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Freddie Ljungberg joins Arsenal’s Youth project – Another legend returns

The ever-growing list of Arsenal legends returning to the club will be enlarged by the arrival of the Invincible Freddie Ljungberg. He has been assistant coach at Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga with will now take his place as head coach of our under-23 team. Per Mertesacker, the new head of the Arsenal Academy, said: “It’s great to have Freddie back at the club. He brings great footballing experience and the highest possible levels of enthusiasm, energy and encouragement for our young professionals.

“He understands the club’s values and how important it is to give young players the opportunity to grow and develop. When Freddie left for Wolfsburg it was with the club’s blessing and with a return to Arsenal some day in mind. Everyone knows Freddie loves the club and we look forward to him developing his career with us.”

Freddie can only command respect from his charges once in place after being named as Premier League Player of the Season in 2001/02 and winning two titles and three FA Cups with the Gunners in his heyday.

Freddie is also happy at getting the job. “I’m delighted to be returning to the club,” he said. “Arsenal has always been a special place for me and I’m really excited at this opportunity to work with our under-23 team.

“I look forward to working with the talented young players we have at the club. I know many of them well and will work hard to help them continue developing and become the best players and people they can be.”

There is definitely a lot of working going into building a new team to get more academy players ready to step up to the first team. Let’s hope they do a better job than the last lot!

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21 thoughts on “Freddie Ljungberg joins Arsenal’s Youth project – Another legend returns

  1. Brian Rotic

    Where has Freddie been before the appointment??
    Anyway…its great having people with arsenal at heart at the club….Welcome Freddie

  2. Brian Rotic

    Arsenal are in talks with Sampdoria for midfielder Lucas Torreira and an agreement is close, according to Skysports Italy

    I can now believe the roumers….great player atleast from the clips on youtube….Kante 2.0

    1. Ackshay

      For the 1st time in years we are actually looking for players in positions that we have needed in years. Not talking about rumors or fantasies like dembele or lemar or koulibaly.
      GK looking at leno
      Backup RB – done
      CB – sokratis done + looking at soyuncu
      DM/CM – going for Torreira
      Winger – depends if emery will use formation with real wingers

      We probably wont get all of these players but at least we have our priorities right this season.

  3. jon fox

    Freddie had red hair and more importantly was red blooded too. HEART AND PASSION I MEAN. If we could just get rid ASAP of all those whose heart is not in Arsenal, we would quickly improve.

    1. Declan

      No, Wenger played players out of position and we’ve seen how that panned out. AMN is a midfielder not a winger.

      1. Ackshay

        wasn’t Niles a right sided midfielder when he started at arsenal. i know he will play well in the cm role as he can run with the ball, tackle, pass, has good pace and has a laid-back approach so he is really calm in possession. But that laid-back approach sometimes make him lose possession in dangerous situation so maybe as a winger he would be most effective if we buy torreira.

  4. Declan

    PSG have apparently confirmed Adli is staying with them.
    Didn’t Kev say it was a done deal?…………?

    1. arie82

      There a report that adli already in london to sign contract, but in the last minutes he change his mind

  5. John legend

    Is there any other English Club with so much number of former players?
    I pray this yields positive results in the near future

  6. Declan

    Where you Kev?
    I’m hearing spurs are now in for Torreira, you said done deal……..

    1. Ozziegunner

      Back to Arsenal of the past; Arsenal scouts the players, mucks around with the signing and player goes to another club.
      I hope we are not entering another era of “Arsenal could have signed (insert player’s name)”?

  7. Dalinho

    Adli stiry from fake news he’s signing and Sokretis is coming in July bcoz Dortmund waiting for FFP rules next month to clear there accounts! Apparently kev is going round saying Sokretis has lost his passport lol sone ppl

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