Lloris transfer is GREAT news for Arsenal

Bear with me on this one Arsenal fans because it could get a little complicated. There are a lot of connected threads coming together in this article but if things work out as I think they might, it could all add to up to some very good news for the Gunners.

It is all about Arsenal and the keeper situation, assuming that Arsene Wenger does decide to bring in a new number one in the summer, or at least a player to really challenge our current incumbent David Ospina. While Arsenal are now back in the trophy game and showing great improvement in our squad, we are still a little behind the really big spenders when it comes to the transfer market.

So the last thing we want is to have to fight transfer battles with the likes of Man United and if they fail to hold on to David De Gea, that is exactly what is likely to happen. Unless they sign the Tottenham and France keeper Hugo Lloris and that is a real possibility according to a report in The Mirror.

So why would Arsenal not go for Lloris? Because he has no release clause and Daniel Levy would do anything to avoid selling their star to Arsenal. But they do not have quite the same reluctance to do business with United. Let them do business I say and then we will not have to fight United for the likes of Petr Cech or whoever Wenger goes for and the spuds lose one of their best players into the bargain. Perfect or what?

Did JACK really say that about the SPUDS in public!

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  1. daniel levy would never let lloris come here.

    he would rather stick tnt into hugo’s handcream then let him join

    remember him callin florentino perez to stop the ozil deal…worked out well didnt it dannyboy lol

    no ifs no buts forget lloris….more chance producing a zidane clone from bits of play-doh

      1. No it’s okay. Your comment is valid

        I’d love to get Lloris but as you said Levy called Madrid a few times to get them to not sell us Ozil. Levy is a creep.

        I hope we can get Cech as well as a top DM and striker

        1. Yeah, any Levy match-day camera close up is scary as f&&k. Anyone ever see his expression change – just those dead shark-like eyes. Makes Hannibal Lecter look all cuddly and cutesy.

      2. @muffdiver
        Whats good Muff D? Heard you got put on “lock down” by a fine Latina…

          1. soon as i moved outta north london lol
            im kinda wipped, shes way outta league

            only shes a boca juniors fan..im using alexis as an in to try an make her a gooner…shes not buying it so far…

            1. @muffdiver
              Do what ya gotta do my Brother. Do what ya gotta do. If you got a good one, put her on “lock down”. Whipped or not…
              I let many a good one get away. Now I’m out here chasin “stench trench”
              Much respect…

              1. So I met this very hot chick (how did I know she’s hot? Cuz her heat got me sweating), and I try my one of my favourite pickup lines, “Hi! Are you Helen?”, to which she kinda sarcastically replies, “Yeah! How did you know?” And I’m like naa, “You can’t be Helen. Having had a close look at your face, you’re much prettier than her. She was my crush back then in school.” That got her smiling lavishly. I slipped on hand into my pocket and pinched myself, “Meh, that worked.”

                Amigos, y’all need to see this chick. Damn!!! But she’s far much more beautiful, in comparison to the Puerto Rican babe that domesticated Muff.

  2. Lloris coming is not out of the question. Highly unlikely but not impossible. Remember Sol?

    1. Campbell came as a free agent. Tottenham were powerless. Lloris is tied down to a long term contract, until 2019 I think. No chance.

  3. Could Nacho really be leaving:


    Slightly less believable is that Kos will be used as part of a deal to bring benzema to AFC (metro!).

    1. Monreal has been one of the best players this season. He is far better than Gibbs, a player who has been in this team for a long time, and still lacks discipline, always bombing forward. It will be a big mistake to sell him. We have two great full backs in him and Bellerin. Next season both will be able to step up one level more.

      1. I agree but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

        If he doesn’t put pen to paper and he is drawn to going back home…

      2. Unless Wenger has a killer LB transfer in mind. I am haven’t got any major issue with our 2 LBs but if someone had a gun to my head and I wanted to be a little ungrateful and moany then I would come clean and say we have been weaker on the left than the right for some time now imo. But when I remember back to the Cole/Pires/Henry left side I realise how spoilt we have been.

      3. Sometimes a player just wants to move back to his home country. Remember, footballers have families and friends. Many people who have lived abroad can relate to this yearning for home.

