Loss of individual Arsenal stars’ form down to Wenger?

We have all heard from players, including a wide number of Arsenal stars, after a poor performance or result that they have let the manager and the fans down. I have said it myself a number of times when trying to defend Arsene Wenger after a disappointment that it is not as if he sends them out with the order to not try.

But just as every season seems to be full of the same old issues for Arsenal in general, is the failure of certain Arsenal stars to play to their potential on a regular basis, perhaps caused by the same thing, Wenger. There is no doubt that management is about many things, including tactics and assembling the right squad and setting up the side with the right balance.

But if we have learned anything from Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri this season, and also from the difference in Chelsea from one season to the next, is that the motivation of the players to play for the boss is a massive part of a team’s success, or lack of it.

Look at it this way Arsenal fans, we know that the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and other Gunners have the ability, so why do they do not show it from year to year or even throughout one season? It seems to me that we only see the best from them when the players feel they have something to prove. What is the common denominator here folks?

Wenger is apparently planning a shake up of the squad this summer but if he is the problem then how is that going to help?

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  1. The biggest problem is manager doen’t understand and address the basic problem arsenal has from past that is a world class striker, a dynamic dm, a cb who is a leader , injuries and tactical stalement
    ozil has created record number of chances in the history of epl yet his tally is 18 that sums up our problem

  2. I’ll lay the scenario down for next season…

    Managers that will have the biggest of impacts on the league are Pep, Conte, Klopp & Jose (if he joins).

    Pep – Builds teams that like to murder their opposition on the field. And with the resources that City have, he is going to make them an absolute beast.

    Conte – An empirical tactician and a disciplinarian. Doesn’t like to take any bs on or off the field. He will use the existing squad at Chelsea with a max change or two and grill the team mentally.

    Klopp – Even with average players they look like brutes on the field under him. Imagine what he can do if he gets his own players in. Won’t be surprised if he can lure the likes of Reus & Mkhitaryan.

    Jose – Loves to win at any cost. His personal agenda is enough to breathe fire into Man Utd with his fall off earlier in the season. He will be licking his lips at the prospect of getting another huge project like Utd to dominate the league.

    We all have measured the aptitude of managers like Ranieri, Pochettino, Koeman and Bilic this season. So, they will all be geared up to take flight next season.

    Also, I think that Stoke and Everton are going to strengthen their ranks as there is immense potential in their squad. The promoted teams will be motivated, inspired by Leicester’s success, to play with desire and freedom.

    And then there’s Wenger. A stubborn egoistic pensioner who would try to school all fans about how Leicester did it on a shoe string budget. So, he would probably try to sign a couple of bargains from Amazon for about a 100 pounds and justify his gluttony.

    The point I’m making here is, that there will probably be a massive fight to even stay in the Top Half of PL next season. And with around 10 odd teams strengthening themselves don’t be too surprised if you see Arsenal languishing in 13th or 14th by the end of the year.

    Funnier things have happened in the Premier League as we all have witnessed the champions of PL 2015-2016.

  3. “My decision to come to Manchester was partly because of the presence of Ferguson, or excuse me, Sir Alex. And he told me he’d stay for another three years. I enjoyed his approach.

    “We were once 18 points clear of City but we lost at home 2-1. We were still 15 points ahead but he was furious. Then I realised: he’s a winner.” – Robin Van Persie

    Wenger is the reason we are like this every season,stop the constant questions and debate bout what it is…. I have never heard any Arsenal player said something of this sort bout Wenger

  4. Arsene Wenger simply lacks the charisma to motivate his players like Diego Simeone, jurgen kloop etc.
    But the players should motivate themselves as professionals being paid enough vouchers.

  5. The problem is believing that players like Walcott Ramsey and giroud are star quality in the first place … That’s down to wenger’s delusional management and too many fans buying in to it for too long!

