Lokonga deal agreed at last and medical expected imminently

While we wait anxiously for Arsenal to announce the signing of Nuno Tavares from Benfica after the youngster arrived in London earlier this week, we have also been constantly told that our second signing was always “very close”.


But now it seems that everything has been finalised in the negotiations with Anderlecht for the signing of Albert Sambi Lokonga as well.


The Begian news outlet HLN has announced this morning that the 21 year-old is expected for his medical today or tomorrow. This is what they said…

The last folds are smoothed out. Anderlecht and Arsenal have been negotiating a transfer of Albert Sambi Lokonga (21) for weeks, but now more than ever all parties assume that everything will be okay – it’s a matter of points and commas. The midfielder will take his medical tests today, or possibly some tomorrow. 

They go on to say that Lokonga has agreed to a five year deal and that Anderlecht will receive over 20 million Euros, which appears to be backed up by the Belgian journalist Sven Claes (I think he is talking in GBP)….

So it looks like we have sealed two deals, with White fully expected to arrive as well. After that we will see how our other targets pan out.

So, hopefully fans will be a little more patient before calling Edu and Arteta incompetent, as is said on a daily basis….

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  1. Skills1000 says:

    This is good news. I am happy Arsenal. Welcome Lokonga. Now Aouar

    Ben White.

    If we close those four deals, we have done well.

    1. Atid says:

      If we land tavares, lokonga, white and aouar, I think arteta will only be looking for a goalkeeper to allow him to play his beloved 433, which can easily switch to 4231 in an instant.
      GK -leno/ Neto or Johnstone?
      RB – maitland-niles/chambers
      Rcb – white/holding
      Lcb – Gabriel/Mari
      RM – ESR/Willock
      CM – Partey/Elneny
      LM – Aouar/Lokonga
      RF – Saka/Pepe
      CF – Lacazette/Balogun
      LF – Aubameyang/Martinelli

      Rest of Squad
      Okonkwo, Soares, Rekik, Azeez, Nelson, Nketiah

      If AMN refuses to play RB then I expect he will be sold and chambers to be first choice with Soares the back up.

      I am expecting runarrsson, Bellerin Kolasinac, xhaka and William to all be sold

      1. Adiva says:

        I’m just thinking out loud here. What is our academy goalies for. Last season we let go about 3 of them. Why wasting time, resources and energy if we can look inward for a back up keeper. We Okonkwo and Hein who is number one international goalie for his country. . I can remember watching Pickford as an 18 keeper for I can’t remember the club before he got transferred to Everton. We should use those boys instead wasting time and resources on transfer like that of Runnersson.

      2. Raghav says:

        I’ve got a feeling that if arsenal do sign these 4 players, we’ll play a 4-3-3

        Gk- Leno/backup
        Cb- White/Chambers
        Cb- Holding/Mari
        Cb- Gabriel/ Saliba
        LWB-Tierney/ Tavares
        RWB- AMN/Cedric
        Cm- Partey /Elneny
        LW- Saka/Martinelli
        ST- Auba/Balogun
        RW – Pepe/ESR

    2. Apangu iddi amin says:

      I fully support your idea and let’s hope it happens in these few weeks’ time.

  2. gotanidea says:

    So we can forget about Locatelli and Bissouma. Hopefully Lokonga can play like Kante

    1. Eddie says:

      What makes you think Lokonga is being brought in to be a starter?
      He’s basically in the same mould as Douzi was when he came. Brought in to grow with the U21 but will be part of the first team if he adapts very quickly.
      Besides he’s just an understudy not a first team player for us.
      So one more midfielder is coming in

      1. gotanidea says:

        His price tag is 20+ M. I also heard we’ll offload Torreira and Xhaka

        1. DaJuhi says:

          Elneny must be sold as well. He’s on his last year and will be gone for AFCON as well.

          1. gotanidea says:

            I think Arteta likes his work ethic and I heard about a new contract offer

      2. Ackshay says:

        He’s being brought in to be the in the first team squad not u21, guendouzi was 19 with only 26 league matches while lokonga is 21 with 69 matches. He will most likely be the backup for xhaka replacement and fast-tracked to starting 11 if we fail to secure a replacement which wouldn’t surprise me given our past dealings.

