Liverpool v Arsenal review – Gunners pegged back late on – Fair point

Wow that was an amazing and full blooded Premier League encounter between Arsenal and Liverpool and in some ways it was very similar to what happened at Anfield last season. Arsenal were hit hard and fast by the home team from the start and we somehow managed to weather the storm, come back and take the lead. But just like last time the win was denied us by a late leveller from Liverpool.

It is hard to say they didn’t deserve their point either because they were at it from the first whistle and played their best game of the season. Two goals from Firmino and the second was a world class strike were cancelled out by a slick move finished by Ramsey and then a flicked corner by Giroud.

THe Gunners had done well to be level at halftime but our class had started to show and after the break it was Arsenasl on top. Giroud then scored a cracker and we had some great chances to finish it but as the game moved to a close we were pushed back and eventually on the stroke of full time the pressure told and Joe Allen got on the end of a cross to equalise.

Not a bad point by any means especially as Man City salso drew at home.

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  1. 2 points can hurt us
    where was our defence tonight
    Gab should start the game
    Giroud and Joel both been immense tonight
    still top of the table #COYG

    1. thats what u get for not having worldclass CDM: flam and arteta ran around looking busy, but in the end what coq gives us is the ability to steal the ball & stop the attack. we had a soft middle today and paid for it. root cause: wenger not buying WC CDM in summer.

      1. yes!……… Thats exactly what happens when u take off a hardworking campbell and ozil and bring on arteta and ox!

        Diabolical display at its best

          1. Cause the game was there to be won when you have a golden chance to take home 3 points and don’t take it it understandably hurts

      2. Don’t knock Flamini he did well, did his job and it’s Wenger who is the fault. Yes he is a good coach but his substitution was Arsenals down fall. I have said it before that our bench is weak why bring on Gibbs who is not a player that you bring on to close out a game and also Oxy. Gabriel,Debuchy,Chambers even Awobi should have come on as it is time at 3-2 to be Boring,Boring Arsenal. It has always Bitten us on the bum with his Subs and this is going to happen again unless he gets a good left back as Monreal like Coquelin needs back up of quality not Gibbs who should be loaned out as Oxy too. These players have not improved like Campbell, Walcott who both give there all and defend well. Watch the last 10 minuets and see Gibbs does buggier all except making sure his shorts are on his knees. CB

      1. Are you for real? you would sell gibbs and ox for not being effective when deployed as last minute subs? If you understood football you would know that some players are’nt just meant to be super subs, they take a while to get into their game. Thats why both Gibbs and Ox play way better when deployed for 90 minutes…Even cambell himself has been useless when coming in as a sub

        1. With 10 minuets to go you want players to take time to get going when you want defenders who get stuck in straight away. You must coach 6 year olds CB

      2. What was Wenger doing bringing on Arteta anyway? The guy’s run out of steam, he’s fresh from an injury, he can’t mark, he can’t attack and yet Wenger somehow feels its brilliant to bring him on against an in-form Liverpool team thats pressing for an equalizer!
        How incompetent of Wenger!

        1. Wenger is not incompetent…..As it is…I can boldly say Wenger is a Wizard..the no1 enemy of this club. He simply doesn’t want to win……who would u throw into a game u decided to defend…arteta/gibbs or Gabriel/chambers? Please just honestly answer….u’l see my point…this is not incompetence but wickedness…I don’t know the point Wenger is trying to prove….that bastard faggot

    2. Weren’t all of LiverpooL’s players expected to be out with injury ?……. But the kept making subs and kept pushing!

      moraL Lesson: Never dare a wounded Lion…..

      Who Loves to gLoat now?

        1. his point is that Liverpool played without fear. There’s no reason we should’ve parked the bus the last 10 minutes.

    3. When the H**L are they gonna announce this EL f**k£ng neny?? Until we lost all the games?? Now or never, arteta should never make even a bench.
      POINT WAS A FAIR RESULT if you ask me.

