‘Loving life’ – Former Premier League winner claims Lacazette relishing new role

Joe Cole has claimed that Alexandre Lacazette will be relishing his current role in attack, with the impressive Arsenal youngsters running off him.

The striker has netted in consecutive matches in the absence of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, helping us onto two wins whilst wearing the captain’s armband, and his most recent performance raked in praise from numerous circles.

Joe Cole was amongst those to be impressed, insisting that he must be relishing playing in the side with the young and hungry forwards running off him.

“Lacazette dropping in that pocket, he’ll be loving life,” Cole said via the Daily Mirror.

“He’ll be thinking, ‘give me more of this, these young lads running round me, buzzing round.”

The striker has stepped up when called upon as captain, and that could well have focused his mind on the job at hand, at being the leader that the team needs at present, and the team clearly enjoys playing off him in attack.

We have so much raw talent in attack, and they all seem to be enjoying their football at present which gives us a huge edge when playing on the front foot, and you have to say that Lacazette could well be playing for ulterior motives. With around six months remaining on his current contract, he could be playing for a more important role and a better deal in north London, or playing to build interest in his signature from elsewhere.


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  1. Right now Laca is working for the team, the results are going in our favor, so I won’t look beyond that. Whether to extend his contract or let him leave on a free is for the club and Arteta to decide.

    I hope the club invests in an upgrade, I feel that it would be the better investment rather than extending a player on the wrong side of 30.

    Why extend for a year if he is not the long term solution? Not best for the club, the team, or the player.

    That would go against what Arteta and the club are doing with this youth revolution, and bringing in a striker to mesh and grow with this squad makes the most sense to me.

    1. See how I contradicted myself after saying “I won’t look beyond that?”

      That’s what happens when I don’t complete a thought or opinion before I rush to comment.

      1. Durand you show me a single fan who says they never contradict him/her self and I’ll show you a liar. That contradiction comment definitely includes me .

        And why? Cos like all Gooners, I am human. If truth be told I am far more fascinated by studying the human condition than I am watching football.

        And I applaud your honesty in admitting it. Not all are prepared to face up to our own shared human fallibilities

    2. Between laca and auba one should be sold, i would prefer auba be sold because we have martineli who playing style is almost similar to auba. The funds realised or saved can be used to acquire another potent striker that can suit the system this team is developing to play

  2. Laca is being berated in the news for diving. There is not mention in this myopic “just Arsenal” news. WHY?
    My opinion is that Coufal missed the ball and hit Laca just below the knee, a clear red in a goal scoring situation.

    1. what a ridiculous series of takes…Laca has become one of the most embarrassing floppers in world football over the last season and change…as for the questionable penalty call, the Hammer defender in question clearly hit the ball then made contact with Laca on the follow-through…did you even watch the match???

  3. Laca offers far more to this team at the moment than auba.. He seems to suit the way mikel arteta wants his team to play.

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