arsenal.

      And before you say anything, winning two FA cups (Sanchez) in 3 years is not good enough for a world class player. We also know how the FA cup draws have been very kind to Arsenal (e.g. playing a weak Man Utd in transition under Van Gaal, sending offs going in our favour, and drawn against countless non league or weaker teams compared to our EPL rivals etc)

      1. Mobella says:

        I understand your sentiment about Sanchez but what is the inspiring thing he did on the field today. Sanchez stat and energy has won him a lot of fan but he is as woeful as arsenal today and guess what he plays arsenal. Talking about word class player, did you see Messi yesterday, when the going get touch they pull a rabbit out of the bag.

        1. Ignasi M says:

          True! But I could see Sanchez trying. He was overworking today but had lots of misplaced passing as a result trying to influence the game.

          Its interesting…i classify Messi and Ronaldo as ‘elite’ players. This is a rung up from ‘world class’. Elite players essentially produce in every single game and are pretty much perfect in everything they do on the pitch. However, i admit this is my own made up classification!

        2. bran99 says:

          Messi was there but his lads were on holiday, Messi could have kicked a lot diagonal through passes to Neymar, but whenever he had the ball and looks up, guys were jogging sideways, a lot to shoulder for Messi.. unlike Ronaldo who waits for his compatriots to do all the work and he just sets himself up in the box to tap in

          Sanchez was trying but no one was making meaningful runs in the box. Team full of mediocre players

          1. Ignasi M says:

            Yeah, good observation – add that to the list! No one attempted to make any meaningful runs.

  10. drew says:

    Yoh!! Thank you mr wenger, thank you mr kroenke, really its what we needed to see change at my beloved arsenal.

  11. Anton says:

    The fan who passed away, last week against Stoke didn’t see this one!!

  12. Invincibles49 says:

    Ian Wright: “After this match, Wenger will walk into the dressing room and won’t pick anyone say or anything in particular. He will just say something philosophical, players will sit on the bus, go away and they will be ok again.”

    Michael Owen: “I was sitting behind the dugout and all match i heard him speak 4 times all match. And that too to compaint to the 4th official!”

    Any Townsend: “We knew what should be changed in 10 min. But Wenger took a whole half to realize this”

    Alan Shearer: ” You can have days when 3-4 and even 5 players do not turn up. But when all the team doe not turn on a day, it becomes an indication if the players even want to play for the Managers. And especially on the back of a defeat and 3 games into the season, it is extremely worrying”

    Peter Dreury: “Based on today’s performance, Arsenal have become irrelevant this season”

    These statements sum up everything!

    1. bran99 says:

      AKBs will hunt you down brother, they never wanna hear anything true about their Lord

  13. Thierryzil says:

    I would be surprised if Alexis doesn’t force a move out of this club before the end of this window. And
    I’ll not even blame him if he does so.

    There’s no point in being afraid of him heading to a “direct title rival” in Manchester. FFS we aren’t even
    title challengers.

  14. Rkw says:

    Malcolm x was right about arsenal … by any means necessary to get rid of the clowns running this club to the ground .. if it takes 6 straight losses that’s fine by me .,. Sick of the utter football morons on this site saying get behind the team … what ffing team … that wasn’t even a Sunday pub team in display today … all I want is wenger and Kroeber and gazidis and all the money grubbing fraudsters gone from the emirates .., by any means necessary

  15. kev says:

    Well what did I tell you guys?I told you we should play 4-2-3-1 and take Xhaka out of this lineup.The team should have been:
    Bellerin Koscielny Holding Kolasinac
    Elneny/Coquelin Ramsey
    Ox Ozil Sanchez
    We would’ve won this game if we had set out this way.I warned against playing the massively overrated Xhaka.Can the guy even defend to save his life?Can he hold the ball for a million dollars?Naa just kidding.We were outclassed today.

    1. Paul says:

      I really don’t think it would of made any difference at all buddy.

      1. kev says:

        The thing is that way we would’ve gotten everyone playing to their strengths.Ox at WB is just wrong.Bellerin is also not a RWB he’s a RB.Ozil looks like a winger in our new lineup which is also very wrong.Trust me if we had started the likes of Kolsinac,Coquelin and Lacazette in a 4-2-3-1 lineup we would’ve have scored some goals.I predicted us yesterday to be overrun in midfield if a player like Xhaka starts and we’ve seen what happened.I’ve also noticed people think wing back and a right/left back are the same which is not true..They’re completely different roles.The players are not playing well due to poor tactics,formation and Wenger himself.

