Lokonga urges his team to step up amidst Arsenal’s injury crisis

Arsenal lost yet another game this afternoon to leave their hopes of a top-four finish in on tenterhooks, and youngster Sambi Lokonga has urged his team-mates to step-up.

The Gunners could take the easy excuse and blame the fact that they are missing some key players since the international break, with Thomas Partey and Kieran Tierney no longer expected to play a part in the remainder of our campaign, and with Takehiro Tomiyasu having been missing for almost the entirety of 2022 thus far.

Our form has dropped off a cliff since the international break however, which could be down to those absences aforementioned, but at this point in the campaign there is zero room for error as we drift away from the Champions League places, and Lokonga has urged his team-mates to step up and make sure we ‘don’t feel like’ those injured players are missing.

Lokonga told Arsenal Media: “We know the plan, we know what we have to do, of course, [some of] the main players are missing but yeah, we need to give our best so we don’t feel they’re missing.

“We need to believe, I think that’s the first thing. We need to stick together. We’ve been through this so we can do it again.”

The feeling is that the team mostly performed this afternoon, but were lacking in front of goal and that is the worrying thing. Without goals you cannot win matches, and without composure we are giving our rivals the confidence to get themselves into the game and it has proved costly.

I’m not seeing enough fight from these players, and while Lokonga is one who has stepped in for the injured stars, I’m not seeing enough from him either. It would be harsh to blame him for any of our downfalls, as I’m not really seeing him making mistakes, but there is a distinct lack of conviction on that pitch of late.

Of course, it isn’t just those coming into the team who need to step up, as it is the majority of the team who isn’t showing enough.

Which players do you believe should be doing the most to fill the void left by our absentees?


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  1. Can we stop talking about the squad. We are talking of defeats against Palace, Brighton and Southampton. It is not relevant that isnt the reason the way we are managed IS.

      1. No it isnt when Fact, we lost to Palace, Brighton and Southampton who have smaller, cheaper, poorer squads than us. We have players sat twiddling their thumbs on the bench with masses of experience and we let players go for free or peanuts this season by the manager with loads and loads of experience. So NO dont use that LEMON. the squad. What has the “squad” got to do with why we cant score, when we have quote, great players like Saka, Martinelli, Esr, Odergaard, Pepe (72 mil) and given away Auba. Which ones of the first four would you drop because they are crap and are not good enough to pull on an Arsenal shirt? The way we play and tactics are the OBVIOUS problem. Not squad, which has been designed by the present manager and his team. If you blame the squad, you blame the manager.

      2. I disagree,are you telling us that the reason most or all our players have been playing badly/underperforming 3 games in a row is just coincidence and nothing to do with the manager, tactics…for the last 3 weeks MA has been talking about regrouping, lifting the boys spirit…but yet still no change,and if the players are tired why not use some of the subs and concentrate on recovery,light training sessions..?

  2. Arsenal on the table is mathematically equal with Spurs and better placed than Man U. Yet many Arsenal fans have already thrown in the towel. To me it is all about expectations and keeping it real. In summer no one on planet earth expected Arsenal to get top 4. Top 6 was my expectation. After we went 0-3 at least 99% of Arsenal “supporters” gave up totally and wrote the whole season off. Yet by game 28 the entire PL was extolling the virtues of this young manager in year one of the two year process. And our Manager is young and going toe to toe with Pep Klopp Conte Moyes Rangick each having 20/30 years in management while Tuchel has 15 years in management. Only Lampard has the same managerial experience and he failed at Chelsea in one season. I don’t think we needed to sign any one in January as I beliebve Soares Tavares Lokonga and Pepe are sufficient back up. Top 7 and Europe and Arteta stays. 8th and he must go. Can’t be any fairer than that. Chelsea next. We go again. COYG.

    1. Do you just copy and paste all your comments? We get it no one on planet earth saw what you saw I’d get you a blue Peter badge but I’m fresh out.

    2. All you have mentioned have two things in common over Arteta.
      They have a tactical brain and man management skills.
      And we clearly needed more players in the January window hence why losing two players in Tierney and Partey effectively ruined everything.
      But it does not matter now.
      This season is now over for Arsenal.
      The only thing that remains is to suffer the rest of it out and get shot of that clown as soon as possible before he is allowed to spend money..

    3. Many of us were concerned about the strength of the squad even before the transfer window.
      The lack of options is now proving disastrous. This is particularly pertinent when we there is a need to change things up from the bench. Apart from Pepe there is no-one who is likely to have a significant impact when coming on.

      1. Where are the better players and why are the better players on the Palace, Brighton and Southampton teams/squads. Why should they beat us? Our team on the pitch cost millions and millions more than their to assemble. Our bench cost millions and millions more to assemble than theirs, even the last three games.

        1. Reggie these people have 250 million excuses for Arteta I just realized that no matter how bad we fall they will back this man all the way, we could lose 20 games on the trot and they would still make excuses for him.

          1. Thing is kev its denial because the MANAGER is responsible for all what they are trying to defend him for.

            1. The manager certainly has some of the responsibility for the strength of the squad but does not have sole responsibility. My comment simply refers to my view on the strength of the squad and does not exonerate the manager.
              Referring to my perspective as being in denial is pejorative and I would ask you withdraw it. There is no need to disparage others who do not share all your views.

            2. Someone made a good point last night, if Mikel Arteta sounded like emery and looked like Iain Dowie the Arteta fan club would call for his head. It’s his eloquence, hair and fancy clothes what these supporters are drawn to Reggie.

  3. Speaking of Sambi,I have nothing against the boy but according to many ,he was meant to be an upgrade on Guendouzi!

  4. Problem is not the squad we play only in the premier league the bug problem is arteta who never rotate because he don’t trust throwing in a player he bought so now he have to use all of the at once and they know he don’t trust them

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