    4. i have said it before that Wenger is a great coach, but his ability to know when and who to take of and bring on is his downfall. you have Gabriel,

      I have said it before Wenger is a great coach, but his downfall is knowing when and who to sub.If you go to close down game and hold out you then be come the boring Arsenal,to bring on Oxy Gibbs when you have Gabriel,Debuchy, Chambers,on the bench is stupid to say the least. It always bites us in the bum when we should be so tight in the last 10. When Gazola. Alexes are back please loan out Gibbs, Oxy as they need expierence and game time. If these 2 are Englands part of the squad we have no chance. C B

  2. Absolutely gutted to lose the points so late on. Thankfully Man City dropped points too today, otherwise we’d be in trouble. Then again, a chance to go 5 points clear squandered…

      1. Great night for Arsenal.
        A point at Liverpool
        City fail to beat Everton.
        City can’t win the title now.
        They are running out of juice
        playing too many games.
        Sanchez Cazorla and Le Coq to return.
        El neny to arrive.
        It really is all over. Arsenal are Champion’s elect.
        I think Arsenal will win the league with 5 games in hand.

  3. 5 points from the last 5 away matches.. And we are yet to play City, Everton, Stoke, United, Spurs…

    At this rate we can kiss the title goodbye as nothing on our away performances has changed. Trying to protect a one goal lead for 40 minutes.. Idiotic.

    Wenger got the tactics completely wrong for this one. Can’t believe we actually scored 3, that was due to Liverpool’s horrid defense really.

    1. After they took Milner off for Benteke, surely the best thing for us to do would be to keep possession? They lost the energy in their midfield, should’ve been easy for us to keep hold of the ball, but instead we sat back. Even more so when they took off Lallana for Caulker. Disappointed.

  4. Wenger has done it again with his substitutions, why bring on arteta. And left a tired chamberlain for 90 mins. Its so dissappointing

    1. Arteta + Flamini and a want to be striker Ramsey manning the center of the pitch

      And Arsenal fans cant comprehend why we lose games like this EVERY freaking year

      Personally dont give a rats keester when Couqellin
      returns, give Sevilla $35M for the Polish Enforcer and send both the French billionaire and Hair Angel to the MLS for good.

      If Wenger is going to continually condone Ramseys reefusal to put a tackle in and positionally castrate Crunch and Hair then Arsenal will be out of the title race by the time Le Coq returns.

      Why is this the same topic of conversation every DG transfer window?

      1. There it is right there. Either Arsene got his shape wrong or Ramsey has 0 tactical discipline and is only out for self. His desire to constantly position himself ahead of mesut demolishes the space he needs to operate and leaves flamini to cover too much ground.

        Either simply do your job or sit. Stop trying to recreate what you did that ONE season. That’s not helping us. How bout you stop giving the ball away so that we can build from the back and get a rhythm and break high pressure.

        Arsene has a tough decision to make with Ramsey.

        1. @TH14atl
          I’ve said this time and time again. but all people can come back with is “Aaron is a great box2box” Looks like Aaron is putting himself in the “shop window” He’s playing for Aaron, not AFC…

          1. I completely agree I was thumbed down earlier this year when I said we went on our run last year when Aaron, Jack, Gibbs, arteta, flamini got hurt. This moved mesut central permanently, paired him with A technically gifted Santi centrally, and brought in the CDM are team so desperately needed — and established Monreal.

            Ramsey in the box to box role no longer benefits us long term, as he’s only out for self and glory, limiting his other two midfield partners.

      2. Agains with the unnecessary Ramsey bashing, he scored a goal didn’t he ??! If it wasn’t for him Liverpool would’ve gained the psychological advantage and probably thrashed us 5-0 like last time. Reason we lost was due to lack of Coquelin back-up, it had nothing to do with Ramsey.

        1. Incorrect. Liverpool got control of the game in the beginning with Jordan Henderson andEmre Can constantly picking up the ball in spaces vacated by Ramsey having no dicscioline and making runs forward. I could therefore use your same logic and say that if he were to hold his position in the beginning of the game then Liverpool would not have generated in “psychological advantage” to begin with. Re watch the first 15-20 minutes. Watch flamini go tell Ramsey to stay home more after he scores his goal. Flamini knew why he was isolated and exposed

        2. Agree with the Ramsey bashing, but he was the reason LFC dominated us at first. Too many times Henderson had open space in the middle of the park b/c Ramsey was forward. He got better as the game went on at least. I think our subs let us down big time more than anything. And I know people say Campbell was tired tonight but I’d take a tired campbell over Ox who has just given up and dribbles into Liverpool players every time he has the ball. It’s embarrasing.