        1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

          so where’s all those signings then,hey? ?? go and crawl back up your Resource buddy’s ass! ??

          1. kev says:

            Unlike Resource I don’t hide when people come criticizing.Resource hid himself when he knew people would criticize him for the Lemar deal saying it was done and all that.I had to take the blame because people confused me with him.As for the transfers,believe me if you want Lemar asking price of £55 including add ons was agreed to be paid.The price was changed to £65 putting Arsenal off but they they tried for several weeks for Monaco to soften their stance.The Jadon Sancho deal is imminent and by next week I expect City to release him.

            Note I only reported on two deals thorought the summer which is Sancho and Lemar.I don’t like it when people jump to conclusions and don’t read and understand clearly what I send

          2. chris says:

            I am sorry but the only signing that would improve matters is that of a new manager.

  16. DANDY GUNNER says:

    There must be a way to get rid of Wenger this can’t go on. If Wenger went I would say this has been the best Transfer window ever. WENGER OUT.

    1. gotanidea says:

      The players have been starting to push him out. The fans can only pray they may suceed.

  17. ks-gunner says:

    Everything at Arsenal is simple pathetic, including the fanbase

    1. AngryGunner says:

      If you insult the fanbase you shouldn’t be here ! Admin this comment needs to deleted please , Arsenal fans have had enough today , we can’t have rival fans here insulting Arsenal fans in a site named “JustArsenal”.

      1. JJPawn says:

        The fan base is frustrated.

        Wenger made a mistake of trying to build an English core, and look what happened. If Wenger had four Elneny’s running full time they would do better.

        1. Simon says says:


      2. ks-gunner says:

        No you havent mate, otherwise you would realise that we are not even worth the time of their insults, that bad we have become, haha.

  18. GoonerKev84 says:

    Enough is enough now! Seriously how can anyone back Wenger now? The team quite clearly do not play for him, are we to sit back and watch and support this sh*t for the next 2 or more years? The man has to bow out now the job is too much for him a blind man could see that I honestly do not see how he caries on after this yet another embarrassment! It’s time he was removed this cannot go on.

  19. Sonny boy says:

    We made emre can and Henderson look like Xavi and iniesta out there that’s how flipping disgraceful we were

  20. Samij says:

    I didn’t expect anything less than dis… As far as wenger stil d manger Arsenal will continue to suffer.. Wenger has no winning mentality

    1. chris says:

      Well he would like to win but does not know how. He has presided over decline for 10 years.

  21. Godswill says:

    Wenger Wenger, Wenger.
    When is he going to leave us alone?
    Does Kronke likes or watch football?
    I like that Russian somewhere else in London. If it is him I don’t think Wenger and some players will show up in the next training.

  22. phychem says:

    Sell sanchez plz..he deserves better.For those fans backing wenger, I hope u sleep well tonight.A better manager wud do better with this squad.

  23. Ganja says:

    I heard Lee Dixon say he had to stand to watch Arsenal while commentating because it’s the only way to deal with anger. That was deep, we’re talking about current players not being convinced to extend. Imagine how past players and legends feel who actually won the league…

    1. gotanidea says:

      I believe a few more losses would be enough for Arsenal to justify Wenger’s replacement. They would do it as if he resigns, to give homage to what he has been done to the club.

      At least a new manager will bring fresher atmosphere to the team, like what happened to Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester City. They could appoint Henry as a caretaker.

      1. Mobella says:

        Please don’t pray for more loss just for Stan to act up. Nobody enjoys this kind of feelings.

  24. OxInTheBox says:

    by the end of the transfer window we are going to be weaker, with sanchez, ox and mustafi out, panic buys in- who in they’r right mind are going to come here?

    wenger out, tohel in. otherwise, embrace yourselves for a difficult top 6 fight.

    1. Paul says:

      Top 6 ? I admire your enthusiasm, I am getting my canister around playing championship football next season.
      I’ve been an Arsenal supporter all my life, season after season we have to endure this muck. Gone are the days that we can lure players like Liam Brady, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp Patrick Vierra, Manny Petit. We are just so shite, recruiting for the sake of it, I imagine Lacazette believes he’s done the right thing. Forget Thomas Lemar.

  25. Nine says:

    Wenger doesn’t love Arsenal… All he did, he did to hurt us! I really do believe that. This is not incompetence! These are clear and simple decisions to destroy any ability to compete in wining a game. Players out of position without any injuries and selection of lower quality players while benching the crucial ones in important matches? There is no way of justifying it. What I don’t understand is why are fans in London quite about this? We should be asking immediate resignation of wenger! My heart is in so much pain and I can’t do s$$t to do anything about it!!! And this was a Liverpool side without cotinho and all lalana!!!
    F$&k wenger!!

