Lokonga opens up on which players he admires and which Arsenal stars he likes..

Arsenal’s newest arrival Albert Sambi Lokonga made a very impression on his friendly debut last week and he is being hotly tipped as a big star of the future, and will hopefully help Arsenal in their quest for Euroean football next season and far into the future.

The 21 year-old is obviously a very confident lad and doesn’t seem in the least overawed by moving to the Premier League and playing alongside some of our biggest stars.

The youngster has been talking to Arsenal.com, and has been telling the fans who he is looking forward to playing with in his new job at the Emirates…..

“I think Pepe [is the one I am most excited to link up with],” he told Arsenal Media. “But I’m also looking forward to playing with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Saka also, so yeah, I hope to have a connection with all the players and quickly.”

So those are the stars he admires now, but who did the Belgian look up to when he was younger?

“I never wanted to be like a player, I always wanted to be Sambi, so I took a little bit of all the players I used to watch,” he said. “I never said to myself that you need to be like this player, I always wanted to be Sambi and to do Sambi on the pitch.

“If I had to tell you some players, I will say Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Modric, yeah, all the top players, Marco Veratti as well. All the top players.”

We can only hope that Lokonga ends up being as revered as much as the players he has admired, but he certainly seems to have their confidence. I have a very good feeling about this youngster…

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  1. Let’s hope so.
    For a team that has so little games next year we really need to offload some.

    1. He was asked who he was looking forward to playing with
      Did t realise Ozil still played for us 🙄

      1. DK, his last statement about top players being Xavi, Inesta, Modric …..”
        He omitted out greatest assist king!How dare he?

  2. YES PAT, having also seen that club video where he spoke so well and so disarmingly and showed a maturity that was almost thrilling to see, I too predict a long and productive stay at our club.

    All my instincts scream out to me that so many Gooners are already undervaluing him, based only on his relatively modest fee and him having played in the “mere” Belgian league. Neither are at all relevant,IMO.

    1. Well said Jon.

      I too have a “feeling” ASL is embarking on a career of note with the club.

      In fact I would go as far to say I suspect this kid may well end up being “fast tracked” by M A, leading to us seeing a fair amount of him next year.

      I truly hope this young man grabs the opportunities that will undoubtedly come his way via the bench / injuries.

      1. A J, yes and glad you agree. I am not even convinced his playing may depend on injuries and from the bench, as I see him as a possible starter, at least far sooner than some foresee.

        There is just something about him, something intangible perhaps, that seems to stand out from the herd.

        I genuinely believe that having had many decades of experience in player watching at our club gives us older fans a nose for recognising something special, before most younger fans see it.

        Cos we have seen it before, after all!

        I realise many of the kids will now call me arrogant and an “old know nothing” etc but I see it as truth, which is the only reason I mention it.

        1. Starting sooner than later – can only agree.

          As you alluded to earlier, his ability will no doubt shine through. However the boys general demeanour, and the way he conducts himself, has the likes of us right behind him from the off.

          Your last couple of paragraphs brought a smile to my face. As when expressing an earlier OPINION in plain English under another article, I’ve already offended someone on here today !?

  3. I have the same positive feeling about this articulate young man Jon.The fact that he captained Anderlecht at such a young age suggests to me leadership qualities which will hopefully shine through during his career with Arsenal.

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