        3. It isnt a piss on Ramsey thread and yes his goal was well taken but a true B2B midfielder has dual responsibilitis on the pitch, something Ramsey imho will never g4asp nor comrehend.

          How many times does he need to make pointless barnstorming runs, exposng Flamini in the process when Arsenal is attempting to salt the game away?

          How many times doe the French billionaire have to scream @ Ramsey during the course of a game, vociferously reminding him of his defensive responsibilities? How often does his play emulate that plea?

          Why would Arsenal spend $42.5M on the best #10 in the world to have his area of the pitch overrun by rhe king of flicks and misplaced passes?

          I applaud his engine on the pitch and believe in his technical skill set as a player but at the moment Arsenals short term success is based on a more is less approach from the Welshmen and quite frankly I dont believe his ego will allow that to come to fruition.

  5. I would be very hesitant if I was AW in taking Joel C off the pitch for a defensive substitute as his defensive work rate is the best on the team from our upfront players.
    Too bad but I feel the club is strong this year and we will be there at the end.

    1. Joel was EXHAUSTED he needed to come off wenger made the right decision. But I thought Ramsey should’ve been taken off as well he was hurting us I thought

      1. @gs8 he was and yes a good call I suppose because his exhaustion was evident (probably the weather played a part) but maybe another 10 minutes could have been the difference. Just wish the subs that came in could have brought more intensity to effect the game for a positive result.

      1. @Twig
        But if the rest of the team put in the same hard graft in 60 as Joel does, we would be able to kill off matches easily…

  6. ARSENE WENGER killed this match!!! Campbell was hell useful in the game marking, Ramsey a loser!! tired but left alone, he turned flamini to something else…MONREAL MOM for me…Ozil: didnt turn up but his few chances were wasted by others.. Gibbs: I hate him!! deserves to be shipped out, Chamberlain?? sell him, he’s of no use!! Three wrong changes cost us this game, in the 60th minute leading and our players were parking the goddamn bus!! I am one angry fan right now, this is the same thing that happened last season against liverpool, stoke at the Britannia this sunday…May God help us, we’ll need experience and luck to win that one.Goodnight fam

    1. Are you for real? you would sell gibbs and ox for not being effective when deployed as last minute subs? If you understood football you would know that some players are’nt just meant to be super subs, they take a while to get into their game. Thats why both Gibbs and Ox play way better when deployed for 90 minutes…Even cambell himself has been useless when coming in as a sub

      1. Gunnerphyte really?? why bother bring them on if they would tak e an eternity to get into the game?? re u kidding me?? how long does it take Rosicky before he gets into the game when he starts from bench?? how long does it take Giroud even if he starts from bench?? its a team meant to work for each other if you know u cant show up when needed you might as well never show up at all… tell me why sub off Campbell who was defending for a Chamberlain who will need an hour to get into a match?? lets be realistic Chamberlain and Gibbs doesnt deserve the jersey anymore..for how long now yet no improvement, we keeo saying they will improve they will improve, tell me when?? is it when they clock 28-30?? stop deceiving urself, Gibbs is a minus to this team, you seen Monreal,Giroud? they improved yearly and Campbell who improves why better waste time with Gibbs and Chamberlain?? sell out Gibbs and Ox should be loaned

        1. Gibbs quickly becoming the Arbeloa of our squad and it’s not good enough. Ox has dramatically regressed. I also wouldn’t mind selling Chamberlin and if it comes back to bite us then so be it. But it’s just painfully obvious Ox doesn’t want to work to become better and thinks there’s an easy way to improve. There is none and when he’s on the pitch I don’t ever feel him playing for the shirt. Seems content with getting his paycheck and saying “oh well” when he has a bad game. So many players on our squad have gone through rough times and reinvented themselves. Ramsey a great example. He may get criticized a lot but nobody can deny he’s an important member our the team. Ox is just there. And I don’t think he has the personality to push himself. It’s really a shame too.

    1. I know, for shame. Sitting in first with a raft of the best players injured. Undeserving ingrates should hang their heads low.

  7. its just like we lost the game….changing the flanks was okay but why to change the midfield at the ending time….changing ozil was the huge mistake ..the main focus of the liverpool was to stop him from creating the chances ,when he was subbed liverpool got more space to attack….i just dont understand wenger’s substitution ideas.he always does like that………………

  8. Oh Men………Mixed feelings. The way we started the game, A draw was fair but we were leading at some point so the late goal didn’t do me good…

    Leicester scored 5mins to go in a game that spurs were all over them in the first half…

    Ferminho season wasn’t so great but He showed up today….

