“Love this team.” Piers Morgan celebrates as Arsenal defeat Tottenham

Piers Morgan is overjoyed after Arsenal defeated Tottenham in the Premier League this evening at the Tottenham Stadium.

Mikel Arteta’s men are on a terrific run of form and have still lost just one league game this term. Even more impressive is that they now have an eight-point cushion on Manchester City.

It is still January, but with that performance, it is hard not to dream of winning the Premier League title.

The Gooners are a joy to watch and it is hard to find one critic of Arteta or his boys now.

Morgan is a new convert who only recently stopped calling for the Spanish boss to leave and after the game against the Lilywhites, he tweeted:

“Brilliant win by Arsenal away to the old enemy…

“We go 8pts clear at the top of the League. 

“Bring on Utd next week. Love this team.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Beating Spurs is one of the best results as an Arsenal fan, but when it takes you eight points clear of Manchester City, it calls for a different kind of celebration.

This has been one of our best seasons in decades, but the job is not yet done and we must be prepared to keep working hard until we reach the finish line.

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  1. So Morgan just wake up from his slumber, I have seen the quality and willingness of Mike by taking strong decision on under performing player like Auba, Ozil, Gundozen, Mustafi, Sokratic, Toireral and so on.
    But Mr Morgan have not being seen the process Mikel is advocating for.
    Am really happy you have change your mind to support the boss now as I know you are a true Arsenal fans who wants the best for the teams.
    So let unit as a fans to support this team.

  2. Had predicted on another thread that this game would wrapped up in forty minutes and boy it didn’t disappoint.

    The first half we were unplayable at times a truly beautiful game that the legendary Frenchman would have proud to watch.

    My only disappointment, would have hope Eddie took just one of those 1 v 1 chances, that apart he was effective across that front line.

    1. Wish Eddie had taken the chances too but pleased he was effective otherwise. The concern was always his total game, his finishing has never been in doubt at any level. So weirdly without the goal this is the most confident I’ve been about Nketiah tbh. He’s growing into the role.

  3. MA is going to break more record than we can all think of, so proud to be a gunner, tumbs up to the lads

  4. Piers Morgan, good morning. Is it possible that we know your stand about Arsenal Football Club. Today the coach is a washout, tomorrow Edu is no good dudu for not signing a 100million pound unproven guy. Now Arsenal is the ultimate haaa, hope this guy is not confused because he might not know what he want.

  5. Congratulations Arteta and boys. But I must confess, we need a winger, midfielders and of course a striker. We need back ups for Partey, Saka and Jesus. Am not convinced about Nketia though he is trying. The truth is that you can not give what you don’t have. Now that we have missed Murdryk, let us look for others we can afford. We need depth because of other competitions. Let us not put pressure on the boys on winning the league. If it eventually happens, to God be the glory. And if it doesn’t, no problems as long as we got top four after all, that’s our target ab initio.

  6. Piers divides opinion, but has the ability to hot the nail
    on the head every once in a while. His friend lord Sugar
    must be fuming right now!!

  7. Another “article” which joins the long tedious line of statements of the obvious, but which says nothing worthwhile of its own.

    The “triumph” of sheer article numbers over pieces of quality is becoming more and more downmarket and boring.

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