London club reduces their asking price for Arsenal’s target

Brentford has reduced their asking price for Ivan Toney as they look to sell him this summer.

Following his long ban for breaking betting rules, Toney did not display his best form last season. He played only a few games for Brentford, and with his contract set to expire at the end of next season, this summer represents the optimal time for the club to sell him.

Initially, the Bees were asking for a significant fee, reportedly £80 million, which Arsenal was not willing to pay.

However, due to Toney’s underwhelming performance upon his return to football last season, Brentford has now lowered their asking price.

According to a report on Talk Sport, Brentford will now accept around £60 million for Toney, as they hope he performs well at Euro 2024.

Although this fee remains substantial, Brentford believes Toney is worth this amount or even more. However, Arsenal may not share this valuation, making negotiations potentially challenging.

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Toney struggled upon his return from the long-term ban. Because his contract expires next summer, no one will pay that much for his signature, and we should not.


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  1. Brentford are reducing the price because it was ridiculous in the first place to expect any team (save Chelsea) to pay £80m for him. Ivan, at current form, is not worth a dime over £35m and it would even be a mistake for Arteta to buy him. There’s a reason why, to the best of my knowledge, no other club is lining up for him.

  2. Offer 40m and let him push a move through or offer Eddie or Nelseon in exchange for some money. Home grown player also

  3. 4 goals in 17 PL matches – anymore questions?

    by far not the elite goal scoring machine JA fans want

    dodged the bullet in January

    move on

  4. If we had looked at Havertz in that way, we wouldn’t have signed him either.
    Just like Havertz, Toney needs a new start and where better to go than The Arsenal?

    1. my sole interest is Arsenal success, Ivan Toney’s career revival is not in my mind

      the call is for an elite clinical goal machine which Toney clearly isn’t

      anywhere but Arsenal

      1. My sole interest is also The Arsenal as a club, so not sure what your point is there.
        If MA was to go in for Toney, based on what was achieved last season, I can understand why fans might be hesitant…. just as they were with Havertz.

        I’m giving credit to Mikel, however. If he can turn Havertz career around, then I’m certain he can do the same with Toney.

        It will be interesting to see how he performs in the euros and, at the end of that tournament, how his value has risen or declined.

        1. my point is Toney’s new start can be elsewhere, not Arsenal

          his stats are underwhelming for any striker, 4 in 17 translates to 9 goals over a 38 game PL season

          Arsenal require an elite clinical goal machine, he is nowhere near that

          and Toney does not fit Arteta’s system

          there are precisely zero reasons why Arsenal should gamble on turning his career around

          that is my point here !

  5. Offer Nketiah, Nelson or both plus 40 to 50mil, we’ll save on their wages and potentially be getting a top striker, he’s still young and with regular service he should shine in this team.

    1. he’s 28

      Nketiah + Nelson + £40m/£50m…hmmm

      @Dave i have this secondhand car you might be interested in buying

      1. @Arsenal1886 So 28 is old now? 😀 I’d say offering them both Nketiah and Nelson plus that sum is a great deal, who is gonna pay good money for those two? They’re championship level at best, a pair of flops.

        1. 28 is definitely not ‘young’ is the point

          the other point is Toney is not good enough for Arsenal, we need an elite clinical goal machine and Toney’s 4 goals in 17 games shows clearly he is not!

          price irrelevant

    2. I would not even pay 40 million in total, adding Nketia and Nelson who should be 15 each, would mean you pay 70-80 million for a striker who might have lost it.

  6. Toney is a proven and consistent premier league goal machine. We will be lucky to have him…. 40m will be an idea fee. He is far better than rubbish Havertz, who cost us 65m.

    1. “Toney consistent PL goal machine” – 4 goals in 17 games – I’m gobsmacked!

      in those same 17 games Havertz got 9 goals and 6 assists

  7. Toney came back from an emotional setback remember…. Just bring him to Arsenal, with feeds from Odegaard, Saka and Martinelli, he will give you 20+ goals… He’s strong, smart and direct.. He also scores free kicks and headers…. He can shield the ball well and has good footwork and speed… Havertz can never get to that level in a million years.
    Mark my words

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