    Walcott should have just cleared the ball that led to the first goal..

    Thought we panicked for the second goal as the ball was all over the place before Feminho scored…

    Giroud missed an easy goal but i had the feeling that He would score….Well, He did score…

    Ozil got an assist but wasn’t his best game….Campbell, Ramsey, Bellerin, Monreal and Giroud (Even with the miss) stood up for mi…

    Mixed feelings about the game…It’s a draw but felt like a defeat as we couldn’t cross the finish line. Anyway, 1Pt

    Some games are like that……..It just hit you so bad in the closing stage.

    Stoke up next………Arsenal All The Way. Welldone boys!

    I got mixed feelings in this g

  9. Respect to Liverpool
    They deserved the point

    But we were 3 mins from extending our lead over Man City and maintaing 2 point lead over Leicester

    Very frustrating

  10. Sadly not the performance of a title winner … Seems that only Leicester have the stomach for this .. Good for them they work like hell and as a team, something wenger struggles to achieve

  11. Giroud had a great game, if only he scored that sitter in the first half we would have had gone in at half time 3-2! Oh well!

    1. He was already into his slide and the ball hit around his kneecap. It happens, but oh what a finish to put us ahead.

  12. Damn boys we shoulda got the 3 points but the midfield/defense was all over the place. I thought Ramsey should’ve came off in like the 70th but we’re still top of the table

  13. I dunno what to say…All English players in our team are useless, walcott only cares about the money
    I couldn’t even see Walcott both in attack and defence
    We could have gone 5pts clear of City for God’s sake…stoke match is now a must win…

    1. Welbeck is the hardest working of the English players in the team, Not the best maybe in finishing. But If we had a fully fit squad I wouldn’t hesitate to start Sanchez, Welbeck and Joel together. They will run all day.

      If he didn’t run for that ball in Fa cup vs his former team last season we don’t score a second that day. That is what is called a fighting spirit.

      I worry for the next two games, as well.

  14. we are leading for christs sakes, bring on someone to stop crosses into the box, Ox came on and looked more tired that anyone else, Gibbs has zero football brain. Sanchez please come and save us we have forgotten how to press. Ramsey poor performance masked with a goal. Gabriel would have been a better substitution than Arteta. Wenger to blame for this lethargic performance. But if u cant win, make sure u dont loose.

  15. You cannot try to close a game with 15 mins to go with 2 defensive changes when the home team is throwing the kitchen at you..IT IS CLUELESS…if you make a change is someone who does the same job or better.I accept it if it is 5 mins COME ON points blew…pace with pace..O and Iwobi for campbell and Theo then 5 mins left Ozil and bring Chambers ( tall and faster than arteta ) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD..when will wenger learn? this lost points will hurt us at the end.This was to set an statement and away form the pack.Anyway, some AW supporters will said a point is a point..Yes it is but better 3.we need a DM right more flop bench. Alexis we need you.

  16. Wenger needs to dip his hands in his pocket and go get us two forward players who can finish the opposition off. Giggs, Artteta, Chambers. I’m sick of seeing these players come on to defend and then we concede instead. tired of seeing us holding out and trying to hold out when if we had two more quality mid and striker we would win these close games. I’m pissed right now. It was a good team performance until certain players came on. Arrrgghhhhhh!!!

    1. Agree. Only teams we should be holding onto wins for is City honestly. The other teams in the league we should be able to outplay and kill off the game. And i dont even mean go for another goal, just generally hold onto posession and kill off their chance to pressure us. Instead we put all our players behind the ball and this happens. it’s a needless risk when we are quality enough to hold onto posession ourselves.

  17. Calum chambers would have been better sub than Arteta and Ox is not a player for these situations. Debuchy would have been better
    but hey guys this is Liverpool they always play best football against top team and lose at home to minors all big teams will lose point there
    draw was a fair result
    hope sanchez is back by stok match and Elneny comes in

  18. I’m sorry and nothing against Ramsey, but he has no compusure for the box to box position, if it was a better offensive side we would have lost. Oh how I miss Cazorla and Alexis today… Sometimes I wonder why do we arrive in games so late when our opposition goes at it from the start.

