Lucas Perez has left Arsenal already?

I can’t help but feel sorry for Lucas Perez. Arsenal bought him on deadline day with a lot of fanfare after a fantastic season at his hometown club Deportivo La Coruña, but the 28 year-old has been largely ignored by Arsene Wenger and has only started TWO League games for the Gunners, plus 7 Cup appearances. On his ONLY start in the Champions League he scored a hat-trick, and scored 7 goals in total from his 9 starts.

Wenger said that he would talk to Perez, who has voiced his unhappiness at not playing, at the end of the season, but the Spaniard walked away from the subs bench at Wembley and immediately flew back to La Coruña, according to his Instagram page.

Lucas’ agent has already said that the hitman’s first choice would be to return to his hometown club, but it is doubtful that the struggling Spanish side would be willing to replay the 17m that the Gunners paid for him last summer, and would be offering a much reduced figure.

Now it has been revealed by Talksport that Sevilla, who were also interested in Perez before he moved to Arsenal, are now still willing to take him back to Spain themselves. The Andalusian side have just squeezed into the Champions League slots after finishing 4th behind the three Spanish giants of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico, and believe they can still get a few years of goalscoring from him, rather than see him languishing on the Arsenal bench.

Judging by his rapid departure after the Cup Final, could we have already seen the last of him at Arsenal after just one year?



  1. Paul says:

    Watch the Southampton 5-0 game, this Perez of a guy should play ahead of ozil, he’s got pace, he dribbles, he’s got killer passes, he is strong, he’s definitely a better finisher. Arsenal fans, or rather ozil lovers , we don’t have the luxury of having a player on pitch just for a golden moment he sees a killer pass…….. that’s short one, that’s y he disappears in big games

    1. Josh37 says:

      what are you talking about? He’s top-3 in chances created in the league this season and created more scoring opportunities than anyone since his arrival. This is without a world-class striker… Perez has qualities, but comparing his creativity and vision to Ozil’s is blasphemy

      1. Ranjan Das says:

        I think blasphemy is paying 200K “in Arsenal ” to a player who fails to turn up consistently in games. If I was the coach I would make a very simple deal. Pay the 85M for Griezman – sell Ozil. For Ozil we will at least get 40 M. Griezmann is Ozil’s vision + lot of goals. However we know wenger; there are more chances of Sanchez being sold than Ozil leaving. Ozil is just a luxury not a player you can count on to take you through 38 games in the PL

        1. khangunners says:

          Hehe arsenal fans are always quick to judge the players. Why is ozil not worth 200000 per week when wenger is gonna earn 10m a year?

    2. Midkemma says:

      Perez pace is limited to bursts, he isn’t a sprinter.
      He is NOT a dribble of the ball, he has a 33% success rate on his successful 0.3 attempts on average per 90 mins. Compare this to Alexis who has nearly a 70% success rate and average 3 successful attempts per 90 mins.
      Perez isn’t strong, he is tough but not strong.

      Perez also passes backwards a lot more than a striker should, nearly half of them backwards. Alexis is over 66% forward passing.

      Perez was a panic buy by the board and that is why Wenger hasn’t played him, Wenger hasn’t shown any interest in him and doesn’t appear to trust him.

      Not Perez fault, not Wengers fault. Board should have payed up the extra £20-30 million extra for Lacazette and we wouldn’t be needing to look for a top CF still right now.

      This isn’t the only striker at Arsenal that Wenger didn’t want, Welbeck is another, only wanted him on loan but Gazidis went ahead and bought him. That extra £20-30 million needed 12 months ago for Lacazette could have been largely funded by not buying Welbeck… Wasted money.

      I do feel sorry for Perez but don’t fool yourself, Perez is a Vardy. Yes he will score goals but he will not add to the gameplay for a top team that holds possession.

      1. Bazza says:

        You watch same games as me mate perez by far the best striker Danny need 10 shots to 1 on target no vision giroud to slow walcot over paid winger Sanchez prima Donna I’ve supported arsenal for 64 years and I think Wenger should stay

    3. Ivan says:

      I thought Perez was a quality addition to the squad seems when he was on the park things happened for him , I can’t quite understand why he got so little time to show his wares. I wonder how the season may have gone if he had more game time. Overall the fa cup shows we have the players sure a few additions could be good but it’s the attitude that counts case in point fa cup. Go gunners

    4. Segy Turner says:

      “should play ahead of ozil..”
      this is even laughable.. what an absoulte jocker..

  2. Josh37 says:

    He’s gone.. Honestly don’t mind that much. He’s about the same level as podolski, and a very likable player. But we currently have 2 elite players in our front three and a lot of good but not great/a tad one dimensional options. This is the window we step forward. Xhaka settled, Holding’s the man we need to get a midfielder and a striker and get those transfers right!

  3. Vlad says:

    Shame… real shame. Quality player who was just never given a proper chance.

  4. Robert Newton says:

    I rate Perez very highly but Wenger is comfortable with Giroud and doesnt want to give up on his project Welbeck injury prone chance over other players. Sadly Perez has to leave.

  5. Midkemma says:

    I don’t get the never given a proper chance part, he trained with Arsenal and Wenger watched him train, did any of you?

