Losing to Manchester City isn’t the end of the European dream for Arsenal

Football finally returned last night as Arsenal took on Manchester City in their rescheduled Premier League game.

The Gunners didn’t have the best of nights overall, but it’s easy to see that if David Luiz had a better night, we may have got something from that game.

Our goal for this season remains a return to Champions League football. While the odds on that may be long it is still possible, and with bet365 bonuses one could really enhance their winnings if the Gunners do manage to scrape a top-five finish.

Though it has to be said, a win for us last night would have gone a long way towards keeping that dream alive as well as to help us close the gap on the top four.

But I dare say that all hope is not lost, and I still believe strongly that we would come out of that game against Manchester City even stronger and do better in our next few games.

It is now confirmed that we are eight points away from the top four and five points away from the top five, with nine league games to go.

Our next two league games will also be away from home against Brighton and Southampton before we will welcome Norwich City to the Emirates Stadium early next month.

A good start would have been an important morale booster for Mikel Arteta’s boys, because if you can get anything from a game against one of the best teams in Europe you will then think you are capable of beating anyone.

Nevertheless, I think that we have shown since Arteta became our manager that we play every game with renewed vigour and our players would have learnt so much from last night ahead of our next game.

It is important to note there weren’t so many things that went wrong in that game against Manchester City and we can argue that the game was balanced before we needed to bring on David Luiz.

If we play as we did against City at the start of the first half, we can beat any team and I am confident that we will get the wins that we need from our next few fixtures.

In all fairness, only a few of us ever thought that we would get a different result from that game, after all, this City team also beat Real Madrid away in the Champions League this season.

What I am sure that Arteta and his boys will do is that they will learn from the mistakes that cost them the win from that game. They will surely look to return to winning ways on Saturday against Brighton, we can still make the top five at least.


  1. Sue says:

    As always, we’ve made it incredibly hard for ourselves, having a mountain to climb!
    I’ll be surprised if we make the top 5….

  2. SueP says:

    I’m Mrs Glass Half Empty on this one.

    It would take a miracle to get into the CL but still possible for the EL.

    Having got the first game out of the way and with that bit of experience of the new system and lack of atmosphere, we could have the edge over Brighton

    The Man C game was like a perfect storm of horrors. It can’t be like this all the time ?!!!!

  3. Aussie Jack says:

    It`s definitely time to dig into the academy before they go rusty. Spending mega bucks on `glory boys is a thing of the past build a new spirit with our young talent and watch them grow and shine.

  4. Reggie says:

    Losing to city isn’t the end of the dream but the continuation of the nightmare.

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