    1. We’re too scared of giving up and early goal and then it happens because we are so scared. Confidence level needs to be higher at the beginning of games or else another Southampton could happen. We never got back in that game once we gave them momentum in the opening minutes.

  19. Wenger got the bottle. He’s just insane or something subbing the best player always when under pressure FFS!

  20. What the hell is even wrong with sanchez…this kinda of game is for sanchez and rosicky…this is so painful and frustrating…

  21. it is obvious that we are lacking creativity in the midfield, there’s no one to hold the ball and dribble around. really missing carzola, rosicky, and wilshere – these are the guys that can do it. also, Monreal is the only defender tonight, no doubt. Bellerin was so porous.

  22. On reflection a points about right.
    What the hell happened to Ozil tonight? I know he was being marked tightly but come on, no physicality, he even turned his back on the drop ball. He looked unfit/tired tonight.
    For sure Ozil misses Santi linking up with him, I like Aaron but sometimes he’s all over the pitch and undisciplined.
    The defenders also miss Coquelin for sure too.
    Credit to Monreal, Campbell, Giroud and Mert for some good covering.
    Glad Rosciky is on his way back in, a simmilar footballing mind to Santi who can come on late and win us a game.
    Arteta looked lost when he came on 🙁
    Arteta and Flamini on their way out, Elneny and Granit Xhaka in? Yes please 🙂

    1. Ozil was okay today. No player is amazing every match. And Liverpool had it in their mind to close down Ozil every time he got the ball. I’m glad other players like Campbell and Ramsey stepped up and helped us score though. It cant be all Ozil all the time.

  23. I can’t blame Wenger for anything, I don’t like the way some draw their conclusions, even if ozil and campbell was still playing,liverpool might have scored…bcos it happened like that today doesn’t mean the subs caused it

  24. Gunnerphyte really?? why bother bring them on if they would take an eternity to get into the game?? re u kidding me?? how long does it take Rosicky before he gets into the game when he starts from bench?? how long does it take Giroud even if he starts from bench?? its a team meant to work for each other if you know u cant show up when needed you might as well never show up at all… tell me why sub off Campbell who was defending for a Chamberlain who will need an hour to get into a match?? lets be realistic Chamberlain and Gibbs doesnt deserve the jersey anymore..for how long now yet no improvement, we keeo saying they will improve they will improve, tell me when?? is it when they clock 28-30?? stop deceiving urself, Gibbs is a minus to this team, you seen Monreal,Giroud? they improved yearly and Campbell who improves why better waste time with Gibbs and Chamberlain?? sell out Gibbs and Ox should be loaned

    1. The English players on our team simply don’t attempt to better themselves as players. It’s the same all over the league. Way more concerned with partying and going out. Gibbs accepts his mediocrity, Ox only posts Instagram party nonsense and doesn’t seem to play for the shirt. Chambers still has time I’ll admit and it looks like he’s at least trying in midfield. Our foreign players just give so much more. Players like Campbell, Monreal, Giroud all have worked their butts off to get first team spots. It’s embarrassing that the English players don’t try to do the same and instead accept their mediocrity.

  25. Aghhhhh disappointing not to pick up all three points. But then again, anfield is not an easy place to go.
    There was a point where Chamberlain could’ve released the ball much earlier when we was on the counter attack… He ended up losing the ball. For me he did nothing the whole time he came on from the bench. Campbell was excellent again as was Giroud (except for that first half terrible miss)


    1. He doesn’t deserve to play in EPL matches anymore. Keep him in FA Cup. It’s embarrassing now and I fail to see one positive thing he has done since Community Sheild.

  26. those are two points lost considering we are travelling away to stoke, a place where we never get anything.

    1. and then Chelsea at Emirates which usually ends in a draw. Doesn’t realy matter that they are in relegation fight, we just don’t perform against Chelsea most of the time. Hopefully that changes. If we get 6 points out of the next two matches I think it makes up for the two points dropped here.

        1. At home we usually win though. And I pray Alexis doesn’t get delayed anymore and he’s back for Stoke game. That would be a huge boost. I think we’re all ready for Walcott to hit the bench for a bit.

          1. Problem is though I think Giroud is gonna need a rest soon. But next game if we have alexis and Campbell on the wings we should win we just need Ramsey to step his sh*t up

  27. Defenders need to put body on the firing line when shots are taken. Mertesacker makes himself as skinny as possible, Cech maybe should’ve done better. Sorry that is what I saw of the match only, I missed 85 minutes of the match.

