Liverpool were very lucky to finish the match with 11-men (Opinion)

Liverpool did not deserve to make it through Monday night’s match with 11-men.

I like to think I know a fair bit about football, but can someone please explain to me the rules about serious foul play WITH intent, and what is expected of referees when this happens?

How on earth was Sadio Mane not sent off for his elbow on Tierney last night? The referee let so many challenges on our boys go, yet constantly blew up for fouls for Liverpool! That is not playing football that is biased cheating!

We at Arsenal know we won’t get anything from referees, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be angry when we get nothing from it!

Mane clearly, very maliciously went in on Tierney on purpose, and he got away with a booking early in the game, but he was constantly at Bellerin making snidey tackles!

Mane is no longer the gentleman player he used to be when he first got to Liverpool and yes this is a good thing if you’re a Liverpool fan but it should be stamped upon in games.

I know if Tierney or any of our other players did that to any of the Liverpool players the yellow card would of been a far thought and they would of been sent off not cautioned! it was a clear elbow in the face and we are lucky that Tierney got away with just a knock to the jaw because that could have easily been a jaw breaker!

Referees need to remain consistent and VAR needs to do more work to protect players if things like this are to be stamped upon consistently.

Gooners what did you make of the Mane elbow on Tierney, was it intentional or just clever play?


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  1. Yellow card and that is what he got, wether he should have got two yellows for and earlier infringement as well is different.

  2. If the offence was deemed to be violent conduct with serious intent (which in my eyes it was). Mariner on VAR should have told the ref to go and look at the monitor! I honestly think that ref’s appear to frightened to card Liverpool players, they are frightened of Klopp. Is getting to be a little like the Fergie days at United!

  3. how many times did arsenal come through the back of lfc players but thats ok its arsenal. if you a tually look at the pics mane puts his arm not his elbow on arsenal players shoulder not his face the only thing that hit his face were his own hands as he was play acting he had been hit with a baseball bat
    lets be honest you were well beaten by a far superior team. and dont give me the what ifs, we had loads of them too could have been 7-3

    1. Mal,
      You are looking at at it through Liverpool eyes, aren’t you?
      Nobody on JA thinks that Arsenal weren’t beaten by a better team
      Mind you, You’re not LiVARpool for nothing 😉

    2. Play acting?! That’s a good one coming from you and your lot!! You just have to blow on Salah and he’s down like he’s been shot 😂😂😂

  4. The better team won and played better the whole game but yes Mane should’ve been sent off but Laca had the chance at 2-1 to equalize so just wasnt our night gunners.

    We move on and get ready for then tomorrow again!

    1. Yea but if Liverpool were down to 10 which they should have been that would have changed the whole game

  5. Agreed. So many calls went in favour of Livpool. But, they did play a hell of a match especially 1st half pressing. We weren’t in it at all.

  6. The ref was bias we played against 15 men the ref is color blind he thought he pull red there were many bias decision against us

  7. Even with 11 men and all the calls favoring them, were still fortunate to escape with all the points.
    We will hit them were it hurts come carabao match.

  8. Even with 11 men and all the calls favoring them, were still fortunate to escape with all the points. Well it’s still a league game
    We will hit them were it hurts most when wesend them packing come the carabao match.

  9. It was, in my opinion, a clear sending off. This is not the first time. I don’t know why referees in general are biased against Arsenal. There was a clear example when Tierney got fouled in the second half and no freekick was given. The ball then went over to the Liverpool left and Bellerin committed exactly the same foul and got booked!!!!!!

    1. That’s a tall ask expecting things to go your way at Anfield!! Tbh I’m surprised we only had one booking…
      More of the same tomorrow night?? You betcha!

  10. The refereeing against Arsenal for a couple of seasons now were really and truly bias. Saka against Lestercity who can’t tell me that not a penalty. But it seems that the so call big sides must get call to win trophies. It’s really difficult to win when 11 is playing 12 on the field

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