  26. Wolf says:

    A complete rebuild is needed from top to bottom but the fans need to get this going and that’s through home game boycotts. No fan uprising no change

  27. Simeon Ben says:

    Buy messi, ronaldo, neymar and the likes to arsenal, leave them under wenger. Arsenal will be worst than they are presently. The problem is not the players but WENGER.

  28. chuauhnuna says:

    Mr. Stan, would you please hand over the ownership to those who really have hearts for my Club?

  29. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Hold my hands up and say I was wrong. I underestimated Wenger.

    I said 6-0 so 4-0 is practically a win for me. The boss knows how to get results.

  30. Ganja says:

    We couldn’t beat Stoke yet we were supposed to turn over Liverpool, one of the best offensive sides in the league. Without Coutinho!

  31. Invincibles49 says:

    Sometimes i envy Arsenal players. They can just refuse another contract and move to another club. But i am tied to Arsenal for life. Where do i go ?

    1. Paul says:

      Championship I’m afraid ?

  32. John says:

    The worst Gunners game I have ever seen……… energy………as if they didn’t want to be there……..why does Wenger play Welbeck as a striker…….he just can’t score……….Wenger cannot change that…………anyway where does this Arsenal team go forward?…….we all know the owner is going no where …….neither is Wenger ……….

    1. Ignasi M says:

      Did you see bambi on ice slip in the first half and lose the ball in the penalty area when he was barely under any pressure?


  33. Emmanuel says:

    xhaka did not give the ball away for the first goal. He made a good pass to the uselessbellerin who half heartedly tried to control the ball with little or no skill. Iwobi should be playing for ozil who does nothing good with the ball these days. He is absolutely useless. He gave away the ball for the second goal. Xhaka cant do anything if you are surrounded by naive and uninterested players. Wellbeck being fielded at all shows wenger has some problems. He needs to field players based on form and not sentiments. Time to bring on riese nelson. We have the players to play in defence, thogh we need to buy one more but you put them all on the bench. MERT, MUSTAFI, SEAD. I dont know what is wrong with arsene. He is definitely not interested in winning anything for arsenal again.

    1. Nine says:

      Shut the f$$k up xaka didn’t do wrong!! He is the s$$test player Arsenal has ever seen. He is the f$$kin reason we bagged 9 goals in 3 games!!!

  34. Qadri says:

    Wenger has lost it but that isn’t a news I bet. How does a coach bench a natural left back for a right back to play in his stead?
    Wenger has lost it but more than him the board are a bunch of consters

  35. ozil10 says:

    Xhaka is a walking meme
    I was literally laughing when he went to tackle but ended up crawling on the pitch..
    There are no words to describe him.. He is really that bad
    Ozil’s shot on 46 mins really sums up his “threat”…
    Most of the players are good for nothing just like the manager.

  36. Yun says:

    Very sad. Arsenal lost and we stuck with wenger and transfer window only 4 days left. Doom..

  37. Sean says:

    Did an Article yday on the way are squad is…. we are terrible & that toxic atmoshere is here!!

  38. Odeyme says:

    This match sums up Arsene in charged of arsenal. The man is totally clueless and is very ignorant of modern day football….he has lost motivation and his team selection is there for all to see.looking lost everytime his team are behind………… This is totally unacceptable and disgraceful……. Hard times being an arsenal supporter

  39. Uzi Ozil says:

    It’s either the players ain’t playing for Wenger anymore or Wenger has lost the plot. Anyhow, Wenger should have left after last season. The fans are suffering…

    Every team get beat sometimes but they come back hungry.

    This Arsenal team need JESUS.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Hahahaha you’re absolutely right! Arsenal need a f***ing Jesus Christ, complete with his eleven disciples in the field.

  40. Nothing changed says:

    We play three players that don’t want to play for us and we bench the two new players who do want to play for us. That’s the way to build a good vibe.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Great comment. At this point I’d like to see Wilshire start the next game. At least he’s got passion for the shirt.

  41. KaTs says:

    I am so angry by the way Wenger mobilze the crew. By now, every manager in Europe knows his tactic and is well prepared for that.
    Please go away!

  42. Emmanuel says:

    Ramsey is not better than xhaka. xhaka is not being properly utilised by arsene, period. when you play alongside ozil and ramsey, you get discouraged.

