“Ludicrous” Pundit says Arteta should be forced to bring Aubameyang back

Gabby Agbonlahor says it makes no sense for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to remain outside the Arsenal first-team picture while the team struggles for goals.

The Gabon striker broke club rules at the end of last year and he was banished from the team.

Arsenal initially did well without him in the team, however, they have since struggled.

Mikel Arteta’s side has scored only one goal in 2022 and has fired blanks against the likes of Nottingham Forest and Burnley.

Former Aston Villa ace, Agbonlahor believes Auba is much better than the other strikers in the team, and things would have been more positive if he played the last few matches.

He tells Football Insider: “You can’t rely on Alexandre Lacazette, he’s a striker who should be brought on for 20 minutes. He hasn’t got the legs to play 90 minutes and stretch teams. Eddie Nketiah isn’t good enough, he’s not a Premier League striker.

“You’ve got a Premier League proven striker sitting on his own. I think it’s ridiculous.

“If the owners had anything about them they would force Arteta to bring him back in. Whilst you’re paying him £350,000-a-week and you’re not scoring goals it’s ludicrous to have him sitting there.”

Just Arsenal says

Aubameyang might be our best striker, but he needs more than that to remain on the team.

The team is bigger than individual players, and Auba should only be in the group if he has the right attitude.

We did well when he was initially banished from the group, and the team’s current slump in form has nothing to do with the former Borussia Dortmund man.

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  1. Pundit lol Man knows nothing to say Arteta should be forced WTF !! No one really knows what has really gone on between Auba and the Club Manager Players etc etc !! so to say he needs to be forced to bring him back without the facts !! means one thing !! talking utter garbage!!

  2. Please complete the following multiple choice question. You can choose only one answer. Assume you have just returned from planet Mars and was told that Arsenal’s golden boot winner and highest paid player, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, has lost the captaincy and dropped from the squad. The reasons for this is most likely to be:

    A) He was charged by the cops for drinking and driving – over the speed limit.
    B) He turned up for a game completely drunk.
    C) He was caught with drugs at Heathrow.
    D) He returned late from a trip abroad to collect his ailing mom in the middle of a pandemic.

    Have I made my point?

    1. E ,he has been late for training before and he is club captain and on top of that he has not produced anything in 18 months

      1. Nice try Thomo. In fact option E was reserved for an elicit relationship with the spouse of a team member…but I’m sure Admin would not approve the post.

  3. OT commiserations but welcome back Pepe hopefully he will be used more often in the half of this season.

    1. Players that run with the ball to stretch teams, counter or isn’t one dimensional doesn’t fit the process I am afraid.

      1. Why did Arteta failed to get the best from Ozail and now from Abu?
        The two are world class players.
        dose that means Arteta is unable to manage this type of players?

  4. Neither Stan nor EK whoever so ever will be the owner next season if they want Arsenal progress kindly bring back Wenger just for one season with Per Mertesacker as a backup coach, they will use our Academy Players and make us Great Again without spending much

    Then Wenger might move to Director Job and Per Mertesacker will lead us to the Future

    This Club has known for playing Swift Attacking Midflieding Football which made us attract fans all around the Globe

    But now I can’t recognize our Team again #Arteta Out

  5. Seems Agbonlahor has a most suitable first name; GABBY!


    1. As a leader, a manager he should forgive, mistake is to human being, a father normally forgives, a father can’t be just u b merciful/forgiving or forced to bring Auba back

  6. I don’t what the real reason behind Auba’s banishment from the team but it hasn’t been that detrimental in terms our progression. Even before his departure he wasn’t really performing as you would expect of your top club striker.

    His lacklustre performances left a lot to be desired and he just didn’t seem interested in trying to make it happen for himself or the team. Again, not sure what the reason behind it was. Could be that he felt he wasn’t being utilised properly by Arteta and his lack of effort was a protest……who knows.

    However, I don’t think just because we’re paying him an exorbitant amount of money, that should be the incentive to play him. He’s already shown that for whatever reason, he’s lost his motivation and edge and his wage is definitely not motivation enough. He would still continue to put in less than tepid performances and would just be taking up space. There’d be 11 shirts on field but only 10 players. You might as well give that shirt to someone who’s going to try a and make the effort and possibly a difference. For example, Martinelli is a tryer. Not quite the finished article by a long shot. Plus, he makes a concerted effort to make things happen when he plays. Should we bench him for Aubamayang, knowing that we’re not going to get the same type of effort and application!

    Money shouldn’t be the influencer in this situation. We shouldn’t allow the financial investment in Aubamayang be the decider to field him…knowing full well that that there will be no positive return in his performance.

    It would be good to have Auba back, fully revitalised, mentally, physically, motivationally and giving us the sort of performances we know he’s capable of. But unless that is a definite, I don’t think it’s wise to let money dictate to us and further compound what’s presently an already an underwhelming team

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