        1. Eddie says:

          It was Charles Watts himself who even said he’s not expected to be a first team player except he’s impressive enough to be fast tracked into the the team.
          Why tf would Arsenal be looking to bring in Locatelli or Aouar if Lokonga will be a first team player? You realize Elneny and Willock are still at the club don’t you?

          1. Ackshay says:

            You do realise first team squad means the 25 players and NOT the first 11 or do you just pretend to know about football. I also said He will most likely be the backup for xhaka replacement aka Locatelli or Aouar.

          2. Adiva says:

            And you think he jump at our offer with knowing he won’t be in the first team. Eddie, he is the captain of Anderlecht, and an important player in that team. He has played more league games than White and White is believed to work straight in our team and this boy won’t. Let us wait to find out. I just know he won’t have joined us if we tell him he is going to play in our U23.

          3. Eddie says:

            Ackshay, remind me is it the 25 man that makes it onto the squad list on matchdays? You realize he’s most likely to be given the chance in pre season andif he takes it, he’ll be up for rotation. Just because you’re part of the 25 man list doesn’t mean you’re the backup for a position.
            Nelson was part of our 25 man team last season, and guess how many games he played?

            Adiva Sure right, because Anderletch is a club with the same status as Arsenal.

      3. Grandad says:

        While you may well be right Eddie, the fact that the young guy is highly thought of by the likes of Kompany, Henri and Martinez suggests to me that he will soon be pushing for a first team place along with a rejuvenated Willock.Together they will bring more energy and athleticism to our midfield which has been pedestrian for some time.I would hope the signing of Lokonga does not preclude us from signing Bissouma who I see as an ideal replacement for Xhaka and more of a priority than Ben White.

        1. Eddie says:

          Exactly my point Grandad. He will have to push for it like Douzi did.
          He’s not anyway going to be a starter.
          He’ll have to convince the manager to be getting a run. I do know he’ll play certain games for us. I just don’t think he’s Xhaka’s replacement

          1. Durand says:

            I’m with you on this one. He’s a backup with a chance to be a starter in the future. Good player, lots of potential, but not the starting partner for Partey in midfield.

            If he is viewed as a starter, then we should lower expectations about any top 6 run or competiting consistently against the top clubs.

    2. Sylva says:

      I don’t think he will be a stater in Arsenal he was bought for the future. We cannot depend on upcoming players who need to adapt to perform next season. Next will be more competitive than the previous. If Arsenal fails to reach Top 6 again after absence from Europe then, Arteta and the board have failed. We need good result next season and I don’t think rukkies can achieve that.

      1. gotanidea says:

        If we spend most of our budget for White, Lokonga and Tavares, I don’t think we’ll buy another DM

  3. Goonerbeall says:

    Something about that Lokonga kid. He is an Arsenal fan and very talented. I am very happy Arsenal to have signed him. Just hoped we could have Saliba in defence too but it appears you can’t have all you want. Now bring in products of our academy alongside and we may have plenty to lough about.

  4. gunnerforlife says:

    Happy for Lokonga, but Bissouma and Aouar are the real deals.

    1. Sylva says:


  5. A J says:

    It appears medical passed, announcement imminent and the player will travel to Hib’s with us.

  6. Sue says:

    Great news!! I’m also hearing we’re set to be the subject of Amazon’s next ‘All or Nothing’ documentary 🙂

    1. VasC says:

      The revenue loss due to our failure in qualifying for Europe this season is covered through this Amazon deal, I guess!!!

      1. Sue says:

        👍 Amazon pay 10m apparently..

    2. Kstix says:

      Sue the last team out team need right now is more media attention. This is a team filled with players who love posing for the gram than actually playing for Arsenal. Imagine how distracted they would get with the camera being in their faces almost all the time.

      1. Kstix says:

        Last thing*

    3. Kstix says:

      Also all or nothing has never helped previous teams succeed in the season they were done in the past. City lost the league title to Liverpool, spuds had the worst record since pochettino became manager and sacked that same season, juventus lost the league to inter Milan. I stand to be corrected though.

