Lucky Leicester leave Arsenal clutching at title straws

It is not all over yet, but the crowd is starting to think about coming on to the pitch, as it were, as Arsenal slipped to 11 points off the top of the Premier League thanks to Leicester City riding their luck once again to earn the narrowest of wins over a Newcastle United team that was much improved under new manager Rafa Benitez.

The feeling that this is going to be the Foxes year was made even stronger as they won this match by scoring the only goal of the game with their only shot on target and their visitors spurned a number of good chances to get something. It was a well taken goal with an overhead kick by Okazaki but Vardy who headed the ball back to him was in an offside position and the goal could easily have been disallowed.

Such is the way of things for them this season, while Arsenal get decisions like the non-foul by a Swansea player on Ozil that completely turned the game’s momentum. All we can do now is hope and start winning games. We do have one of those in hand but even winning that leaves us eight points to make up in the other eight games. Too much? I think so and I would not be surprised if the gap grows even bigger this weekend as we have an early trip to Everton after a big Champions League clash with Barcelona, while Leicester should be fresh for their trip to Crystal Palace.

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  1. In other news, Abou Diaby is still yet to play single minute this season with Marseille.

    To think that this player occupied a squad spot with hefty wages for YEARS at Arsenal.

  2. sounding like a bad loser now.
    they have all the luck, we dont

    so we’ve had …its the refs fault
    we’ve had….we are very unlucky
    i believe if we have used the …we have injuries line.

    thats the holy trinity lads! the trilogy…..

    just take this L gooners,
    take it with a sprinkle of salt n pepper

    1. Anything one can’t understand is labeled luck. That spirit and self belief we can see in Leicester has been absent in arsenal for so long that we have forgotten what it is.

    2. Exactly, fans should learn to stop having their head up the manager’s back side an accept the fact he has let us down for another consecutive season.

  3. When you are committed with a desire and passion to run your socks off for 90 minutes luck will be on your side.
    When you are playing for a club that has no ambition from owner to chief exec to manager, it goes tits up.

    1. The club does have ambition.
      To remain in the EPL.
      Which means 38 EPL games
      a season against the best in
      England and Wales.
      To remain in the top 4 which will allow the club
      to play 6 (usually 8) ECL games minimum each season
      against some of the best in Europe.
      To have a decent FA Cup run.
      To play in a new stadium.
      To have a financially
      self determining Football Club.
      So Arsenal FC is fulfilling all it’s goals.
      What’s not to like about that?

      1. Really!? You have to ask?

        Are you a machine?

        Football is a game, so ultimately the objective of a game (professionally speaking) is to WIN the game and be the BEST at the game.

        I know liberal lefties will tell you it’s the taking part that counts, but is it? Is it really? Is that enough..

        win the game or get out of it!

          1. You mean davidnz?

            He better be or I will find him and kill him for crimes against the human spirit.

  4. How to put pressure on Stan, the Board and conversely Wengers position.

    A basic guide on grabbing both the Arsenal Board’s or perhaps more importantly the Medias attention. Remember the fuss 1 banner made!

    1. Stop buying Arsenal merchandise

    2. Stop attending matches (watch the box instead). Scrap the season ticket or if ad hoc visitor to Emirates go to less games, miss just home games…

    The more sacrifice made in greater numbers will have the most impact.

    3. If you can’t stay away from a match but want Stan and his ‘Moneyball’ winning isn’t important mentality  then make a banner or buy one:


    A 76cm X 366cm pvc plastic banner costs £29.99 (chip in with friends?) or a 52cm X 91cm banner costs just £5.99.

    What to put on it? Some suggestions:

    Football NOT Moneyball

    Be creative…

    4. Protest (peacefully) outside of stadium on or outside of match days. Get connected with other Fans who want to see the back of Stan and ORGANISE.

    5. Voice your concerns on social media and share your activities (Twitter/Facebook/blogs etc..)

    Doesn’t seem like we have the power to do much but it’s all about the numbers. If AFC fans make a stand together we can effect the running of our club by raising awareness of our plight. 

    You must ACT as talking alone will achieve nothing. So if you really love the Arsenal DO something that will either A. Hurt the pockets or B. Get some attention to the cause (in a peaceful and  controlled way).

    Stan Kroenke see us as nothing more than one of several sporting investments, none of which have had any real success since his involvement. Stan not only doesn’t put anything into the club but takes money out of the club under the pretence of ‘strategic consultancy services’ and is more interested in Moneyball than football.

    Like he said himself, he wouldn’t of got involved if it was about winning championships!

    1. The biggest media coverage fans from other clubs have received was when they boycotted the first 5 or 10 minutes of the game. Can you imagine what thousands of gooners would do if we just stood outside for a home match and didn’t walk through the gates?!

      1. Another one for the list!

        Top idea. Miss the first 5 mins or so of an important game. How to co-ordinate it though) ? I guess by ousting it on here and similar Arsenal related sites.

  5. It’s official… Supporting Arsenal is more damaging to your health than crack! ?

    So dust those pipes down and take a trip to Disneyland – Arsenal, where winning trebles are one ‘match’ away! ?

  6. Oh my God.
    Even the articles have become shameful these days.
    You mean a team like leicester whom have put lots and lots of hardwork and passion with high ambitions are labelled lucky.

    Lucky is this arsenal squad who will obviously be shamed when they are put in head to head comparison with a recently upgraded team.

    If we lose to barca by a margin of ten and everton by a margin of 4 will you still labell it as luck?

  7. To put yourself in that position: you need to win the important games first even those you looked like drawing/losing something that Leicester has done superbly!! With every champion comes luck, so there’s no point in discussing that: they earned & if they win it’s because they deserve it!!
    The lack of purchasing power from them shows that it’s not always about buying players: it’s about discipline, hard work, a will to win & mentality/ability to perform where the pressure gets higher!! It is also about injuries…who knew Jamie Vardy, Kanté as much as they know them now or Mahrez? Yet they did for Leicester what Özil, Sanchez & Coquelin should’ve done for us (& you could throw Giroud/Walcott in there). Could Wenger have bought 1 or 2 more players in the summer: SURE!
    But yet again we have a horrendous streak of giving up point to everyone like an open bar while we are in front row seat looking at the season going away…And that is not because we bought/didn’t bought players. It is something more complex that goes from the owner to the board, than to the manager & finally the players! A culture of complacency, that everything is ok, that what his happening is everybody but you (the club). Instead of looking at yourself & making the tough decisions (bench 1st XI player that are not performing/don’t step up & take a look at themselves, selling players that never confirmed, maybe firing the manager who hasn’t won something significant or allowing to spend much more than 70m pound to make a full overhaul). You keep saying fooling yourselves (owner, board, manager, players) cause the money keeps coming!

  8. I’d rather be “lucky” and in first place than be the front runner for the Arsene Wenger trophy and dropping points left and right.

    Same excuses as always. Unlucky. Not taking advantage of chances, etc. You know the drill.

    1. On another note, did you see that that thief Kroenke was nominated for “Sports Executive of the Year”….. SMH

  9. When steven taylor headed the ball vardy was onside. Just because he was in an offside position before steven taylor headed the ball is irrelevant.

    The only luck Leicester have had is a lack of injuries to key players, their success is down to their performance.

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