Lucas Torreira is still petulantly making things difficult for Arsenal

So the never-ending saga of Lucas Torreira is still causing Arsenal problems despite him not actually kicking a ball for the club in two years.

He moaned about London, the weather, the lack of support and just about everything else after arriving from Sampdoria back in 2018, and it seemed he couldn’t fit into the team either after one successful season with Arsenal, when Unai Emery tried to change his position.

So he went on loan to Atletico Madrid on loan for a season, where he could hardly get a game, and after yearning for a return to Italy, he finally succeeded with a loan to Fiorentina. They were given an option to buy this summer for around £13m, but despite having a great season and being promised a permanent move, the Italians failed to take up the option.

With no move on the table (despite his agent saying they had agreed terms with Valencia), he was called up to join Arteta and the team in the USA, but didn’t stay long. He had categorically stated that he would not be returning to Arsenal under any circumstances, and went back to Italy, presumably to try and get a new team in Europe.

But ARsenal still saw no offers forthcoming, and they agreed terms with Galatasary for Torreira to play in the SuperLiga, but reports are now saying he refused to get on the plane and is still waiting for an offer from Valencia, or Sampdoria, depending on which rumours you believe.

He is certainly making life difficult for Arsenal, who are set to make a huge loss wherever he goes, and that depends on whether the club actually receives an acceptable offer for the Uruguayan…


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  1. If he doesn’t agree on the transfer he should be told he trains with the youth for rest of season. Or another one who tears up his contract.Seems his banking on a late move from Sampdoria ,his preferred option.But u just know they’ll come on with a pisstake offer.

  2. Such a whining player, always full of excuses rather than just knuckle up and work harder to improve himself.

    Complained under Emery, complained under Arteta, be glad to see him gone. It’s the weather, or manager, or game time, or responsibilities on the pitch, etc…..

    Bench him, train with U-23 squad, get this weak minded frail individual away from the 1st team.

    Ramsey showed professionalism before he left, Torreira has whined and complained, what a sad mentality indeed.

  3. I think Arsenal need to make an example of all this prima Donna’s called players, all of them now felt the need to force Arsenal ripping up their contract to leave as free agent so as to still get their high wages and sign on fee rather than Arsenal getting something in transfer fees, which to me is unprofessional.
    Going by all the news Lucas as already have few contract from teams but always turning them down everybody is now playing the Card of this is the club I want accept whatever they want to pay or let me go for free.
    Just painful that’s what football world is turning into with the power player and their Agents now have.

  4. It might just be that doesn’t want to go! Everyone is so adamant that he wants out, but he keeps coming out saying he doesn’t only for rumour trolls to say he does and idiot assn fans to get on his back, telling him to get out.
    Has no one considered, that he might actually want to stay, like he keeps coming out with, before the rumour trolls accuse him of wanting out again?
    Can you imagine having a great first year. Then getting all this hate, not understanding why because you don’t speak the language. Then discovering 12 months later rumours that you want to leave. Quashing those rumours. Only for them to come back 3 months after. Getting hate again, not understanding why… Its enough to confuse anyone.
    The man might just be trying to do his job and might actually not want to go, like he keeps constantly saying, until bullshit outlets like calciomercato (the Italian version of the Sun) pop up again, saying he wants out!

    1. @Dylan
      Seriously mate, you are wrong!
      Torreira himself said this summer: “Chances of staying? None. From the beginning they told me that I had no place, so my desire is not either to stay since I suffered a lot, it cost me a lot to adapt.

      He continued: “Any team that wants me has to buy my contract, which today has a value of approximately €15million (£12.7m).”

      1. @Admin Pat
        So, after being told he had”no place in the squad”, he makes the statement that” there is no chance of him playing for AFC again”
        It’s pretty cut and dried who’s wrong here. And it ain’t Torreira…IJS

        1. @NYG
          I was just answering the reader who suggested that maybe Torreira wanted to stay and play for Arsenal….

          Not accusing anyone, just stating a fact!

        2. Agree NY, Torriera is not wanted by Arsenal and they made it pretty clear. Why people think this somehow is Torrieras fault is beyond belief.

          1. We’ve all heard his complaints about not adapting and expecting the club to let him leave after a family bereavement. Then it was the weather.
            So he has no culpability at all? In the meantime, Arsenal pick up any shortfall that might occur with his wages when on loan. Hasn’t been an Arsenal player as long as Bellerin and yet he has done nothing wrong.
            Please tell me what he is doing right.

            1. Sue, he was sent out on loan last year, performed excellently, got rave reviews and expected that the process of him proving himself on loan and leaving to be concluded. I dont know what went on but i know that he thought he was let down by Fiorantina or at least someone at Fiorantina. He was told by Arsenal he would not be in their plans. Should he just go anywhere, even if he doesn’t want too?

              1. Then he can stay at Arsenal and not feature Reggie
                I’ve long since stopped giving too much leeway to moaning Minnie’s on several million a year, whether good, bad or indifferent. Tough luck if his loan club are not prepared to sign him. Worse things can happen as he still has that precious Arsenal contract.

                1. Sorry if I sound bitter and twisted. I’m not overly sympathetic to his plight… as you can probably tell

                  1. I dont disagree Sue, Arsenal gave him the contract, he didn’t hold them at Gunpoint. He has a choice to stay, if nothing else suits. But let remember he isnt a piece of meat, he is a human being signed by Arsenal. Arsenal decided, he wasn’t good enough.

                    1. I beg to differ insofar as the players these days have all the power
                      It’s not like the old days when players were at the mercy of the clubs
                      As a pundit said of the world of football- it’s dog eat dog.

  5. Keep him on the bench for U23 for the rest of his contract and fine him for every breach of rules possible !!!

  6. There need to be contract clauses to cover these situations. This is happening far too often now, the club (or clubs, plural) need to do something.

    I wouldn’t put him with the U23s – anyone with his mentality will poison the well.

    There’s always the option to have him train alone for a year, giving him additional responsibilities he won’t like and fine him for every day he’s not available so that his wages are reduced to a minimum or (ideally) he ends up paying us.

    These players who do this are playing with fire – one day one (or a few) of them will be “the example”, the one who spends a year training alone to find that when the contract ends, no-one is interested (a year out without kicking a ball is a long time in a footballer’s career, he’d then be seen as a risk).

  7. I have no sympathy he is a privileged individual on good money! Let him train alone like someone else suggested.

  8. When will fans and media stop moaning about Arsenal not selling for big fees? These are probably the same peiple who moan that we dont spend big.

    Perhaps when we bought Pepe, Lacazette, Ozil, Alexis, Aubameyang, Mustafi, Torreira, Leno, we were forced into paying more than they were worth? All signings made prior to Arteta btw!!

    The fact is these players all under achieved and let their managers down. Sure there was some silverware along the way. But FA Cups do not represent the £350m+ spent on those 8 players.

    Now its over to the Arteta generation, can he get the players he has signed to justify the money he has spent? He has 1 fa cup under his belt, thought that was won pretty much using players bought hy other managers.

    Artetas spending has now passed the £300m mark and he needs some silverware and Champions League qualification to justify that spend. If he doesnt he will have to go and his players will have failed and will move on for deflated transfers fees, just like those that were signed under previous managers.

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