  7. Jay Perry says:

    Some of our fans are incompetent. The same idiots that were desperate for Wenger to be sacked got what they wanted and then called for Emery to be sacked and got what they wanted. They are now desperate for Arteta to be sacked. The last time we had faith in our manager it pre-empted a golden age for our glorious club. In Arteta we trust #plasticsout

    1. Durand says:

      Err, okay but what are your thoughts on Lokonga?

      How he fits in? Role with team? Who he would be competing with?

  8. Jeremiah Kai Sessie says:

    very good signing, but we also need to sign pointed stricker

  9. kev says:

    This deal was done long ago as was the White deal which was never going to be hijacked contrary to other reports.

    Ramsdale to Arsenal won’t happen, Onana, Sam Johnstone and Noberto Neto being looked at,
    Aouar(30m) and Bissouma(35m) talks opened, Renato Sanches interest still there, Neves will never happen at Wolves’ current quoted price.

    1. Ceemahn says:

      Aouar and bissouma?? How sure are you on this news??

    2. Kedar says:

      So according to you Aour and Bissouma both we are going for??
      If this is true then this will Be very good window

    3. Labass says:

      How true is that bissouma ND aouar rumor

  10. jon fox says:

    Ad PAT I AM FIRMLY IN YOUR CAMP! BUT TO ASK OUR YOUNGER FANS “HOPEFULLY OUR FANS WILL BE A LITTLE MORE PATIENT” ETC., is akin to asking a hungry crocodile to not eat a tasty morsel swimmimg nearby.

    Patience and TRUE SUPPORT, as opposed to mere fanhood(something very different , btw), is something that most of this supercritical generation of young fans are incapable of achieving. I actually feel very sorry for them in their lives to come, quite irrespective of football and AFC.



    1. Ceemahn says:

      So,in over a decade now,we the younger generation still haven’t got any patience in your own world??
      More than a decade of nothing from the club,no competing with the rest of the big six,no major trophy,hell,not even a champions league trophy in our cabinet,no much spending like other clubs are doing, constant heart aches and the list goes on and on and then some how,we the younger generation still got no patience?? Woow!!
      Hey grand pa JON FOX,you always act like you know it all.
      Plainly typing,I dont like you and your opinions,and i will never like them.

      1. VasC says:

        I sincerely wish that I have not taken the bait by replying to your comment.

        If you’re not impressed by someone’s comment, you must either choose to ignore it or reply to it in a respectful tone.

        There’s a lot more I’d like to say. But, it’ll do for this moment.

        1. Ceemahn says:

          Noted sir!!

      2. jon fox says:

        CEEMAHN, And I cannot stand all you and your self entitled generation (not all of them but lots onJA) DEMAND from our club!

        Who the hell are YOU to demand success anyway? Grow up sonny and learn about how life works in the REAL WORLD!

        1. Ceemahn says:

          So we should not demand success from a team we have grew to love from deep down our hearts? Really??
          Ok sir. I heard you loud and clear sir.

          My apologies,the way I sounded earlier,please forgive my manners.🙏🙏

        2. chris says:

          If you cannot stand the new generation, there is always the option of not engaging in discussion with them and choosing to ignore them, instead of criticizing them and moaning about them in every single article like a spoiled 12 year old whose parents didn’t buy him an ice cream and with whom everyone must agree, otherwise they are idiots. And don’t be fooled, we, being representatives of the “new generation”, are not really excited about you either. Of course, despite being less experienced than you, i can understand that what you write is NOT related to your age and experience, but to your high and mighty personality. How do i know it? I just love and enjoy communicating with the rest of the people of your generation on JA.

          1. jon fox says:

            You are , as you admit yourself, rather young to be lecturing a 70 year old with over 60 years of watching and learning from the long Arsenal history through direct experience, on how to speak to others.


            BTW, Chris , it is not theyounger generation I dislike but merely those who are arrogant enough to think they know better than those who have had a long innings in life and who do not, therefore, demand all they want right now.

            PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE which some, though far from all young folk, would be well advised to cultivate.