  43. AB says:

    Congratulations to wenger, fans who consider wenger God, Kroenke and the board for succeeding in your objectives for our beloved club. I know you are disappointed that we conceded only 4 goals but don’t worry there are many more games to come. There is going to be no change as the board doesn’t have the balls to sack wenger. Any other board would have taken action long back. I think the fans can only be patient and wait for these enemies to leave out so shame or monetary reasons. Don’t know when will that happen but we definitely have more bad times before anything good.

  44. Badenglish says:

    English players not bad. Problem is Alkohol they drink. German players not drinking. The next problem is the mentality. You must be 11 friedliche. English players like to be Ar..holes

  45. Badenglish says:

    You must be 11 friends. My German Textprogramm change sometimes my words in the last second

  46. Alex says:

    It must be really hard being elneny now. He has to watch xhaka take his place and play like a blind retarded sheep he is, and never get dropped. What on earth is xhaka doing in PL. In all 3 games he gave the ball away for opposition to score. His passing is avarage at best and he is defencivly shockingly bad, yet he plays as a holding midfielder

  47. Konstantin Mitov says:

    I was labelled negative countless times for saying he should go and I was proven right again. I don’t want to be negative, it’s what Arsened trained me to be serving performances like that. I am sorry, but if you are not convinced he is supposed to leave, think again.

  48. henrytl says:

    Blame youself Arsenal fans!!! Because all of you have accepted this. Same action same result !!!

  49. LagosGunner says:

    If Wenger had any sort of dignity, respect or self-worth left, he should resign, tonight.

    Another manager with this same team today will have really troubled Liverpool.

    He buys a 50 million striker high on confidence after bagging a debut goal, and scoring against Stoke (wrongly judged for offside) then he puts him on the bench.

    Gets the best LB in German football, a solid tank, strong, pacy and efficient, suited for the Liverpool game, puts him on the bench for 90 minutes.

    Plays a natural right back in left back, even after it has not worked for 3 matches.

    Fails to bring in our 50 Million striker even when the Welbeck experiment upfront was failing, waits until his auto-default (70 mins/when another goal goes to our net) before he puts Lacazette, even when he was on, he was shifted to the left and we failed to have a shot-on-target all game.

    Throughout the whole game, Wenger never got up to shout or speak to the players, instead he was shouting and moaning at the 4th official while Ramsey was busy bursting forward like a striker, leaving many spaces to exploit. We had no leaders in the team, and Wenger didn’t help one bit trying to even make any change at all.

    It’s worse that this is coming after a defeat at Stoke

    It’s worse that we have conceded 8 goals in 3 games

    It’s worse that we need at least 3 major signings and hope of any is so slim.

    It’s going to be a very long international break, i’m a very sad fan, Wenger just needs to go because it will only get worse.

  50. henry says:

    Good for you who go to watch such crap. Good for you who keep on buying Arsenal merchandise and season tickets to enrich the hunter, the board and Arsene. Good for you who booed and sneered at the AOB brigade. Good for you who label us plastic or untrue fans when we want Wenger out. Congratulations for being served crap. You deserve it fully. And you still have a whole two years of the same. As for me, I won’t shed a tear nor will my heart skip a beat because Arsenal has lost. I like many others expected it. I will always love Arsenal but the current manager, board and owner do not deserve my support. I will wait till they have gone, then start worrying about our results. For now, cheers!

  51. Ivan says:

    Again we have seen more have Wenger’s mad decisions.
    1) Playing people out of position for no apparent reason.
    2) Dropping his new signings to the bench.
    Thanks to his madness he made a Liverpool team who are very good but not top three material look like world beaters even though their best was not playing.
    Wenger is the luckiest man in football.
    1) He has managed to con the Arsenal owners in to continue to employ him.
    2) He has managed to get them to pay him £10.5 mil a year.
    3) He still has the love (or should I say man crush) of a hardcore of supporters who rush to blame anybody but him for the team’s failures.
    4) There is not a home game for nearly two weeks.
    This sort of thing has been going on for years not just this season which is why we have not seriously competed for the title (within a point or two with say three games left) since 2004.
    We stand no chance of winning with this old fossil.

  52. deeps says:

    Seasons come and go..but arsenal remains same.I can’t understand why so called gooners in London aren’t reacting.If Wenger has any self esteem,he must resign his job.

  53. Adam Criniti says:

    Lee Dixon and Gary Neville were spot in in there scathing attacks on Arsenals shambolic showing this afternoon. The underlining and telling criticism was the players collective disinterest in putting in at least a shift in a pivotal early season fixture against one of your top rivals.
    It appeared to me that the player’s were giving Le Fraud the proverbial middle finger.

