Loss to Liverpool won’t ‘affect us’ claims Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin is confident that Arsenal’s recent loss will not be a hangover for too long!

Our loss against Liverpool was no doubt a big blow to the recent successes we have faced under Arteta, but it was going to come at some point, and I would much rather it came against the defending champions then against Spurs or any other team!

Speaking to the Arsenal website after our loss last night, Hector Bellerin has reiterated the fact that fans should not expect a change overnight. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we are silly enough to expect that to happen.

He does believe however that we are slowly closing the gap on Liverpool stating: “Definitely, I think we are working really, really well. I think when you build a new identity, a new way of playing football, it’s not something that happens overnight. It’s something that takes a lot of time, it takes losses, it takes wins, it takes a lot of learning.

“We’ve got new players that have come in this season and they need to get used to the system. So there’s many things but I think we can say that the fight that we put out today, in that sense I’m very proud of the boys and you know, we’ll look forward to the next game playing here.”

Hearing something like that is a positive thing but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Liverpool avenged their previous two losses to us in a rather comfortable and dominant way.

But what was nice to see in the second half at least, that we did manage to compete for periods of the match, a point which Bellerin also agrees with, stating: “We know we’re working really, really well so we’re not going to let this affect us.”

Although I would prefer not to lose, that is the right attitude to have and knowing that the boys hopefully won’t allow this loss to affect future performances bodes well and I can’t wait for them to dust themselves off and move onwards and upwards. Gooners?


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  1. He better step it up a few levels or it will. Cedric back any moment now so he just won’t play if he can’t throw the ball.

    1. Well the best RB in world according some fans, can not take throw ins..he was penalised for 2 wrong throws in a match where we were struggling to keep the ball. I don’t know what Bellerin brings to this team, he is weak in defence, has no positional sense and he does not create too much going forward either. He is our new Theo who’s only skill is running.

  2. It was not a walk-in-the park win for Liverpool. The boys showed up and gave them a run for their money. Proud of the Arsenal!

    1. @ Alfred Hahaha….which game were you watching. Not even the stats can defend you. They demolished and humiliated us. You must have just seen the score line, right?. We were pathetic, second to most of the balls and could not conjure up a move with more then 5 passes. Being optimistic is one thing but being delusional is another.

  3. Also Alfred, we could have won it, let’s not forget.

    It will be interesting to see what teams both sides put out on Thursday, as I feel both want to have the bragging rights.
    Let’s hope VAR does it’s job properly in this game regarding handball and physical attacks.

      1. I thought that, Pat. I may be wrong, but thought I read somewhere it will only be used in the semi’s and final??

      2. Would be far better if it were never ever used again at any level. It has been a disastrous mistake , spoiling the game for those who most matter and who are the ones who keep the game alive. FANS OF COURSE . Very few fans like it and most simply hate it. I certainly hate anyhing that harms football and it DOES.

        It needs to be binned now but we all know that won’t happen . And why? Because we fans don’t count to those who make key decissions .THAT is one of several reasons why I say the BUSINESS of football is corrupt!
        On awider point , th social revolutionof attitudes that modern [eople will not put up with is increasing ground daily around thrglobe. The corrupt and elite privileged nature of the corrupt game at top level MUST and WILL change fundamantally.


        Personally, I am pleased that poverty is forcing attitudes to far more quickly become real and not as they have been for many years past. This is the vital silver lining to come out from the Covid cloud. Some will not see it coming and will disagree with me but they will have no way to stop it happening.

    1. @ken would you explain how we could have won it??? If you are talking about chance created and missed they had more then us, they even hit the bar. Only chance we had was lacca 1v1 which he missed, his second 1v1 was offside. Our first goal was complete luck. Supporting your team is one thing but that does not mean you turn blind eye to what is happening Infront of you. There was no chance we could have won it, we were actually lucky to escape with 3-1 , 6-1 or 7-1 was more justified. Everyone around the world think we got owned by Liverpool but as usual Arsenal fans are living on some other planet.

  4. of course it won’t impact him, he’ll be overrated regardless of the result…he should spend less time talking to the press until he figures out how to legally produce a throw-in…I don’t think I’ve every seen a player get called for this twice in the same match ever…now that’s another amateur hour moment for our always underperforming RB

  5. The team tried, you don’t expect Arsenal to have won that match with the squad we had. They have kept 2years home record that alone means something I guess only Athletico madrid broke it if we talk about both international and local. I watched the match and I am impressed with what Arsenal played unlike when we were under Emery. Arteta needs fund and the right players and we will be talking of a challenging Arsenal and the fact that Arteta first management coaches can call Arsenal contenders and tough opponent am okay. Coach a team that has lost hope then u will know how it feels

  6. It’s only in Arsenal that players like Bellerin get away with such childish mistakes.

    The coach simply gives them a blind eye; had it been Guardiola or Mourinho, they would be furious at the touchline. Next move would be dropping him.

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