          2. Dan kit says:

            Maybe Pat could make a chat room just for you Jon and a few others that cannot stand debating with anyone under 60 or god forbid anyone who as a difference of opinion that you can’t handle .

  11. A J says:

    Well said Jon.

    I for one agree with the viewpoints you post above.

    Patience is indeed a virtue, even more so as one grows older and time seems to fly by at an alarming rate – “tempus fugit” never read truer.

    Another point I had seen on here recently, and was only reflecting upon this very morning.


    As you allude to above, in my opinion experience is invaluable – if retained, relied upon and used correctly.

    There of course should be no barrier between the young and more mature on here, but since joining in and enjoying (most of the time) the use of J A I have noticed a definite increase in such a divide – often fuelled by the “Arteta debate”.

    We naturally as human beings develop a perception of people on here – people we have never, or are likely to, ever meet.

    For example, I strongly suspect I have been “black balled” by a few users on here – a couple being from the older generation, which is unfortunate but their prerogative.

    However, if we offend by plain speaking and at times laying out the experiences we have both in life and related to our wonderful football club, we need apologise to no-one (if we stay within site rules, and the point made is relevant).

    If I am asked to understand and appreciate the (sometimes valid sometimes not in my opinion) views of the younger generation of fan, it surely would be fair not to expect to be called Senile, an amateur, and knowing nothing of the club I have supported passionately for over 60 years in return – and yes, to me that length of loyal support IS relevant.

    Of course we are all frustrated as hell right now regarding the teams current standing and the perceived lack of activity at Arsenal F.C. , but as your piece so very succinctly points out, a good degree of patience is required at this point in time.

    The “fixes” at out football club were never going to be an overnight exercise – far from it.

    I suspect upon accepting the role, M A was handed a multi-point plan citing a very long list of in house issues to be sorted.

    This will take much longer than most of us would wish – but just how many are historical shortcomings which have be ignored and left to fester for far too long, thus taking longer to unravel ?

    Let us let the window unfold, and the season commence thus being then in a position to cast a more factual based view of where we then stand.

    In closing, I must say I particularity enjoyed and again agree with your retrospective last paragraph – and those were happier times for it !

    1. jon fox says:

      AJ, a cathartic post and how perfectly it illustrates the vast gulf between todays youngsters and when we oldies were young.

      I would never swap my freedoms, when young- which were real freedoms, when we had rules and standards to live up to and were expected to do by OUR elders, parents teachers etc- for the lack of discipline and esp lack of self discipline in todays younger generation.



    2. VasC says:

      Mr A J and Mr jon fox

      I totally understand and respect your comments. It may sound harsh to the majority of the JA visitors (as most visitors seem to be from the younger generation) but it is the reality that needs to be accepted by everyone.

      But, I wish that you, being wiser-heads in this community, could have resisted your temptations to take a dig at the younger generation. We can’t undo whatever that has already happened. Maybe we can choose to think twice before posting such comments in the future.

      1. jon fox says:

        VasC, what a refeshing change of tone and I THANK YOU FOR IT. True, it does seem to be a generational divide on JA between those who are older and are more acceptable of our modest table position and those of your generation who will not accept it and demand more and IMO, far too soon.
        I am not trying to pull rank by stating the sheer fact that I have been watching our club for over 60 years and it was 12 years since I began watching til we won our first honour. I had to learn patience; what other choice did I have!

        Supporting the Spuds double team of 1960-61 was not a choice, even though I did in fact watch both us and Spuds on alternate weeks back then but always supported Spuds opponents and IF they played in red and white, I always wore my Arsenal red and white scarf.

        This was, mercifully still years before hooligans took over the terraces. In my early teens I began going to away games across the country with the supporters coaches and we mostly lost those games . That is until tht late 60’s when we lost two league cup finals in a row and in 1970 finally won the Inter City Fairs CUP, our first honour since 1953.

        The next season, 70/71 under Bertie Mee we won the famous league and cup double. But even after that we won nothing else til 1979, the FA cup again and then nothing til the league cup under George Graham in1987. And then again nothing from 1993 til AW came in October ’96 and we won the Double in ’98.

