Lucas Perez also nearing exit for just £5million – Arsenal clearout gathers pace

Just after it was confirmed that the Arsenal defender Calum Chambers was moving to Fulham on loan, we have now heard from Lucas’ Perez’s agent, who denied any contact with Sporting Lisbon the other day, now admits that his client could be moving across London as well… CalcioMercato reported today…

Despite little contact being made the other day, Lucas Perez’s agent, Rodrigo Lovelle, spoke exclusively to Sam Wilson of this morning, confirming that his player could well be on the way out of Arsenal and to West Ham.

Lovelle said, when asked about contact with West Ham: “West Ham is an option, he might leave [Arsenal]”

Then, Lovelle justified the potential move, stating that “West Ham keeps him in London and in the Premier League, and they are a great club.”

So, it appears that now a move for Lucas Perez is finally beginning to materialise, in a deal that could see him move across London for as little as €6 million, a fraction of the €20 million Arsenal signed Lucas for from Deportivo.

I can’t say I am surprised at this sale, like I was with Chambers’ loan, but the Spaniard could be a good buy. One thing I will say about these deals is that it means that Arsenal don’t seriously consider Fulham or West Ham to be rivals for the Top Six positions!



  1. Declan says:

    Can’t believe Chambers is being loaned out to Fulham, he was good at the end of last season and has also looked assured in preseason games.
    €6 million for Perez to West Ham! With current prices around, that figure is ridiculous. Mind you, we have been great at selling our players for what they are worth. Everton are getting Mina, a proper centre half and we’ve got Sokratis! I’m not optimistic for this season.

    1. Sparkles says:

      Who says Mina is a proper defender? Did you ever watch him before the world cup? if he were that good would Barca have gone for Linglet? The guy is not different from Chambers in quality, maybe different in style. Lets wait and see how he steadies Eveton’s defense. Arsenal fans tend to hype the average players in other clubs. Mina is nowhere near the kind of defender we need.

      1. ackshay says:

        Lol a couple of flashy goals in the world cup and suddenly Mina is the next maldini for some. He is a slow, awkward defenders who dives into tackles and plays recklessly. Just a mustafi with road rage. He didn’t even feature much in barca and their defence is pathetic.

      2. jon fox says:

        Sparkles, Your penultimate sentence is so true about almost all fans everywhere and of course at Arsenal too. I don’t know the real effectiveness of Mina , so cannot be specific on him. But the principle of constantly thinking “the grass is greener elsewhere” is a normal if somewhat frustating part of the human condition we nearly all share. This applies just as much, if not even more so , to players. Someone will hope fully supply a list of our ex players who have thought this. Hleb, Song, Petit and many , many others as we all surely know.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Jon, please go back to older posts to check out my reply to the Geoff Vowden goal. Thanks mate

          1. jon fox says:

            Kenny, I have just done so and left you a reply.. Would love to have your memories of landmark days, like the winning the title at Spuds in 70-71 too.

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Jon, that famous night at White Hart Lane will stay with me for ever. Jumped on 76 Routemaster bus with my mates at Hoxton about 5-30pm. By the time we reached Stamford Hill it was obvious the bus wasn’t going any further. The traffic was at a standstill right through Tottenham High Rd. From there walked to the ground and found many turnstiles already closed. This was around 6-30pm. Finally found one open and squeezed into the ground (must have been one of the last to get in). We made our way to the old shelf , right underneath the television camera. The most amazing thing was the ground was full of Arsenal fans, (these we’re the days when you paid at the turnstile). Our fans had got in early , the atmosphere was electric. Spurs wanted the points not just to stop us but also to get EUFA Cup football the following season. Although both sides had chances we were definitely the better team on the night. At 0-0 we won the league but at 1-1 Leeds won the league, this was because under the old goal average format you divided the goals against into the goals for, complicated but this was the case. So at 0-0 we thought we were comfortable but when Ray Kennedy scored with, including injury time, about 6 minutes to go Spurs went mad for the equaliser, throwing everybody forward and did almost equalise. Without doubt, the longest 6 minutes of my life. When the final whistle went the pitch was covered with Arsenal fans, I don’t know why but I actually dug up a piece of turf and put it in my pocket, I had a white jacket on at the time, not a very good idea. After the game thousands of Arsenal fans made there way back down Tottenham High Rd and Seven Sisters Rd singing and chanting like you’ve never heard before. A truly magnificent night and a Cup Final against Liverpool to follow 5 days later on the Saturday, What a week.