    Perez was bought as a panic buy after we had a bid rejected for Lacazette, Wenger wanted a top CF and we did bid for one… Not enough though.

    Where was Gazidis telling Silent Stan that it is better to pay the extra bit needed rather than waste another £16 or 17 million on a player who doesn’t have the attributes of the CF that the manager wanted.

    Yes I do feel sorry for Perez but for me this highlights how the board has failed the manager. Why do other fans ignore how the manager was failed??????

    At the start of this season we all wanted a TOP CF, a TOP CB and a TOP CM.
    Xhaka is a TOP CM, he took a while to adapt but shown glimpses of what he could do and towards the end of the season started to maintain that good form consistently.
    Mustafi is a world cup winner, not perfect but he is a TOP CB. Our def was doing fantastic until our CM wobbled and fell apart.

    All we lacked was a top CF from our wishlist and instead of paying for it, the board bought Perez.

    I feel sorry for Perez and I hope Arsenal fans will think about how we got him after the board refused to put more funding into the transfer kitty! We got him and missed out on Lacazette because Gazidis and Co wouldn’t find the funds for Wenger.

    I bet Dein would have and that is why I get so frustrated with Gazidis and how fans have ignored that waste of space!

    1. Robert Newton says:

      You are half right on that one. Wenger only wants to spend on top players but if you can’t find one he would rather not spend a penny and struggle. Atleast the board is urging Wenger to spend money but Wenger refuses. Wenger has always said they have the money to buy any player but his principals don’t allow him to spend money.

    2. Segy Turner says:

      spot on Midkemma. We point fingers at the wrong people. Most of the victims to this criticism, are merely scapegoats to the actual devils, Stan and company..
      Now that Usmanov shook their system a bit, in addition with the fans’ outcry, Stan is now stepping out to make promises..
      If Wenger hadnt bought Perez at the last minute, after failing to get lacazette, the same fans would have gone gang-ho for his lack of ambition..
      That f**kn board is the problem

  6. Robert Newton says:

    According to latest rumour Arsenal will sign Sandro Ramirez (striker) and Pablo Fornals attacking midfielder from Malaga after Wenger announcement is made. Both are young 21 year old players from Malaga and will combined cost 20 million. Sandro Ramirez has 6 m release clause and
    Fornals price is 12 million. Arsenal will also offer Alexis 280k pw and Ozil 250k pw new contracts and if they refuse to sign those contracts they will be sold this season even to Premier League clubs. I can sense Alexis being sold to City now smh.

    1. gmv8 says:

      That cannot be allowed to happen – it wouldn’t make sense, even in Kroenke terms Alexis is worth far more to the club in tickets, sponsorships, publicity etc than just the goals he scores. There would be a huge backlash if he is allowed to play for Citeh, I would prefer to keep him for another year, if he didn’t sign a new contract. Besides the Oilers must be running pretty close to their FFP limit, or is nobody bothering to check that now?

  7. Jamaican gooner says:

    Are you trying to tell me that it was perez double i saw celebrating the FA cup victory????

  8. gmv8 says:

    Clearly Wenger was trying to make some sort of point. I don’t think that was fair on Lucas, because when he came on the pitch, he always gave 100% unlike several other regulars, who, for whatever reason, didn’t.

  9. Arsenal FC says:

    Can’t Sevilla take Wenger instead?

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger is too loyal to some players ie Giroud, Welbeck, Ramsey, Coquelin

    Wenger plays players when they don’t perform well. When Ramsey and Coquelin were performing poorly Wenger kept on playing them.

    Giroud and Welbeck are not of the same quality as Alexis, Lukaku, kane, and Ibra’vic.
    They should not start matches.

    Lucas performed very well in FA Cup but couldn’t get a start in PL matches. Why was he even purchased in the first place?

    Lucas is better off leaving for his own benefit.

    If we keep Alexis then we MUST get another top forward like Lukaku or Lacazette or Greizmann etc

    If we lose him we need two top forwards

    1. Yossarian says:

      It’s the “Wenger favourites” system.

      Been holding-back Arsenal Football Club for years.

      And will continue to do so for another two years.

  11. mick ford says:

    have read all comments but all of you missed Walcott the laziest player to wear the shjrt he must be the first to go

  12. GrahamB says:

    Looks like whoever wrote this article didn’t bother to read the Instagram link which somewhat contradicts the writers conclusions!

  13. Simon says:

    I think Perez was a good buy. If we had more injuries, if Sanchez hadn’t proved he can also be used as solo striker we would have needed him more-

    Maybe then he would have proved his abilities, and secured his position in 1st team.

    The fact that he is so one-sided is what currently puts him in last place behind Giroud, Wellbeck

    Wellbeck had his best game in FA final- his pace and movement created opportunities for others-

    But ultimately I don’t think he’s capable of 20+ goals a season. And he would be the player I’d let go- to make room for a higher calibre striker.

    Giroud continues to get abuse from fans, but he still only striker we have that can hold on to ball well, link with others, and be serious threat from crosses. As such he is important option to have.

    So for me it’s clear- has to be either Wellbeck or Perez that leaves

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