        So you see, patience and real support was vital. There was no culture of social media and younger fans demanding the head of the managers.

        So I sincerely hope you now see why I preach PATIENCE. Without it, I would have cut my own throat decades ago.

        But I STILL LIVE ON IN HOPE and a moderate degree of expectation of more success but all in good time. I know that life does not give any of us all we want and I also believe that in general that is a healthy thing and we all need to learn that lesson.

        I really wish you and all our young fans well and, contrary to what many think, I am far kinder in person than I often am in print. I just REALLY like fairness and when I read so MUCH unfairness against MA I react like a tiger protecting its young.

        At my older age I am amazed at how much I still care. I ought to have learned better at my age! . But at least it proves I am still alive and in truth the far greater sadness when you are older is losing more and more folk who are dear to you By comparison, mere football is of lesser importance, wonderful though it is

    3. gerry burke says:

      AJ, wonderful words indeed. i know what you are saying, i am one of the older brigade on here and i am proud to be still a guner after all these years. i find that , some, not all, of my older friends , on here, think it is their god given right to blow anybody who do not agree with their opinions, in respect to wenger , and, ozil ,out of the water. i think the phrase,once a man, and twice a child, comes to my mind when i read the comments of some, very few,in fact. mr.jon fox does not come into thhis bracket, he always has a broad view of all things arsenal. each and every eprson is entitled to their own opinion, but when some people take you to taks over your opinion, and always seem to include wenger or/and ozil it becomes so boring and childish.

      1. A J says:

        Thanks Gerry.

        Take care mate.

  12. Damy says:

    If we get bissouma and aouar, then we can’t complain.

  13. Misgana says:

    Arsenal did not benefit from the golden generation of Belgium, like other clubs did. Hope this one works well for us. OT; is Evan Gazidis doing what he did at Arsenal, allowing players run their contracts down at AC Milan? Donaroma, Calhangolu?

  14. Lucia says:

    This kid is a replacement for willock, mark my word either arsenal use willock to recover some of it’s fund spent in the window or send him out on loan with an option or obligation to buy.
    Lokonga is the exact version of younger Pogba. And I very much welcome him because if reports are to be believed he turned down a better offer from Atlanta who guess what? Has champions league football. He is an arsenal fan and I’m sure Henry has a big part in this particular deal. Arsenal is waiting to sign either locatelli or bissouma before they can sanction xhaka’s deal to Roma. And my pick is locatteli, arsenal won’t pay what Brighton is asking for bissouma which to me is total bullocks considering the price tag of ndidi at Leicester city. I’ll rather have ndidi at that price than bissouma, not saying I don’t like the player but at that price no. Concerning Ben white, a typical English hype, I’m not disputing the fact he’s a talented young player who thinks every box but at that price no. If he wasn’t English maximum will be around 20- 30m but he’s English. If Arsenal can cash in on Eddie,nelson, elneny,bellerin,Leno(if he doesn’t want to be here), runnarson, we should use the money plus added fund to try for grealish, we didn’t have money we didn’t have money yet we signed pepe for 72m. And grealish to me won’t hesitate to come to arsenal.

    If Leno is going and we are looking for a cheaper and reliable gk we shouldn’t look further than Sam Johnstone. Big,strong in the air, good shot stopper and at good age.

    1. Ceemahn says:


  15. OnceGreat says:

    As one of the anti-Arteta and anti-Edu fans, I congratulate them on making this deal possible.

    The guys looks like he could be an upgrade on Xhaka and I surely hope he’ll prove it.

    First good omen this transfer window. Keep them coming, Arsenal. Secure ESR now.

  16. Ximplicity says:

    Well said VasC… Respect is reciprocal, both old and young needs to respect each other opinion(s), but instead due to our know-it-all and what-do-other-know attitudes we tend to take digs at one another. I did the same fews weeks back but corrected myself because I found it so childish, we can’t think alike even twins given birth the same day doesn’t think alike

    1. Ceemahn says:

      “know it all” and ” what do others know”. 👌👌👌👌👌🙌

  17. Durand says:

    Perhaps we should all be adults and agree to disagree.