          3. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Jon don’t worry about the short term memory, it happens to all of us. I put something in a safe place and five minutes later I can’t remember where I put it. However my long term memory is excellent, for example I used to be autograph hunter at the age of 9- 13. If you remember the night we played the great Real Madrid side of the late 50’s early 60’s in a friendly in 1962, I ran onto the pitch just as they were about to kick off the second half and got the autographs of the great Alfredo di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas on the centre circle, I was chased off by the referee. Can you imagine If I’d have done that today I’d be arrested. Different world then.

          4. jon fox says:

            Kenny, Wonderful times and memories. I too got a piece of WHT grass which I later put in a photo album, til years later there just remained a barely visible stain in the album. SO VERY MANY OTHER MEMORIES TOO, but most young fans today don’t even know of the existence of such as Geordie Armstrong, David Court, Alan Skirton, Billy “Flint” McCullough( who showed me aged about 11 how to hold a golf club , quite unexpectedly, one summer evening at Broomfield Park, pitch and putt course). Old Flo Burgess who used to throw Furnell a toffee from the North Bank railings just before kick off, She used to go on all the away trips too, as did I, and Bertie Mee and many players visited her when she was in hospital. She used to send birthday cards to all the team. Great character, now sadly long gone. Ah, happy days! Another time a few of us hitch hilked to see us play Glasgow Rangers in a pre season friendly and on the way back , we all slept in a brick kiln a few miles along the A74,outside Glasgow. Hundreds more stories that only us oldies could truly understand. Sigh!

          5. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Brilliant Jon, must have been the days when Ibrox held a
            100,000. I’m sure you remember the games with Glasgow Rangers was a regular fixture until hooligans wrecked it in ’66. It was always regarded as the aristocrats of Scotland verses the aristocrats England.

          6. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Can also remember as 10 year old’s being behind the goal and if Jack Kelsey caught any one of us smoking a fag he’d give us a right bollocking, I never got in the smoking habit but some kids did, trouble is he’d have one tucked behind his ear. Saw him loads of times puffing away when the ball was at the other end. Wonder what Arsene Wenger would have thought of that.

      3. Declan says:

        Sparkles, I said and yes I’ve seen him play.
        ackshay, lol, I didn’t mention goals, his primary job is to defend and I was comparing him with Sokratis, who I’ve also seen play.
        Make any sort of comment on here and likely get jumped on, Jeez!

    2. funkyrith says:

      1 year left for Perez, so we are getting rid of his salary and 6m is what we can get. Mr Wenger allowed players to run their contracts down, and paid hefty to keep Ozil around, whose salary has become envy of the locker room. We should sell players who dont renew or discuss renewal when 2 years left on contract. Also, Mina is pretty average. Barca must be laughing, buy for 11mil, play in 6 games, sell for 30mil, buy Clément Lenglet almost for same price. Sokratis for the price we paid, is about what you get for it, Mina is overpriced.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Surprisingly Even Emery refused to give Perez a chance at Arsenal………..

    is he really not good enough??

    Chambers can be considered an experienced defender he had games prior to joining us

    additionally he played a full season for Middleborough which he did well

    he should be good enough for 3rd choice

  3. KAY BOSS says:

    I’ve got a feeling that the league managers will regret approving an early end to this transfer window.
    Good we are getting rid of some dross players (excluding Chambers). Hope more will follow suit but y didn’t Holding go on loan?

    1. jon fox says:

      Agreed! In a WC summer, it seemed a strange thing to do, esp as other countries have til later on to bring players in. I am with Arsene Wenger in not wanting ANY windows. It is clear restraint of trade and were I a top CEO or owner, I would certainly challenge this unfairness in a top court of law, where it would be bound to be overturned. There can be no legal doubt about this; the only problem being that til now, all clubs have signed up to FIFA’s self imposed restraint. This would not be legally enforceable in future though , if properly challenged and esp if several or all clubs did likewise in a body. No other business – and football IS a business – would ever allow this nonsense. So why do they allow it? Bonkers!

  4. KAY BOSS says:

    I’ve got a feeling that the league managers will regret approving an early end to this transfer window.
    Good we are getting rid of some dross players(excluding Chambers).
    Hope more will follow soon but y didn’t Holding rather go on loan?

