“Looks like he has already made his mind up” Pundit makes bold Aubameyang claim

Arsenal has just earned one of the biggest wins of the season after they beat Manchester City 2-0 in the FA Cup semi-finals.

Mikel Arteta’s team has now beaten the two best teams in England in their last two games, and it is obvious to see that the team is getting better under the Spaniard.

Arsenal’s goals were scored by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and the Gabonese striker continues to show that he is an important part of the team.

One of the biggest stories of the season has been whether the former Borussia Dortmund man will sign a new Arsenal contract.

He is currently talking with the club over a new deal, but progress hasn’t been made on that front and after his goal-scoring performance against City, Chris Sutton has spoken about the striker’s importance to the team.

He admitted that Arsenal would be better for it if Aubameyang stays, but questions if the striker would win titles at the Emirates next season.

Sutton told the BBC: “Will Arsenal be a better team if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stays? Of course they will.

“But the longer this all goes on it looks like he has already made his mind up.

“Will Aubameyang perhaps see something in Arteta? And from winning against Liverpool and now Manchester City. He must have enjoyed today though.

“If he wants to win big trophies, is he going to do it at Arsenal next season? No, he’s not.”

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  1. Please stay off. Don’t put negative thoughts in him. He’s staying. The team are enjoying themselves. Arteta is the key.

  2. I agree with “Godswill” lay off the bad vibes re Auba, he’s staying and that’s the end of the saga. The one player we should be shot off is Ozil, he’s overpaid and has become lazy, he seems to pick and choose which games he wants to play in. Get shot of him and sell him to whoever wants an overpaid lazy footballer!!!

    1. @mudith Le Strange are you using your Aaaas to think or your brain .-

      The same Lazy player made you fool to win FA after 9 years – He was the missing puzzle- ungrateful fan because now you see new broom like cebelas Spanish like Arteta . Ozil is still the best compare to all your rubbish midfielders in that team even Tony Adams who knows how good ozil is – To hell with you fool

  3. No Europe football next season increase our chances of winning title to 50% Having the great Pierre on the team the chance goes up to 90% No Pierre the chance is nearly zero.

    If we lose him who can we get? Pay him 300,000 if need be. Since Ozil has decided to sit out his contract I think Lacazette should be offloaded. He receives nearly 200,000 for what exactly?

    1. So if Auba stays you think we are around nine to one ON to win the title then. Somehow , call it an inspired hunch if you like, but I THINK YOU ARE NOT A BOOKIE! Wonder how I knew!

      1. It’s an exaggeration but we have a bigger chance with him than without him. And he is one of those players who we can’t replace with someone of similar quality easily.

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