  28. Given the results from the other teams, this game was a throwaway i guess. Elnenny couldn’t come at a better time, same with sanchez. That said, Walcott should be sold this summer, ox should only play as a sub against lower half table teams and flamini/arteta should’ve been released. Chambers/elneny should be our DMs until cazorla/coq come back. walcot/ramsay/? should come off the bench.

  29. Campbell and Giroud MOTm everyone else was average. End of the game was Wenger’s fault with his horrible subbing. Arteta is a joke now and Campbell should’ve stayed on since he has such a high work rate that even rivals Alexis. Ramsey still not discipline even though he scored though. Not good enough for a team trying to win a title. If we have 3 minutes left in a game and we are leading it should be a win. And on the same day City dropped points its just unacceptable.

  30. If u wanna criticise a player or wenger just do it,I hate all these wenger shud have done this…and when he does ‘this’ u say he shud have done ‘that’..that’s stupid
    You expect him to enter the pitch and play himself
    It is up to these players to prove their worth
    Some are even saying he shud have brought on this Sunderland at home??? Bollocks!!!

    1. Is it really too much to ask him not to play ARTETA though???? The worst player on our squad? It’s just common sense!!

  31. 2 sloppy goals conceded by us. Firmino’s 2nd was all class and it happens.
    Walcott on the the right was a disaster. He either got in Hector’s way or cut in and got into Ozil’s way. The right side is a mess and Ramsey is a much better option to pair with Hector when he bombs forward – I have said this before. Unfortunately for us we don’t have other options – Ox certainly doesn’t deserve to start. if Walcott plays…he should stay on the left side only.
    Liverpool were tactically very good pressing both Ramsey and Flamini to cut out the supply to Ozil and when we went long to OG12, he couldn’t consistently win the 1st ball to feed Ozil – Sakho had a good contest with him but honors to OG12 overall.
    Defensively, Liverpool were always going to ship goals. We certainly deserved to score 3 goals.
    I am guessing that the reason we defended deep after taking the lead was to hit them on the counter and put the game to bed. But our passing and decision making let us down. Perhaps a combination of conditions, fatigue and Pool pressure.
    On the substitutions:
    Ox had a very bad day and his decision making is woeful. We would have been far better off bringing on Debuchy or Gab (for Joel who ran himself into the ground) into RB and pushing Hector a little further up as a RW.
    Chambers for Walcott would have helped in the context of getting height into the defensive line.
    Ozil should have stayed on the pitch…he draws players to him. If we had to sub him off then it should have been Iwobi. With a line of Gibbs-Iwobi-Hector there is very good speed to offer on a counter.
    It’s always tough at Anfield but this was certainly a winnable game and I think we shouldn’t be pleased with the draw.

    The question is – how many players are in the “red zone” with the upcoming Stoke game? We will have Sanchez back and that for me says Walcott is dropped to the bench.

    1. I dont think too many players are in red zone. Ozil got a nice rest and didnt play FA Cup. Campbell had somewhat of a rest against Newcastle I believe. I’d say Ramsey and Giroud are in the most danger, but Giroud is just such a determined player that nothing seems to bother him. I think he’ll be fine. Ramsey, also determined but also injury prone. Hope Elneny comes in and can take some pressure off of him.

  32. Wenger lost this game by substituting Ozil and Campbell for Arteta and Ox in the 75 minute.
    We were not playing well enough to take off those two, in fact Liverpool were the better side throughout most of the match. Bad move Mr. Wenger.

  33. Defence n keeper killed us. Our attack try to get us three point but no way. I don’t blame anyone Liverpool at home is a lion den, one point from there is not bad. Its painful but this is football. Theo n ox game is at decline. Campbell is growing speedly. Giroud nice one. Morel kudos. Ozil pass mark. Midfield below average, defence why now.conceded three goals that’s too much

  34. Seriously wtf is wrong with you people???? We draw against a very good Liverpool team and y’all behaving like we lost to Aston Vila or something. Its actually embarrassing, yeah we ddnt win but we ddnt lose either.funny cz if we had gone all out attack and lost the game, u’d all be bashing them for not protecting the lead. We got unlucky get over it already

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