    The only chance Arsenal have to rescue this season is to fire Wenger immediately, but sadly we all know this script will unfold.

    Thx Sanchez for being the embodiment of Arsenal the last few years, the rest leaving don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  54. Sam says:

    The only news headline that will make me feel better and mend my broken heart right now is, BREAKING NEWS: WENGER SACKED!
    But sadly it will never happen. Oh my Arsenal, how the mighty has fallen. Feeling sad

  55. Paul says:

    I just can’t do this anymore
    ? Must be pissing themselves

    1. Paul says:

      ? embarrassed isn’t the word. Inside I’m crying.

  56. Gilbert Opiyo says:

    Once I see Ozil in any big match I simply know we are playing one man down( 10) The problem starts with Wenger.What on earth was Xhaka ,Ramsey and Ozil doing on the field? I think Iwobi, Elneny and the coq would have performed much better than them. It’s high time Dangote takes over the club and send Wenger parking

  57. satanK says:

    So basically, Wenger benches Lacazette, so Ozil can keep on being mediocre.
    He could have easily played Laca Welbz and Sanchez if he wanted height up front.
    But that takes the German magician of disappearing out of the equation, which cannot be allowed, he’s in the “favorite”bracket with his adopted son, Ramsey, who forgets that he’s a central midfielder, not an AMF.
    Ox and Sanchez should leave tomorrow, the club is in shambles.
    I believe Steve Bould would do a much better job than Wenger.

  58. Dan says:

    Arsenal biggest problem is Wenger. He does not know what he is doing. What is our system of play are we buying players to fit that system of just players who are available? I do not believe we need to spend for spending sake but look at Liverpool, none of those players were out of reach for Arsenal, but Klopp knows they fit his system. It will not change a thing if we buy heavily if Arsene does not have a concrete plan.

    How we can go to Liverpool and start without a holding midfielder is beyond me. If the Ox is a better wing back than Bellerin then drop the Spaniard and play the lKolosiniac on the left. We all know the reason the Ox is starting is because of the contract situation it happened with Walcott before. It makes you question Wenger’s ability if he has to basically bribe players to stay
    And do get me started on Welbeck starting as the striker…

    1. JJPawn says:

      “We all know the reason the Ox is starting is because of the contract situation it happened with Walcott before. It makes you question Wenger’s ability if he has to basically bribe players to stay.”

      Now we get to the core issue. Spoiled English senior players. Get the lot of them out, and see the younger players through. Ramsay has one good season, and he thinks that he can go to Spain! Theo had one decent season, and suddenly he think he is great! Ditto for Ox. Wenger has to ship these players out. Not easy, but there are some desperate for English quota teams around.

      The better English players are often ridiculed by arrogant Arsenal fanz. Take a look at Watford, Leicester, etc., and there are hard working players there much better than our British players.

      1. Raj says:

        I think you should stop blaming players and start blaming the manager . Just clarify whom do you support Arsenal or Arsene

        1. COYG_CA says:

          He’s a tool . . .

          1. JJPawn says:

            Unlike temporary Arsenal supporters, who just see what is happening now, I can see a longer term issue that Wenger is handling. He is needed at the club to see it through to the next stage. When he leave in two years he will have left it in excellent financial health and with excellent players coming in.

            They still will not be able to compete with the big three. But, once better players are landed in mid-field and defense, they will be a top club. That said, if Everton goes and buys an entire new team, then the ownership has to change and give Arsenal the money to buy the best.

            Right now Wenger has to sell his rotten English core to allow the younger English players to play. The next week will hopefully see the Ox leave. Ramsay too and Theo. (They all think they are great players and need to play up the middle!)

          2. Ivan says:

            What are you smoking JJPawn? You live in a fantasy world making things up and you really do have a fantastic imagination.
            The biggest problem is that your man crush can no longer do tactics and cannot motivate any of the players.

          3. Raj says:

            He and Wenger are smoking something has kept them hight for last 10 years

  59. Big Gun says:

    Why are we still repeating ourselves? I didn’t even watch the game today simply because I am starting to lose interest in this club UNDER WENGER. Glad I didn’t. It’s not about losing, it’s about HOW Arsenal lose…blaming the players is one thing but when you have the mentality of an invertebrate managing the team, the players adopt that way of thinking. We see it season after season…its like the dead horse has been flogged so much all you see are the bones…that is literally what this club has become.

  60. David Rusa says:

    Last week I wrote something on my son who was questioning whether Wenger needs a psychiatrist. Today anyone with common sense can see that Wenger has become a total clown! I don’t whether I am surprised, angry, sad or all three mixed up together. This is simply indescribable! It simply stinks!