    One can’t hurl insults in one breath, then claim maturity with the next.

    Blame the ones truly responsible, the Kronkes.

    Arteta and Edu only work with funds provided and players they have. Kronke hired Gazidis, permitted his mismanagement for years.

    Hired great scout in Sven diamond eye (with proven record and resume), then permitted the infighting that led to his departure.

    Raul was a shady and disgusting hiring that set us back even further with his dismantling of scouts and kowtowing to super agents.

    Then Edu came in, all the while we’re on our 3rd manager since Wenger; yes I count Freddie, he did manage meaningful games, albeit briefly.

    Who permitted all this? The Kronkes, so aim at them not each other.

    1. Alanball08 says:

      Not a truer word said
      Totally agree with every thing you said
      Everyone one blaming everyone about what’s gone wrong
      People calling for the managers head ect
      It’s the owners head that should be chopped off
      A family who have mismanaged the clubs
      Restructed finances to take a shed load of money out

  18. gunnerforlife says:

    I have been supporting Arsenal for 22 years, so I dont know whether it puts me in the younger generation or older, it doesnt matter to me much. What I feel is that this is a forum wherein one can express ones opinion freely and fairly. Being a gunner from the heart, I find it simple to express myself either way whenever something is right or wrong. I dont agree when someone posts something against someone just because he doesnt like someones opinion. There are ways to criticise someones opinion and just because someone is a senior citizen or has more experience as a supporter or claims to be of the older generation, it doesnt give him a godly right to use language which is hurting to say the least to criticise the younger generation. Of someone cannot stand someone elses opinion, just ignore it, that is the sign of a mature and wise senior citizen, not lambasting or bombarding someone. If someone claims to be senior and oldie than that person should kindly behave as one not preach or enforce things upon others. There are ways and means to do things and if someone is preaching patience, than one must practice and implement patience before preaching. Practice what you preach. As for AFC state of affairs, a genuine gunner at heart always wishes for success as he loves the club from his heart. Constructive criticism is no offence meant at anyone, we are all I believe, gunners at the end of the day. A genuine gunner will not want to see his Club to fall and fall, go from bad to worse and keep watching like a silent bystander. The least we can do is express our opinions on platforms like ja, whether we are heard or not is another matter altogether. The current state of affairs at AFC is nothing to be happy about, we are going from bad to worse from season to season and to a genuine gunner it is sad and painful to see Leicester and WestHam and not speak of the Spuds do consistently better than us. How can a genuine gunner keep quiet and see what is happening, atleast he/she can express ones opinion, in a diplomatic manner ofcourse. The point here is that a big club like Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, the Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea the Milan clubs, and all other big clubs act like a big club, in the sense they take corrective measures when they see their performances declining at alarming rates year upon year. They dont wait till they get relegated, but try to rise and this requires ambition and imagination and grit. Arsenal historically has been a big club, always counted amongst the top clubs in the world, has a huge fan base round the world, has a successful brand name and has a tradition to be proud of. A genuine gunner does not want all this to fall off, all the hard work being done by our previous successful managers just to fall apart by some egoistic manager who puts his ego before the success of the club. If the manager in question puts the club before himself nobody has any problems because the success of Arsenal and what it stands for in terms of values and tradition is supreme. At the end of the day Arsenal should be counted amongst the top clubs of the world and every kid round the world who looks upto Arsenal as a footballing career should not be disheartened by seeing young talented players not being given chances and sold out for money to invest in older players who contribute nothing and just come to Arsenal for their final pay days. Arsenal should be the Arsenal of the old, strong, powerful and feared and respected and that is why genuine gunners get worried when we see something going wrong and haywire and whom exactly to blame is a matter of another debate, but the whole point is we should love Arsenal and not this manager or that and not this player or that. The success of the club should be paramount and cannot be compromised. Just because a certain opinion is not liked the opinion should not be lambasted by someone claiming to have the Godly right to do so, till the person apologises for no fault of his, everyones opinion should be respected or else if one cannot bear it, best is to ignore it, that is the sign of a wise and matured individual.

