Loic Remy is a classic no-brainer for Arsenal

There are very few Arsenal fans that were not calling for Arsene Wenger to buy another striker as soon as the transfer window opened, and many of us thought that a cut-price deal for the QPR hitman Loic Remy was on the cards after seeing him perform admirably for Newcastle last season.

Now that Giroud has been ruled out for three months, the acquisition of a quality striker that could slot straight into the team is now an imperative, but Remy is STILL waiting for a new club with just three days left to finalise a deal. Even the French manager Didier Deschamps has implored Remy to move to a bigger club.

He said in the Mirror: “‎With regards to Remy, his situation isn’t completely sorted out yet. The deadline for the transfer window is Monday at midnight.

“It’s down to the players to make their decision in terms of a career plan. But the more players I have at my disposal who are playing for big French clubs or European clubs the better, because they experience the reality of what the highest level is all about on a daily basis.

“As a coach, it’s important for me that my players experience that every day.”

Remy is used to the pace of the Premier League, and is a proven goalscorer at the highest level. Who thinks Wenger should bring him in for the quoted £8.5million buy-out clause?

Surely it’s a no-brainer!

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    1. They’ve already agreed a fee unfortunately, should be officially announced soon.
      I’ve already accepted we’re not signing a striker, I think some of you should do the same.
      Expect a CB and maybe a CDM.

      1. With the team we have today. About 30 players including talented youngsters. The best way to play is a narrow diamond, a 4-1-2-1-2 formation. We have attacking backs not any real wingers except Theo who can also play up top, and we dont have a real target striker anymore, all our striking options would play better with a partner.

        !st choice 2nd Choice
        Scez Ospina
        Debuchy-Kos-Per-Gibbs Bellerin-Chambers-Miquel-Monreal
        Arteta Flamini
        Jack-Ramsey Diaby- Chamberlin
        Ozil Cazorla
        Theo-Sanchez Poldi-Campbell

        Martinez, Zelalem, Rosicky, Gnabry, Sanogo, Coquelin, Miyachi, Akpom

        Our healthy players provided that Arsene does not go out and buy a 25+ goal striker are better balanced this way. In easier home games the DM can play more forward as a CM and in more difficult games we can double up the DMs if needed. Even if we get a quality DM such as Carvalho this would be an ideal tactic for him. A lot of work falls on the shoulders of our Right and Left backs but i think we have quality o both sides.

        1. Problem is, Arsenal’s style of play and philosophy is catered around dominating possession in the middle of the park. Therefore 5 midfielders are required to do so. Wenger will not change this.

  1. Jackson martinez wouldnt be a bad option also! Because he loves arsenal and wants to be a gunner if the chance comes! Coyg!

  2. too late reports this evening say loic remy is very close to joining chelsea both clubs have agreed fee

  3. If we don’t sign another striker then yes get it done.
    Torres going to AC Milan means Chelsea could muddy the water for us.

  4. Falcao
    Jackson Martinez
    Lord Bendtner
    Emile Heskey
    Anyone!! Im desperate for another striker

  5. Remy didnt pass the liverpool medical due to hear failure. Will he make it at Arsenal? I dont think Arsenal will buy Remy. We have tons of forwards that are not so different from him and the focus should be in finding a CB or DM.

    1. I heard rumors that he failed the medical due to Drug Usage, hence why Liverpool pulled the plug almost instantly. Harry Redknapp also said he had no fitness issues, so it kind of makes sense. But who knows.

  6. was watching some French League game today and Gignac was playing for Olympique Marseille. He is a very similar player to Giroud, only that Gignac is faster and seems better at controlling the ball. His moves without the ball are good too. No wonder why Arsene is been link with this guy for so long…will he go for him again??
    As per Remy, yes, he is proven EPL experience and goalscoring but, in my opinion, he is more like Alexis or Theo, could be a center forward but is not quite one, question is, do we really need another player like that? or do we need a proper center forward, more like a target in the box?…me thinks the second, therefore I am hoping (naively) that the rumours about Falcao or Cavani have some sustance…

  7. Why are low comment blogs hidden? Can anyone explain? I quite like reading them. Surely everyone’s comments should be seen unless unusually offensive.

    1. Hafiz. If u really really REALLY want to read his endless drivel you can always
      Click on the show text button and find out why u were better of before.

  8. Remy has been snapped up by Chelsea. I think we should all just ignore Wenger and hope that the Sanchez experiment works out and he does not end up with injuries. Wenger is a man that enjoys doing the opposite of what the majority agrees on and the more we pressure him about buying a striker, the more determined he is to do whatever it is he is bent on doing. We are perpetually short of players by choice. I dont understand why a big club like arsenal will deliberately starve itself of just a few squad players that will make a difference in a long and difficult football season. Calum Chambers is back up for Debuchy, Mertsesacker and Koscielny. How does that even work? So if Chambers picks up an injury during the internationals for instance, then Debuchy , Per and Kos had better not get injured because we have no one to replace them. Only in arsenal do you hear this kind of madness.

  9. Call me Hafiz but I’d like a better player, I still think a big one is in the pipeline and has been since the ECL qualification.

  10. quote from a article mesut ozil gave today

    The problem was more positional. Often perceived as a No 10 – and there is so much emphasis on the No 10 in Germany – Özil was deployed on the left flank at the World Cup, rather than in his preferred playmaker role, because of Marco Reus’s injury. “I’m one of the best players in the world in that No 10 position,’’ said Özil. “Fans, coaches, players and everyone knows that my best position is playmaker.