        I think we will inevitably lose Cazorla and Monreal at some point – both players have expressed their desire to finish their careers in Spain.

    2. If Monreal really wants to leave Arsenal should do everything to get Ricardo Rodriguez. That guy is an absolute beast and would be an upgrade to Nacho and is still very young. That said Monreal has been great this season and I don’t really want him to leave. But if he wants to then Arsenal should cash in on him rather than letting him go for free next summer.

    3. The boss will make sure we have stability in the back 4. Given he did not cost a lot we could afford to run the contract to the end. Better for us and for the player (sign on fee).

    4. @ArseOverTit
      Monreal is Basque. He wants to back home and play for Atletico Bilbao. I say, show him some respect and let him go..

      1. Exactly. If a player wants to return home after being a good servant the club should respect that a grant him the move IMO.

  4. If we got Lloris this summer, I will give myself a bj in the centre of the Emirates Stadium

    Seriously like the Article says, it won’t happen
    Cech is possible

  5. You tiny penis dreamers ! Trying to get players form Chelsea and The Spuds.
    Not going to happen.
    Then the latest ; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Three years ago he was on my list when he was cheap. I don’t see him sitting Theo or The Ox or Gnabry now.

    We need another Gabriel; then a Gilbertp/Le Coq clone baby. The Boss will find them, that 2 million stats package will dig another gem out the Bundesliga.

    I am on football hiatus; I watched the FA CUP, French Cup, Spanish Cup, U20 competition, so I am saving some brain cells to watch Marta in the World Cup.

        1. Thanks Muff, Gooners behave like men in a strip joint. The next one is always better.

          **Just in case you need tips on keeping Latinas satisfied, I have a few tips.

  6. Lloris is overrated. He is good shot stopper but terrible from set pieces. If he was so good why
    didnt top clubs signed him?

    1. They will. United will be buying him this summer after De Gea leaves. Tottenham will charge a steep price, so hopefully that will limit United from outbidding us on other targets.

      1. Then we’re all happy…it will put a dent in United’s war chest for an inferior keep (to De Gea) and Spurs will spend the dosh on crap players.

    2. I think he is a decent keeper but loads of people on here keen to point out and shine a light on our keeper’s errors but have fairly short memories when it comes to other flavour of the month GKs currently being touted around the market. Surely people can’t be forgetting his and de Gea’s first seasons, they were having Sczcsney “Soton moments” most weekends. Quite a few of the 53 PL goals LLoris has seen hit the back of his net were down to him – remember Navas’s 14 second goal for starters. And even Courtois gets forgiven far more than we are prepared to forgive our own GKs. If WS had let in that near post Brunt goal or DO had been flapping for that 60 yard Charlie Adam’s floater there would have been melt-down on here and about WS’s concentration and DO’s lack of height. And lets face it – love or hate Wenger, we will all be gobsmacked if he gives up on WS, DO and DM by bringing in someone as No.1. All three of our keepers are young – I am convinced there is a top, top GK in there. If WS finds his brain he has the basic tools to be, as Merse would say, top, top drawer. We need more time with DO to know how good he can be (or perhaps indeed how average he is). I refuse to believe that anyone, anywhere can possibly predict how DO will turn out, 15/20 matches, in new county, new league and with new team mates not enough. David Seaman didn’t turn up at Highbury until he was 26 (same age as DO). And how do we know DM cannot do a BB (a “Bellerin Breakthrough”). He looks properly decent to me.

  7. Excuse me. Please, who knows the guy called Rafa???? Sometin f***king Benitez… Who knows the creep???

    Tell that Spanish nerd to f***king put his eyes elsewhere. Perhaps in a blender.

    1. @KickAssFan.. I think he needs a set of new eye glasses, I am sure d one he is wearing now is failing him.. He needs someone to remind him dat we are no longer a selling club…

  8. The main priority is to get a master interceptor in d midfield Becos the season is too long to depend on just coq, followed by a deadly striker that shld constantly keep defenders on the toes.. any other addition is Bonus

  9. the vibes coming from france is that manchester united has signed morgan Schiniderlin. cana+ horizon and eurosport .fr are all reporting the rumour. Only time will tell. But we better get our targets fast.