  6. My advice to wenger,he should simply resign at the end of the season,either quietly or openly,because I don’t see us competing in anything next season having him and Stan still working together,with the very low mentality in the club,listen to wenger’s press conferences,he seems to have one excuse after each poor game,yet he can’t correct it there on the field of play before the game ends,I have never heard the players saying he shouted at them or he was angry with their first half performance,he doesn’t have a winning mentality. What are we going to boast of as a fan of a big club in the past 20 years,three epl,6 fa cups,two or carling cups,19 appearances in CL and being in the final just once! How many of our players have scored a goal this season and celebrated it with Wenger,giving him a hug

  7. @ Admin.
    “But just as every season seems to be full of the same old issues for Arsenal in general, is the failure of certain Arsenal stars to play to their potential on regular basis perhaps caused by the same thing (person), Wenger?”

    I think you answered your own question right there.

    “There is no doubt that management is about many things, including… the motivation of the players to play for the boss …”

    Let me ask honestly: Whose job is it to ensure there is this motivation in the players where it is lacking?

    Sure the player has an individual responsibility to motivate himself, BUT it is the managers job to ensure that they do so -that the motivation isn’t lacking.

    And it is not so much of an impossible thing to do as we’ve clearly seen managers like Simeone, Ferguson, Klopp and Ranieri do it. When Pep Guardiola thought he was failing at ensuring the motivation of his players at Barca -that we was failing at that aspect of his job, he willingly stepped aside not thinking about how much of a legendary coach he was at the club.

    “Wenger is apparently planning a shake up of the squad this summer but if he is the problem then how is that going to help?”

    This is exactly the reason why many want him to vacate his position as they have seen enough evidence that he is the problem.

  8. How Wenger is able to persuade you fans into believing that everything will be fine the next season ,I don’t know.As far as Wenger is concerned, Arsenal will never win any major trophy.
    He hasn’t changed a bit.He wants to prove the footballing world wrong.

  9. Enough said elsewhere.
    Expect more failure if he stays on.

    Inspiration is 1%, perspiration the other 99.

  10. Many a player Wenger has destroyed! Remember Arshavin, remember Gilberto (preferring useless Gallas to this stalwart and destroying this guy’s confidence in the process), now the Ox, TW14 and the list goes on. When I see Giroud chase after the ball I can’t help but laugh as he reminds me of a 6 month old pregnant woman! This is someone Wenger has described as world class. Yeah right!!!! Having said all that, I believe a Manager with a strong will to win will get this current team battering everything in front of them bar of course Giroud, Flamini, Arteta and some other duds. Barcelona could have been and can be beaten even by this Arsenal team as recent weeks have shown but they ended up thrashing us 5-1, so did Bayern and talk of Southampton! On those scores alone a manager should be sacked, but o no not Wenger! Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!

  11. has anyone noticed players regressing after joining arsenal?
    Ozil lost all his pace after joining arsenal…. looked good for the 1st half of his 1st season (although he has been very good this season…still not as good as he was at madrid)
    Sanchez good 1st season….gone down in his 2nd
    Gabriel looked promising at the start…has been horrendous ever since

    And managers do play a big role in players individual form…look at dembele and ramsey..dembele used to overcomplicate things and run around like a headless chicken..he looks like a completely diff player under poch…. but i guess wenger has no problem giving the freedom to overcomplicate things and lose the ball in key areas
    Wenger also does not pick his team based on recent form. what message does that send to the players?! campbell has been miles ahead of theo this season, still the senior citizen always picks theo over campbell….and what has giroud done to deserve a start for 2 games?!

    1. Arshavin was awesome when he arrived and a fan favourite. Ended up with him being booed when he came on as substitute, I think for Ox.

      Chamach was very good for first half of first season, RVP was injured and Chamach scored a lot of goals, then form dipped and never came back.

  12. I think the team ending the season looks a shadow of the one starting it.

    Chelski the same, from last season to this…..the difference is Chelski blamed the man in charge.

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