  5. gotanidea says:

    If Perez and Chambers are going to Fulham, I suspect we would get Ryan Sessegnon from them and maybe a new marquee player would come

    If that scenario happens, it will be great because we will have a new young/ talented English player and a new expensive player

    1. GB says:

      Perez is going to West Ham not Fulham.

  6. AndersS says:

    Chambers is really not good enough for Arsenal. He is average PL standard at best, so a move to Fulham makes sense for all.
    The price for Perez may seem low, but you have to put into the equation, that he has a high salary at Arsenal, so we also save money.

    We have a really hard time selling our fringe players because of the high salaries, so we will have to accept low transfer prices for them.

    1. Innit says:

      I don’t think any of our CBs are good enough quality to start for us (Premier League) if we want finish in the Top 4 really (accept Koscielny). Midtable teams Yes. Actually we ARE currently a Midtable team having finished 6th place.

      Mustafi isn’t bad but wasn’t worth £35 million
      Sokratis hasn’t impressed me
      Mavrapanos, Chambers and Holding need more experience.

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    Why Emery refuse to give Perez a chance?

  8. bur says:

    i dont think weegor gave Perez a chance before as for Chambers……not good enough.

  9. ozziegunner says:

    We can argue all day as to whether the players currently in the squad are “Arsenal quality”; however having enough players to field competitive teams in all 4 competitions is also an issue. There is little time to arrange transfers in, so Arsenal is going to be very dependent on its younger less experienced players, particularly if Arsenal suffers a run of injuries.
    Unfortunately, my confidence for the coming season is declining as players such as Perez and Chambers leave without being replaced.
    Heavan help the Arsenal if Kroenke gets hold of Usmanov’s shareholding; he will run Arsenal into the ground.

    1. Things are changing says:

      I am not sure Kroenke doesn’t already have more or less total control to run Arsenal the way he sees fit. Buying Usmanov’s stake won’t give him that much more managerial influence. In fact, Usmanov has effectively zero influence at the moment.

      1. jon fox says:

        Not quite the whole picture I ‘m afraid. In contract law, there are differences between having total share capital and having only just over two thirds. This is a hugely complicated matter but be assured that there are some, mind I say SOME only , safeguards in denying KROENKE FULL SHARE OWNERSHIP. We are much better off while Usmanov still holds his share, which is one reason why Kroenke tried to buy him out. If you own a house but you give a mortgage to a lender for say 30%, you will find it far more difficult to borrow against your asset. Corporate finance is beyond the layman.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          TAC, jon is correct, plus Kroenke can move Arsenal off shore to say the uSA and as virtually a private company, he would not be required to report to shareholders. Arsenal would become a secret society against fans.

  10. Chuks says:

    It is my first post here guys and am from Nigeria.
    We should simply endeavour to give the Arsenal a chance and see what we become before throwing in the permutations. No one has a Crystal ball to see into the future and we can either drift towards two extremes or float somewhere in the middle. We either come out flying beating all comers and surprising many (in which case we say good riddance to the bad ole Arsene Wenger days) OR We loose some winnable games as well as against the traditional big four (in which case we still blame it on Wenger and thence decide to have Faith in Unai Emery to instil his team ethics into the boys) OR We go hot and cold and end up chomping at the top four bit…….
    Either ways, it is all about managing our expectations and keeping them in check as well as choosing to stick in and support the team come what may……
    There is no need indeed to get overly excited or overly depressed for what should be done or what’s not been done. we already know we aren’t gonna make those big a la Madrid kinda signings hence why always talk up the probably impossible with the Arsenal… We also know we don’t have any certainty that the players we so adorably wish to come to us would in any way turn around the fortunes of this team………
    Sven and Co as well as all of us are all doing what we do best as humans – make intelligent guesses and attempts in the face of limitating circumstances and consequently hope for the best…..
    Arsenal have appointed Emery, purchased players and backroom guys all thanks to the miserly spending of Kroenke…..
    The remaining stuff is to get behind the team and hope it all works out ……..
    And that element of unknown is simply the distinction between us and our maker……
    With all our limitations, Arsenal may yet surprise a few this season…..
    Be good – I really hope to be at the Emirates someday shouting down on Lacazette to get me a hat trick ……

    1. jon fox says:

      GREAT POST FROM NIGERIA, FULL OF SENSIBLE PERSPECTIVE. Like most evolved humans from all countries, I never judge any country by a few posts from a mere handful of people. There are fools and wise people in ALL countries. It is not the country that makes them either wise or foolish but just their own brainpower, AKA intelligence or I.Q.

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