    “It’s different playing on the left. When I was in Madrid, I often played on the right. I enjoyed that because I’m left-footed and I was able to cut inside to give assists and get shots on target. On the left, it’s more difficult. If I do get past someone I’m still away from the danger zone, still on the flank, and it’s harder for me to find the final ball with my right foot than with my left.

    “But Joachim Löw needed me on the left. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the team. It’s not my favourite position but I was willing to play there for the team. It was difficult just before the tournament started that I was suddenly playing on the left and had a different role. I needed to get my bearings, which I did. I think I did my job well there. The Boss saw me as being able to play on the right and we ended up as world champions.

    “The opinions of fans are important to me and I’m happy they have such high expectations of me. I have high expectations of myself. I know what I can do and in the past few years I’ve shown that I belong to the select group of best players in the world as a No 10. What’s important is that the manager gives me his trust and in Joachim Löw and Arsène Wenger I have two managers who do exactly that. Both coaches know that my favourite position is the No  10. I’ve played on the left in a World Cup and for Arsenal but my best performances come as a 10.”

    1. this is why ozil is wasted on the left he kill all his best attributes puting him there i dont see the logic in wengers thinking if u need to put him on the wing than maybe he should be on the right like he is saying himself

  11. Man, we want to win both the UCL and the EPL so stop calling in mediocre strikers. Even Giroud is far better Remy. Do you want us to purchase another Kalstrom?

  12. Exciting is the key word.
    Remy exciting?
    Rabiot exciting?
    Cheap, French yes.
    Exciting? Really?
    For me “exciting” would include
    Reus, Falcao, Cavani, Kheidra,
    Kondogbia, Vidal, Pogba, Carvalho
    Varane, Messi.

  13. Actualy most exciting
    would be Diaby completing
    a full EPL game and Sanogo
    scoring his first EPL goal.

  14. We need to strengthen our defence first then we can can work forward and the mid field is well sorted so are we up front, so get CB and CDM sorted and we great to go…..Hate these old bastards who come in with false pretences and bullshit there way around just to get a look at Arsenal…..

    1. Okay just had to klet frustrations out as my great wife is a school teacher so I know the frustrations…of marking, sighting, coaching, teaching, guiding, farting…….

  15. I have to agree with boss here, Remy is not an improvement on what we already have in Sanchez, Campbell, Podolski, if he is going to sign someone let hime be in the class of Cavani, Falcao, Suarez a world class proven striker.

    1. He is an improvement on Campbell. Campbell hardly scores. Played 55 games last 2 years and scored 13 goals. Remy scored more than that in half a season

  16. I for one will be glad when the transfer window closes. All of the speculation, guessing, etc. needs to end. Either do or not do and get on with it.

  17. We are at most buying a versatile defender. We have a good squad. I am pretty sure we will win The Wenger Trophy again this year and we will buy a great player in a position that we dont exactly need and miss out on DMs and Strikers once again.
    There, I have seen the future, it’s just like the past.

  18. I don’t think Wenger is gonna show his hands until Sunday. So about 48 hours folks till our minds will be in peace… or in pieces.

    1. im happy to see chambers step into that role if we buy a quality cb and bellerni is brought in as right back cover
      i think the lad has what it takes
      wana see wenger use more rotation from the squad this season
      its been said on here already
      its vital we use our whole squad and if wenger is not confident in our back up players he should go out and buy more instead of saying hes happy with the players he has then not using them

  19. To be honest I’m not particularly pleased with the business this summer, yeah Sanchez is a marquee signing…. But he wasn’t what we needed, we have quality and plenty of pace that could have fulfilled and have proven themselves already in the premier league! Debuchy at £10 was a little over priced as well for a player that didn’t really impress that much with Newcastle last season, not to forget he is already 29! We needed a stronger striker, a cb and yes we need a rb to replace another heartless mercenary!
    We would have done well to sigh up Micah Richards this summer, not only can he play right right, but has played cb as well! He is tall, dominating, strong and has ability…. His problem has been city!
    I think we missed an incredible opportunity with balotelli, that boy has mad skills, more ability than you can shake a stick at and a fire that burns inside of him which if channeled correctly would work in his favour! Now when we look to the past I am sure you can think of plenty of names that wenger has calmed and developed using that fire!
    One more vacancy we still need to fill is cdm, I think we all know this is the killer!! We need some to battle there for us and whilst I honestly believe jack is battler, strong and possesses that ability to fill that role…. Well he definitely isn’t there yet! Carvalho or khedeira are definitely needed. So in conclusion we need to focus on some quality…. The quantity of players that could play up front will not guarantee us the goals we need to launch a challenge for the title!
    But who knows what wengers got hidden up his sleeve!?

  20. Remy was not good enough for Liverpool but he is good enough for Arsenal I just can’t get my head around this. Wenger is at it again buying Cheap Remy is not a Top class striker but do you know what I think at this late stage most fan’s will settle for any new signing. This is what Wenger does he brakes our spirit and gives us no real hope of winning the Premiership or the
    Champions league. Chelsea bought a Top class Striker in Deigo Costa and we are going for Remy. What a let down again but expected from Wenger. CHEAP he loves that word.

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