Loyal Ozil should should show his worth to Arsenal today at Sheffield United

Will Ozil Finally get a chance against Sheffield United? by Shenel Osman

Why are things going wrong for Mesut Ozil right now? Such a talented player who has shown he is more than capable and deserving of wearing the Arsenal shirt. Yet he isn’t given consistent chances to play anymore. A prominent figure in the team for Arteta before the lockdown, scoring goals and assisting in others, but after the return from lockdown he is yet to feature.

We know Arteta likes to see his players “working hard for it in training” in order for them to be given a chance to be a part of the fielded team, but you cannot say Ozil does not work hard in training. Do you see him when he trains? He gets to do a job he loves and has worked his whole life to get there, so why should he show a lack of interest?

Yes, it can be argued that for the lack of game time he gets, it is not fair to give him the wages that he is on. However, if Arsenal didn’t think he was worthy then they would not have offered him those wages in the first place. No player is bigger than a club, but if the player is worthy to be at that club and deserves to be tied up on a contract for a long time, then why shouldn’t they be paid what the club feels they deserve.

Arsenal has not been a club that has been lucky enough to have loyal players staying once their contract is up for renewal, as we have experienced over the years, losing the likes of Van Persie, Fabregas and Ramsey to name a few, but one thing that can be said for Ozil is that no matter how he has been treated, whether that be by the club, the fans or any other teams and their fans, is that he is loyal to the club and will be until the day he retires. Any club would be proud to have a player of Ozil’s stature on their ranks.

He is a player that divides opinion, and a lot of fans take him for granted because of the way they feel his body language is on the pitch, but what they don’t realise is that is just the way he is, just effortless and perfect. He is a player that gives off the impression that he isn’t interested and doesn’t give his all, but that is all it is, an IMPRESSION. Ozil is a very talented and experienced player, who even if he doesn’t look like he cares or is giving his all, he really is! One quick, slick pass from him and a game can be won. Ozil does not need to put in millions of effort to prove to fans and the club that he enjoys playing or is giving his everything in a game. A seamless, effortless player is the way he is, always has been and always will be.

We need to appreciate him for what he is both as a person and a player, he may not be the most vocal but I believe he has just as much presence off the pitch as he does when he gets the chance to be on it, and a lot of young players learn from him.

I for sure hope he gets his chance today and proves he still has the skill and desire to win for Arsenal. Because you cannot take away or deny his love for the club and the fans. Gooners?



  1. Good to read something so positive for a change . I also hope he plays today and for a win

  2. Immediately I saw that the post it’s about ozil I stopped reading it. We were told emery doesn’t like him, we sacked emery and appointed Freddie, the same thing happened, Freddie also dropped him, I remember Freddie Saying that if its up to him that ozil won’t play for Arsenal again, we appointed Arteta who gave him a chance but again dropped him. So my question to the ozil fans is that, are you guys saying all those 3 coaches dislike him or is he truly overrated and not doing enough in training.

    1. Likewise Dartballz, great to have some positivity and great to see you putting your head above the parapit!!

      UE didn’t have a clue regarding what his tactics were and the only time he won five games in a row, was when he selected his four best players, one being Ozil – who he then dropped, brought back as captain, then dropped again, then brought back as we plummeted down the table.

      Freddie, bless him, hardly set the world alight with his results, as we continued to flounder, more likely to be relegated than finish in the top six.

      Mikel Arteta sweeps the disaster of these two “coaches” aside and gives every player a clean start.
      Up and until the coronavirus pandemic, we were undefeated in the Premier league in 2021 , with Ozil playing in every game – since the return, we have been humiliated at BHA, outplayed by City and beat the Saints thanks to a goalkeeping error for both goals… without Ozil in the squad/team.

      As the article rightly says, no coming out with negative reactions from the player, just quietly waiting for the recall and the next barrage of abuse, no matter what happens… MA makes the decisions and I back him100% – those that are beginning to ask questions of him, are mostly, it seems, the same fans who question Ozil… funny old game.

  3. Am not the biggest Ozil fan but I’d rather have him in the line-up than Willock. Both can be ghosts but at least Ozil, though unlikely, MIGHT tap into his vast talent and do some magic today. Willock, like Guendouzi, has not a shred of talent in my opinion. Both should be packing their bags at the end of the season.

    1. Quantic Dream you are right but at least Wilock try hard for the team. Ozil plays like he is Messi or Ronaldo. Even Messi still works hard for his team. One more season.

      1. @Leno happy
        Hmmmnn let’s just wait and see what Arteta decides. Both might not even be included in the starting lineup. Maybe he should play the same midfield that won the last game though Ceballos was lackluster…sigh, there really is no perfect midfield combination at Arsenal.

  4. The truth is Ozil has past it as a midfielder in this modern game. He should go to a lesser league

  5. Ozil is better than Willock for sure, but the question is what has he contributed this season in the games he has played so far.
    While Willock has yet to mature as a player, he already has a few goals for us this season. I think he is the 4th or 5th highest goal scorer overall, with Aubameyang, Martinelli, Lacazette, Pepe above him in the goal scoring list.

  6. “but what they don’t realise is that is just the way he is, just effortless and perfect.” Wow if you think he is perfect then you have some real low standards.

    “Because you cannot take away or deny his love for the club and the fans.” Yes I can deny this, I think he is in love with the mammoth paycheck he gets not the club or fans. If he really loves the beautiful game he would have moved clubs to get more game.

    “Arsenal has not been a club that has been lucky enough to have loyal players staying once their contract is up for renewal, as we have experienced over the years, losing the likes of Van Persie, Fabregas and Ramsey to name a few”
    Most of these players moved for more money, Ozil know he will nit get paid this much anywhere else, 100% the only reason he is staying.

    “Any club would be proud to have a player of Ozil’s stature on their ranks.” Where is the que for Ozil then? We have other players who you would claim are less talented but still receive supposed interest from other clubs.

    Lets face it Ozil has been poor for awhile(no the only one) lets not act like he is the best thing since sliced bread. HE IS PAST IT!!! Might as well sign Henry and Veria undoubtedly class but past there best, but its past merit that counts right lol

  7. “Will Ozil Finally get a chance against Sheffield United?” Has he not had enough chances down the years?

    1. I have to ask myself if he the article writer to write this😂.
      Any club would be pleased to have him? Where are they?😂😂😂

  8. Half of the players u guys named does not have the football sence that ozil have and soccer is a thinking game espesially when the chips are down. Willock can’t, aubu can’t he play like he lose faith in his teammates and pepe is time u must come to the party my brother and our manager must start building his team around 1 player and stop let the top guys tell u who
    to play

  9. Yadda yadda yadda everywhere.
    He is paid to play not sit out. Ozil has a body language issue granted, but he is not a training material only. Give him chance to play and see our pattern become beautiful. If he is not playing well then, he can be substituted.

  10. Loyal? What makes him loyal? I can’t see any loyalty in this guy. If he’s really good, why are other teams not interested in him?

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