Loan star shows Arsenal the way for FA cup clash at Hull

The most important game by far coming up for Arsenal is the latest instalment of the north London derby. A clash with Tottenham is always a big and important game, often more so for us fans than it is for the players, and it is made even bigger when there is something to play for.

So with both clubs embroiled with Leicester and Man City in a very real and tight race for the Premier League title, this is being billed as one of the biggest clashes with the spuds ever. That is why everyone and his dog is fully focused on the derby tomorrow but there is another big game coming up just a few short days later.

And depending on the result at White Hart Lane, the FA cup replay with Hull City could become even more crucial as it could by then represent our last best hope of a trophy this season. So we should all send a big thank-you to our on loan attacking midfielder Jon Toral, who scored an absolute belter of a goal against the Tigers last night, which you can see in the report on Sky Sports.

That Toral goal is a big boost for Arsenal as it not only ends their run of not conceding, which includes the first leg against us at the Emirates, but because it was the winning goal for Birmingham it also weakens their chances of promotion and that is a huge priority for them this season.

So can Arsenall follow in the footsteps of the on loan Gunner by scoring against and beating Hull City on Tuesday?

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    1. Leicester was a must win game, then Manure. And now the Spuds. We seem to keep pushing the date forward.

      1. pocettino (anticipating win vs arsenal): our goal is higher than just beating arsenal.

        wenger (anticipating a loss v tottenham): if we lose, its not the end of our season.

        wenger is comfortable constantly lowering expectations.

  1. All the best to the gunners tomorrow! Let’s dig deep and win this crucial north London derby, and when the dust settles let be “Red”! Coyg!

  2. Hahaha … Oh dear… things must be worse than I first thought? ?
    Can the lowly Arsenal follow in the footsteps of one of our youth players (on loan) and score and beat the mighty Hull City? …. ???… Is this a joke? ? ? ? ?
    okayyy!… So basically, If You’re asking that! then you’re expecting us to get smashed into mash by the Spuds?

    I was trolling some spud sites early, trying to release some frustration and anger! ? And I came away with wanting to book a flight to London ?? ????

    The arrogance from the Spuds for tomorrow’s game is unreal … We cannot lose to these xxxxs! ???

    This is Spudacus and I want my f###ing WARRRRR! ?

  3. The Gunners already know the task that’s ahead of then which they’ll unfailingly successfully carryout tomorrow at the Lane, God’s willing.

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