    1. David Rusa says:

      Why should Wenger buy players he doesn’t use? If this was not a big game what was it? How can you leave your most expensive striker signing out of such a game? Why didn’t Kolasinac start today’s game as a left wing back? I feel Wenger is becoming mentally deranged. Otherwise why does he behave erratically? He has become utterly cluless

  61. AB says:

    Calling on the sponsors to make their voice heard. I have stopped buying club merchandise and as of this moment I am going to stop buying any puma products and will not fly emirates airlines. If it is all about the money then the sponsors should come out in public and criticize the poor management of our club.

  62. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    I hope wenger drops dead and die…yea I know it’s just football and I know am way out of the line here, but I really hope’s he dies…and Pls he never had it, he was only lucky to start with..God haven’t never felt this way about anybody my whole life

    1. Jonm says:

      You are correct in saying you are way out of line.

  63. gomez says:

    I am sorry but this is the last straw.I haven’t been this angered about a game aside psg vs barca last season. Wtf was that they played like bunch of workers picked up to play a match..
    I am going to make this points
    1.cech yes he saved us some blushes today but he should have done better in many occasions too in terms of distribution.
    2.holding what has he turned to. This is why he shouldn’t even be a starter in my opinion and please no excuse that he is young. Gomes who played right back for pool is younger.he shouldn’t be near the first team. Again whose fault is that wenger.
    3.koscielny not the first game he was expecting but he couldn’t do much when the whole defence is playing as if they are playing a charity game.
    4.morel he always start the season poorly..but then again he did great last season as a left wing back but this season Mr know it all is playing him cb..clueless manager.
    5.Ox even though he may leave or not he shouldn’t be a starter.the guy is overhyped. He did little to help out in defence nor attack.he couldn’t even careless if mane was running at holding. If I was arsenal I would chop off the hands of any team that offer above 30m for that mediocre player.
    6.belerin I don’t even know were to start with him because the biggest mistake was not taking the money barca offered us for him..he has regressed since last season.enough said he shouldn’t be in the first team.
    7.ozil yes he is easy to pick on though sometimes I don’t agree with some criticsm but today he was on his couch eating some apple cider and kebab perhaps wtf was that performance. Again he shouldn’t be playing 90mins.what has iwobi got to do to play that role.
    8.Ramsey was he even playing. Someone said today that he was in junior high school when arsenal signed Ramsey but he is now in college yet Ramsey has not improved. What does this guy bring to this team? He always unbalances the team.he will leave his position time and time again.mediocre at best no wonder no team is even enquiring about him.
    9.xhaka we signed a wrong player.yes he is good but premier league is not for him.too slow can’t defend, can’t really move.we should hAve signed Kante.
    10.sanchez he tried but body language of a player that wants out.enough said.
    11.welbeck wtf was wenger thinking playing him as st and benching lacazzet unbelievable..another deadwood giving to us by man u.
    The substitute was nothing because we lost the game before it evenue started with that line up.
    If I was the manager I would play elneny more often than ramsey because unlike Ramsey he doesn’t leave his position.
    Wring formation and wrong tactics with playing player out of position lost this game.
    Again it looks like mustafI is off so that lives us with out of form/inexperienced holding, injury prone koscielny, ageing mertesacker,untested kolasinac and maybe chambers. Wenger gtf out of our club.

  64. Ndajona says:

    Just speechless, just wondering and imagining what will happen next since Wenger is no more a professor but now a specialist….courtesy of Jose

  65. kcafc1 says:

    Let The Club Know How Pissed Off We Are!

    Write what you feel, or if you want us to write a single paragraph that you can copy and paste, here’s one below:

    To the board, manager, and players/staff of Arsenal Football Club,

    The result against Liverpool is not the straw that broke the camel’s back, it is the catalyst for change that never appeared from the club.

    We demand comprehensive change. All of the people at the club cannot be trusted with the direction, the finances, the training and fitness methods, the development of players and most importantly the signings and sales of players.

    We demand that you sell up, and reappoint people with proven track records in modern football management and business. The fans have made their protests known, next has got to be us affecting attendance and merchandising.

    We demand what we were promised in April by Gazides, or start by the firing of our CEO.

    Yours sincerely,

    Your name.

