Locatelli might be forced to ignore Juventus and move to Arsenal

Arsenal has remained one team that is willing to pay Sassuolo’s asking price for Manuel Locatelli.

Despite facing competition from Juventus, the Gunners have continued to show that they really want him in their squad and that persistence might eventually pay off.

The midfielder wants to join Juve. However, the Old Lady cannot reach an agreement with Sassuolo for his signature.

The main issue is that they don’t want to pay what the Green and Blacks want, something Arsenal will do.

Todofichajes claims that Arsenal has offered them 38m euros, which is very close to the 40m euros that they are asking for.

It says if talks with Juve continue to stall, Sassuolo might be forced to accept Arsenal’s offer and ship him to London.

Both clubs are already advanced in their negotiation over his future and it remains for him to just accept Arsenal’s offer and the move to the Emirates would be completed.

Arsenal would only want a player who is happy to play for them and that has to be considered in this transfer.

If Locatelli doesn’t want a London move, then he shouldn’t be forced because it can affect his performance for the Gunners.

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  1. A player who is reluctant to play for us and is only here for the dosh is poison. Ref Ozil, Mkhi, even Sanchez when at United,and even todays Auba.

    Hope we have FINALLY learned this VERY expensive lesson!

    1. 👍 👍 Only provided Locatelli is happy to come, brings his family to enjoy the shopping spending his money and doesn’t complain about the weather.

    2. Auba does not have a problem playing for arsenal. He simply lost his shooting boots. Arsenal fans can be very forgetful. Auba won the FA Cup for us when we had zero chance of a trophy, he losses his form due to several issues he had last season and we are already counting him among players who do not want to play for us. He deserves better pls.

      1. How can anybody say Ozil and Sanchez did not want to play for Arsenal? That’s turning recent history on its head!
        Wenger wanted Ozil when it was likely he was leaving Real. So did many other club managers. But the player gave Wenger his word that if he was to leave Madrid, he would be joining Arsenal
        Alexis was sorely needed by Liverpool who had just sold Suarez to Barcelona and it looked very much like a swap deal between the two clubs was in the offing. But the player chose to come to Arsenal
        Incidentally I just finished watching a highlights recording of Arsenal’s 2014/15 season and I was salivating with nostalgia watching the swashbuckling football with the likes of Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Carzola, Rosicky, etc.
        I didn’t see anything suggesting that those two didn’t want to play for Arsenal. Instead I found myself wondering if we could ever replicate that team

          1. Because Jon wants to rewrite Arsenal history to suit his version of events… as simple as that.

          2. Then KEN you are flatly denying th evidence of Ozils lazy last five seasons here? Also denying how he threw sickies so often and could not be arsed basically.

            Poinless discussing this further with a “flat earther” as you seem to be with Ozil!

          3. Ken , then you still deny Ozils legendary laziness and unwillingness to honour his contract by not giving his all for the last five seasons here! Pointless debating further with a “flat earther” as you are where he is concerned.
            And to Corporate man, who incorrectly said I included Sanchez as lazy while with us, I specifically wrote “SANCHEZ, WHEN AT UNITED.”
            Such selective reading CM!

          4. There you go again Jon – when did Ozil, OR MA come to that, EVER say that he didn’t want to play for the club?

            It’s your version of the situation, just as you are now claiming Sanchez did at Manure… how on earth do you know that for a fact?

            If MO was the person you describe, why on earth would MA still keep him training with the first team squad and select him on a regular and winning basis up and until the coronavirus situation? Five years my @ss!!

            Sometimes your nievity of what goes on at our club is astounding…. as Corporate Man says, you are trying to rewrite history… and as I said, to fit your agenda when talking about players you dislike.
            Flat earth? Try harder to Jon, it’s like water off a ducks back my friend 🦆💦

        1. Even you will agree that things broke between these players and the club toward the end of their careers. Certainly Auba is looking like a lost soul now But in the end it will turn sour because the team need firing players and so when he’s eventually dropped he will be in that category.

  2. From what I read Locatelli would be happy to stay at Sassuolo until Juve are ready to take him. He really doesnt want to go anywhere else.

    1. Why will fans want arsenal to buy Chelsea third choice striker. Chelsea will gladly accept Auba if he was for sale. Do you think Tammy Abraham would do much in arsenal set up.

      1. Well, didn’t Chelsea sign our third choice striker, when Giroud moved?
        Abraham would certainly give us another option – or plan B as some would call it.

  3. Fabrizio Romano has said Locatelli is not refusing Arsenal. He just prefers Juve. That means if Juve deal stalls, he’s happy to play doe us. There will be no issue of commitment.

  4. Teun Koopmeiners apart from being a Gunner as a child is an upgrade on Locattelii. Arsenal should go and get the AZ Alkmaar star. His market price is £17m and his goal contribution is breathtaking.

    1. Well said, teun koopmeiners should be seriously look at. A gunner fan at heart who will play his heart out for the club.
      Will bring balance to that midfield operating on the left side. Locatelli is making us look desperate and we are bigger than that. Get players that really wants to come to us, not one like locatelli that ONLY consider us when his childhood club refuse paying the price for him and may later come back for him in the near future taking advantage of arsenal questionable transfers for players.

  5. Arsenal pursuing Abraham and Chelsea pursuing Lewandoski. Surely the two clubs have different ambitions.

  6. Auba had personal issues last season coupled with the fact that arsenal hardly create chances last season. We were 12th in chance created last season and we were 17th in big chances missed. Meaning we weren’t creating chances and our strikers weren’t missing chances either.

    1. Very true Alex regarding personal issues – it seems that MA has been involved with players and their personal issues since becoming manager – wonder if he will deal with Aubameyang in the same way as he treated the other players?

      1. Ken, Chelsea goes out and gets their business done; Arsenal sits on their hands and procrastinate. Neves to Manchester United to replace Pogba? Auoar to Liverpool to replace Henderson?

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