Lucas Torreira is reportedly keen on moving to Roma

Arsenal have already been talking to Roma about the Henrik Mhkitaryan situation, and the Armenian is very happy that Arsenal are allowing him to stay in Serie A again next season. He said in the Mail last week: ‘We have already reached an agreement with Roma for me to play for the club for another year, until summer 2021, which I am very happy about. I have felt at home since day one – in my football, on the pitch and off it.’

So the Gunners already have a good relationship with the Italians, and there have been numerous reports that we are keen on bringing Roma’s young midfielder Amadou Diarra to the Emirates, and today Il Romanista is reporting that there is the possibility of a straight swap deal going down with Lucas Torreira, who hasn’t seemed to settle in London and is likely to be sold this summer.

The report says that Torreira has already to agreed to being part of any swap deal, and the two clubs are in talks to make this happen.

If Diawarra comes, it would likely only be because we cannot persuade Thomas Partey to join us from Atletico, and the talks are made even more complicated by the fact that Roma are in the process of a takeover bid from Dan Friedkin, who has offered nearly half a billion euros to become the new owner, but As Torreira has seemed very keen on a return to Italy, there is every chance this rumour could become a reality…


  1. He was a breath of fresh air when he first got to play for us but seemed to lose his confidence playing under Emery (wasn’t the only one )then Arteta took over and he has never really got a chance be it from injuries or loss of form I don’t think he will be in Artetas plans ,best if he moves back to Italy for all party’s ,no point having a unhappy player hanging around who probably won’t even get to play to many minutes .
    Good little player but it didn’t work out .

    1. He’s great for a proper defensive team and for defending a lead, the sort of guy that doesn’t break under that kind of pressure. I think one of his early games was against spurs, where he scored and then was fantastic when we were holding on at the end (if I’m remembering that right).
      He’s smart and technically sound but doesn’t offer enough in his forward play for our style unfortunately. His size also makes it difficult for him to really dominate a game outside of winning the ball on the edge of the box.
      Thought atletico would have been interested because he seems like the sort of player simeone would like.
      Good player but it’s not surprising he would be moving on.

    2. Dan, just a reminder that Emery is gone, so for how long is he to be blamed for all Arsenal’s problems? Torreira did have some injury and acclimatising problems as well.

  2. I dont know the kid Diarra at all to be honest. They already have Miki on loan plus taking his £200k wages off our bill so we can fund Willians deal. Smart move by Arsenal for their 1st move.

    Elneny will join Miki & Dino also out on loan and their £60/£30k wages off the bill that basically covers Aubas extra money for his contract extension. Another smart deal.

    No money spent as we have none to spend apparently so the rest kind of works itself out. We were told by Edu we have to sell to buy but we are looking hard at deals.

    Papa sold £7m
    Chambers sold £12m
    Torreira sold £30m
    Guendouzi sold £35m = £84m

    Saliba already here
    Buy Partey £45
    Buy Cabellos £30m
    Get Sarr In FREE = £75

    I’d keep AMN as he is a good utility player and is getting better under Mikel. Others may go but these seem the logical ones for what we can actually do. Stan might buy us a player, never know.

  3. A straight swap deal really,what are the respective valuations?I think that we would lose money in this case,I also read that Torreira’s wages could be a stumbling block.

  4. We are keen on selling the young players and buying old retirement age players. We are willing to give a 32 year old 3 year contract but not willing to hold on to young dynamic players who have ability and talent displayed in past. I thought developing you g players and getting best out of them is part of manager’s job description I guess board are not allowing MA to that, first MG then AMN and now LT. They all have ability which is visible and bright future ahead Arsenal will regret their decision if we sell any of them.

    1. Clearly you started watching Arsenal not too long ago.. Arsenal has always been a team that has featured young players and that ultimately was the fall of Arsenal.. the last time we won the league the average age of the squad was 28.. fast forward to our dark ages when we featured a much younger team with an average age of 22-23.. during the days of fabregas Song and VP how many trophies did we win.. clearly you don’t understand these things just support from the sides because you have no proper understanding of how the game works you always bash the board and MA but your comments gives me headache because you don’t proffer better alternative just what you think soothes you but the club has a lot of experience you don’t have and quite frankly I trust their judgment better than yours.. so keep the youth propaganda to yourself because it is deeper than that.. experience is the reason why adults teach children not the other way around.

  5. Lucas Torreira was not physically imposing enough to be the dominating midfielder Arsenal requires. In addition he and his family have apparently been unable to settle in England due to the climate and language. He will be happy to move back to Italy with Roma.
    However, if Torreira moves to Roma, via sale or swap for Diawara, Diawara should be in addition to Thomas Partey, not instead of. Diawara is not in the same class as Partey, who would be the box to box midfielder in the vein of Patrick Viera, with Diawara as the DM.

  6. Your right Ozzie, Diawara is a dedicated DM whereas Partey is more versatile .As a duo they would provide some real steel to our midfield .I have to say I was not too impressed with Partey against RBL and I suspect he will prove too expensive for us in any event.The guy I really look forward to seeing against Man City is Aouar who really impresses me.Never mind Coutinho, let’s focus on younger talents like Aouar and Szoboszlai.

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