    1. Firstly if Utd signed him as we’re already guaranteed CL football is solely because Wenger never wanted him.

      Secondly if you don’t know by now everyone’s wish targets or media links are the players Wenger don’t sign and in a way I’m happy it’s that way because some of the players we’re linked to I just don’t see the improvement they would bring us.

    2. Good for them, Schneiderlin seems to get a few injuries every season. With our record, we don’t need a crock that’s why I’m happy we are not getting khedira. Why buy a player to play less than half a season. If we can’t get a healthy one I’d rather have another bellerin/coq breakthrough from our youngsters.

    3. Theres gonna be a whole of angst and wailing on here with all the rumours been banded around. Schneiderlin to United, Lacazette to L’Pool, Szczsney confirming he is staying, Walcott ditto, Wenger denying Vidal rumour etc etc.

      But bulls**t headlines like “United trying to hi-jack Arsenal’s bid for Schneiderlin” just grate big time. Is there a single reliable verifiable Arsenal source to say we have bid for him? Has LvG just rang up the Mirror to let them know he is making a bid. Hi-jacking my arse. Jeeez – we have another 12 weeks of this.

  10. Spur has never been a contender with Arsenal,if they like they should sell even their club.

    Man U will surely buy big this summer,no matter what they do in this summer they wont yet be a title contender.

    Shitty,hmmm,cant be underrated but they lack consistency.

    Chelsea has always been a contender even from time being.

    BUT as long as ARSENAL spend towards the needed positions(ST,DM,we can manage wit ospina,Schesny) d TITLE is surely coming to ARSENAL comin season. DONT DOUBT IT.

  11. We should only sign world class players from now on. We cant afford to sign deadwoods like
    Santos, Squillaci, Gervinho.

  12. Now that the season is officially done for us on a high at that. I now find myself pondering on the possible recruitments. I’ve noticed the most consistent thing fans cry out for is acquiring a new spine as in a new GK, CB, DM, and ST. Here’s my view on that now the season is officially at an end, I think we’re actually good in the GK department but if Wenger sees fit to add a 3rd then I wouldn’t be against it as that would only better us for the coming seasons. CB, we just bought Gabriel in January and Chambers last summer to add to Per and Kossielny. Yes the latter 2 are aging but with the 4 we have at present we can afford to go another season with them, also we’ve seen Nacho and Debuchy play there as well. DM is a yes but not to replace Coquelin but to compete and rotate. To me that player either has to be younger or older where he could learn even more from a true battler and yes Vidal comes to mind. Lastly for the ST, I think Wengers plan as he said from his own mouth is to slot Theo there and he has the last 2 games and look what happened there. So with that I’ve noticed a more need at the RW as we’ve been playing countless amount of our central midfielders there ie Ramsey, Wishere, Rosicky, Ozil and Cazorla. Now here’s the kicker we should just go and get Bale and not just because of his priceless tweet to Theo and Ramsey but because he would complete our attacking front 3. There you have it lol…

    1. I agree on the DM and RW positions totally but would go for it differently.

      First you can discard Bale: too expensive and he won’t want to leave Madrid where the rumour is tat Benitez is keen to use him as much as possible.

      Pedro won’t leave in this window due to the current sanctions on Barcelona but Isco could be approachable. Once Modric is back he won’t get as much play time and having seen him on the wing he looks solid there. He could fill our gap for a few years before taking over from Santi as I think he is the best natural replacement.

      Another interesting player is Goetze, he seems out of favour at the moment and could do with a new challenge. He can also play on the wing and like Isco he is the type of player Wenger likes.

      Of course Sterling has to be mentioned but the clubs who need to bolster their ranks with British players (Chelski and City) will outbid us big time.

      The DM position is more straightforward. Schneiderlin, Vidal and Kongdogbia are all very capable to cover this spot but will they play second fiddle to Coquelin? I doubt it. We have Bielik who looks promising so I would go for a more experienced player like Vidal. Alternating with FC and playing less games could extend his career and he is versatile enough to fill other gaps if needed.

      My wet dream? Theo through the middle flanked by Alexis and Isco. Vidal to come and help Coquelin to mature to perfection.

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