Luck is WITH Arsenal but MUST not be wasted!!

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans, but I think we should be feeling pretty lucky right now. Arsenal have had plenty of bad luck, but to find ourselves just off the top four and ahead of our big rivals Liverpool and Man United and just three points behind Man City after the way we have started the reason is a huge bonus.

Now we have two Premier League games against Burnley and Swansea City with a Champions League game at home against Anderlecht in between. This gives the Gunners a great chance to put our season back on track. And Chelsea’s draw at Old Trafford today keeps our faint title hopes alive. Plus the injury situation seems to be easing with Walcott and Ramsey back and we hope to have Koscielny fit again for Man United.

But let’s not get too carried away, because if Arsenal keep under performing as we have been doing, this bit of luck that we have got will all go to waste. Wenger has a big week ahead of him working with the players. The players must step up and take responsibility as well, but we have gone on long successful runs before and if we can do it again, maybe this season will not turn out to be the damp squib that it was looking like.

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  1. We have been fortunate in our last couple of games, but we gotta up the standard of our game and get consistency back into our play! Coyg!

  2. Alexis sanchez has been carring arsenal on his back in our last couple of games, what a player he is! Im so thankful for the workrate and commitment alexis has given so far for the arsenal cause! Coyg!

    1. Sanchez does reminds a little of Suarez, aggressive, hardworking, determine, fast and good finishing…

        1. And so is Mourinho and any other manager.
          When you desperately need points, will you rest your best player?

  3. Swansea away is not a easy match… and I want to see Campbell play… his attitude and work rate will work with Sanchez… I somehow have that feeling.. hope Arsene #playCampbell

  4. Wenger OUT.

    Normal people can’t understand how can akbs worship to this level a man like wenger.
    So please akbs do us a favor to all of us (the retarded fans that wan’t wenger out) and give us your reasons.

    Post a GOOD reason to still believe in wenger and then write how is wenger supose to win the league, compete FOR the champions league and beat TOP clubs.

    Also please Mr.AkB tell us if you can see arsenal under wenger managment smashing Chelsea,Man U, Man city for the title in the near future and how.

    Please also post how are Wenger tactical skills going to improve in the near future and why you are agree with his player selection , post why do you still think that Wenger is gonna buy a dm in january ( when evidence clearly say that he will not buy a dm, Wenger truly believes that arteta is the man for the job ) and tell us why you believe that wenger is right on building this team around a player like wilshere.

    Overrall please post six unarguably reasons on why Wenger is a world class mánager. If you can’t post five then i’ll be happy with only two.


    1. Forgot this.

      Post your reasons on why Wenger is unarguably better than Klopp and Simeone and why Klopp and Simeone where cappable of building a ultra high perfomance team with a small budget achieving major trophies in the process and why Wenger in the last decade couldn’t and even with a good amount of money still can’t win anything important or even make arsenal look like a strong side (FA cup and community shell are not major trophies)

          1. dortmund’s got a worse than arsenal’s injury list when it comes to how long their players are out.

            they’re sort of like us 2 years ago when wejust bought Giroud ,cazorla podolski.

            the difference here is that they bought arguably a better forward(immobile), and they’re youth is much more reliable than what we’ve got.

            1. Oh yeah, but how competent Bundesliga compared to EPL.
              How can being at 15th place any better than us?
              Klopp as the manager must more or less be responsible for this nightmare result, if it happen that Arsenal fall out of top 10, 80% already cried for “WENGER OUT”, why Klopp having such special treatment. Dont let the urge to CHANGE, whatever it is, cloud your judgement

      1. @ Ljungberg’s Cool Red Hair and Hafiz Rahman…. Don’t mind the thumb down Arsenal fans are never honest that’s why the club keeps sinking…..just one derailed manger(Wenger) will hold over million fans to ransom and they all come here saying sh*t…..which top club can a manager do what wenger is doing and still be so comfortable with his job…barca, Madrid, man united, man city, Chelsea, roma, juventus, even middle clubs won’t take his sh*t….even at spurs he would have been long gone and forgotten… should match with banner “WENGER OUT” to emirate on a match and ask the club to change him or they will boycott matches and all activities of the club…..Sorry to say Wenger can’t bring back Glory to Arsenal Fc the better You fans start knowing this the better for the fans and Clubs cos the shareholders don’t care they are making million. Extortion is all I see at Arsenal”””highest ticket price and notting to show for the last 10 years but FA cup and community shield” lol……thump me down but that’s the fact……Wenger out still goes on

    2. The simple reason is that you are not a better judge of wenger’s competence than those in football administration. You have been calling for wenger’s ouster for years now. In the past you wanted moyes to replace him, then it was laudrup, martinez, now its klopp or simione. Over this period seasoned football administrators at top top clubs have been itching for wenger’s signature. Real madrid in 2009/2010, PSG in last season, and now Monaco. Wenger has been preferred ahead of your favorite mourinho and the respected anceloti.

      You judge yourself wether you are a better judge of a top top manager than football administrators at Real madrid, PSG and Monaco.

      Judging by the managers you put forward as replacements for wenger it is my considered view that you get too excited by momentary success of managers while seasoned football administrators look for something else in a manager. This may explain why you are not in football administration and will probably never be.

  5. I agree with the article. .. Things don’t look too bad now. I feel we should give Wenger a break for this season. He somehow managed to keep us in the top for four years in the toughest league on earth workout the big budgets of ManU ..City and Chelsea. He is now building a team and teaching them to gel together. Let’s give Wenger break this season and enjoy his brand of football which is the reason I am an Arsenal fan. … fluent attacking football.

    1. @ CouchCoach… are a big fool for calling 4th position top…..u mak real Arsenal fans sick…..once u don’t win what else happen….U LOOSE….all you wenger ass kissers should pls put the club 1st b4 any sentiments….

      1. When you call someone a ”fool” you should probably check that you have spelt everything correctly, I believe the word is lose, not ”loose”…lol

  6. I feel for Campbell. He desperately wanted to leave on loan during the summer but Wenger prevented it. And now he isn’t get played, just like he feared. What does it take to give the kid 10-15 minutes when we’re leading comfortably? We can’t play the same damn 11 week in week out Wenger! We need to rotate!

  7. @twig.totally agree. We have a young and enthusiastic player availabke and appear to have no intention of usobg them. All I can say he must really not be impressing in training or have fallen out with wenger behind closed doors.

  8. People keep saying that Wenger is playing players out of position. Why is Robin playing the right wing while Ribery is playing on the left side?These players are playing in each others position and are playing well.

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