  66. Kedar Damle says:

    There is only one way to get back on track is that we supporters should boycott all the games of the club.. We should not buy tickets or season tickets.. We should not travel for away games.. We need to hit owners financially… Unless and until owners are getting hit by financially nothing gonna change…

  67. Shinoda_Kc says:

    I’ve always said we are not going to win any major trophy with Wenger in charge. That game was lost before it even begun,and that is totally on the manager. There was no passion, no hunger, no tactics, no drive, nothing!! It was probably one of the WORST performances I’ve seen by Arsenal. This lot just needs to go. We need to force Kroenke to sell because he’s the cancer in this club, & we can only do that by not spending on this club…but get Wenger out 1st. I said before, Arsenal is going down & the earlier we save it the better.

  68. Dammy says:

    On the bright side , after this defeat we will definitely lose the ox and Sanchez, so this is the chance for us to buy other players..

  69. Milton John says:

    Most promising factor for me is even though the transfer window will be shut by 31 Aug manager can be sacked through out the year. Let’s all hope it happens sooner than later. This clueless old man is good too good to lead us to glory.

  70. A middle east Gooner says:

    wenger is sad,greed,shameless manager he never change he will never change.He admitted to be afraid of retirement(life out of football).You may blames all players as you wants but arsenal season was decided when Wenger signed contract.

  71. Henry Nwachukwu says:

    We saw this coming, anybody surprised? I predicted yesterday that Arsenal was going to be annihilated and warned that Xhaka and Ramsey not to be played together. Arsenal once again is clearly in crisis just after 3 games. Wenger is clueless on what to do. The problem is down to the calibre of players in the team and the manager. We have players lacking basic skills set (Bellerin, Monreal, Welbek, Walcot, OX, Xhaka) and physically frail and the manager continue to play them week after week expecting to win. Today Arsen has destroyed what is left of the team, ability to compete. Who is going to come to Arsenal now with this big fall. Ozil has to go or dropped to the bench, Monreal is finished, Koscieny is not the CB we need. There is an urgent need to replace the entire back line and midfield. We are so sluggish in our play, we don’t move the ball fast enough and horrible without the ball, the result boring football and no end product. Out Wenger!

  72. MANTAK says:

    Wanna know why nothing changes at our club?…..Because our fans, in particular those who spend their time on forums whilst sat indoors, do f*ck all to affect real change. Get off your arses, make a banner, stand outside the stadium protesting but FFS dont limit your disapproval to a insular forum which has no impact on our clubs decision making…

  73. Fola says:

    Had to switch off from my favourite radio sport programme and tv. The mockery and comments from other fans and commentators is unbearable.
    I am depressed because of arsenal.
    Somebody help me!!!

  74. Badenglish says:

    Sorry guys I’m told you before the season: Seat Cola sinaj look like Boxer And but he plays like a Boxer too. Arsen Wenger is really not a good Manager. He buys only average players. Draxler Goretzka ah so right players

  75. OxInTheBox says:

    insane stuff, wenger chose a team like he was trying to enhance liverpool advantages. no natural DM, Ox who can’t defend on WB and not kola, U21 holding for experienced mustafi. playing ozil again after he showed many times that in away games against the top 6 he is a liability.
    we didn’t stand a chance.
    the deluded fool thinks he can go to though away games and dominate, play high line of defense like this this barcelona’s squad. either you pay the money to ensemble a barcelona-like squad, or you play according to your strengths and not according to your weaknesses like a damn fool

    1. COYG_CA says:

      You forgot to mention our 2 strikers (one just cost a record fee) on the bench . . . .

  76. luvdaguns says:

    sanchez smiling after pulled off, that was all i could take… this comment is under moderation….

  77. GB says:

    Blame the English then no problem.
    Blame the foreigner and it’s racist.
    Lots of double standards going on.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Wow! That is the best you have for analysis? Loser!

      Everyone knows that Theo, Ox and Ramsay are over-hyped, right? They are over-paid, right? Why would anyone buy an English player of their generation? Quota. Why does Conte want Ox? He is a decent enough player, and he is English!

      Yes, there are great English players. Few of them. Fact. They cost 50 million or more: Rooney, Bale, etc.

      If you remove the foreign players from any top 10 team, what do you have? Long ball and tough English players playing brawl and unable to compete in the World Cup.

      It was Wenger’s genius that led to a couple of titles for Arsenal, beating Man U. It was done with foreign players and a strong English core.

      So, please read again before you comment lazily.

      There is finally a new generation of great English players. Spuds have them. We have some younger ones coming through due to Wenger’s efforts.

      I want Wenger to continue as he now has the funds to compete for some big names, and he has a few excellent young English players coming through. More managers that develop young English talent is crucial for England. However, entitled English players at Arsenal cannot help the cause, and they are on they way out.

