Lucas Torreira’s first interview at Arsenal – Plus Skills Video

So here is the first ever interview with Lucas Torreira as an Arsenal player. He speaks in Spanish but the English translation is underneath. He seems very calm and relaxed but will have to start English lessons immediately!

After the transcript you can see the important bit – How skillful he is!

Question: Lucas, welcome to England. How excited are you to be an Arsenal player?

Answer: Thanks a lot! I feel very happy. I want to make the most of this opportunity life has given me. I am really looking forward to starting this new adventure.

Q: The Arsenal fans are clearly excited too – they were tracking your flight to London online! What do you think of that?

A: Yes, for a while I’ve been receiving loads of messages in my social media accounts. I guess it´s all down to the fact there were talks of me moving to Arsenal even before the World Cup started. I am very happy and I hope I can meet all the fans very soon.

Q: Did you know the fans were tracking your flight to London online?

A: No, I didn´t know about it, but I am here and I will see them all soon.

Q: How does that make you feel?

A: I feel calm. I am used to coping with this kind of thing in the best possible way. It´s a very positive thing that people want to welcome me. It makes me feel comfortable. Now I am calm and I look forward to the future, which for sure will be very nice.


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    Welcome to Arsenal and London, Torreira

    England World Cup Champions 2018

    Football coming home

    1. McLovin says:

      Hey Hafiz Rahmann aka John Ibrahim,

      what do you mean ‘Football coming home’? Any updates how many players we still need to buy?

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Ibrahim enough of the football coming home BS… it’s already annoying, we don’t see France shouting It’s going to Paris but right from quarter finals you folks been shouting it’s coming home.. now it’s boring please, look for another line

      1. kev says:

        As I said months ago that Boca Juniors were negotiating a new contract for Pavon that will increase his release clause.
        He’s now set to sign it probably ruling us out his signature.

        I’m so glad it’s not him we’re signing.

        1. OzzieGunner says:


  2. tas says:

    off topic= you have to watch this video its hilarious in the SUN

    ‘DANNY F***ING WELBECK?!’ World Cup 2018: England get Downfall treatment as Adolf Hitler finds out Three Lions could win in Russia
    Brilliant parody video shows the Fuhrer’s fury at finding out Germany did not make final and that Danny Welbeck was included in Gareth Southgate’s squad

    1. Sheet Head says:

      Very funny

      1. Declan says:

        Just watched it, bloody hilarious.

  3. l says:

    Giving shirt number 11 to Torreira makes me feel we are not in the market for a winger.
    I just saw in the news that Man City have signed Mahrez and Liverpool are trying to sign Shakiri.
    If the two best attacking sides of last season are adding to their strength, why are we not doing the same? Yes, I give credit to our recruitment team for the additions so far. I think we also need at least a dribbler who can create chances from the flank and subdue opponents’ full backs from overlapping.

    1. tas says:


      I personally feel that we have great players that haven’t peaked their best yet likes of Ramsey Xhaka, Bellerin, Welbeck, Ivobi, Chambers, AMN, Nelson, and we have bought great players that we haven reap the rewards yet likes of PEA, Mikhitaryan, Mavropanos and if you add all the new buys we just bought i think we are nearly there to challenge for fourth place,

      1. l says:


        I appreciated the players we have in our squad. I think every good football team has at least a good dribbler from the wings. Apart from the advantages of having such players, they also aide defense by keeping opponents’ fullbacks and wingers at bay. They are also very useful in transiting from defending corners kick to counter attacks

        1. Mobella says:

          I will only worry about what Manchester city can/will do in the coming season. This is a team that dropped 60m pound on a player they don’t need. The same or almost amount we got Leno, Torreira, Papa and Metteò for. As for Liverpool, the only player i will pick from them is Sallah and that it is the only thing they have that we do not have right now. In relations to attacking football or potential we are better than them as always the different last season was that they have Klopp and We had Wenger. In spite of that we were third in scoring chart last season and it took Spur 4 goals in their last match to level with us.

    2. mICO.. says:

      So we must buy because other teams are buying? Give me a break please.

    3. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Matteo Guendouzi is done also…I’ve seen the video footage of him signing the contract. 5 years.
      Lord please just one more signing, just one more big winger signing, that’s all I ask

  4. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    OT: just watching some Samir Nasri goals . he could have been a legend
    Whatever happened ?

    1. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

      thought I should share ??. those were beautiful moments . though we weren’t winning anything . was better watching those guys than these current bunch

      1. Mobella says:

        No you haven’t seen what the current bunch can do under Emery. And the current bunch is different from the last bunch because the current bunch include Emery, Sokratis, Torreira, Leno, Stephen, and Metteò.

    2. McLovin says:

      Money happened.

      And there’s no cure for being a c**t, reason why he got kicked out of the national team as well.

      I’m telling ya, Wenger got that one right, getting rid of him.

  5. Welcome Torreira to one of the best club in the world,new era starts….#IREPGUNNER

  6. Naija Jollof says:

    We need a winger

    1. tas says:

      on what side?

  7. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    It’s so sad how everyone’s forgotten about Samir Nasri . he would have been a legend if he wasn’t such a Cúnt. he was the closest thing to Bergkamp. watching some his highlights this morning and I feel nothing but pity on how he wasted his career. he’s currently been banned from all football related activities for doping violation.

    1. l says:

      Waste whose career? I left to actualize his goal.
      He got the money and the trophy.
      This legend talk is about fans not all professional footballers.
      Not all footballers are fans of the club they play for.
      We should move on from this RVP/ Nasri stuff. The acted in their interest.
      Many of us hating them would do the same if given such opportunity.

  8. harunah lubs says:

    some good business so far though i think we still need a winger. i dont think perez will solve that problem for us.

  9. Simon Williams says:

    Perez could be great. Not sure how well he did last season – think heard he’s stats were very good?

    1. Mickew says:

      Between November and March 18 starts – no goals, Deportivo fans turned against him and wanted him out. Deportivo relegated.

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