    1. Siamois says:


    2. Sue says:

      Well said, GFL

    3. Adiva says:

      Thanks for you for the lesson on maturity. Just to add, being a fan for so, so and so years isn’t and shouldn’t be an achievement to brag about. The other you are the nearer you are to the end and those with lesser years of followership will catch up and when we meet in the afterlife and will matter is the number years we support our darling club Arsenal and not the timeline.😉😉😉

    4. instrooments says:

      👏👏👏Gunnerforlife, well said mate.

  19. Alanball08 says:

    Well said and not sure if you do fall in to the old or new on 22 years
    Me l, I fell in love with them as I was born in Highbury and my handle Alan ball joined us who was one of the best players in my eyes to wear our colours.
    Everyone has opinons and that’s great.
    Everyone one here wants the best for the club
    I can’t speak for Mr Fox but I can imagine he is as frustrated as hell like all of us here.
    The frustration is pent out of a quick fix. sack the manager and move on culture.
    Thst doesn’t fix a deep rooted problem that has been festering away for over a decade now. investment, mismanagement and a lack of Ambition
    In the last 25 years we have gone from a raging with desire to be tops guns, to let’s try and achieve a top 4 spot. our Beloved AW said that and we all laughed and started to turn on him for saying it. He never lacked Ambition and was a winner but the owners did lack it and he had the foresight to dress it up and had to tow the line but deep down I bet he was burning with dismay
    Dont get me wrong I personally loved him but his decision at the end was questionable.
    Another bad owner decision by sacking him at the time and not seeing his last year out and then not moving him up stairs and retain decades of experience and a love for arsenal
    Loyalty and love are a hard commodity to find and we just binned it with one push of a pen.
    No manager who takes a top job in the prem wants to settle for second best. They are all winners even the one that get relegated.
    The power people set the standards
    But unfortunately our owners were happy to change the model of the club and run it as a business and not a winner football club
    If MA is sacked or leaves which will happen in the future, that’s just life No top manager will want come and work with our current owners.
    Fingers crossed the pressure from the fans and media coverage of EK wanted to buy us might jolt the owners in to actually changing slightly even for a short while.
    MA is a student learning his trade. Not my first choice but he is at the helm now
    He seems a very intelligent and astute man who could be good for us but like us he needs success now or he will fall on his sword and then which is what we are all afraid of and especially Mr Fox. The cycle starts again.
    Onwards a.d upwards

  20. nur says:

    look to our rivals like city, man unt, and other even other teams like west, aston villa we have no hope if it continuous like this ……. we will be the next Newcastle …….

  21. ArseOverTit says:

    Things change…it’s the only constant
    Gunner of 37 years 50 this year.

    It’s true to say that the technological age: internet, social media and speedy hardware along with generally more solitary childhoods have made some very demanding young adults who do expect instant or close to gratification or service. It’s a different time and having a 9yr old boy I have a real insight into it’s influence.

    That said patience is developed and o of a certain age just happened to gain it earlier in my life. The ‘you ger’ generation will in time learn it to but maybe further down the road…

    I for one lost patience with this club along time ago in terms of its decision making, ownership and general emphasis and I have bags of it!

  22. Sid says:

    I am just a kid compared to others here, with my measly support of 10 years, all through the TV screen. But I agree that ot would be a lot nicer if we all just discussed our opinions politely with each other rather than questioning each other’s morals, experience etc for their support of a particular player, manager etc. After all we are all Arsenal fans and we all want what is best for our club, even if sometimes some opinions may seem bewildering, defeatist or immature/hasty. Each is made considering good of Arsenal in heart.
    That is one of the reasons why I really liked Dan’s prediction articles as there was almost zero namecallings and disagreements.
    Cheers to everyone!

    1. Sid says:

      Regarding the article, good to see Lokonga. Seems a good player, has good potential to grow and also can be hopefully sold for more than bought if things dont go our way. Certainly a step in the right direction and well done to MA, Edu and Garlick.

    2. Sue says:

      👍 Spot on, Sid. Yes Dan’s predictions was certainly a breath of fresh air!

Comments are closed

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