  78. satanK says:

    I believe that Wenger just doesn’t want to say it straight out:
    “I am no longer fit for the job, please accept my resignation.”
    And today’s game was his way of saying that.
    I mean who in their right mind benches the striker that was brought in for a lot of money and who’s proven himself to be a leathal striker in fact? And not only that he does that, but he uses Welbeck, a guy who fails to score a goal even if it’s just him and the goal, as the main striker, even though he has Giroud on the bench, a guy who scored a goal in the first game.
    I don’t think that Wenger is that deluded, I reckon he’s just working on getting himself fired.

  79. Jadon Spirit says:

    Arsenal FC has only one Problem.. The Problem is just One Arsene Wenger.

  80. Sue says:

    Absolutely gutted today. Arsene doesnt motivate the players..they all know if they play rubbish theyll still be picked for the next game! If I was the manager I’d do a ferguson & kick that hairdryer at all of them!! Still amazed at Lacazette & Kolasinac (tank) being benched!! And to think I have tickets for the next game ?

  81. ayodeji says:

    The meaning of insanity is doing same thing and expect a different result ,Wenger our

  82. GB says:

    Oh and loser is you’re response is it! Well thought out idiot. I’m not analyzing anything, just stating the blindingly obvious loser, Anglophobe!

  83. Raj says:

    JJpawn, do you and Wenger have same dealer? Because whatever you guys are on must be something really good.10 years and u r still high as sh*t.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Yes, we do have the same dealer: economics. The game suddenly changed and even Everton have money to buy itself into the top six. Take a look at the new Everton team compared to last year. We are scrambling to get decent players and not be a selling team, but the players have to do their part. Today they failed.

  84. Nameless king says:

    Players need to be held accountable for that performance, OK so you’re being played out of position you’re getting paid 100k a week to deal with it and adapt. Yes Wenger got the tactics wrong but there was zero fight, zero desire, you make a mistake go and put it right, get back and help your team. Embarrassing performance these players need to take a long hard look at themselves

  85. Boris says:

    I watched every single Arsenal game in last 10 years and this is the worst Arsenal performance I ever seen

  86. GB says:

    JJ Please just stop, you are boring us all.
    You have nothing constructive to say and if you go back and see the reactions to your posts you will understand!

    1. JJPawn says:


      You it is the reverse. The only thing constructive I can see among these “fans” is an irrational feelings of anger and hate towards a manager that made Arsenal into a global brand.

      Every post I have here has insight into why and how things have taken place.

  87. Horus says:

    I think this is all a mind game.

    Let’s pause for a second and let our heads clear from all the emotions.

    what if Wenger is acting clueless, and the board extending his contract making it look like the Board have no ambition and The Arsenal becomes the damsel in distress that needs to be saved from Evil.
    But in actual truth Kronke is trying to get everybody emotional so that;
    1. Usmanov bids high – and shows his card
    2. Dangote show interest – another admirer ?

    How much is Arsenal worth ? 1.? Billion ?

    What if Kronke has made all the profits he can milk off of Arsenal and he now wants to go out with a big bang ?

    Why buy a 1.? billion club and still invest a quarter bill to strenghten with no guarantee ?

    I would stay away from Arsenal right now, But hey – It was all “what-ifs” I’m a programmer BTW .. and wenger is actually clueless .. that bit is true

    1. Horus says:

      Oh , don’t forget the CIA is American so is stan K

  88. vitman says:

    Wenger only gets his team selection right when he is out of tittle race and under pressure to make top four. So, expect more of his bizarre team selection. It is pathetic what our dear club has turned into, a mere mid table team.

  89. Tatek Girma says:

    What a wrong players selection and line up. what a shameful performance from the whole team. Really Wenger is no longer a foot ball manager. He shall be a bank manager in stead. He lost every thing and do not want learn from the past. The club is running with the worst situation than before. At the moment, team sprite and commitment has totally lacked among players. I am running with a shortage of words to express my bad feeling.

  90. ogagzy says:

    I blame no one but the British arsenal fans who use their hard earned money to watch this mediocrity. Honestly, if i was wenger, i would not give a damn how many wenger out protests are held as long as you all keep renewing your season tickets and buying arsenal merchandise. If i was kroenke with love only for money and not football, the only way i would sack wenger is if i see the fans channel their protests into boycotting games, refusing to renew season tickets and refusing to buy arsenal merchandise. Blame wenger all you want, but at the end of the day, YOU are the ones satisfied with this. And mark my words, this WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HIT THE ARSENAL MANAGEMENT WHERE IT HURTS, IN THEIR POCKETS.

    Thank you

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