Liverpool v Arsenal – There are signs of optimism and pessimism

Thoughts ahead of the Liverpool game…

Strangely enough, Arsenal fans have every reason to be optimistic as well as pessimistic before they take on Liverpool at Anfield tonight.

The reason for being optimistic is that Mikel Arteta’s men are unbeaten in 10 matches, a run that stretches to almost three months.

However, the reason behind the pessimism among the fanbase is that recent matches against the Reds, especially at Anfield, have turned out to be a nightmare.

Liverpool have scored 33 goals in 11 Premier League games against Arsenal under Jurgen Klopp. Which clearly states that they have been more than just good enough against the Gunners lately.

But again, there are signs of optimism. The North London outfit have finally got a back four which might be able to resist the press of Klopp’s Liverpool.

Takehiro Tomiyasu, Ben White, Gabriel and Kieran Tierney are all adept on the ball, which can prove to be a recipe for success at Merseyside.

The attack also looks fluid and unpredictable, which hasn’t been the case for large sections of Arteta’s tenure.

The game can eventually get to who gets the better of the other at the center of the park. Whoever plays as a pivot, they have to be ready for everything the 2020 league champions throw at them.

Thomas Partey has already had a lot of experience of it while plying his trade at Atletico Madrid. Thus, how he performs and imparts knowledge to his other half might turn out to be a key difference.

This also might be a fairly decent time to play Liverpool as they have a long injury list plus their team is on the back of a small blip, losing 3-2 to David Moyes’ West Ham.

Whereas, on the other hand, Arsenal look like a proper team. A team with genuine quality in their ranks. A team which doesn’t look like a team of 11 individuals but one team of 11.

Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe, despite being young, are capable of running the show at almost any place on the planet.

Arteta must let them express themselves at Anfield because they have the potential of producing moments of absolute brilliance.

I will obviously be backing my team and is cautiously optimistic about this one. However, I just feel that Liverpool are at a different level to us.

They are much ahead in their process and that’s why I’m predicting a scoreline of a 2-1 Liverpool win. I just want to see a good performance tonight, which will strengthen my belief of the improvement this young crop has gone under in the past few months.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Arsenal haven’t won at Anfield since 2012. But if we compare Klopp’s and Arteta’s stats in 2021, we have a slim chance to get a point from the game:

    ………………….. Klopp: ……. vs ……. Arteta:
    Matches : … 33 ………………………….. 33
    Wins ……. : …. 17 ………………………….. 18
    Defeats . : …. 9 ……………………………. 8
    Points …. : … 58 ………………………….. 61

  2. I am not worried about this game as I would have just few months ago. It is a sign of progress and hopefully a good performance regardless of results will assure that we are really making a progress.

    1. HH, it’s good to see you sensibly repositioning yourself in the face of all the mounting evidence as to your previously wrong position on MA.

      I firmly believe that changing ones mind when the evidence shows one was wrong is what intelligent fans do. I wish some others on here – you and we all know who they are – would follow suit, as that would be the correct thinking think to do.


      1. I don’t think it was a wrong position. We just want good results. My position and that of others you are referring to is based purely on results and pefromance.

        Although I acknowledge that Arteta has done a good job comparing to how we started and he is showing that he is capable of achieving results, I still have reservations. Consistency will remove all doubts I have on MA.

        Not only me but I am sure others as well. If you will remember, Dan Kit was a huge advocate of MA in his early days up to the middle of last season. I can’t say such a person has something personal against Arteta.

        If the results and performance are good everyone will be behind the manager.

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